What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 86


Chapter 86 The beginning of the second stage of Spiritual Qi’s recovery

“Things about Wraith being pulled out of Formation.”

Zhu Zhenzhen was dressed up briskly, and the breath of spring came very fast in the southern country. It was just spring, and before it was too cold, the temperature had already been pulled up to twenty-seven or eight degrees.

Wraith like Brother Zhang was finally pulled out of the house, and their reasoning was very simple, that is, he would come out every year to see the sun when he didn’t move.

So now Brother Zhang appeared 52 kilometers away from Chang’an Lane, on the beach next to Zhang Yao’s base.

“ah ha ha, here comes the chicken soup.” Master Cai Young ran over with a pot of chicken soup: “It’s a beautiful thing to drink soup.”

“You guys Call this a picnic.”

Brother Zhang looked back at the RV parked not far away, he really didn’t know what these rich people thought, because in Brother Zhang’s In his memory, his picnics in elementary school were when everyone went out to the field to build a stone stove and cook on it.

And now Zhang Yao directly pulls a multi-purpose RV, which is the same as the base car in the Red Police. It has all the equipment and a luxurious batch. Shengsheng makes picnic into “simmering a pot of old soup in the wild”.

“It’s rare for the weather to be good.” Zhang Yao held hands and looked at the sea in the distance: “Come out and relax, you should also breathe.”

This time, there are more people here Quan, except for the mysterious pony in the past few days and Xu Wei who couldn’t get out of the milk tea shop, everyone else came.

Even Thunder Dragon takes his wife, who is female during the day, to the sea barefoot.

Brother Zhang squatted beside a rock and watched Nian Nian play with Haozi, and beside him was the Demon God who had reached an agreement with Zuo Danshuang.

Da Huang is treading water, Grandfather Pi is basking in the sun, Haozi is sitting there picking oysters with Zuo Danshuang, the girls are taking selfies freely, they look like a group of ordinary youngsters on a spring outing, but the RV is too big. Cool, at first glance it looks like a sci-fi world has come to the world.

On the other side, a man in a cap and mask sneaked into a cafe.

It was the pony waiting for him in the cafe.

“Brother Shui, you’re going too far.”

Taking off the mask, the person who came was Wugenshui, the current Mei Junsheng. He lowered his voice and said to the pony: “Those who are targeted by Qing Lingzi will never end well.”

“Didn’t I ask you to find the Holy Master, why don’t you go?”

“No way, the Holy Lord can protect me for a while, but not for the rest of my life. Now the Qinglingzi is in the dark, I have to find a way to hide this moment.”

Pony Helplessly sighed, then got up and said, “Let’s go, I’ll take you to the Holy Lord.”

“No, no…”

Although Mei said so, but the arm If he could twist his thigh, the pony dragged him out.

The pony rode the little donkey tΓΊ tΓΊ and brought Wugenshui to Brother Zhang. At this time, Brother Zhang was about to start lunch when he saw Xiaoma brought someone over from all the way. Thunder Dragon immediately joked: “Yo, you brought a boyfriend back?”

“Huh.” The pony was sneered: “It’s your ex-girlfriend’s current boyfriend, so I have to call you senior. .”

When Huang Die’er heard this, her hand was already on Thunder Dragon’s thigh: “Ex-girlfriend? You just told me yesterday that you have been waiting for me since you can remember.”

“He? There must be an ex-girlfriend within 30 kilometers of Thunder Dragon.” Xiaoma’s face smiled and said: “Sometimes there may be two, and we have talked about thirty-one in four years. .”

Thunder Dragon, who was dismantled by the pony, put down his chopsticks and ran, but Huang Die’er also calmly said with a chuckle: “I can run, I can catch it, but I can’t. You are good to eat fruit juice.”

After they started you chase me and run away, Xiaoma brought Mei to Brother Zhang and introduced: “Boss, let me introduce you. It was the rootless water of the year, my brother Shui, in fact, has always been a half of my own, and it was him who thought something was wrong with Haozi and Thunder Dragon.”

Haozi carefully looked at the rootless water in front of him, eyes shined: “Aren’t you the fiance of that Thunder Dragon’s ex-girlfriend? Mei…”

“Junsheng.” Wugenshui said with a smile: “This is my name now.”

“body possession or reincarnated in someone else’s body?”

“reincarnated in someone else’s body, body possession is too detrimental to yin morality, and it takes too much skill.”

short After a bit of communication, the topic began to talk about Qing Lingzi. According to logic, Qing Lingzi should continue to chase him, but now in the past few days, there is no movement on the opposite side, which makes Wugenshui Worse than getting caught.

But now that he saw the Holy Master, he was actually a little more at ease, because he found that even a Qing Lingzi would give some face to the Holy Master, even more how now the Holy Master is by his side The power of Qinglingzi is much stronger than that of Qinglingzi, and the fact that the thunder technique Heavenly Dragon sits on the throne is not something that the current Qinglingzi can shake.

“You don’t have to worry too much about this kind of thing.” Haozi said nonchalantly after listening to Wugenshui’s words: “Qinglingzi is suspicious by nature, as long as you contact us, he will not I’ve stained you.”

I believe this, because in Qing Lingzi’s character, he wouldn’t dare to pick up even the money that was dropped on the ground, for fear of being a trap. If you don’t say anything about being suspicious by nature, you’re completely morbidly suspicious.

If you let him know that he has been in contact with the Holy Master, the more generous he is, the more Qing Lingzi will not dare to move, because he will definitely be afraid of being attacked by the people on the Holy Master’s side. To be targeted, because a useless rootless water is targeted by the thunder technique dragon, this transaction will not be done by Qing Lingzi.

And although the pony had already told him that there are thunder technique dragons here, Wugenshui absolutely didn’t expect that besides Thunder Dragon, there is also the leader of the twelve spirits, the money rat , Howling Celestial Dog, plus the pony and Thunder Dragon, Qing Lingzi must not dare to act rashly, even more how there are two huge demon gods, a yellow butterfly… and a really big one. Vixen.

The Holy Lord is the Holy Lord after all. With such protection, Wugenshui simply does not need to be afraid of the Qinglingzi.

Although he’s still somewhat shy, but seeing Huang Die’er’s state now, he can probably feel relieved. Although he doesn’t have a husband like Thunder Dragon, the pony and himself are considered childhood. The senior and junior brothers up and down the mountain, no matter what, not for the monk’s sake, but for the Buddha’s…

Brother Zhang didn’t say anything, neither welcome nor reject, everything is Haozi In that Zhang Luo control.

When going through the formalities for Wugenshui and signing the lottery, Haozi curiously asked: “You seem to have obtained a very good body, but why do you still make it into a ghost? Isn’t this a bit unkind.”

“Listen to me, there is a reason for this.”

Wugenshui roughly explained, that is the original owner of this body , that is, Mei Junsheng. This Mei Jun was born with poor luck, and three immortal souls and seven mortal souls were weak. After his accident, only one soul and one soul were left. , Mei Junsheng’s soul will soon die.

Now it has become a ghost, relying on rootless water as the powerful Soul Power of the warlock, it still has the opportunity to re-enter the reincarnation, although I don’t know what the next reincarnation will be, but as long as it can re-enter Reincarnation is already much stronger than disappeared.

“This can be considered my compensation for occupying his body.” Wugenshui said to Haozi: “And you know, the undead want direct body possession, unless the other party is weak or has Qing Lingzi has the ability, otherwise there is no chance to win the soul, so…I really did not do evil.”

“That’s it.” Haozi nods: “It’s true and normal, then Let’s do this first, in fact, the Holy Master’s intention is very simple, that is, he will not make demands on you, but you must obey the order of the human world. Since you have borrowed someone else’s body to revive your soul, then you should maintain your current state.”

“Understand…I understand.”

Haozi nods, took out a spiritual sign and placed it in front of Wugenshui, Wugenshui bit his finger and pressed it, even if the identity registration was successful Now, once it succeeds, no matter what the form of rootless water is changed to in the future, as long as he relies on the spiritual lottery, he can be found immediately.

This is not only a restraint for him but also a kind of protection for him, because as long as he is attacked, the spiritual fortune will react, and then Thunder Dragon can be sent for emergency rescue.

After signing this sign, rootless water can be considered to put out a long breath.

And Haozi continued: “There will be more and more cases like this in the future, because the magic soul is far more than thirty-two corpses and immortals. What we are doing now is to try to see if we can make The same sects of the same sect are integrated to face the bigger crisis in the future.”


“Well, Senior Brother Shui, right? Although I don’t like their memory from the past. , but is it okay to call you a senior brother?”

“No…you are the Eldest Senior Brother, and you are the Eldest Senior Brother.”

“Thunder Dragon, you fucking took advantage of me for so many years!” Haozi turned his head and roared at Thunder Dragon in the distance: “You are dead!”

Haozi turned around after cursing Took a deep breath and said: “Thunder Dragon is simply not human. By the way, you are now a celebrity, right?”

“It’s okay…what’s the matter?”

“Look for more opportunities to take the Holy Master around.” Haozi smiled helplessly: “He’s a bit nerdy, and he’s quite stingy, you know what I mean?”

“Understood. …then when the time comes, I’ll arrange it.” Wugenshui turned his head to look at the little brother Zhang who was staring at the flames in a daze, lowered his voice and whispered: “I think this generation of Holy Master… It doesn’t seem like much. Smart.”

“Don’t talk nonsense.” Haozi sneered: “Don’t let Thunder Dragon hear you, I really beat you.”

Nodded with a terrified face: “It’s me who talks too much.”

After he finished speaking, he suddenly seemed to remember something: “I was attacked by Qing Lingzi some time ago, and Xiaoma said that he should also go to his side. A newcomer, and someone who can locate other people.”

“I really don’t know this, I still don’t quite understand what the corpse is capable of.”

“No, this person should not be Zombie Xian but someone else. There is no such person in Zombie Xian.” Wugenshui said seriously: “So… let’s be careful, Qinglingzi will win over people very much. difficult to deal with.”

(end of this chapter)

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