What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 81


Chapter 81 This time is not as good as it used to be, it’s a bum!

It really made the pony right, Qing Lingzi really accepted the new, and this person was not found by him, but by him.

Although it looks like a corpse and a fairy capital now, it’s so bad. But don’t forget that Zombie Xian is a group of people who once controlled the world. They are not lacking in martial arts and wisdom, but they have not yet become a climate. Once they have completed the first round of convergence, their strength will be greatly reduced. It will go straight to the top.

Like now, Qing Lingzi has a handsome and feminine man next to him. He leaned against the door and basked in the sun, and looked coldly at the Blood Soul puppet lying in front of him.

“The wound looks like the handwriting of Ma Tahua, Dragon Horse Dragon Horse, and finally got together.”

The feminine man raised his chin slightly and spat out a mouthful. When the smoke came out, he turned his head and looked towards Qing Lingzi: “What is the age, and you are still doing the same thing as the lord, you don’t think you are too dirty.”

Qing Lingzi covered the yin soil On the Blood Soul puppet to help it recover quickly, but when he heard what the person beside him said, he laughed softly: “When you were in power, your Lord’s cry was the sweetest, and now that you are out of power, you say It’s out of date.”

“Ha, you are so mean when you talk. If I, Sai Dongfeng, really favor the rich and disdain the poor, why should I come to you, who doesn’t care about me? Old widower, it would be better for me to follow Huang Die’er and go to the Holy Master.”

“Don’t talk about her, I want to defect to the Holy Master.” Qing Lingzi was so busy covered in dirt, no For half a minute, he looked like a single parent with a dusty face, taking care of a lot of trash cubs around him who were unable to take care of themselves.

“If you dare to show up, the Twelve Spirits will dare to stuff you into a copper bull and burn you to death.” Sai Dongfeng covered his mouth and said with a smile: “Why do people defect? , used to be just a farmer, planting fields and raising flowers. That pig Kudan was just a scholar, and there was nothing sleazy about copying and writing all day long.”

Then he clicked Qing Lingzi nodded again: “Like you and me, they are all executioners full of evil and bloody hands. how you Old Dog is really a damned bastard, if it is reincarnated in someone else’s body, it is easy to do, but then it is really unreasonable to make money and kill your life. It’s a way.”

“Holy Lord, Holy Lord, you are so enthusiastic, hehe. It’s just something that is shaded by the virtues of the ancestors in the family. You wouldn’t think that if you call him a Holy Lord, he will How awesome is Divine Force?” Qing Lingzi didn’t know where his temper came from, but suddenly burst out: “It’s just a name, I didn’t care about it back then, and I still care about it now? “

“Qing Lingzi, it doesn’t matter if you talk nonsense, don’t implicate me.”

Sai Dongfeng took a few steps back: “If you want to talk nonsense again, I will leave now.” People, mountains are tall and rivers are long, we will meet again if fated.”

Qing Lingzi coldly snorted, with killing intent in his eyes, but his mouth was still soft after all.

“The Holy Lord is the Holy Lord, one day is the Holy Lord, and I will recognize him as the Holy Lord for the rest of my life. It’s okay to fight between clansmen and the same root, but it’s okay to insult the Holy Lord, Qing Lingzi, you. I can’t afford it!” Sai Dongfeng reprimanded: “Don’t chew the tongue of the Holy Master in front of me in the future.”

Seeing someone scolding the owner of Supreme in his heart, even though the blood gluttonous glutton has not recovered completely Immediately rushed out, but Sai Dongfeng just leaned against it and waved his hand gracefully, and the blood glutton hit the wall heavily and fell.

“I looked down on you back then, but now you are even worse than a dog in my eyes. If you dare to offend, don’t blame me for killing you.”

Saidong Feng Leng Sheng said to the blood gluttonous gluttons who were churning on the ground: “There is nothing big or small, you ask your Lord Shang Qing Lingzi if he dares to do something with me.”

Qing Lingzi’s eyelids slightly He lifted it up: “Sai Dongfeng, don’t go too far. I respect you three points not because I’m afraid of you, but because I think you’re an interesting person and can communicate with each other.”

“Hahaha, communicate with each other. Isn’t it also true that there are people all over the world? Look at you now, like that Stinking Insect hiding in a ditch, not seeing the light of day. For fear of being caught by the Twelve Spirits, what about your friends? Those corpses of you What about Xie Xian? The corpse Xie Xian has been reincarnated for the most part now, but now it’s either avoid meeting somebody, or hiding from XZ, or simply turning away from you. Your method of winning people’s hearts by righteousness will not work. Friendship? Friendship value A few money, but it’s just some tricks to fool people.” Sai Dongfeng mocked: β€œIsn’t the one who ended up beside me who was always on guard and careful?”

These remarks The Qing Lingzi had nothing to say, these days he was trying hard to find the corpses scattered outside, at first he thought more that these people could not adapt to this era, but gradually he found out, in fact, these people People have long adapted, and some even live extremely happily. After inheriting all the memories of a person who should have passed away, plus their own abilities and patterns, they will soon be able to mix with one another. Wind and water.

But the more prosperous they are, the more they avoid the Transcendent World, are they so willing to be ordinary? Qing Lingzi didn’t understand, but one thing was certain, these people only care about themselves now, and the past covenant has almost been cancelled.

It’s hard for Qing Lingzi to do so much for them, to raise funds and prepare a place, and even think about how to help them change their identities, causing a blood debt and a butt Injustice, but people patted the butt to live a small life.

Said Dongfeng told him about this, otherwise he would still be kept in the dark. He should not say anything. Qing Lingzi is not so miserable now.

Thinking of the Qing Lingzi back then, he stood on the top of Mount Hua in a long gown, looking out over the vast land with his hands behind his back, the place surrounded by his fingers was allowed by the emperor, there were thousands of believers behind him, and the door was very lively.

Looking at the present day, I live in a large compound. Although there is no sewage, it is still messy. The neighbors are all messy things. Three Doctrines and Nine Philosophies gather here.

The Marquis title of the year, the slums of today, the gap between the front and the back is huge, the listeners are sad and the listeners cry, and when they go out, they are even more worried, for fear of being plot against by those who claim to be righteous. .

The disciples and students of that year have shown everything in the world. They either hide and avoid meeting somebody, or they go directly to each other, or they come to a Supreme Indifference.

A good, full-level, high-quality human is now mixed up like this.

What’s even more abhorrent is the real-name system. Even if the appearance changes again, if the face brushing fails, he will be investigated. Qing Lingzi has been tossed several times, and now he doesn’t even dare to go to the big supermarket to buy it. Things, for fear of having to brush your face somewhere and expose yourself completely.

It was really something that Qin Wangzheng couldn’t do, and the real-name system did it for him.

And these days of suffering, it is not that he did not want to go to the Holy Lord, but he also knows that his sins are so serious that he will not be forgiven. It is better to go to be killed by the twelve spirits. Struggling obediently and honestly in this glitzy world.

It’s hard, it’s really hard.

But fortunately now, there is a helper. Although this guy has a poisonous mouth, a heart, and does not save face when doing things, he can really tell Lingzi’s unexpected joy.

Because he is not a corpse deconstruction immortal at all, but another Sect who took refuge in Qinglingzi’s sect back then. He is a sect master himself, so he can’t be regarded as a corpse deconstruction immortal in the true sense.

But he is more powerful than most…even all the orthodox corpses. Even the Qinglingzi Peak respects him a little bit, and Sai Dongfeng is meticulous and thoughtful. Flexible, with a heart like a snake and a scorpion, he is the biggest threat when Qing Lingzi gains power. When Qing Lingzi was in distress, such a person was the greatest savior.

“Then what do you think the next step should be?”

“What is the next step? Haven’t you thought about it?” Sai Dongfeng shook his head and said, “I used to I thought you were too much, but now it looks like merely this.”

“Okay, don’t talk too much there.”

Sai Dongfeng raised his eyes and scanned After a few glances, Qing Lingzi said with a smile: “It’s quite simple. Let’s trace it back to the source. Who the hell wants to resurrect me? Have you ever thought about it?”

“It’s true. I’ve thought about it, but I can’t think of it.”

“Well, I’ve thought about it too, but now it seems that there is only one thing, that is, the enemy of the enemy is the friend. I want to use it, but now they are probably the biggest enemies of the Twelve Spirits, so we might as well take the initiative to get together, this is not what you are best at, doing that trick with people.”

“You!” Qing Lingzi stood up, his eyes bulging out, obviously annoyed by what he said: “Don’t think you can really get good from me.”

“Aiya, it’s alright, alright, you have to do it with me here, then you will see if you can let the money rat smell it, when the thunder technique Heavenly Dragon comes, you will all die. Sai Dongfeng waved his hand impatiently and said: “When others still want to use you, you still have value, and if you have value, you can use this value to leverage more value, otherwise you will be pressed here now. God hates ghosts, I am afraid that I will live in the gutter all my life.”

Qing Lingzi thought about it carefully, but felt that what this stinky guy said has several points of The truth is, it’s not the way to hide XZ like this, the corpse can’t count on the immortals for the time being, those guys are a bunch of smart people, but it is precisely what smart people are best at being world-wise and play safe. The son himself is just like this, and he also expects others to take refuge with his brother and work together to regain the country?

“Okay…” Qing Lingzi smacked his knee in frustration: “It’s really useless.”

(End of this chapter)

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