What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 87


Chapter 87 Confidence is rising.

When every household is putting up couplets, Qing Lingzi is looking back at the far away from the coastline.

It is difficult to leave the homeland for 2,000 years, but now he has left his hometown, and this day is also the day of prayer and sacrifice for the first year of the year set by him after studying the astronomical calendar. The ancestors, praying for the new year, offering sacrifices to the gods, revering the gods and ancestors, and repaying the original and turning back the beginning.” Qing Lingzi almost burst into tears.

“Ha, I’m absolutely didn’t expect, owned Qing Lingzi, once a prince of a party, the overlord of the world, but a crybaby.”

” Get out.”

Qing Lingzi cursed angrily, wiped away her tears, pointed to the blurred coast in the distance, and said, “Where the soul is, it is like leaving the homeland like leaving the soul.”

After speaking, Qing Lingzi took out a brocade bag, which contained a bag of sand from the shore, and he stared down for a long time: “Even if I was defeated or died, I never left my homeland. What Zheng said is to chop me up ten-thousand times by a thousand blades, but if he dares to drive me away from the old national park, one day I will dig his grave and dig his grave.”

“You people are really hypocritical.” Sai Dongfeng stood on the side of the speedboat, as if he didn’t care about the laws of physics and walked back and forth: “If you want to come back, you have to develop yourself outside, or you Dogs dislike it now.”

The person who sailed for them laughed when he heard this, Qing Lingzi turned his head and asked him why he was laughing. The accented Mandarin said: “I listen to this kind of words hundreds of times a year, go outside and live a good life, don’t think about those useless things.”

Qing Lingzi twisted The eye over the head shows the ominous light, but Sai Dongfeng laughed heartily: “Little Brother is right, you have to live well. Qing Lingzi, the times have changed, you have to change your mind.”

Qing Lingzi kept his mouth shut, but the blood gluttonous and Blood Soul puppets behind him had already begun to look up and down the man who had just opened his mouth regardless of respect.

When it was dawn, they arrived in Vietnam, and they were going to smuggle from Vietnam to Pingtung, and it took about three days to board the ship.

After arriving, they were rudely driven to a dilapidated old building together with the other illegal immigrants on the ship, where they will spend these three days, and are not allowed to go out for any reason .

Qing Lingzi brows tightly frowns, his fingers are constantly moving back and forth, and every movement will bring up a series of faint lights produced by Spiritual Qi.

β€œmove a bit faster!”

The snake-headed thug at the back pushed and shoved Qinglingzi, and pinched it on his ass, and Qinglingzi He stepped back to the thug’s side, and saw a hair-like thing swishing through his neck.

Then Qing Lingzi took a few steps forward as if nothing was wrong. About ten minutes later, when he first entered the broken building, the thug started to yell and send With wild laughter, the four or five companions around him couldn’t hold him back, and in the end, it took less than five minutes for this person to die of laughter here.

The thug’s death looks terrifying, his face maintains a laughing attitude, but his eyes are wide open, blood is always flowing out of his seven orifices, and his mouth is open and his head is raised. Above, the body knelt there motionless, as if to make amends.

Because of the death, the smuggler personally came to check, and even called their barefoot doctor, but no one could know the specific cause of death of the thug.

The snake head felt unlucky, so he carried his pistol and searched the rooms from room to room. When he found Qing Lingzi’s room, he first saw that he was sitting there. Qing Lingzi watching the broken TV.

Although he has been smuggling for more than 20 years, it is very uncommon for a young, beautiful and tender girl like this, although he knows in his heart that such a woman chooses to smuggle or carry a life lawsuit Either he was implicated in some big lawsuit, but seeing such an appearance now, he couldn’t hold it back for a while.

So he stepped forward and raised Qing Lingzi’s chin with a pistol, saying these unclean words in his mouth, and even closed the door with his foot in the end.

Just when he was about to move, Qing Lingzi, who was originally pointed at by the gun, turned into an illusory shadow and disappeared in front of the snake head.

Before the snake head could react, Qing Lingzi had already appeared behind him and pressed the snake head’s aorta with the pen on the table that he couldn’t write for a long time.

The snake head screamed in horror, but Qing Lingzi just gradually increased the strength of his hand without saying a word, until the snake head stopped shouting, and he gradually relaxed.

But just when the snakehead thought that Qing Lingzi was about to let go, and he was about to take the opportunity to pick up the pistol, he didn’t expect the pen to be nailed directly from his chin, and he only felt a huge shock. After the pain, I lost consciousness.

Qing Lingzi looked at the corpse that fell softly, with no emotion in his eyes, he just chuckled lightly, scratched his fingers on the wall and sprinkled those powders on the snake-headed corpse.

Then I saw the wound on the snake’s head, which had completely lost its life, gradually closed, and the limbs actually stood up again after twisting strangely, but there was no light in the eyes, and it looked like a dead fish. .

After finishing all this, Qing Lingzi waved at him, the snake head obediently walked out, but his gun fell into Qing Lingzi’s hand, he fiddled with it, and then banged. With a bang, the gun went off the hook.

Looking at the bullet hole in his chest connecting to his back, Qing Lingzi let out an ouch, but he didn’t care to wipe the wound on his body with his hand, and the wound instantly recovered completely, not even at all. Bleeding.

However, he has seen this formidable power called pistol. Although it does not work well for people like him, what if the bullet is depicted with a Formation or talisman technique?

Qing Lingzi became curious, and sat there playing with firearms and bullets all afternoon, and engraving picture talisman on the bullets seems like… not difficult?

Anyway, he is also idle. Qing Lingzi’s interest in research immediately aroused. As a warlock, what he is best at and liked the most is strange tricks, and as a warlock with extremely high innate talent , It took only one night to figure out the principle of what was in front of him.

Then he did something that was enough to subvert the cognition of modern science, that is, put together the bulky lamp and some strange things in the room, and turned them into bullets with magic.

A copper alchemist? Copper smelting warlock?

Qing Lingzi looked at the neat bullets in front of him with the talisman technique engraved on them, and felt that he was still young after all, and then he put these bullets neatly into his pocket. And applied a blindfold, and then walked out with a gun.

Of course, the gun also cast a blind eye.

He went outside and aimed at a thug who was on guard, and in the sight of the thug, he just raised the camera to face himself, and the thug not only didn’t panic, but also foul-mouthed and rushed over to pay Qingling. child’s camera.


A shot went off, a bullet hardened by the talisman technique penetrated the thug’s head, along with his three immortal souls and seven mortal souls At the same time, they were beaten to dust. Seeing this scene, Qing Lingzi was laughed, turned around and snapped his fingers, and then the person who was shot by him also stood up swayingly.

But because there are no three immortal souls and seven mortal souls , this guy will still die in a few days, and it will start to rot before he dies, plus the temperature in Vietnam is hot, he might It will also explode.

Seeing that this thing works so well, Qing Lingzi decided to look around to see if there were any demons and monsters to shoot, so he walked outside with a gun in his hand.

However, although Spiritual Qi’s recovery will not only revive the land of China, the density of demons and monsters is still not that much. It was not until he came to a place about three kilometers outside this small port that he found a house There are exceptions among people.

He walked over with his keen breath, and in the tattered wooden wall he really found something wrong, because this house was full of Death Aura from far away, but Everything seemed normal inside, there was a burning stove in the yard, and the sound of people moving in the room.

Qing Lingzi pushed open the broken door and walked in, the smell of death intensified. He probed into the room with his hands behind his back, and as soon as he entered the room, he found that it was filled with the stench of corruption.

Qing Lingzi continued to walk forward and heard a noise in the kitchen, but when she saw it in the past, she laughed, because there was an old woman fetching water, but the old woman was obviously no longer. In a living person, the outside of the body is as shiny and shiny as a bracelet that has been worn for a long time. The facial features on the face are completely sunken, and the eye sockets have long been hollow and air-dried, leaving only two holes there.

The old woman seemed to hear the movement, and turned her head slowly, looking towards Qing Lingzi, and Qing Lingzi didn’t talk nonsense, she raised her pistol and shot her into the soul.

The bullet with the added spell passed through the old woman’s body, but it was completely different from hitting a person. The natural restraint of the spell on evil things made the shriveled mummy burn quickly.

The old woman wailed in pain. She might not have realized her death, but the pain that burned her soul was real, but the formidable power of the bullet was too strong for her to feel it. Too much pain sent her away, and it was disappeared and completely.

And the burning dry mummy ignited the house by the way, but Qing Lingzi didn’t even bother to look at it, and let the raging fire burn down the Old Fang’s house.


Qing Lingzi finally found the only thing that makes him happy these days, and this gun has become his favorite since he came to this era a toy.

“It’s better to rely on yourself in the end.” Qing Lingzi looked up to the sky and heave a deep sigh, and then recalled the two wastes around him, he couldn’t help but sigh again: “Yes Time to start all over again.”

(End of this chapter)

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