What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 89


Chapter 89 Ghost King Hanako

Ghost King’s identity looks very popular and sounds daunting, But if it wasn’t for the door that Ghost King could enter, Ghost King would still be stuck at the door and couldn’t get in.

“Did you tell your wife that Monster King is your cousin?” Haozi asked Thunder Dragon in a low voice at this moment: “You are finished.”

“What’s the matter?”

“You have an ex-girlfriend here.”

Thunder Dragon complexion greatly changed, but at this time Xiao Zhang had already walked over and opened the door.

There is a breeze outside the door, and the leaves are all over the sky. Then a sedan chair fell slowly, and the sedan curtain was opened, and a young girl was sitting inside, about seventeen or eighteen years old. She looked like an ordinary person, but the hair accessories on her head were very scary. It looked like there was something.

The girl who originally had her eyes half closed, opened her eyes the moment she lifted the curtain, revealing the pure red eyes inside, looking a little scary and a little cute.

At this time, a shrill voice behind him scolded angrily: “When you see the Lord of Huaiyu Mountain, why don’t you kneel?”

Before the words were finished, the girl’s sleeve was full. He flung it back, and a blue-haired kid at the back of the sedan chair was thrown away until no shadow could be seen.

“Sorry, the new ghost servant doesn’t understand the rules, please forgive me.”

Brother Zhang didn’t speak, just took a step away and gave up a place, The female girl immediately swayed with lotus steps, and walked in dragging a skirt that was more than two meters long.

After she entered the milk tea shop, she first looked all around, then turned to Brother Zhang and said with a smile: “Please also wish the Lord a happy Chinese New Year.”

“many thanks.”

Brother Zhang closed the door and sat back in the chair: “You have become the new master of Huaiyu Mountain?”

“Forget it, father and mother suddenly said they were going yesterday. I rode my horse and whipped around the world, and then I was pushed to the position by Xie Bi’an, thinking that today is just the first day of the Chinese New Year, I came here to say hello to the Holy Lord.”

Xiao Zhang Brother curl one’s lip: “You haven’t graduated from college yet, and you usually talk to your classmates like this?”

“No.” The girl looked back at the closed door and found that there was no one outside Come along, take off the gorgeous but cumbersome clothes outside, and threw them on the chair next to them, revealing the very Japanese sailor clothes inside: “The days outside have been telling me the rules and regulations all day, I’m so annoying. , I secretly went to attend an ACG exhibition in the afternoon and they were caught back.”

Said, she sat down on the chair in a big way: “Little Brother Zhang… can you help me? , I don’t want to go back to be the master of this mountain or that mountain, I want to come back to be a waiter.”

Brother Zhang spread his hands to express his helplessness, but the girl could only hum when she saw this. Lying on the table whispering and talking endlessly.

But after a while, she suddenly straightened up: “Where’s that bastard Thunder Dragon? Where did he go?”

Brother Zhang didn’t answer, just looked towards the back door In the direction, the girl rolled up her sleeves and rushed over in an imposing manner. After a while, she pulled Thunder Dragon’s neckline and pulled him back.

“Brother Zhang, please give me a comment. Three years ago, he passed by Fengdu and asked me to play, and said that he would be with me when I graduated from high school. I am a sophomore this year, and he disappeared after playing with me. Do you think he is a person?”

Hearing this, Brother Zhang pursed his lips and did not speak, but the expressions of the whole house were all focused on Huang Die’er, who was at the moment. As a man, his frowned appearance still looks a bit fierce.

“He lied to you, right?” Huang Dier came between the girl and Thunder Dragon, and curiously asked: “How did you meet?”

“I am in the third year of junior high school. Just be a waiter here.”

Seeing the girl in front of her, and seeing the cowering Thunder Dragon, Huang Die’er didn’t need to ask to know that this bastard was messing around with flowers outside. .

So in a bad tone, she said to the girl, the Lord of Huaiyu Mountain, “Has he cheated on you?”

“No.” She waved her hands again and again, her face turned pale It turned red in a flash, hid behind Brother Zhang and said, “I don’t have it, but it seems that Young Master Long is just…”


Thunder Before Dragon could finish speaking, a chair had already been dunked on his head. He fell to the ground by surprise. Huang Dier beat Thunder Dragon and scolded: “Isn’t it my cousin? Isn’t it my cousin!!! !”

Drag him backwards while hitting and dragging him all the way to the yard, only to hear the screams of Thunder Dragon as soon as the door closed.


little girl clapped , and then spit on the ground: “Scumbags should be damned.”

At this time, Brother Zhang lifted the I started to look at her: “I haven’t been here for several years, I’m afraid it’s not a good thing to come here suddenly today?”

“Yes, Gong Huahua, you one doesn’t visit a temple without a cause.” Haozi also said with a smile, ignoring the Thunder Dragon cry for help coming from behind.

“aaahhhh…” The girl squatted on the ground covering her ears: “I don’t want to hear this name!!!!”

“Is your name Gong Huahua?” Haozi Leaning there and eating a snack: “I remember your name is on your ID card.”

“Yes, but don’t call it that, it’s embarrassing. And now I’m from Huaiyu Mountain. Lord, be careful that I will kill you with a thunderbolt.”

“Okay, Gong Huahua.”

Haozi’s continuous attacks made her completely blown away, but in fact she couldn’t take it. How about Haozi, so he came to Xiao Zhang to act like a baby again: “Xiao Zhang… Look at him!”

“Okay, you all stop making trouble.” Xiao Zhang said softly: “Be quiet and listen to Thunder Dragon being beaten.”

Thunder Dragon was beaten for half an hour, and they listened carefully for half an hour. Although it was miserable, everyone was very happy. First, Thunder Dragon couldn’t be beaten to death, and second, Thunder Dragon was really scumbag. The punishment of top scumbags would not make people feel sad, and even applauded.

After Thunder Dragon came out, the house immediately became lively, but Ghost King Hanako didn’t seem to care much about him, and just sat there with her head up and looked at Brother Zhang: “big brother. Brother…Is it okay?”


Brother Zhang shook his head and said, “You have a responsibility on your body now, so you can’t run around any more.”

“But it’s so boring. I have to go to class during the day and I have to go there and stare at those grotesquely shaped things at night. I’m so sick.”

Eighteen Levels of Hell is now home. She cares, although her ability is average, but the status is there, the pressure is not too big, but it is definitely not small, and she is only eighteen years old this year, just the age of fun, that kind of pain naturally becomes Multiply.

“That’s right, Brother Zhang. Let me tell you, it’s been a little weird lately.” Gong Huahua suddenly sat up straight and said with a serious expression, “It’s been weird in Huaiyu Mountain since this time. , many dead ghosts are very excited. They used to be lifeless. Now they try to escape every day. I think this may be a problem. Do you think you should pay attention?”

“Well, because The reason for the recovery of Spiritual Qi.” Brother Zhang nodded and said: “But Huaiyu Mountain should not be worried, that place is not where they can run out.”

“That’s good, my place is all over the place. It’s an evil ghost, but it’s about a major event.”

Brother Zhang nodded and said: “But it’s better not to tell me about the Three Realms, go and tell An Sheng next door. , there should be a way from him.”

“I know. But his side is open at night, and it’s gloomy, I don’t like it.” Gong Huahua pointed to the lamp overhead: “I just I like you here, this is my second home.”

Brother Zhang said with a smile: “I didn’t see you coming home often.”

” Are you a weirdo? I’m not busy.”

After she finished speaking, she scratched her chin and asked curiously, “By the way, did someone suddenly release a large number of hilarious shitposts some time ago? A special ghoul?”

“en? You know that too?”

“Yeah, Xie Bi’an said, that those things are out of your control. Come up and find someone to deal with.” Gong Huahua said seriously: “I just want to know what can be more difficult than a professional Ghost Messenger.”

“It’s the soul of magic.”

” Oh…I know I know, it’s the souls of those with spiritual power, right? Who cares that?”

At this time, Haozi finally got the chance to express himself, he pointed to himself , he raised his chest vigorously.

“It turns out to be like this.” Gong Huahua nodded, then looked up at the time: “I have to go too, when I graduate from college, I will definitely come back to work, and Brother Zhang will leave me a hole. Let’s go.”

“en. “Brother Zhang nodded and said: “Come back anytime when you have time.”


said Then, she picked up the dress on the chair and threw it very handsomely, and immediately returned to the dignified lady’s appearance, and even her expression changed into a different look, her cold temperament and her identity as Ghost King Strictly fit.

When she got to the door, she turned around and pointed at Thunder Dragon: “If there is another time, this king will have some tricks to punish you.”

“Fuck… “Thunder Dragon cursed in a low voice: “little bastard’s wings are hard.”

“If you curse, I will let you die tomorrow.” Gong Huahua picked up her phone and pointed to an avatar: “See? “

Thunder Dragon knelt down to her with a thud: “Forgive me and let me go.”

“Hahahaha, scumbag.”

Gong Flowers gone, and Thunder Dragon stood up, patted the dust on his knees, curled one’s lip: “What, bah!”

“What did she show you just now?” Yellow Butterfly The son asked: “Speak!”

“What else?” Haozi leaned on the counter and nibbled the seeds: “Master Kim Young Master Long’s VX, if you let Master Kim Young Master Long know that he is back Now, the top of the head has been thrown off by him.”

“Cousin…just cousin…not as exaggerated as you said.” Thunder Dragon protested: “You don’t want to contaminate people out of thin air. Innocent.”

Haozi didn’t want to talk about the Thunder Dragon incident again, he just turned his head and said to Brother Zhang, “Brother Zhang, even Huai Yushan was alarmed, it seems that this time is still very difficult. .”

“en.” Brother Zhang nodded and said: “Be careful of yourselves recently.”

“Speaking of which…” Haozi raised his eyes and glanced at Brother Zhang Yi Yi: “Now I am preparing a special team to deal with this kind of thing. I think in the current situation, the people here are the first batch of ready-made veterans, right? So…”

“You want to ask me if I can do it, right?” Brother Zhang nodded: “Apart from Thunder Dragon and Hu Niu, everyone else will do.”

“I feel the same way… or else, I’ll just start pulling the team from us.” Haozi raised his head and glanced around: “Pony, Brother Shui, what do you mean?”

Brother Shui raised his hand and said, “I can’t… …I quit.”

“No problem, it’s all voluntary.” Haozi looked towards Thunder Dragon: “Don’t raise your hand, you can’t. Just like you, you will be shot in the past three days. ”

(End of this chapter)

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