What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 79


Chapter 79 is New Year’s Eve

The most notable characteristic of an adult is that he needs to pay for his own behavior. is that OK?

Thunder Dragon used the Spirit of Words, and then got severely traumatized by failure, all for the sake of his own selfish desires, that’s fine.

Of course, out of reason and camaraderie, curing him would be no effort at all, but what impression does it make on others?

“It’s enough to do nonsense, anyway, someone will tell the truth”

Once this concept is formed, the evil will be infinitely magnified due to the infinite magnification of desire. The rule of this world is that you can’t do whatever you want. Many people don’t know what a powerful boundary is. This boundary is very simple, that is, the more powerful people are, the more temptations they can refuse, and the more hardships they don’t want.

For example, Brother Zhang can refuse everything he is unwilling to do, and no one or anything can make him bow his head for these things. Not to guarantee his right to bully, oppress, and misbehave.

Maybe it doesn’t seem like a big deal to be powerful, but it’s only when you get to that level that you know how big it is.

Because if you think about it, you know, if a person can refuse to go to work but not starve to death, refuse to fulfill his moral obligations without being condemned, refuse all meaningless social interaction without being pointed fingers, refuse a heavy family Living without worrying about old age, refusing women’s sex, power, money, and social interaction can make oneself in the most comfortable state all the time, without any anxiety and panic.

Isn’t this the real self that countless sages have pursued since ancient times? As for those who continue to climb in pursuit of desire, their pursuit is certainly not wrong, but there is no climber without pain or hardship.

So all Thunder Dragon’s pain comes from himself, and the price he pays for desire is his deserved sin.

Due to the crime, Brother Zhang has the right to refuse any treatment for him. Is it cruel? In fact, it is the best protection for him, so that he has a long memory, so that he will not use this power that can only be used when life is hanging by a thread.

However, he also revealed a message, that is, Thunder Dragon will not die, but it will hurt for a long time, so Grandfather Pi will sit down and eat roast chicken.

“Recently, the old man has grown wider.” Grandfather Pi said to Brother Zhang after eating a chicken: “Take two more, one to eat here and one to pack.”

Brother Zhang smiled and took out the chicken from the hearth and gave it to her, then sat down and said to Grandfather Pi, “How are you feeling there recently?”

“Okay, very good.” Grandfather Pi said excitedly: “Who doesn’t love money without work.”

At this time, the pony came in from outside. After hearing Grandfather Pi’s words, pu chi was happy and went up. The front patted her head and said: “Zweig’s “The Queen of the Dead” said that all the gifts of fate have been marked with prices in secret. Your present enjoyment is exchanged for your future inseparability Yes.”

Grandfather Pi rolled the eyes, turned around and ignored him, while the pony was laughed and walked up to Brother Zhang: “Boss, have a beer. I know you have it. “

With the peculiar sound of a beer being opened, the pony finally stretched out. He drank a large bottle of beer on this sausage, burped, and then comforted himself. Leaning on the chair.

“This rich man’s world is really outrageous.”

As the pony spoke, he threw his jacket aside, revealing that the inside was bright. The small qualification of the eyes adjusts the small vest.

“Who is this time?” Brother Zhang looked up at him and asked with a smile, “Is it an aristocrat from England or a hedonistic son of rich parents from Holland?”


“It’s nothing.” Little Maho Ho smiled oddly, then pointed to his chest and said, “This time, it’s a taciturn bartender from the Northeast.”

” Let’s go together.”

“Hahahahaha…Yes, yes, let’s go.” Pony was overjoyed: “Isn’t this all for helping brother, Aiya really is. Boss, you don’t know that this line has More hooking people, in addition to all kinds of women, there are also strange men every day, women are not bad, those men… Really trying to instill concepts in me all day long.”

“What? Concept?”

“You don’t like men just because you haven’t met a man who is right for you.”

Grandfather Pi next to him spit out the coke from his mouth, and the pony But he could only helplessly said with a smile: “What should I do, I’m just so charming.”

Although Xiaoma is a little nervous, he is actually very charming. Even more attractive than Thunder Dragon.

He is tall, handsome, handsome, elegant, with a touch of sadness in his eyes, and sometimes a little girl can be fascinated by just raising his eyes to kill.

And the biggest difference between this guy and Thunder Dragon is that he has a cold temperament. Thunder Dragon looks like a fool, no matter how handsome he looks, but the pony is different, Kunlun Mountains is unique The climate and environment of China gave him an innate coldness, which was called cool in the 1990s, but is now called abstinence.

Abstinence is a beautiful male bartender. Just listen to the name of this character.

“Okay, let’s get down to business. I have met Thunder Dragon’s ex-girlfriend now, and she has Ghost Qi on her body.” Xiaoma said to Brother Zhang: “It should be because of the long time spent with the femininity. It was naturally contaminated. And I also met the Master she invited from Hong Kong.”

“en?” Brother Zhang looked up at him: “Have you shot?”

“en?” p>

“Not yet, but it should be soon, they should start attacking you.” The pony laughed: “But I don’t know why they dragged on for so long, I still want to see if they are in the end. What tricks do you want to play?”

Brother Zhang full of smiles picked up a celery and hit the pony, and the pony didn’t dodge, sat there and ate fried rice, and then He continued to say to Brother Zhang: “I plan to take the opportunity to meet Huang Shan’s fiancΓ© in a few days and see how holy he is.”

“en.” Brother Zhang sat there and looked up He nodded and said: “You may have a lot of trouble in the future.”

“It’s troublesome, what else can I do.”

“It’s hard work.”

“It’s not hard.” The pony raised his head and drank all the wine in the glass: “Life is hard.”

After drinking, the pony stood up and raised his hand: “Let’s go, I will continue to work tomorrow. Three Dr. Cheng told me that everyone is a sinner, work is to atone for sin, and I came to the world to atone for sin.”

Brother Zhang watched him leave, and then looked at him lying on the counter, already asleep. The Grandfather Pi, who was looking at him, carefully left the workbench, picked up the half bottle of beer left by the pony, came to the door and sat down, looking up at the starlight in the sky, although he didn’t say a word, his expression was peaceful.

The wind in winter doesn’t seem to be as cold as it was some time ago. It’s been a while since the beginning of spring. Now it seems that spring is really coming, and spring is coming, spring is coming, and Spring Festival is coming coming.

Brother Zhang took out his mobile phone and calculated the time, but he was surprised because even he completely forgot that the Spring Festival was just seven days away.

It’s the Spring Festival, in fact, Brother Zhang still doesn’t like the Spring Festival, because every year the sound of the cannonballs during the Spring Festival will make the original size of the year appear. This is a very dangerous thing, because the frightened beast will lose part of it Rational and indiscriminate attack.

Although it is true that Nian Nian can enter the bamboo forest to avoid gun battles, what if other Nian beasts appear in the crowd? The destructive power of the adult Nian beast is very strong. In previous years, people were injured or even killed by setting off fireworks and firecrackers to disturb the Nian beast, so Xiao Zhang thinks the best way is to prohibit burning and releasing, although speaking of which is traditional It’s custom, but not everything is always right.

But it doesn’t matter. Sooner or later, someone will discover this problem, and the dream that disturbs others will eventually be disturbed by others.

A gust of night wind blew, and the surrounding trees shook their branches, and the dead leaves on the ground rubbed against the ground to make a zhi zhi sound.

It was a quiet midnight in Chang’an Lane. The old neighbors had already slept. Only the street lamps and Xiao Zhang’s late-night cafeteria were still quietly lit, leaving a light in the middle of the night for those who returned late. point, like a lighthouse.

I don’t know how long it took, Brother Zhang found something moving in the dark not far away, they looked like Little Monkey, jumping up and down in the dark.

When they saw Brother Zhang, they suddenly accelerated and rushed towards him, but Brother Zhang just sat there quietly watching these Little Monkeys.

When they approached, they found out that these things are simply not Little Monkeys but little devils made from babies who died after being abandoned. They are driven by the refiners, and some of them will be used to harm people Some are used to make money.

This should be a very popular breed of kid in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Southeast Asia, but it’s just so much at one time that Xiao Zhang is a little surprised.

“Okay.” Brother Zhang said with a smile: “Obey in line, come one by one.”

Those little devils who looked very fierce approached Brother Zhang unexpectedly. He became extremely obedient, and lined up to come to Brother Zhang’s side.

As soon as he tapped the foreheads of these little devils with his finger, a little devil immediately entered reincarnation and ascended to heaven.

“Next.” Brother Zhang still said with a smile on his face: “Don’t worry, there are all of them.”

But at this time, at the other end of the city, The young mage from Hong Kong found something wrong, because with the progress of Brother Zhang’s overreaching, the small urns in front of him shattered one by one.

Each shattered one means that a hard-fed kid will leave forever, which is even more painful for a mage than cutting flesh.


And when he took a breath to take back the remaining little ghosts, he found that all his little ghosts would not obey him, no matter how he cast spells. There was movement, but the dozens of urns were still shattering rapidly.

“Do you want a hug?” Seeing a kid walking towards him with open arms, Brother Zhang shouted the head: “It’s naughty.”

After he finished speaking, he He gently picked up the kid and patted its head: “In reincarnation, you can’t be so naughty when you go to the father mother’s side. Go.”

The last kid was also sent in. In the reincarnation, Brother Zhang raised his eyes and looked into the distance, then reached out his hand to call, and immediately a ghostly ghost appeared on the ground.

“Don’t go too far, it’s almost enough.” Brother Zhang instructed: “After you finish this time, you can go back to the reincarnation as well.”

The masterless evil The soul immediately knelt down at the feet of Brother Xiao Zhang and kowtowed three times. After that, it seemed to have entered some kind of passage and was directly pulled back by the mage summon.

(End of this chapter)

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