What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 91


Chapter 91 The Holy Lord Comes out of the Mountain

It is also sad to say, although Brother Zhang can go between a single thought Going to any corner of the world, the light is as fast as he is, but the number of trips in the true sense is very poor. The last time I traveled was when I was five years old, I was taken by Uncle to Sichuan to see pandas.

He hasn’t hung out since then, and he doesn’t have much passion to go out after giving up his desires.

But this time, since everyone insists he go roam around, he will go roam around.

Brother Zhang, who was on the plane for the second time, leaned in the cabin and looked out the window, when the pony who was traveling with him sat beside him.


Brother Zhang looked at him and asked softly, “Laughing so happily?”

“That’s, St. Lord, I am the only entourage. This time, you can rest assured, Brother Shui will pay you to be your guide and make you feel comfortable.”

Brother Zhang laughed, but did not speak. When he went out this time, he really felt the feeling of being loved in one body. Wugenshui had already arranged a full set of clothing, food, housing and transportation. In order to allow him, this weirdo, to go out to play safely, Zhu Zhenzhen even directly gave him He took a long vacation, a long paid vacation.

Thunder Dragon and Master Cai Young plus Xu Wei help to watch the store, Zhang Yao is in charge of taking care of Nian Nian, and even Haozi, a busy man, has wrapped up the adoption process of Nian Nian. I will work hard to make Brother Zhang have a more pleasant life experience.

Of course, Brother Zhang can refuse, but he does not need to refuse for the sake of refusal.

“Boss, to be honest, we also grew up together. Although your identity is here, I can’t persuade you, but if you want me to tell you, don’t put yourself down. It’s too tight.” The pony leaned there and said: “There is no main story in life, and people like us don’t need to work hard for any goal, just do our best.”

“en “Brother Zhang put one hand on his forehead: “I’ve seen more than once when my ability is out of control, I just don’t want that to happen.”

“Who wants to, but just The two of us are sitting here and talking, even if you can be a One Punch Man, what can you do with a kid in three episodes. Instead, you are worried about your ability now, but you are getting more and more nervous, and the more nervous you are, the easier it will be Question.”

Brother Zhang patted the pony’s head: “You don’t know how scary it is to go to Three Realms Level 8 and above.”

“Then ask if you can Let’s settle it.”


“That’s not the end, then why can’t you let go? If I have the ability of you, I will press the button every day. I’m calling out to me with Thunder Dragon.” The pony slapped him on the leg in a circle: “But to be honest, I can’t bear to make my mother pay for anything.”

Little Brother Zhang was nodded, but before he could speak, Xiaoma suddenly changed the subject: “When Thunder Dragon chokes me on this, I thought about it for four years when I closed Cultivation.”

“Also It means that you have been thinking about this for four years in seclusion? If your master is still here, he can break your legs.”

“No, no… Of course I don’t think about this, just think about it by the way. I I just thought, if those people are not enemies in your eyes, would anyone offend you?”

“It doesn’t seem to be.”

“Then who scolds you There will always be people!”

“It seems like…they would scold me for being a jerk, but I’m really a jerk.” Brother Zhang thought for a long time, and then thought: “But then I Looking at their ages, the average is sixteen years old, and then I’m not angry anymore.”

“hahahahaha…I understand.” The pony waved his hand and said, “Brother, listen to me. No.”

“You said.”

“It took me four years to come up with a way that would not interfere with your behavior and make you feel less clumsy. The way.” The pony said seriously: “Let’s not play that trick, just one punch. How about it?”

“One punch?”

“Well, a slap. That’s fine.” The pony said seriously: “Someone scolds you, you don’t do anything, just slap when you go up. If someone wants to kill you, you just punch him, okay? this fi How strong the st is and whether it will kill him is up to you. Is this okay? “

“Ah this…”

“Let’s bypass the cause and effect, you are the cause and effect!” Slap him when you feel like you should be angry. When you feel that you should take revenge, hit him in a circle. If you scold you in person, you will fight in person, and if you scold on the Internet, you will fight along the network cable. Do you think so? One punch! Just one punch, nothing more. “

“Okay. “

Brother Zhang nodded: “You can try it, I think it’s pretty good too. “

“Then you punch me first.” The pony pointed to himself and said, “I knew two years ago that someone was going to revive the soul of ancient technique, but I didn’t take it seriously, I didn’t tell you, and I haven’t told you since… That’s why so many things happened. , you have to punch me. “

Brother Zhang was stunned: “Where did you know that?” “

“Don’t worry about it so much, punch me first, and I can’t sleep without eating this fist.” ”

“en. ”

Brother Zhang made a fist with one hand, flicked the pony, and looked at the punch that didn’t even hit the dog. , directly hit the pony to Astral Projection, he just felt a tightness in his chest, and then opened his eyes and found himself back at the milk tea shop.

Thunder Dragon was looking at him with his head tilted, beside him Haozi, who was eating, also stared wide-eyed.

“You were beaten to death? “Thunder Dragon looked at the pony soul in front of him: “Hold the grass, it’s awesome.” I’m going to find a pregnant woman for reincarnation, I’m going to buy a gun, today is a good day, I…”

Before Xiaoma could explain, a sudden burst of strong suction sucked him directly out of the milk tea shop When he came back, he clutched his chest like a pony returning from diving and woke up, gasping for breath, his whole body was soaked with sweat.

“You knocked me out of my soul… …”

The pony, who had just returned to his soul, was very weak. After seeing Brother Zhang next to him, he let out a long sigh, but never said anything about “hitting me”.

After arriving in Hong Kong, the first thing Xiaoma did was go to the resting place and slept for 24 hours. After waking up, he was forced to exercise for three times with the severe headache after leaving the soul. It took me an hour to finally come back to life.

At this time, Brother Zhang was already sitting in a brokerage company without roots, watching the stars walking back and forth.

As a fairly well-known director and screenwriter, although Wugenshui’s agency here can’t compare with a few old-fashioned big companies, the level of its artists is still very good. Sitting here, Brother Zhang is actually waiting for a cameo in a play.

He holds his script in his hand, looks at the content above and carries it carefully, and Wugenshui squatted beside him patiently. Speaking to the Holy Master, the people around see that even the Boss is so humble, and naturally no one dares to ridicule this little brother Zhang who is raw.

“Holy Master, you are just a cut. , that is, when the assassin played by the protagonist and his party enters the palace, you sit there as the emperor and say a line above, you must be as calm as possible, and you must have an overbearing imposing manner. “

“Okay…I’ll try.” “

At this moment, the pony arrived in a hurry, and he finally stretched out after seeing Brother Zhang sitting there.

Then he began to question Wugenshuilai: “Brother Shui, did you make a mistake and drag him to make a movie? “

“Actually, it’s quite interesting to make a movie, I just… just want the Lord to experience a different life.” “Wugenshui looked embarrassed towards Brother Xiao Zhang: “Holy Lord…I didn’t ask if you like it, but this is a finalized scene. Originally, we wanted to invite popular Xiaosheng to guest star at the end of that scene. If you If he doesn’t want to, I’ll let him go. “

“It’s alright. Brother Zhang raised the script in his hand: “I have already memorized it. ”

Brother Zhang was actually somewhat inexplicable before. When Xiaoma was resting yesterday, Wugenshui accompanied him around Central for a few laps, ate some local snacks, and the two chatted. After chatting, I talked about making a movie, and then Wugenshui suddenly had a thought and felt that the role of the young emperor was a good match for Brother Zhang, not only in terms of identity, but also the kind of Mount Tai that collapsed in front of him. The temperament of changing and elk prospering on the left without blinking even more coincides with the temperament of the young emperor in his twenties who was in charge of the government and then became a hero.

This scene was originally In the final stage of the drama, there will be a relatively heavyweight popular actor to make a cameo, so as to add a bargaining chip for the next film of this young emperor, but didn’t expect the Holy Master, didn’t it happen to come, as something from my own film company , it would be unreasonable to be addicted to the Holy Master.

So Brother Zhang, who was graciously invited by Wugenshui, did a vote. As for the character of Brother Zhang, everyone who is familiar with it knows that if you don’t violate the bottom line Under the limited circumstances, he will nodded all requests to him.

So…he sat here on the second day.

β€œThe last show is about to start, and the actors are getting ready. a bit. “

Brother Zhang immediately got up and followed the field manager after hearing this, while the pony even more severely criticized the rootless water after he left.

” Brother Shui, Brother Shui, I really convinced you. You really have the guts to let the Holy Master work for you. Although he is easy to talk, the Holy Master is the Holy Master. You don’t even have this dignity? ”

Wugenshui was squatting on the ground and smoking a cigarette. At this time, the indoor scene in front of him had already started. Brother Zhang was replaced with a black dragon robe and sat on the Dragon robe. On the Throne, the staff next to him is urgently helping him with his makeup.

“Liangzi, your skin is so good, what do you usually rely on to maintain it? ”

The makeup staff were amazed at Xiao Zhang’s skin. As a professional makeup artist, she has not seen such good skin for many years. It’s not that she is fair and delicate, but that A healthy texture and a state where blackheads and even blemishes are invisible. Humans are almost impossible, right?

“Drink more water. “Brother Zhang replied like this.

About 20 minutes later, the director gave an order, and the camera immediately started to run, and Brother Zhang felt as if he hadn’t captured him yet, so he supported him with one hand. On the stage, he flipped through the memorial above as a prop, but he didn’t know that the director had completely captured his expression in the camera.

When the sound of fighting came from outside, Brother Zhang just raised his eyelids. He glanced at it, and then continued to read the fake memorials with strange content as if he didn’t see anything.

“Director… shouldn’t he stand up at this time? “

The assistant director said anxiously: “Stuck…”

“Stuck, wait!” The director stared at Brother Zhang seriously in the camera: “That’s all, this is the feeling, you look at the look in his eyes just now, the kind of indifference and the kind of indifference, this is what a rebellious young emperor should have. look! ”

Finally, the assassin outside rushed into the room. According to the script, the emperor who stood up long ago should have walked down the steps and stood face to face with assassin under the great hall. When the lights hit again, the atmosphere of the morning light can be photographed, and the psychological confrontation between the two people can be shown when they face each other.

But because Brother Zhang didn’t move at the beginning, and when the assassin came At the time, he was still half a beat slower. Now in the camera, he is an assassin with a dazed look on his face, while the little brother Zhang on the stage just raised his head slowly.

giving tit The feeling of for tat is gone, but the condescending look down and the protagonist’s astonishment when facing the emperor are filmed.

This is obviously an Oolong mistake, but it is true that the original script did not reflect it. The arrogance and arrogance of the emperor is displayed.

“The lines…the lines? “The assistant director turned around in a hurry.

But Brother Zhang was stunned and forgot his lines. After thinking for a while, he gently clapped his head, stood up and slowly walked down the steps according to the script.


The 30-odd second gap in the middle made the opposite actor completely stupid, and the overbearing lines that were supposed to be shouted were directly forgotten.

Brother Zhang walked over Offstage, he began to read the lines according to the content of the previous script, which was almost a good read: “You…you want to kill me? ”

The paleness and numbness of this line made the opponent actors also slow down by half a beat, and the expression management was a little out of control. Stop?

But he still has high professionalism. Since the director didn’t call to stop, he just started to read the lines.

After a long and passionate line, Brother Zhang got stuck for a while. After all, he was not from a professional background. The blank and immature eyes in his eyes were actually because he was remembering where to enter the lines.

But it was precisely this hesitation. What the director saw in his eyes was a kind of aloof and remote introspection. It was a young man’s momentary hesitation about his idea. The richness and naturalness of the performance was something he rarely saw, because the emperor should have been happy and angry. The only thing that can express emotions in this case is the eyes, and the eyes just now are really too amazing.

“Push! Close-up of the actor’s face! “

At this time, Brother Zhang began to continue his lines. His lines were originally very long, but Brother Zhang, who had no background in lines and no shooting experience at all, actually divided the lines into paragraphs and finished speaking. After the last paragraph, he was so embarrassed that he was about to dig out three rooms and one hall on the ground.

Finally at this moment, the director stopped shouting, and Xiao Zhang apologetically laughed at the actor opposite, and that The protagonist also turned his head and shouted to the director who rushed over: “Director, what the hell is going on, my rhythm is completely messed up. “

And after the director came down, he didn’t say anything else, he just said to Brother Zhang: “You are very good throughout the whole paragraph, very natural.” But pay attention, in the second half of the lines, can you have a feeling of looking down on the world? To have a feeling of press forward in moderation, that is, the feeling that I am the country. “

“I…try it, sorry, it’s delaying your work.” “

“It’s okay, you did a great job.” “The director patted Xiao Zhang’s shoulder: “Okay, let’s start again from the first stage line. “

At this time, WuRootshui, who was watching, whispered to the pony: “The Holy Master may be a natural actor…”

“You still said! The pony laughed angrily: “I really let Thunder Dragon see, they can eat you raw.” “

Wugenshui touched the back of his head: “Remember to dip it in soy sauce…otherwise it might not taste good.” ”

(end of this chapter)

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