What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 82


Chapter 82 Hook straight bait salted fish silly

Thunder Dragon has passed the dangerous period after being in a coma for seven days, Heavenly Dragon’s body was unable to heal the wound from the word spirit. The penetrating wound on his chest formed a permanent scar that could not be completely repaired. The broken arm made him only wear a plaster cast for this period of time.

When he was in a coma, Zhang Yao actually blamed Brother Zhang, and the original words were probably “You don’t even want to help your relatives and friends when they are in crisis, and you don’t even want to help with this kind of no effort at all. Isn’t it a bit unreasonable? How can you be so cold-blooded as a human being?”.

Brother Zhang just laughed but didn’t answer her question. Zhang Yao saw that he was always dead like this, so she slammed out of the door in a fit of rage, and didn’t appear in his sight for several days. .

Brother Zhang did not give any explanation for this, nor did he treat Thunder Dragon because of her anger.

But fortunately Thunder Dragon has woken up. Although it is very weak, it is all right.

“Your boss is really inhuman.”

Zhang Yao stood beside Thunder Dragon’s hospital bed and said resentfully, “How could he be so cold-blooded. ?”

Thunder Dragon actually sat up with support and waved his hand with a smile, but couldn’t speak normally because of the lung injury.

Haozi also came at this time. He rode his little motorcycle with wontons and Thunder Dragon’s favorite noodles. When he saw that Thunder Dragon had woken up, he scolded him. stand up.

“If you’re going to do this again in the future, I’ll really beat you to death.”

Then he scolded and fed Thunder Dragon, and Thunder Dragon can’t come back now Mouth, I can only listen like this, but I’m hungry, so it’s not enough to not eat…

“Tell me, Brother Zhang’s abilities are so perverted, why can you share these abilities with What about you guys? Is this constantly contradicting?”

“I’ll give you an opinion.” Haozi suddenly raised his head and looked towards Zhang Yao: “In the future, when you face a field you don’t know, do your best to The possible choice is to shut up. What you said is the same as I told you that the rocket fired 97th oil, do you feel stupid?”

Zhang Yao was stunned and sat down slowly. : “Where did I go wrong? He clearly can kill all the enemies in one second, so why doesn’t he do it? Also, since he doesn’t do it, it’s okay, but why does he give his abilities to you so casually? Isn’t this inconsistent?”

“Isn’t the rocket jet also burning oil? Why can’t No. 97 oil?”

Zhang Yao laughed in anger: “You don’t Is it just a bully?”

“It’s not that I am bullying, but you don’t understand him. Now I ask you three questions.”

“You ask.”

Haozi raised a finger: “Who can be regarded as his enemy, or does he have an enemy at all?”

Then a second finger: “What do you think of the abilities he has assigned to us? What is it for us to do?”

Finally, the third finger also stood up: “Do you think that the things you can’t understand are other people’s unreasonable things?”

The first question was to ask Zhang Yao, she is a science and engineering player, there are only 0 and 1 in the world view, not 0 and 1 in Chengdu, but 0 and 1 in numbers. So in her world there is the concept of enemies and their own people, but the problem is to pass this problem on to Brother Zhang and ask him if he has any.

“Is there…?”

Inappropriate, this answer seems inappropriate, because if there is, it must have a corresponding enemy to be established, but it can be established with Xiao Zhang. Equal enemy, what is that?

Oh…then let’s change the second question, but the second question also made Zhang Yao stunned, because she really didn’t know the reason why Brother Zhang gave the two of them his power. what.

As for the third question, Zhang Yao has no way to answer. Whether the answer is yes or no, he will enter into Haozi’s logic circle.

β€œYou people who rely on your mouth to eat should all be damned.”

Haozi laughed heartily a few times, and even put six wontons into Lei dragon’s mouth, and stuffed it into the dragon’s mouth. He hit the bed straight.

“I’ll answer it for you. First of all, Brother Zhang once had no concept of enemy or me. We hoped that he would go to work, socialize, go out to play, or even fall in love. He can regain the emotions that should belong to him. And a person without the concept of enemy and self will not care whether there is conflict between who and who, you understand? He is gentle because he does not need to be with anyone He is calm because he doesn’t need to care about anyone’s feelings.” Haozi gestured and said, “It’s like the sun, is it possible that the sun won’t shine on you because you are a murderer?”

Zhang Yao silently nodded: “It seems to make sense…”

“Second question, Brother Zhang’s strength has always been a big problem that plagues him, he will remain fearful and peaceful about strength. Be cautious, precisely because he has no concept of enemy and self, and he distributes his power to us, which just shows that he is actually slowly recovering his emotional ability. And what do you think this power is? This requires a high price, and he will not work It’s on Brother Zhang, but it will work on us, and if he uses this ability… the price is so terrifying that you can’t believe it.”


“Let’s tell you this, just like Thunder Dragon all of a sudden, if it’s Brother Zhang, he won’t have any problems, but at least 50,000 people will be sacrificed because of this.”

“Fifty thousand people!?”

“Yes, Thunder Dragon is nicknamed undying bird on our side, he often does strange things, sometimes even Using the word spirit to do some unimportant little things, but he always bears the price. And the more this ability is used to the powerful, the more expensive it is. Brother Zhang gave us this ability so that we can In the face of irreversible failure, there is a chance to win each other’s lives, instead of letting us do some stupid things like changing girlfriends, you understand?”

Haozi said this. , suddenly laughed: “Didn’t Thunder Dragon also block Heavenly Tribulation for eldest sister a few days ago, who do you think he was rescued by?”

“Brother Zhang?”

“Of course, so it’s not that Brother Zhang doesn’t take action, but there are some things he won’t take action.” Haozi chuckled: “Then back to the third question, when you question him, do you only use Do you measure him right or wrong? But the problem is, he doesn’t care about your right or wrong, right? He has his own perfect behavioral logic, and he simply won’t change because of your beep or beep. The logic of her behavior, you lost your temper at him that day, was he angry with you?”

“I don’t know… …”

“I’ll try it later. After Haozi finished speaking, he suddenly couldn’t help laughing: “A few years ago, Xiaoma talked about a particularly mentally retarded topic, that is, he said, if he has the ability of Xiao Zhang, he will immediately let this world not. Any disputes, fast forward to the era of Utopia, the world is peaceful and the world is united. “

“And then what? “

“Then Thunder Dragon B asked, “Can you use your mother as the price?” “Haozi laughed happily: “And then sank the pony. “

Zhang Yao also laughed out loud. Even Thunder Dragon, who was lying on the bed, remembered the scene at that time when he heard this. He laughed so much that his lungs leaked.

“So, I personally think that it’s enough to just know him and understand him, don’t try to understand him, because we can’t understand him, or just pretend that if we have the power to do something good. “Haozi sighed said: “When I was 15 years old, I planned how I would spend my 200 million winnings. ”

Zhang Yao probably understood what Haozi meant, and then she had the cheek to go to Brother Zhang. When she passed, Brother Zhang was chatting with Grandfather Pi, and there was nothing special after seeing her. It was the same as usual.

This made Zhang Yao both happy and sad. The happy thing was that he was not angry, but the sad thing was that he was not that special in his eyes…

“Sorry, I lost my temper with you the other day. “

“It’s fine, I understand.” Brother Zhang said with a smile: “What would you like to drink? “

“Coffee bar, do you have one?” No sugar, no milk, super thick. “

“Wait a minute. ”

While Brother Zhang was grinding coffee, Xu Wei who was in the room suddenly had chicken coop-like hair and a small White Dragon wrapped around her wrist and rushed out like this.


I haven’t seen him for a few days, and the little White Dragon has grown to the length of an arm and the thickness of a baby’s arm. It looks crystal clear and near-transparent, very cute.

Zhang Yao met Little White for the first time. Dragon, just about to touch it, but was pulled down by Grandfather Pi: “Bite your finger in one bite. “

Zhang Yao quickly withdrew her hand, and at this time Xu Wei said, “This is the hook.

Said she put the tablet on the counter to show them, and pointed to a reply at the bottom of the “Dragon Raising” post: “Here. “

“I’m a netizen from continental north. I’ve never seen this creature. Can you tell me in detail?” “

After Grandfather Pi read it, he scratched his head: “How can you be sure that this is the hook? ”

Zhang Yao had no mind at all about the topic they were discussing at the moment, but squatted on the ground with the little White Dragon big eyes staring at small eyes, the little White Dragon looked at her, and she also looked at the little White Dragon…

Then little White Dragon bit her Lai Lai…

“Help! Zhang Yao jumped up, so frightened that Hua Rong paled: “It bites! “

Brother Zhang bounced a soybean on the head of the little White Dragon, it let go of its mouth in pain, and swam back to Xu Wei’s arm pitifully, burying its head in Xu Wei’s neck If I can’t get out of here, it must have been hurt by Brother Zhang.

And Grandfather Pi looked at Zhang Yao, who was holding his chest and screaming in pain: “I told you not to provoke it, let’s go. , go get some medicine with me. “

Brother Zhang shook the head and took out a bottle of Thunder Dragon’s leftover plaster from under the counter: “Use this, it won’t leave a scar.” “

Grandfather Pi and Zhang Yao went to the backyard to take medicine, while Xu Wei continued to say to Brother Zhang after complaining about the little White Dragon for a while: “This person is very problematic, I plan to talk to him Chat and try to slowly reveal the information to him to see if they can deliver it to your door. ”

β€œThis way you can catch fish too? “Brother Zhang felt a little unbelievable when he browsed the entire post: “Are people on the Internet so easy to deceive? ”

(end of this chapter)

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