What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 83


Chapter 83 The ultimate pull between fishing guys

The fish is hooked, and the line will definitely not be reeled immediately, that kind of fish It can run, so you must deal with it slowly, and let it gradually let go of its hostility and vigilance.

So Xu Wei soon began to communicate with the strange person on the opposite side. The opposite side said that he was an avid ancient creature hobbyist, but he had been deceived too many times in the past few years. He said that he had bought a lot of Strange things are deceived, such as deformed Vajra Da Huang bee replacement parts, six babies in bottle gourd dolls, ginseng that can escape, dragon eggs that can hatch, and beetles that can emit bright rays of light by themselves.

But in the end all he received was a used Chevrolet steering wheel, empty boxes, empty boxes, a cemented egg and a beetle night light.

What made him most desperate was the two empty boxes. He asked the seller why they sent empty boxes. One seller told him that Liuwa was invisible, and the other seller told others that the ginseng had escaped, and then he compared the addresses. Only to find out that the two buyers are the same person.

In other words, he has been deceived since he loves at first, but he still does not forget his original intention, and his words reveal sincerity, and even said that if Xu Wei is willing to sell this little White Dragon, he will Willing to buy and sell at a high price and pay first.

Just say this big grievance, he is not deceived who is deceived? Xu Wei, a fisherman, was so moved by him that he wanted to get him a few loaches to cheat some money.

But the problem is that once the line is deceived, the line will be broken. Now it is obvious that the other party is using organizational funds to explore the truth, and it is not a big problem to spend hundreds of dollars to buy fake news. Asking for hundreds of thousands or millions, people can ask for face-to-face transactions.

Then when the time comes, Xu Wei can’t help it. If she goes to the appointment and finds out that the item is fake, then she can directly kill Xu Wei with one shot, and then she will return. Saying the last sentence “Even I dare to lie, I’m afraid I’m not tired of living”, if you find something true, then you can directly kill Xu Wei with one shot, and then say the last sentence “youngster, learn to be smart in your next life. a little”.

It’s just such a thing, the other party obviously organically combines scams, underworld and mysticism, and in a word, it means that you can’t guard against it.

But Xu Wei is a once-in-a-lifetime person, and the drama of “a woman who just graduated from college mistakenly believes that an online lover is looking for a job trap almost died in a foreign country” has not been long, and this time she can trust her again. The beast on the opposite side, she is the dog.

Therefore, an extreme tug of war began between the fraudsters and the anti-fraud elite, in front of Brother Zhang.

To be honest, Brother Zhang’s understanding of the network is still in the cycle of burning plains mining to earn gold coins more than ten years ago, and then selling the gold coins to the guild boss for penguin coins. Xu Wei’s decisive battle against the top of the Forbidden City really opened his eyes.

“The world is so terrifying.”

Brother Zhang rubbed his mouth and muttered softly, “If someone deceives me, I will definitely be deceived miserably.”

This is not a joke by Xiao Zhang, because he is not sure to deal with such a mix of true and false, this world is too complicated for him, what he can do is to break through ten meetings, but the problem is now Everyone started to make a fortune.

“Let’s learn it.” Xu Wei shook the phone: “You asked me to download it, the National Anti-Fraud APP.”

Brother Zhang agreed, and continued. Watching Xu Wei communicate with each other.

Obviously, now in the midst of the two anglers pulling, Xu Wei takes a recent photo of the little White Dragon from time to time, and sees the obviously grown little White Dragon and the surrounding scenes The reference of the other side actually believed it, so he seemed anxious, and even the tone became different.

Xu Wei, who felt the other party’s anxiety, gave full play to her strength as a small anti-fraud expert, not only the photos of the little White Dragon, but also a complete set of meticulous process, this process includes when and where Pick up this little White Dragon, and what state it is in when you pick it up.

The whole lie system is half true half false, with strict logic, complete elements, and high credibility.

And Xu Wei’s attitude towards Little White Dragon is also excited and loving, just like people who have cats at home like to share.

Together, it can be said to be seamless, and it can really fight back and forth with the opposing professional team.

When the other party kept raising the price, Xu Wei first showed hesitation, but soon she showed the state of being triggered by the protection mechanism, and decisively rejected the other party, and then quickly went offline.

“Oh? Why don’t you continue chatting?”

When Brother Zhang was watching this extreme pulling with keen interest pleasure, he saw that Xu Wei was suddenly offline, but he was a little bit nervous. puzzled.

“We can’t chat anymore, now we have the initiative, and they can’t come to us along the network cable.” Xu Wei chuckled: “Then give them enough time to whet their appetite at this time. It reflects whether our story about Xiaobai is true.”

Brother Zhang nodded, and seemed to understand a little: “Because its story is half true, half false, and even if it is false, there are traces to follow. , so they will fall into the trap no matter how careful they are.”

“That’s right.” Xu Wei followed Brother Zhang and snapped her fingers and said, “When they get into the trap, we will be able to catch a turtle in a jar. .”

“What if they don’t fall into the trap?” Brother Zhang curiously asked.

“No way.” Xu Wei waved his hand and said, “As long as they have time to confirm the authenticity of the story, once they have confirmed this matter, they will inevitably fail. After all, this thing They cultivated it through hard work. Brother Haozi also said that it is not enough to develop this thing by time, money and energy alone, but also by chance and luck.”

“en. ”

“So, as long as they are sure of something, they will take it at any cost. Once they pay any price, it is equivalent to walking right into a trap.” When Xu Wei said this, The expression slowly became very ruthless: “They still owe a blood debt.”

Although sometimes fate is a wonderful thing, Xu Wei really entered because of chance. Arrived in this circle, but she just answered what Haozi said, she is really a person who is born to be in this circle.

What Transcendent World lacks is someone like Xu Wei, she is smart and flexible, has strong understanding ability, and can combine the wisdom of two different worlds, and she has strong purpose and persistence. Through, and because of the special fate.

In other words, it is a person born for the Transcendent World, although trying to find anyone or anything in a crisis due to the poverty at the time led to being deceived and almost lost his life.

But didn’t Brother Zhang also say that all arrangements are the best arrangements. Judging from her current growth rate, she is likely to become the mainstay outside the Twelve Spirits in time. .

And it shouldn’t be too far away at this time, because Thunder Dragon is not very reliable, but he really cares about teaching people. for too.

Under the reconciliation of such a variety of factors, although Xu Wei is still the night shift waiter in Brother Xiao Zhang’s shop, but from the perspective of her current appearance, she is no longer willing to give up the easy demons and ghosts. In her eyes, just that set of mobile phone tricks is enough for her to apply for a patent.

After Xu Wei stopped chatting with the liar on the opposite side, she started to sit in the store and take pictures of the little White Dragon.

It’s strange to say that the little White Dragon is very fierce, and will bite when he sees it, but his relationship with Xu Wei is very good, and he even feels a little attached to her, probably because her fate complements the little White Dragon. Because of this, apart from Brother Zhang, only Xu Wei can get along with Little White Dragon normally.

Anyone else just replaces them, the woman will be bitten and the man will be stared at, which is very scary…

About ten minutes later, Zhang Yao from She came out with Grandfather Pi from behind. She didn’t dare to be curious about the little White Dragon anymore. Even if she was looking at it, she was looking at it from a distance. From the way she was clutching her chest, it was possible that the bite just now was real. It’s a bit fierce…

“Are you okay?” Brother Zhang glanced at Zhang Yao: “It’s serious and I still need to go to the hospital.”

“Help me treat it. …”

Brother Zhang laughed dumbly, looked up into her eyes and said, “But that would be very offensive.”

“What’s the offense to treat.” Zhang Yao pointed to the location of her wound: “Isn’t it enough to snap your fingers?”

“Not good explanation, but…” Brother Zhang chuckled: “It’s really rude. “

Although he didn’t explain the problem, Zhang Yao understood it in seconds, she was nodded, and then let go of her hand.

Seeing her action, Brother Zhang was obviously stunned for a moment, then silently sighed, turned around and went to tidy up the shelves.

Zhang Yao laughed when she saw his reaction: “Are you really so self-disciplined?”

“It’s mainly because I’m afraid of seeing something unappetizing.” Brother Zhang was bored boring replied.

“嘁” Zhang Yao curled one’s lip: “It’s boring.”

After she finished speaking, she came behind Xu Wei, Xu Wei hadn’t seen her yet, but the little White Dragon had already He stood up excitedly.

“Damn!” Zhang Yao scolded, turned and left: “I’m leaving, I’ll pick up that dead ghost Thunder Dragon when I have time.”

didn’t expect her As soon as the door was opened, they saw Haozi riding his broken motorcycle with a Thunder Dragon with water on his hands, and the two came back just like that.

Thunder Dragon can’t speak yet, but he smiled when he saw Zhang Yao, and Haozi said with a smile: “How is it? I’m right.”

Zhang Yao rolled the eyes and rode her cool motorcycle with her hands behind her back. As soon as she put on the helmet, she left with a buzzing sound.

Haozi stood on the side of the road and watched the luxury car that he never dared to dream of going away. He muttered, “Why does this car cost more than one million?”

Thunder Dragon stretches out four fingers.

“Four million…” Haozi shook his head and said, “Does their money come from strong winds?”

After speaking, the two walked into the milk tea shop together. , When Thunder Dragon, who had been in a coma for a few days, saw Brother Zhang, his face was full of guilt, and Brother Zhang just glanced at him and said nothing.

“There’s nothing wrong, I’ll let him kneel down.” Haozi dragged Thunder Dragon: “Hurry up, don’t let this play dead.”

And Thunder Dragon stretched out three fingers He gestured towards Haozi.

“Three days? You think too much, seven days of confinement!”

(end of this chapter)

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