What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 92


Chapter 92 Acting School and Natural School

Brother Zhang has no problem with his lines, but he still has some problems with his understanding of the role. It was smooth, but the lines at the back got stuck three or four times.

But the director was not in a hurry, because he saw that this newcomer lacked a little guidance, so he and Brother Zhang came to a small room and said that they had to tell the drama carefully and carefully.

“Are they unwritten rules?” The pony turned back to Wugenshui and said excitedly: “He wants to unwritten rules, my boss, right? Hold the grass, he will die!”

Wugenshui looked at the pony in surprise: “You don’t know this director? Well, the famous director is here. He is a frequent visitor to the film festival. He obviously sees the potential of the Holy Master. He is going to open a small kitchen for him. How many people are there? for something even in dreams.”

“I’m afraid he’ll take his fancy, it’s really going to be a major event.”

But it’s okay, the director also He is not the kind of person who will go to the black house next door to unwritten rules directly with the actor. He is really serious about splitting the mentality of the characters in the play.

“You have to find the rhythm in front of you, this character is a young emperor, the nineteen-year-old leader personally bringing troops into battle, the twenty-two-year-old eradicating dissidents, playing with power and applause, arrogance, talent, courage If you want to focus on him, you definitely don’t rely on yelling to improve your character level. You have to compress both publicity and arrogance into one emotional point. For example, when you first heard assassin outside, assassin has even reached the door, But you just looked up and you have to bring this kind of emotion into it, that is, there are no such people in your eyes.”

Brother Zhang listened carefully, after hearing this, he probably understood The feeling that the director wanted to pursue, so he nodded it.

“Okay, let’s do another one, you can go out and prepare.”

This time Xiao Zhang starts again, or from the line, the first few lines express doubts, His face was full of disbelief, because the protagonist was his friend who had traveled through the arena together in the private sector when he visited privately. The two were considered to be inseparable, so when he saw the protagonist rushing in, the young emperor’s face needed to bring some consternation on his face. of.

The lines after that are the protagonist’s questioning of the emperor, which is probably why some people want to harm the people of the world and why they want to be a tyrant.

At this time, Brother Zhang will show a kind of disdain, indifference and imperceptible introspection, and then wait until the other party has the last sentence saying “Today we always have one person who can’t get out of the great hall”, Brother Zhang. The tension of the performance must be released, and it must be shown with absolute confidence that he is not wrong, and then the ills of the country in the lines should be explained. At the end, I have to reflect a decision of “I have finished reflecting, but I know that only my way is the best way”, until I turn my back and wait for my own expert to kill these assassins. .

This time, Brother Zhang has achieved the feeling that the director needs very easily, even one step closer to the feeling that the director needs, especially in the final stage when Ouchi expert and assassin are fighting behind him. At that time, the indifference to life displayed by the young emperor was the sense of indifference and alienation. It really does not mean that anyone can perform it, let alone youngsters, even those who have been immersed in it for decades. Old opera bones may not be able to grasp it.

And the director also found that youngster, who was temporarily pulled over by investors to make a cameo, has a natural sense of alienation, and that kind of indifference to death and pain is definitely not a performance. but innate.

In other words, the protagonist of this lower drama seems to be tailor-made for this youngster, the image, temperament, charm, etc., are all good candidates, what role do you choose? he is.

After the last one, the director got Supreme Treasure, he immediately found rootless water, and said excitedly: “Amei, where did you get this youngster from?”

“This…is a friend from the mainland.”

“Okay, we can start the next movie directly. He’s just prepared for the next movie.”

Watch Seeing the director’s earnest expression, Wugenshui’s face is more distorted than eating flies. He knows the temper of the famous director, how excited he is now, and how irritable he will be when his hopes are lost in the future, and he may even directly Leave the set.

“Let’s talk about this…he may not have time.”

“How come he has no time? Then let him have time, and you give him the salary Get up, such a great opportunity.”

Wugenshui began to explain to the director euphemistically, the pony looked a little boring, so he went down to find Brother Zhang who was taking off the costume, curiously asked: “Boss, how do you feel? It’s your first time making a movie.”

“It’s alright.” Brother Zhang said with a smile: “At least I can experience a life that I can’t experience. , not bad.”

The pony was nodded, and then said to him: “The director was arguing with Brother Shui just now.”


“It’s not for you, the director wants you to go directly to the next play to be the male lead. Brother Shui is not very willing. I guess you won’t agree.” Xiaoma leaned there and said with a smile: “But I I’m still looking forward to your movie.”

Little Brother Zhang laughed, but didn’t say anything, just silently let the staff remove the costumes and props.

As expected, by the time he went up, Wugenshui was already arguing with the director, and the director asked Brother Zhang to participate in the next work, even without caring what Wugenshui said. All the worries, even if he lost it, he recognized that he just wanted Brother Zhang to play this role.

“Boss, look at this old man, he’s really stubborn.”

“en.” Little Brother Zhang, nodded, stepped forward and started to water for Wugen.

But Brother Zhang was absolutely didn’t expect. This old man was really stubborn and stubborn. No matter what reason Brother Zhang said, he felt that there was a way to overcome it.

Said that he had a job, the director said that he could communicate with their unit, borrowed Brother Zhang, and said that he would give some compensation there. When he said he couldn’t walk away, the director said there was no problem, and he could put it in GZ for framing. There was no problem. GZ with set conditions and so on was already better than Hong Kong. Besides, he doesn’t know how to act, the director said that he was already very good, and took the famous domestic famous Mr. Shu as an analogy, saying that the role that is simple and natural without any trace of acting is the best acting in his heart.

Xiao Zhang is very talkative, and he is not very good at rejecting people. Seeing that this old man in his 60s and 70s is talking about this, he finally sighed and agreed. .

Seeing that he agreed, the old man was unambiguous, and immediately began to discuss with Wugenshui about changing the framing location to GZ.

This matter can’t be accepted without Wugenshui, because in terms of coffee status, this old man doesn’t know how many grades are higher than Wugenshui. If he really wants to live a good life in this world, This old man is really not to be offended.

“The ghost guy’s filming of the last emperor was praised like that, why can’t I film an emperor? I’m better than them anyway, come here!” The director pulled Wugenshui to In front of Brother Zhang, he made a gesture like this: “I will ask you, is he like an emperor when he goes to this station, look at his temperament. Do you think this is given to me by God? Ah Mei, I’m seventy, I still have cancer, I’m running out of time, God all sympathized with me, and gave me such a chance, I want to shoot something different from others.”

He finished, He walked away with a bright face, not at all like what he said, he still has cancer features at the age of 70.

As soon as he left, Wugenshui looked towards Brother Zhang, bitterly said with a smile: “Holy Lord, this…”

“It’s okay, he will be there in a few days. I will forget about it.” Brother Zhang said with a smile: “My acting is so bad…”

To be honest, from the point of view of Wugenshui, Brother Zhang’s acting skills are really good. It’s so rotten to pieces, but I don’t know why the long-established director fell in love with him at such a glance.

Hopefully it can be as the Lord said, and this matter will be forgotten in a few days.

“Okay, don’t talk about this anymore, it’s getting late, let’s go eat something.” The pony rubbed his stomach and said, “I feel like 10,000 people are dancing in my stomach.”

The three of them came to the famous Yanjilou, which is said to be the main venue for food movies. The century-old store has a long-standing reputation and the price is naturally high, but Wugenshui seems to have no money at all. When it is like money, ka ka is a pass.

The pony sat there and looked at the surrounding environment, and said with great interest: “Boss, do you think this place looks like the place where Brother Crow lifted the table in the Hong Kong movie? “

Brother Zhang also looked around, seriously nodded: “It seems to be.”

“The Hong Kong films at that time really influenced a generation.” With emotion, he said: “Look at the moment… what a mess.”

While they were talking, the sound of a siren suddenly sounded outside the window, and then several gunshots came from the bottom of the building. , and then listen to a series of commotions behind the stairwell.

“No way.” The pony glanced at the stairs in amazement: “Is there such a coincidence in the world?”

“Probably life.”

Sure enough, not long after, a few aggressive gangsters with bags in their hands and Laifu rushed upstairs. They were guarding the stairs and elevators of this old building, and one of them threw a After the grenade exploded, they shouted down: “Don’t come up, we have hostages here!”

At this time, the pony looked at Brother Zhang: “Three seconds? “

“One second.” Brother Zhang raised a finger: “Three seconds is too slow.”

“Okay, one second.”

The pony picked up the six chopsticks on the table and rushed out as a hidden weapon, and he himself flew out with the chopsticks.

The six chopsticks directly hit the hands of six of the gangsters as if they had grown eyes, and he restrained the neck of the last man himself. It really took only one second to kill all the seven gangsters. uniform.

Wugenshui got up at this time and started to collect their weapons, while Brother Zhang took out his mobile phone and started taking pictures and sending them to the group.

But just when everyone thought it was okay, a grenade rolled down from the hands of one of the gangsters, the insurance had been pulled out, and it was about to explode.

Just when no one in the room could react, Brother Zhang directly picked up a bowl and threw it over, just to cover the grenade, and then the grenade exploded, but it just flashed inside. It died down at once, not even the bowl was blown to pieces.

At this time, Wugenshui had already started shouting downstairs, and a large number of police officers rushed up and knocked the gangsters down.

“It’s really bad luck.” Xiaoma threw the man in front of the police officer and turned around and said to Brother Zhang, “Have a lunch.”

(End of this chapter)

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