What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 88


Chapter 88 Huaiyu Mountain

Today, the first day of the Chinese New Year, Xiao Zhangge’s milk tea shop closed as scheduled.

This year’s Spring Festival is as usual, but there are more people than before, mainly because Xiaoma and Thunder Dragon, two wanderers who have been wandering outside before, have returned, and one cannot step out of the milk tea shop. Xu Wei, who might be hunted if she goes out.

With the addition of three people, the atmosphere immediately changed. Because of the relationship between the years, they were no match for New Year’s Eve, because they had to accompany them in the illusory realm to wait for the gun battles in reality to finish. And in the atmosphere of the Spirit Illusory Realm, there is really nothing to say about the new year.

So over the years, the New Year’s Eve dinner in the milk tea shop only started on the first day of the new year.

It is still the same as before. Brother Zhang is responsible for cooking, Haozi is responsible for washing vegetables, Da Huang is responsible for beeping, Sister Gou is responsible for scolding Da Huang, and eating every year.

But this year, with the addition of Thunder Dragon and Pony, the situation is a little different. The main reason is that these two people also brought a person with them, Thunder Dragon brought Huang Dier and Pony with them. rootless water.

So the rhythm arrangement became Da Huang and Thunder Dragon responsible for beeping, Gou and Xiaoma responsible for scolding them, and Nian Nian and Huang Dier and Wugenshui responsible for eating.

“Don’t you two have a home? If you have to come here for a meal, your family won’t think it’s better to have you two than raw barbeque pork.”

Da Huang squatted on the counter Bibei Huangdieer and Wugenshui bored the two of them, but they were surprised to find that as long as they were in the so-called “home” environment, they couldn’t help Da Huang no matter what, so they had to give up. .

“There is something in this house Guardian.” Haozi smiled and touched the cat’s head: “It has a special ability, that is, the longer it is in a place, the stronger its ability. It is here. I have lived here for many years, let alone you, even Thunder Dragon may not win it.”

Da Huang raised his head proudly, but he was still defeated by Mrs. Gou. The elder sister walked in from behind in a human figure, picked up Da Huang and walked back, and then a black clothed boy screamed “Don’t take a shower” and rushed out from behind, but was quickly arrested and returned. Desperate cry in the backyard.

In the video, Grandfather Pi pitifully asked Brother Zhang to show her a roast chicken, and then spit and spit the food on the Qingqiu Plain while feeding the dog. He was dragged by the back of his neck and changed into a sacrificial dress.

“Happy New Year, Brother Zhang.” The father of Grandfather Pi took the mobile phone of Grandfather Pi to greet Brother Zhang.

Xiao Zhang also said with a smile: “Happy New Year.”

“Wait, the main fox will talk to you.”

said The mobile phone was handed to the fox owner next to him. The fox owner of this generation is a male fox, pure white Nine-tailed Heavenly Fox. On the Plain of Qingqiu, pure white, nine tails and Heavenly Fox are three qualities, and the three-in-one nature is that the fox master has not run away.

“Happy New Year.” Fox Lord is much more stable than Grandfather Pi, but when he saw Brother Zhang, his devastatingly beautiful face still burst into a smile: “We also have I haven’t seen you for three years.”

“Well, you are beautiful again.” Brother Zhang exclaimed naturally: “I have time to play.”

“Then It’s natural.” The fox master sat up straight, put his mobile phone on the incense burner, and gave Brother Zhang a fox salute: “Let’s not talk about it, the ceremony has begun, and I will host it.”


It can be seen from the video that the annual sacrifice is held on the Qingqiu Plain today. This is probably the time when humans can see the most fox spirits at one time. There were 193,372 foxes on the hill, but only 19,999 of the nobles. This one-time departure in 19999 can only be imagined how spectacular the scene is, even at night. There will also be a show of Heavenly Fox worshiping the moon, specifically, the fox master will dance a section length of three hours without repetition to worship the moon.

Brother Zhang was fortunate enough to watch it once. I really don’t blame King Zhou for not being able to control it. The fox spirit is really too hot.

But today, Brother Zhang is more busy than that. He can even receive a New Year’s call from his younger brother Vampire in the Hungarian castle. This group of old bastards who can live for hundreds of years, Language is no longer an issue.

“The Holy Lord is really a friend all over the world.”

Watching Brother Zhang while cooking, he was constantly receiving New Year’s calls from various places. How much is Wugenshui? I was a little surprised, especially when I saw that the Monster King personally called Brother Zhang for New Year’s greetings and teased him and asked him if he wanted to marry a Monster King and go home to play in the new year. have been refreshed.

Compared with the Monster King, the Holy Lord’s status is actually a little worse, but now it seems that the Monster King is very… flattering to the Holy Lord.

“I’m going to find you to play after I’ve been busy for a while.” Monster King picked up a real estate license: “See, we have our own office building. Come to SH when you’re free, cool! “

When he saw this, Wugenshui turned his head and asked the pony, “What is Monster Realm doing in the world to build a building?”

“You don’t know? The side has informed me that the control of the two realms will be fully liberalized. Monster Realm will set up an office in the human realm.”

This sounds really cool, ordinary person may really be a lifetime Impossible knows that a certain building on the Bund is actually filled with non-human beings. It feels like a black clothed person, but it is much more beautiful than a black clothed person. Besides the world, there is a mystery of the world. Sensation, awesome.

“Who is this Monster King?” Huang Dieer asked curiously: “I remember that the Monster King back then was still the same guy. It was a man. Why did he suddenly become a woman?”


“It’s been more than two thousand years, and it’s time for the Monster King to change.” Wugenshui sighed inexplicably: “I, the farmer, almost knelt down on a tomato when I first went to the vegetable market. I am amazed at how the world can There will be such plump, bright, juicy and sweet fruits, until I saw the watermelon, I felt that I was kneeling early.”

“It’s Jin Young Master Long.” Thunder Dragon came over and said triumphantly: “My cousin!”

“Go go go, don’t go up to relatives, you are just a Heavenly Dragon, and you are millions miles apart from True Dragon.” Huang Dier impatiently drove him away. Thunder Dragon: “It’s embarrassing to touch other people’s Dragon Clan’s porcelain all day long.”

“Heavenly Dragon is also a dragon…” Thunder Dragon is a bit embarrassed: “Everyone Dragon Clan admits it… “

“Isn’t that just for the Lord’s face?”

Thunder Dragon doesn’t argue with this girl. Anyway, he knows that, except for the last moment in his previous life, The rest of the time he didn’t win this bitch, it’s boring to fight, really, boring.

“But it seems that Spiritual Qi is really revived now. The demon spirit that I first felt has become active. It is really the prophet of spring water heating duck.” Haozi sat there and ate a plate of broad beans. He said with interest: “Before they hid very deeply, because compared to humans, demons are particularly influenced by Spiritual Qi, the more Spiritual Qi they have, the stronger they are, and now it seems that they are planning to start integrating into society again. ”

β€œThe main reason is that humans are too strong.”

Brother Zhang’s words made the people around him react. It is too strong. In the thousands of years in the past, human beings have gradually gone from being a vassal of the Monster Race culture to conquering the world, from ignorantly worshipping gods to now acting alone. Humans have only traveled on this road for less than 3,000 years.

And three years ago, in some longevity species, they may still be young adults or even juveniles.

It turns out that all the soar into the clouds and mount the mists, moving mountains and suppressing seas are no longer the patent of Monster Race, and even human beings can do it better, faster and more efficiently.

Not to mention in terms of martial power value, maybe it’s not enough to single out human beings, but if you gather all the monsters in the world together, you may not be able to stand up to a little boy, let alone a big Iraqi. million.

Even if you don’t use this ultimate weapon, hot weapons are definitely a nightmare for monsters. As long as they are carbon-based creatures, there are few that can’t be settled by 7.62.

So for a long time, demon spirits could not even guarantee basic safety in the face of human beings, which led them to dormant.

Now that Spiritual Qi has recovered, it is almost impossible to win this one, but at least it can be done to ensure one’s own safety among humans.

So this is one of the reasons why they started to come out. After all, human beings have never been kind to aliens. For 300,000 years, humans have basically wiped out the creatures that competed with them. , By the way, it also wiped out the other races, the classic warlike style, the demons are bitter and afraid.

In the evening, the New Year’s Eve dinner in the milk tea shop was finally served, and everyone in the room stood up to raise a glass to Brother Zhang a happy new year, and Brother Zhang also got up with full of smiles and said: “The new one In the next year, I hope you can all have better development.”

In the midst of the staggering, the outside is completely silent, but the house is lively, and the mahjong table has become their favorite game at this moment. , while Huang Dier, who had lost a lot of money, scolded Thunder Dragon for stepping on her stool.

“A Shui, after the year, you can take advantage of your relationship to take Brother Zhang out to play. It’s not a big deal for him to be like this. I expected him to go to work, but now I am I found out that he is fooling the ghost at work, and he can’t say a few words a day. Thirty thousand.” Haozi said to Wugenshui earnestly: “Your identity as Mei Junsheng is too good.”

“Okay, no problem.” Wugenshui immediately nodded and said: “It is my duty to arrange for the Holy Master.”

“By the way, don’t you have to stay at home with fiancee on the first day of the new year?” Huang Die Curiously asked: “What are you doing with us?”

Wugenshui, laughed with a strange expression, pursed his lips and looked at Thunder Dragon without speaking for a long time.

“You fucking look at me doing shit.”

“She…” Wugenshui said helplessly: “These days she is talking in her sleep at night and shouting all over the place. It’s your name, I feel a little… uncomfortable, I’m planning a breakup.”

Haozi was stunned, then turned his head and looked towards Thunder Dragon: “Disgusting! You are too disgusting.”


Huang Die’er’s hands trembled slightly. Although she had become a man at night, her anger would not change because of her gender.

“Heaven and Earth’s conscience, I really didn’t say a word of nonsense except when I went to tell her the other day not to let her interact with the Master in Hong Kong again.” Thunder Dragon felt aggrieved. Said: “To be honest, I really didn’t provoke her.”

“Venerable of Huaiyu Mountain is here.”

While Thunder Dragon was at a loss for words, a gloomy shout suddenly sounded outside the milk tea shop. Come, and then all the people in the room except Brother Zhang stood up, as if facing the enemy.

Huaiyu Mountain… This is one of the Ten Jie Mountains of Yin Cao, known as the entrance to the Eighteen Levels of Hell, and Huaiyu Mountain Venerable, isn’t that the Ghost King?

(End of this chapter)

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