What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 84


Chapter 84 The name should be loud

The first official meeting of Zhang Yao’s private special incident investigation institute cut the ribbon in their warehouse It was officially held that day.

The attendees included Zhang Yao, the largest shareholder, Da Huang, the technology shareholder, Huang Pizi, the Chief-In-Charge and CEO of the HR Department, who was committed to imitating Aisha and dyeing her hair white. Zhu Zhenzhen, a technician who didn’t know what to do when he scolded black, didn’t sleep well because he went to the zoo with his brother early in the morning, and Zuo Danshuang, a technician who is snoring now, is a pretty little girl during the day, and a sissy husband at night, right all day Looking in the mirror and saying to yourself that you are really beautiful, beautiful woman Huang Dier.

“Why can it be a shareholder?”

Grandfather Pi questioned Da Huang’s identity, while Da Huang gave tit for tat, and then showed the flesh hidden in his neck The official seal at the bottom said: “The chapter is with me, what I say is what I say.”

Zhang Yao has long been used to their clamor, but at this time she was arguing, purring, and talking to the 2000 who were locked up. A few years ago, my husband stood up from the sound of the video and the sound of a short video platform brushing beauty makeup, and cleared his throat.

“This is our first plenary meeting. Although we are officially open for business now, we will have new colleagues arriving one after another after the year. At that time, you will have to shoulder the responsibilities of old employees. Bring a fox, I bring a rabbit, we will become bigger and stronger, and create brilliant.” Zhang Yao opened the prelude to today’s meeting in a strange opening remarks.

Everyone who received her salary began to applaud, and those who did not receive her salary were busy doing their own thing.

“Zhu Zhenzhen, don’t brush the blackheads there, shake Zuo Danshuang awake.”

Zhu Zhenzhen reluctantly woke Zuo Danshuang awake. He wiped his mouth, yawned, and then lay on the table weakly.

“You two, pull yourself together.” Zhang Yao patted the table: “Didn’t you guys always want to get some grades and show them to your family to prove that you are not just eating and waiting to die? Waste, now there is a chance, why are you still so lifeless?”

“I also think…but it’s hard to tell the family what we’re doing in this business.” Zhu Zhenzhen’s face showed Embarrassed: “What should I say to my family? Are you saying that I am a high-power ice maker now?”

Zhang Yao was silent for a long time, and she walked back and forth with her hands behind her back: ” It doesn’t matter, it will be fine soon. I will briefly say a few words below, which are related to the development and layout of our new year.”

Grandfather Pi was the first to stand up and applaud: ” Good! Mr. Zhang said it well!”

“Too exaggerated…too exaggerated.” Zhang Yao waved her hands repeatedly: “Calm down.”

“Oh… ”

Although this meeting had twists and turns, it actually said something, such as the general plan for the future and the business scope of this gang… The team also made a clear mark.

“First of all, we need to clarify the scope of our work. Here I will name and criticize Comrade Zhu Zhenzhen. What is your company doing? I still haven’t figured out what your company’s profit model is. Are you pretending to be a chicken head?”

Since Xiao Zhang solved the problem of her Yin-Yang Eye being frightened by ghosts for Zhang Yao, this woman has become more and more excessive, Her nature began to show gradually, no one knew whether she was bitter or not, but her mouth was really poisonous.

Zhu Zhenzhen was a little speechless by what she said, but she couldn’t refute it, because she herself forgot what the company under her name was going to do when it was established, and then it was idle for two years. , Anyway, her father’s meaning is to find a place for her to work, which is much better than going out every day and being deceived by others. Hundreds of thousands a year are hundreds of thousands. For a family like them, it is just a pocket money money.

So in the past two years, Zhu Zhenzhen has actually not paid attention to her company, but the problem is that the company has actually made a profit in the past two months, and it is still the kind of profit that is self-financing.

According to Brother Zhang, the girls in the company felt like the company was going to close down, and they didn’t want to lose a good place to hang out, so many people mobilized their families

The resources of her husband, boyfriend, and friends instantly brought up Zhu Zhenzhen’s broken company, and they even won two top Internet celebrities.

A company without a Boss is better off than a company with a Boss anyway, Zhu Zhenzhen said sorry, it’s a shame to say it.

“First of all, we have to make sure that this world definitely needs heroes.” Zhang Yao knocked on the table when he talked about the key point: “Of course we can’t come up and position ourselves as heroes, There must be an excess, punishing evil and promoting good is necessary, do you all agree with this?”

Since people who can sit in this place, they naturally approve these things with unanimous votes, after all, Zhang Yao His philosophy is simple and straightforward, without those obscure and incomprehensible truths of heaven and man, so it is easier for him to resonate with most people.

“Secondly, we are different from the milk tea shop. They do things terrified and over-cautious, and I don’t like it. Starting today, we will do things that milk tea shops dare not do, milk tea. Let’s get rid of the demons that the shop dares not get rid of. They can follow their ideas and principles, and we can also fight for our ideals. Do you have any problems with this?” The original Huang Die’er raised her hand softly and weakly: “Where’s the money? Without money, you can’t go very far by relying on love to generate electricity.”

“You don’t have to panic about funding, I will definitely find a way. It’s a trivial matter, and I will provide you with various equipment so that you can better exert your abilities.” Zhang Yao said seriously and seriously: “And when we grow up, we can also share a profit. As a department, we can even rely on the motherland, face the world, and take the international route to a certain extent. We can be chivalrous and righteous internally, and we can make profits externally.”

β€œYou are hypocritical. .”

Huang Die’er made Zhang Yao somewhat unable to come off the stage, she was silent for a while, and then said: “Actually, it is not hypocritical, it is a bit narrow, but sometimes there is no way to do it, right? .”

There is nothing to say about this, there are not many pure and great people in the world, and it is really too capital for the horse to run and not to eat grass. doctrine.

“Finally, we need to determine the name of our organization. When we introduce it to the outside world, we will be a whole.” Zhang Yao took out three signs from the bag: “Here are three spare parts. When choosing a plan, the first one is the Baizhe Club, which means perseverance.”

“Then why can’t it be called the Bairuo Club?” Huang Dier raised her head curiously and asked, then she subconsciously scratched her head : “Suddenly itchy.”

Zhang Yao didn’t know whether to cry or laugh put down the first sign and raised the second sign, she still said with full of smiles: “Dinghai What will happen? Because we are here at No. 38 Dinghai Road, we name it in the most straightforward way. This is also the way commonly used internationally.”

This time it was Huang Die’er who raised his head again. , opened the mouth and said: “Then you are named after it, why can’t you call it the GZ gang?”

“Are you here to raise the bar? Wouldn’t it be a triad if you call it the GZ gang? “

“Oh…then is there any essential difference between Dinghai and the GZ gang? You might as well call the Greater Bay Area to be the leader in order to be grounded.”

Zhang Yao was made straight by her and scratched her hair, she absolutely didn’t expect the dog in front of her who was a beautiful woman during the day and turned into a sissy man at night would be such a jerk, if it weren’t for her ability to be really strong According to an acquaintance, Zhang Yao must have directly asked her to go to the finance department (the chief financial officer is concurrently held by Grandfather Pi) to receive her salary.

In the end, in desperation, Zhang Yao held up the third sign: “Tower.”

“Why is there only one word?”

“Because I feel It’s cool.” Zhang Yao could only lie flat in the face of the questioning: “It’s just a tower.”

“It’s just that.” Huang Die’er clapped her hands: “Deep and distant, unfathomable, and there are The meaning of the sky, the tower is good, so am I.”

Zhang Yao tilted her head and looked at Huang Die’er: “Where did you learn these fragmentary quotations?”


“Don’t worry about it.” Huang Die’er drew shua shua on the paper, and after a while, a very simple logo that looked like a tower appeared on it.

“The glyphs are unified, and when the time comes, it will be made into a badge, and the number will be numbered on the top. In the future, it will become Tower 1 and Tower 2. Cool, isn’t it?”

Zhang Yao looked all around: “How about you?”

Grandfather Pi raised his hand: “Fox’s fox can also do it, right?”

“What kind of cat can’t the fox behave?” Da Huang immediately retorted: “I think cats are good.”

“But don’t you think cats one and two are very naughty?” Zhu Zhenzhen said with a smile: “Fox three and four are not very serious. Let’s go.”

“Then let’s call it a fox tower.” Grandfather Pi continued: “It’s fine no matter what.”

“But what kind of fox tower? , Cat Tower, if you add a number at the end, like Fox Tower No. 4 and Cat Tower No. 16, do you think it looks like hybrid rice?” Zhu Zhenzhen asked, holding her cheeks, “I don’t have any opinions, you guys continue. ”

Once she accepted the setting of hybrid rice, Grandfather Pi also felt that it was not so pleasant, and even felt a little silly, so she stopped talking.

“Call the Dark Guardian!” Da Huang suddenly shouted: “How awesome.”

At this time, Zhang Yao raised her hand quickly: “I agree with the tower’s raised hand. .”

In addition to Da Huang, it was unanimously approved, but Da Huang was still fighting there: “It can’t be called the god of abundance, the god of hunting…”

Finally Zhang Yao’s new organization is named after the tower. If you want to ask what it means, just one word “cool”, everyone thinks it’s good, after all, not everything needs meaning, anyway, it’s better than the Greater Bay Area. Bar.

At this moment, Brother Zhang is squatting beside the hot spring, looking at the little White Dragon who is paddling in the water, because the little White Dragon has grown a lot in one day. The length of the body has exceeded two meters. You must know that it was a four-legged snake when it first came.

“Are you male or female?” Brother Zhang asked, and then felt that it was not right, so he asked in a different way: “How is the gender of the dragon?”

The little White Dragon obviously didn’t answer what he meant, just floated comfortably inside, and from time to time it would get out and rush into the sky and glide for a while before falling back into the water.

“How do dragons have genders?” Brother Zhang turned his head and looked towards Thunder Dragon next to him: “Do you know?”

Thunder Dragon silently pointed under him : “I’m relying on this.”

Brother Zhang turned his head and didn’t bother to pay attention to him, and went straight back to the store. Today, he has to welcome a very important customer, and he has no time to deal with the idiot Thunder Dragon. Keep wrestling with that silly question.

(End of this chapter)

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