What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 90


Chapter 90 Careful Thoughts without Roots and Water

In the past year, the past was unremarkable, and all aspects were unremarkable.

Haozi’s case really didn’t make any progress as Huang Die’er said, Qing Lingzi was silent as if dead, and everything was archived, waiting for new clues to restart. .

Overseas affairs are still in the process of mutual understanding between the two sides. One is a professional scammer and the other is a professional fraudster. After being deceived, I have learned the anti-fraud APP. The initial results are good, and the battle between the two sides has never stopped but there is not much progress.

Xu Wei felt that it was really boring when she read the novel that the villain had no brains, but when it was her turn from the victim to become the dark Guardian, she felt that the villains really should have no brains.

But the reality is like deliberately going against people. There are not many smart villains in the novel, but in reality everyone’s IQ is only five minutes apart at best.

And even Qing Lingzi had an ordinary life. He smuggled from Hong Kong to Vietnam, disguised as a crew member from Vietnam to Pingtung, using his own abilities and the funds and gold bars he carried with spell, he succeeded. Settled down and lurked, and started a new road of development with Sai Dongfeng.

Of course, although there is no denying that Qing Lingzi is really a bad seed who will be taken directly to Dismemberment by Five Horses without trial and will definitely not be wronged, but his temperament and ability are really the strength of Peak. , Smart, cautious and love to learn.

During this period of lurking, people had nothing to do, eat, drink, prostitute and gamble, but this uncle started to teach himself. It takes four or five years for people to fully understand the knowledge, and he often can do it in a few days. Understand a pretty close, from the addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of the third grade of elementary school to Calculus, he only spent a total of seven days.

A good person cannot hide his excellence anywhere, and the genius of magic must also be a genius of science, because the concept of macro and micro in magic will not be compared at all. Less in science, logical thinking ability, comprehension ability and learning ability are all necessary abilities to be the king of warlock.

And the person who has the same purpose is of course Zhang Yao. Since she knew that in the eyes of Xiao Zhang, she is no different from others, her love brain has healed without medicine. In an instant, he became that almost twisted Frankenstein.

A woman who can use mathematics and physics to explain secret technique, she can be said to have created a unique Sect, called scientific cultivation flow. She combines the technique of the inner breath cycle with the Mobius ring, and also links the logarithmic function and the Formation imprint.

With the gradual completion of the entire science-metaphysics system, the problems that she had been unable to solve before were finally solved. That is, the energy density overlap theory of high level energy storage modules was finally tossed out by her.

The most important point in science and engineering is that the theory is established, and the practice can begin. Although she can’t build an ark reactor, if she uses the Formation to store energy, she can achieve a similar energy density.

And once the core power source is created, then her first step conception can proceed, and GZ Stark is finally no longer a joke nickname.

Others such as Zhu Zhenzhen, she is now able to use her abilities very flexibly, and because she has made up for a circle of physics knowledge in Zhang Yao, now she is only in Zhang Yao’s camp. Next to Grandfather Pi, he became the leader of the battle strength, and even surpassed Zuo Danshuang.

But Zuo Danshuang is not weak, this simple and honest stupid big fellow is getting more and more proficient in cooperating with his partner, so proficient that sometimes both sides can make a combined attack with just thoughts move.

Under such circumstances, Zuo Dan’s two-line chivalrous heart is getting stronger and stronger, and he doesn’t even know which superhero movie sprouts a sense of responsibility, and he has to swear to become the city’s Guardian .

Everyone seems to be changing, but it seems that Brother Zhang can’t see the slightest change. He still lives a very stable life and is not disturbed by anything.

Eating food that you don’t need to eat, watching TV that you don’t need to watch, chatting about gossip that you don’t need to talk about, going to work on time, leaving get off work on time, the mysterious dish on Monday, Friday, and Friday night is grilled whole Chicken and 246’s mysterious dishes are braised lamb chops. Beer is only available on Sundays, and at 8 o’clock on Monday night, there is a special mix of the manager that tastes strange and says it’s not good or bad.

Sometimes he also feels a little depressed and irritable, but usually at this time, he will go outside for a walk. In the park in the south of the city, even the hooligans who often stroll in the park know this strange youngster.

“There is only one heroism in the world, and that is the person who understands life and loves life – Romain Rolland.” Strange sentences, although not often seen, but he always writes, this thing itself has been imprinted in his life like a habit, and every time he fills a notebook, he will directly burn it, because the sentence above will Powered by his writing, if it falls into the wrong hands, it will become a terrifying Magical Artifact.

And when this sentence was finished, Brother Zhang knew that he should burn another copy.

But just as he was about to burn the notebook, there was a sudden knock on the door.

Brother Zhang opened the door and took a look, and found Wugenshui standing at the door, that is, Mei Junsheng. He looked a little shy and shy at the moment, and stood at the door and said cautiously: “Saint. Lord, can we go outside and chat?”

“Thunder Dragon, let’s take a look at the store.”

“Okay.” Thunder Dragon, who was sitting next to him playing with his mobile phone, stood up: ” Boss, you’ll be busy.”

Following Wugenshui to the small flower bed outside Chang’an Alley, the two of them sat there without speaking, and saw Wugenshui’s hands rubbing back and forth. Looking at Brother Zhang, the more he looked at him, the more nervous he became.

After getting along for this period of time, he can’t dare to think that the Holy Master is not smart. On the contrary, the Holy Master is very smart, but he is taciturn. invisible oppression.

“What’s the matter?”

Brother Zhang took the initiative to ask, and this was the opening of Wugenshui’s chatterbox.

When he quickly stated the purpose of his trip, Brother Zhang probably understood what he meant.

Maybe it’s because the soul in the body has changed to another person, or maybe the previous owner didn’t love Huang Shan enough, so Wugenshui’s attitude towards Huang Shan has always been strange, especially since these days Huang Shan is intensifying and fooling around outside. Wugenshui is essentially a conservative person. Even if he replaces Mei Junsheng now, it is still unacceptable, so the two of them were considered a hit earlier today. The two are gone.

So Wugenshui, who is Mei Junsheng, just wanted to take advantage of this time to go back to Hong Kong to live for a while, but he is a rookie, and he is very afraid that he will be dismembered by other corpses or immortals. It was Qing Lingzi who was staring at him, so… I just wanted to make a presumptuous request to the Holy Master and ask Brother Zhang to come back to Hong Kong with him, just as a trip to relax.

This matter was originally not agreed by Brother Zhang, but just as he refused, the information of Haozi and Zhang Yao rushed out like a bomb, and the content was probably to persuade Brother Zhang to go there. While playing, it is good to learn about the food culture there.

In order to allow Brother Zhang to go on a trip, Zhang Yao promised to pick up Nian Nian every day and tutor her for two months of homework for free.

“Why do you all want me to run out?”

Brother Zhang asked them amusingly, but this time, Thunder Dragon, who has always been indifferent, said something fair. talk.

He said: “To be honest, although Huang Dieer and the others always say that I am your dog, but in fact, do you regard me as a brother? We know in our hearts, and we definitely regard you as a brother. Big brother, we all see the pain in your heart, it’s not a bad thing to go out to play, just relax and protect that wasteful brother Shui.”

Wugenshui smiled beside hehe, tacitly accepting the title of waste.

“Go, you can’t stay in Heaven and Earth all the time, we can cover everything here.” Master Cai Young sat there with his legs crossed and said, “Anyway, I am here. Isn’t it laid off? I think I’ve eaten all over the world, but I can’t support your tea restaurant?”

Brother Zhang shook his head, said with a smile: “You guys are really…”

“Go.” At this time, even Nian Nian, who hardly spoke, raised his head and looked towards Brother Zhang, and said two words seriously and sincerely: “Go.”

This The sound of “Go” made Brother Zhang feel bad. Because of the special body structure of the year, the vocal cords can only be completed by mimicry. This kind of continuous pronunciation will make her feel pain, so she rarely speaks or even almost Don’t speak, but when she says two words, it represents the urgent need in her heart.

“Okay.” Brother Zhang sat there and rubbed Nian Nian’s hair: “Be good.”

“Very well!” Nian Nian nodded and said: ” Be good!”

This is probably what everyone expects, although Brother Zhang is not used to going out, but the atmosphere is already here, and he is not too good to refuse, so he agrees and waits for tomorrow Set off with Wugenshui.

In the evening, he carefully explained all the work inside and out, and even the milk tea and egg tarts that he often came to drink a little bit. Things like sugar were carefully explained to Master Cai Young, who started cooperating with Thunder Dragon.

I knew that he was going to travel, but if I didn’t know, I thought he was leaving a suicide note and a secret recipe for future generations…

Second day early in the morning, rootless water came by car After picking up Brother Xiao Zhang, the two set off for the airport together. Before this person got to the airport, Brother Zhang was already lying on the window of the plane passing by the sky, and he said with a sigh: “This is the first time I have Going out in this way is more than 100 kilometers away from home…”

“Don’t feel embarrassed, Lord, it’s difficult to finish things at the beginning, and it’s been difficult to be the Lord these years.”

Brother Zhang shook his head. said with a smile: “It’s nothing, it should be many thanks.”

(end of this chapter)

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