What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 9

Chapter 9 Immortals and Heroes First

The contents of the dossier are classified as confidential, and the higher the confidentiality, the more horrible to see.

Although the news has been suppressed, the gossip is increasing. If the case is not solved, the news will really not be suppressed.

This is not to say that the public has no right to know, but that some things really cause panic, and what is even more annoying than panic is that after some news is spread, there will be people fish in troubled waters, use this kind of news to cheat and make money.

There are bad people in the crowd.

So it’s better to let professionals do some things, otherwise it’s very easy to be used by bad guys. After all, in 2012, a movie can cause so many people to be deceived, even more how what happens around you .

“There are already eight?” Zhang Jiachang raised his head and glanced at the opposite Haozi, still quite surprised: “This is the last one?”

“Well, the theory Yes. From the victims obtained from all over the country and the evidence collected there, it can now be basically determined that this is a gang committing the crime.” Haozi seemed quite professional when talking about this place: β€œThe gang committed the crime. The characteristic is that it has all, and their intentions are really unknown now.”

“Then you can’t find me.” Brother Zhang shouted the head: “Please come, King of the Mountain.”

Haozi immediately gave himself a slap when he heard it: “Yes…how to forget the king.”

Speaking of the king of the mountain, in fact, this is just a nickname, the mountain The king’s real name is Zhang Jun. He is the boss of a bathing center in the city. He is in his forties. Because the hair on his body is ugly and looks like the bristles of a wild boar, acquaintances always ridicule him that he is a wild boar. The title of a mountain king.

But don’t look at the fierce and rough-looking King of the Mountain, but he is known as the encyclopedia of folklore, from tomb robbers Sect to various Evil Gods, he is clear.

It’s just that he has a quirky temper and doesn’t deal with people easily, but if he is invited in the name of Zhang Jiachang, he still has to give face.

“You take care of Nian Nian at night, I may have to go there later, the voice in the store looks for someone to take care of me, I won’t be able to go back for a while. Okay, okay. , you can ask Sister Gou to do me a favor.”

This phone has arranged the affairs at home, and the other Haozi has invited Shan Dawang over.

It can be seen that the king is in a hurry. When he sees Haozi, his nose is not a nose or a mouth, but when he sees Zhang Jiachang, he is very happy, and he stepped forward with a loud voice and fucked his thick In Mandarin with a strong Fujian accent, he said: “You are really roaring, and you only think of me roaring when you have something to do.”

“Sorry, sorry, I have a lot of things at this time, I will definitely go to your place to take a bath next time.” Zhang Jiachang waved his hand and said with a smile: “I asked you for help this time, I’ve caused you trouble.”

“What are you talking about, sei and sei.”

“Aiya… This language is innate talent.” Haozi pinched his ears: “It’s really king, everyone speaks Mandarin, I can’t understand it.”

“Your mother…”

Shan Dawang just wanted to scold him, but Zhang Jiachang pulled him apart: “Okay, where did you guys have such a big hatred, there’s no such thing as a fight between the dragons and tigers, it’s okay.”

Although Shan Dawang doesn’t get along with Haozi very much, he is really affectionate with Zhang Jiachang. Otherwise, Haozi is slick, he must have forgotten Dawang, or he is worried that he won’t invite him. , and managed to keep Zhang Jiachang and use him to pry the dead pig.

After Zhang Jun read the dossier, his expression became serious, because the dossier would contain photos of the victims’ bodies. After reading the dossier carefully, he used a pen on the paper. The missing organs of each victim are drawn.

“Have you ever seen a Taiwanese movie called “Double Eyes”?”

“Can’t you speak well?” Haozi raised his head and sarcastically said, “I’m afraid. People don’t know your identity as a wealthy Hu Jiantu.”

“Haozi!” Zhang Jiachang frowned shouted, then turned to Zhang Jun and said, “Don’t pay attention to him, you continue to talk.”


“This method of killing is of common origins like the one in the movie, and both originated from the Taoist theory of reincarnation. However, with the development of the times, they have nothing to do with Taoism. They are cults, similar to *** kind of. Their core theory is also reincarnation, but it is not the reincarnation of the five prisons, but the reincarnation of Jiuchang.” Zhang Jun pushed the blank paper in his hand to the middle: “This kind of sect was hidden everywhere before liberation, mainly Serve those dignitaries and meet their needs for longevity or longevity. After the founding of New China, most of these warlocks went to the island with them, and now they suddenly reappeared, it should be that they want to resurrect something or Someone.”

“Eyes, ears, tongue, liver, spleen, lungs, kidneys, intestines.” Haozi frowned: “It’s just a matter of heart.”

said He pointed in the direction of Xu Wei, and gave Zhang Jiachang a look, Zhang Jiachang was also nodded to express his approval.

“What would happen if they got them together?”

Facing such a question as Haozi, the king of the mountain fiercely and unabashedly gave him Humiliated, he finally explained: “When they got together, it means they got it all together.”

“My dear, the last time I was so speechless was the last time.”

Better than Haozi The one who was still speechless was probably Zhang Jiachang, who had been sitting next to him. He hated this kind of nonsense literature.

“Actually, I don’t know either. If you want to know what will happen, you can only wait for them to gather people together, or…” Zhang Jun raised his eyes and looked at Zhang Jiachang: “Take that woman Let them get together?”

“I usually see the live Bodhisattva, and this is the first time I’ve seen the live Hades.” Haozi didn’t know whether to cry or laugh: “What we want is to prevent accidents from happening again, why don’t you come up and let people continue to protect the target?”

“It’s you who want to ask what will happen after you get it together, I don’t know what will happen, So if you want to know what will happen, you have to let them succeed.”

“Well said, don’t say it again next time.” Haozi gave a thumbs up to the king of the mountain: “You are really a clever little ghost. .”

The king of the mountain immediately retorted, and the war between the two seemed to be ignited at the touch of a button. Fortunately, Zhang Jiachang knocked on the table: “Okay, you are almost the same. This is too shameful. It’s obvious.”

The two who gave tit for tat don’t know what the disease is, although everyone knows that this kind of bickering is not a problem, and they are all seventy years old. But when I meet a piece, I can’t help it, no matter how I look at the other party, it is not pleasing to the eye.

In the end, it was the elder Shan Dawang who broke the deadlock first. He tapped the table with his fingers: “It’s not difficult to check this, just check the Taiwanese who have been in this place during this period of time. Oh, this thing is only on their side.”

“Is there anything else I should pay attention to?” Chen Bureau’s voice suddenly came from the door: “It’s something other than investigation.”


“Just be careful when they look for a substitute. You also know that some things depend on the time, and it’s useless after the time, so they should find a substitute.”

Zhang Jiachang glanced at Ju Chen, but didn’t say anything, just sat there and listened quietly.

“Actually, the best way is to use that Xu Wei as bait, they won’t let her go easily.” After Haozi finished speaking, he suddenly asked, “Then why are they human beings? You can still be implicated in those things.”

“Diaoyou, you are really ignorant, and the argument doesn’t care. It’s just people.”

“You talk like a locomotive oh!”

Zhang Jiachang heard their voices, and suddenly thought of something and patted his head: “I do Remember, Master Old Lin seemed to kick me too yesterday, you can ask him.”

Anyway, things will come to this step first, and Xu Wei will definitely not be able to come back for the time being. Grandfather Pi, who was with her, couldn’t come back, so Zhang Jiachang could help here.

It was past eight o’clock in the evening when he got home. Sister Gou was busy in the shop, while Yang Junfeng was helping with homework every year.

“Someone was looking for you just now.”

Yang Junfeng quickly walked in from the backyard and sat in front of the bar as usual: “It’s about the adoption procedures every year.”

“Oh, I know, have you told him?” Zhang Jiachang took the apron from Sister Gou’s hand, and went to the bar to start washing his hands: “Every year is very troublesome.”

“Of course I said it, so why not hide it. Did you come up with any results when you went there? My yellow skin didn’t come back?”

“Well, If you don’t come back, stay there to protect Xu Wei.” After Zhang Jiachang wiped his hands, he began to prepare the meals he needed for the evening: “The monkey and the king have taken over.”

Yang Junfeng pushed aside a fruit candy Putting it in his mouth, after tasting tsk tsk for a few times, he raised his head and said, “Speaking of which is also strange, why do you guys love public welfare so much, don’t you say you want it, but it’s fate.”

“Xianxia, in fact, is mainly a hero.” Zhang Jiachang whispered: “In addition to using martial arts to ban, there are actually other ways to maintain the idea in your heart.”

“Then why don’t you do it? , you want to take action, won’t it be solved in minutes.”

“I can’t interfere too much.” Zhang Jiachang raised his eyes and looked at Yang Junfeng, said helplessly with a smile: “It will cause a chain reaction. “

“Yes, you are just fine like this, just live a normal life.”

Zhang Jiachang smiled but didn’t speak. It was his turn to shoot, then Things may really just get out of hand.

About ten o’clock in the evening, the milk tea shop’s business in the first half gradually began to end. Just as Zhang Jiachang was about to switch to the midnight cafeteria in the second half, a mysterious man suddenly appeared at the door.

After he entered the store and ordered a cup of milk tea, he didn’t say a word, and sat in the corner and kept looking out.

Seeing this scene, Yang Junfeng raised his eyelids and looked at Zhang Jiachang, who was nodded and motioned for him to come forward and ask.

“Hello, Ai? Are you in any trouble?”

(end of this chapter)

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