What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 85


Chapter 85 There are friends who have returned from themselves

In the afternoon of the milk tea shop, because the temperature gradually warmed up and caught up with the weekend, there was an endless stream of guests from the neighborhood Absolutely, and to say who will come today, it is not a great character, but it is a very important person to Xiao Zhang.

This person is another of the “unreliable duo” who haven’t appeared in more than half a year, Hanhan named Cai Delan.

He and Yang Junfeng together form the only two or two fresh colors in Brother Zhang’s Transcendent World. They both know Brother Zhang’s state when he was young and know his current state, but his attitude towards him is almost the same. People who haven’t changed.

In the words of Master Cai Young, they are all brothers. He does not discriminate against the little brother Zhang who has turned into a monster at all.

Master Cai Young, who participated in closed training for six months today, was finally released. He sent a message to Brother Zhang more than three hours ago, asking him to prepare a scrambled egg with peppers and a soup pink.

“Haha, I’m back.” Cai Delan pushed in the door as he did in the past: “Do you think I’m dead?”

Brother Zhang slowly took the soup The scrambled eggs with flour and chili peppers were brought out and placed on the table. Master Cai Young started it without saying a word, and the civil aviation uniform he had not taken off made him look quite dazzling.

“Why did you come back all of a sudden?”

“The test didn’t pass and the flight was grounded.” Cai Young Master sighed: “Forget it, there’s nothing to say.”

At this time, Brother Zhang also saw that there seemed to be something wrong with his nose. He felt that it was broken in the middle, so he stretched out his finger and pointed: “What’s wrong with your nose?”

“Why do you think I was grounded?”

Master Cai Young sighed, and efficiently ate the soup powder: “I went on a short flight that day, a short flight, as you know, and leisurely. It was boring, so I drove the autopilot. Halfway through it, I thought it was boring, so I switched off the manual. Then I suddenly thought of you, and I said to the first officer, ‘You said, this person is alive It’s really meaningless’.”


“Then?” Master Cai Young pointed to his nose: “Then I took a left hook, and then Then I was pulled out of the driver’s seat and tied up in the cabin with a belt until the plane made a forced landing at the nearest airport, and then I was quarantined and reviewed.”

Brother Zhang laughed out loud. , I suddenly feel that my life may really be inseparable from this one after another foolish criticism, and my life is really illuminated by these brainless guys.

“What’s your plan now?”

“What’s your plan? There’s no plan at all, just come back for a new year, and then go to hang out with Yang Junfeng after the year, my flight may be grounded. It will take two years once it stops.” Master Cai Young shook his head helplessly and said, “The quarantine review has not passed, and there may be no way to go to heaven.”

“Why not?”

“Because they thought I was paranoid, I was basically screwed, and they got a video of me chatting with the Third Young Lady, you said that the Third Young Lady has been reincarnated for so long, this The video is still kept, isn’t it purely to fuck me.”

Brother Zhang knows about this, probably six years ago, when Spiritual Qi had not recovered, and Brother Zhang was not very good either. Knowing how to control one’s own power has led to the circle of Chang’an Lane becoming a gathering place for all kinds of strange creatures.

Third Young Lady is one of them, and may also be related to Master Cai Young. This ghost bride who committed suicide by jumping into a river on her wedding day in order to resist an arranged marriage more than 200 years ago has an inexplicable connection with Master Cai Young. up.

One person and one ghost have been in love for a few years. Later, Haozi couldn’t stand it anymore, so he told Master Cai Young that the ordinary person couldn’t bear it, and the more they fell in love with Cai Young. The shorter the lifespan of the Master, the 80-year lifespan may be reduced, and he will die before the age of 30.

But Master Cai Young didn’t mind, after all, he was more in love with Third Young Lady, so he didn’t take Haozi’s suggestion at all.

But Third Young Lady also heard about it, and Third Young Lady came to ask Brother Zhang to help him. Brother Zhang, if someone asks, he will agree as long as it is not excessive, so he agrees.

Afterwards, before Brother Zhang overtook her, she went to the aviation school to chat with Master Cai Young.

And it was the last intense chat with Third Young Lady that was filmed by the camera, and this video of only Master Cai Young playing the exhibition game by himself became the video that made him thoroughly Lose the reason to become captain probability.

This is not to blame for the reviewers. After all, a person is in high spirits in front of the air. No one is confused by this, and explanations are useless.

So now Master Cai Young is basically expelled from home. Although he was framed by others, he was ultimately the leader of his own.

And even if it wasn’t this time, he wouldn’t be able to escape next time.

But it’s okay, Master Cai Young was born optimistic, and he has already started to think about finding a job after the Chinese New Year.

“Didn’t Yang Junfeng say to go to Nanhe for gold, we are going to try it out.” Master Cai Young said to Brother Zhang as he bent down and rummaged in the box, “Third Young Lady is coming soon this year. Going to kindergarten.”

Speaking, he straightened up and took out a large stack of postcards and handed them to Brother Zhang: “I found them from my colleague and master, how about that? That’s interesting. “

Little Brother Zhang was nodded again and again, his face full of joy, and then he took out a special postcard: “1990 Fiji Tortoiseshell!”

“Hahahaha, be happy.” Master Cai Young took out a few more precious ones: “Hawaii in 1959, with stamp. 1940 Hollywood premiere commemoration of The Great Dictator, with Chaplin’s signature. In 1999, a special commemorative limited edition for the return of Macau, with 1999 Postmark on December 20th.”

Brother Zhang was excited, he lowered his head and carefully collected the postcards.

To speak of which, if Brother Zhang has any special hobby, it must be postcards, he has collected tens of thousands of postcards from all over the world, all his friends know that if they send him Gifts, postcards are the best things.

And this kind of stamp with a special anniversary stamp is Supreme Treasure for Xiao Zhang.

The two chatted for a while. Master Cai Young took off his coat, raised his legs and said to Brother Zhang, “I left without saying goodbye half a year ago. Did I scare you?”

“Fortunately, I probably guessed it.”


While speaking, I saw Thunder Dragon holding a basin full of The washed dishes came out. He was still stunned when he saw Master Cai Young, because the two had not seen each other for many years. The last time Thunder Dragon saw Master Cai Young, he was still in love with the ghost bride. .



Thunder Dragon put down the basin and circled Master Cai Young a few times, and Master Cai Young also circled Thunder Dragon turned around a few times, and the two were fighting like cocks for a long time. Finally, Thunder Dragon slapped Master Cai Young on the shoulder: “Okay, I haven’t grown so big in such a long time, let Uncle hug him.”

“Go and die.” Master Cai Young pushed Thunder Dragon away with a look of disgust: “I haven’t seen you in a few years, why have you become such a dead person?”

“The world is impermanent. What? It looks like you’ve become a captain?”

“Forget it.” Master Cai Young waved his hand and said, “No drama.”

As he said, he put the I told Thunder Dragon about his painful experience. Thunder Dragon almost fell to the ground without laughing, and his injury itself was not easy. Now laughing, the lung tube is leaking again, but he is still laughing while covering his chest: “My mother… This is too funny, what do you mean when you say that people are alive… Is that what you can say?”

“Are you dead or not?” Master Cai Young Kicked Thunder Dragon: “Get up, go shake people, I’ll treat you to dinner tonight.”

Master Cai Young is optimistic, cheerful and generous. It’s a very attractive type.

He was really willing to eat dinner in the evening. He set up eleven tables in the restaurant outside, full of guests and friends. Said it was to celebrate that Cai Boss washed his hands, but no one knows why.

But I am afraid that few people can understand that a person will have a big banquet because he is fired.

Weird things are done strangely. This is probably the characteristic of Chang’an Lane. It is full of all kinds of strange monsters, but it is precisely this group of strange people who can make this world colorful and sparkling. Hui it.

As the evening wind picked up, the banquet in the restaurant was in full swing.

Master Cai Young stood alone outside the restaurant, holding a jar of Nu’er Hong in his hand and sprinkled little by little to the roots of the big locust tree.

β€œThird Young Lady, promise you Nu’er Hong, this year’s share. I don’t know how old you are, it’s a boy or a girl, if you know, it’s the boy who will give you a shape-shifting Vajra, yes The girl gave you a set of Barbie dolls.”

“Sir, are you a fortune teller?”

A hand clapped on the shoulder of Master Cai Young, who was chattering, he hurriedly looked back, What I saw was a man in a police uniform, but when I looked closely, I found that it was Haozi!

“You finally made it! It seems that you have experienced a lot in the past six months.”

Hearing Master Cai Young’s words, Haozi put his hand on the brim of his hat Son: “hehe, are you thinking of Third Young Lady here again?”

“Yeah…” Master Cai Young leaned under the locust tree and looked at the lights in Chang’an Lane: “If Third Young Lady It’s human, our child is about to go to elementary school now.”

Haozi also leaned there, looked up at the starlight for a while, and said with emotion: “When I was a child, I hated evil and vowed to Killed all the demons and ghosts in the world. But when I grew up, I realized that the demons and ghosts are much cuter than people. But it is precisely this kind of cuteness… Oh, you can’t get along, Xiao Cai.”

“I know.” Master Cai Young chuckled and looked up at the starry sky: “But don’t let me think about it, really.”

“Third Young Lady is three years old this year. Halfway through, very beautiful and smart, the father is a university professor, the mother is also a teacher, a scholarly family, the father is very kind, and the mother is also very gentle.” Haozi suddenly said: “Little Third Young Lady always dreams, and dreams of a Strangers, I think in the future, if you are destined, you will meet again.”

“Forget it.” Master Cai Young said lightly with a smile: “You said it just now, you can’t. It’s good to know her. If you know her again, it will only add to your troubles. Tell me about the fun things you have done in the past six months.”

(End of this chapter)

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