What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 8

Chapter 8 The little things are pretty smart

The electric car wu wu drives, but after passing two street corners, the two electric cars become one, and Xu Wei rides the car alone She went to the appointment, but she had a fox-shaped tattoo on her neck at some point.

“Do you think the old man looks like a Ferrari logo?”

“This…” Xu Wei didn’t know how to answer Grandfather Pi’s question for a while.

“Don’t you like it? Then the old man will give you a big bull.” Grandfather Pi switched positions on Xu Wei’s neck, and said sadly in his tone: “I’m afraid I won’t be able to drive in this life. It’s a big cow, I guess the camera can’t take a fire star.”

Xu Wei laughed, she felt that Grandfather Pi, the Small Fox, was a not-so-successful astringent anchor, but it was really good Funny innate talent, always able to pop out some strange words from time to time.

“Grandfather Pi Grandfather Pi, do you know Bai Mengjie?”

“Yes, the old man has known her for many years, but the old man despised her.” Grandfather Pi’s words were full of disdain : “Relying on has several points of beauty to show off everywhere. Hmph, disgusting.”

“Then Grandfather Pi, do you like Brother Zhang?” Xu Wei thought of Grandfather Pi’s look at Brother Zhang just now. , that is definitely not the expression that this uncle should have, that little eyes were properly filled with girlish affection, so he asked in a low voice.

It doesn’t matter this question, Grandfather Pi panicked instead, she swayed around Xu Wei’s neck a few times: “You can’t talk nonsense! Ride well, don’t talk.”

“hehe…I know your secret.”

Xu Wei said with a smile but did not run on Grandfather Pi any more. After all, Grandfather Pi was in a hurry. Temperament really don’t know what kind of moth it will make.

But to say that he likes Brother Zhang, Xu Wei actually thinks it is normal, and there must be many people who like him, mainly because Brother Zhang is too gentle, he is very gentle to everyone, and he speaks softly Yes, it’s warm and sunny, and it’s very, very powerful.

It’s a pity… Brother Zhang doesn’t seem to be very interested in women. Even when he sees a big star like Bai Mengjie, his eyes and expressions don’t change much.

“How long?” Grandfather Pi’s question interrupted Xu Wei’s thinking, she looked down at the navigation on her phone and said, “There are two more streets to come, Grandfather Pi… Is it really all right?”

“What are you afraid of old man here, is it possible that old man can still harm you? You have to know that old man’s food for the winter depends on you. “

Xu Wei snorted, increased her power and ran to her destination at a faster speed.

Finally, she stopped in an old neighborhood. What should I say about this place… It has an old-fashioned atmosphere, which is not the same as the Chang’an Lane on Xiao Zhang’s side. There is an old building complex that has been transformed into a small protected area for ancient buildings, and this place is the kind of shanty town that is not old and not old.

Many places around have been demolished, and it looks like there are several low-rise private houses standing alone in a large ruin, and the address where she is now located is a There is a place where so-and-so billiards room is written.

This place looks greasy and dirty from the outside, without the slightest bit of popularity.

“How could someone have a date in such a place!” Grandfather Pi’s voice reached Xu Wei’s ear: “This is too tattered…”

“Come in? ?”

“Come in! I’m going to let him see how many eyes this Prince Ma has!”

And two hours later, he was getting ready to pack up and pick up the year’s Zhang Jiachang suddenly received a call from an unfamiliar number.

He glanced at it, and as soon as he picked it up, a voice came: “Hello, this is XXPublic Security Bureau, do you know Xu Wei?”

Zhang Jiachang was stunned. After a while: “I know.”

Then he could only hand over his work to Yang Junfeng, who had just woken up to play with him, while he rode a small electric donkey to the Public Security Bureau.

The general situation is like this: the police officers are investigating related criminal cases, and the clues have been pointed to this area step by step, so today they will come to lay down charges, and then Xu Wei is so reckless The missing foot stepped into the net woven by the police officers, and then she was arrested as a suspect.

But after such a cross-examination, he was not the suspect but the victim…and the only person she knew in this city was Zhang Jiachang, so Zhang Jiachang was the only person she knew in this city. Jiachang was also called by a phone call to assist in the investigation.

“That’s it, I’m sorry to cause you trouble.” After getting the information from Zhang Jiachang, the police officer in charge of the investigation scratched his chin: “You can go back.”

“It’s alright, I should cooperate with the police. What about Xu Wei?” Zhang Jiachang asked curiously, “Can’t she leave?”

The policeman Uncle pursed his lips: “The situation is not acceptable. Optimistic, we are keeping her here now, mainly to protect her, this matter…”

He stopped halfway, when their chief came over and looked at When Zhang Jiachang was there, he immediately stepped forward and patted him on the shoulder enthusiastically and said, “Xiao Zhang, long time no see.”

“Director, do you know me?”

The director, surnamed Chen, looks fierce but is actually a nice person. He has dealt with Zhang Jiachang many times, and the two are not familiar with each other, but they are actually not unfamiliar.

“Oh, you may not have known that it was not long since you were transferred. Comrade Xiao Zhang is an advanced individual in the city and has been commended.” Director Chen smiled and asked after the introduction: “What’s the matter, Xiao Zhang? , what are you doing here today?”

The policeman next to him glanced at Zhang Jiachang and whispered a few words to Director Chen’s ear. Director Chen’s expression immediately became serious, and then he spoke to Director Chen. Zhang Jiachang said: “She may not be able to leave now, but she only knows you here. You can comfort her. After all, this matter is quite serious. We will help her arrange her accommodation.”

Zhang Jiachang nominated, from the current situation, the official already knew the nature of this matter, and they now protect Xu Wei here is actually the best choice in their opinion.


Zhang Jiachang followed Bureau Chen to another room and met Xu Wei, who was sitting there holding a cup of hot water and playing with her mobile phone.

The surrounding noise made her raise her head. After seeing Zhang Jiachang, she immediately got up and said sorry, “Brother Zhang, sorry…I only know you here. I secretly wrote down the contact number on your signboard, sorry for causing you trouble.”

“It’s fine.” Zhang Jiachang smiled and shook his head, “Just be safe, you should be there first. Let’s cooperate with the police Uncle’s work here.”


Zhang Jiachang turned around and happened to see Chen Ju and a youngster walking past the door. Haozi.

Obviously, Haozi saw him too, so he hurriedly said hello to Bureau Chen and walked into the house.

“Hey, let me tell you.” Haozi pointed at Xu Wei: “You must be safe with him.”

Xu Wei recognized Haozi, she got up and said with a smile: “many thanks to you.”

“Thank me for what, thank me brother Zhang!” Haozi’s face was full of flattery, then he pulled Zhang Jiachang’s hand and called him aside .

Zhang Jiachang followed him to the door, and Haozi immediately said, “Brother Zhang, let me tell you, this time is a big deal, or…you can take action.”


“No.” Zhang Jiachang shook his head decisively and refused: “This is your business, it has nothing to do with me, do you understand what I mean?”

“Understood, you can’t do anything casually. Well, I know. But I’m not afraid that I can’t figure it out.”

Zhang Jiachang raised his brows slightly: “Not even you?”

“I’m not my father. , the ability is not that strong.” Haozi said that, leaned out and glanced at Xu Wei in the room: “The few people who died this time are Yin year, Yin month, Yin day, Yin hour. So is that girl. Who is on the other side, what do you want to do, we don’t have any clues about it, and… well, I’ll say hello to Bureau Chen, and after you read the file, you can decide whether to take action.”

Not to mention, although Haozi always does some unreliable things, he still has the ability, and he inherited his father’s business. Before, his father was a consultant here. , he naturally inherited this aspect.

Although it is said to be materialism, but in a place like this one has to deal with various murders all year round, it is inevitable to encounter some strange things, so it is reasonable to invite some folklore experts to be consultants.

As for what they do, they are folk consultants to the outside world, and to put it bluntly internally, they specialize in some idealist work, at least to avoid certain risks and provide certain help. After all, there are too many things that cannot be explained by science, and not every time will have good luck.

Haozi didn’t expect it to be so difficult this time. Generally speaking, it’s definitely not worth letting his brother Zhang take action, but if it goes on like this, there may really be panic, so since this happens by fate Let Brother Zhang come here, so it’s better to just pull him into the water.

After explaining to Bureau Chen for a while, Bureau Chen still believed in Haozi, so he agreed to take out the case file for Zhang Jiachang to read.

It’s just that he absolutely didn’t expect this sunny big boy to be the ultimate big boss that Haozi said before…

Brother Zhang was taken to a hut by Haozi, and the two People slowly opened the file, and Haozi suddenly raised his head and asked, “Bai Mengjie caught me everywhere in the past few days. You can’t tell me where I went.”

“You still know this.” Zhang Jiachang said with a smile: “She hates you so much.”

“It’s not like you don’t know, she’s a bad-looking fate, and it took me ten years to change her life. Now, she’s still doing it like this, when the time comes no one can save her except you.” Haozi shook his head and said, “Life is not as good as it should be, and only two or three people can talk to you.”

Zhang Jiachang pursed his lips, lowered his head and opened the file under his hand.


There may be one chapter today, self-made kvass, lax clothes, already one afternoon plus one night…

(this chapter end)

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