What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 93


Chapter 93 The Haunted House in the Province and Hong Kong

The pony said to eat a boxed lunch, then it really is a boxed lunch.

Brother Zhang experienced two things that he had never experienced beforeβ€”acting in a movie and eating a box lunch at the police station on the second day of his trip.

Of course there is nothing wrong with them, and they may even be awarded the Good Citizen Award, but the confession is required to be recorded, and the pony has to explain why he can be subdued with a pair of chopsticks Seven gangsters armed with weapons.

The situation at that time was really that even the camera did not capture the speed of the pony. The whole process was to see him say a few words to the friend next to him, then picked up the chopsticks on the table, and then He and chopsticks had already appeared beside the gangster.

What’s more important is that these gangsters don’t actually get together, but are scattered in a fan shape, respectively controlling the entrance of the stairs and the entrance of the elevator, but they are subdued at the same time.

And that bowl…what the hell is that bowl over the grenade! The on-site trace inspection has come to the conclusion that the grenade really exploded, but the explosion of a grenade did not blow up a eating bowl, which is a bit unreasonable.

“You ask me? You go and ask the manufacturer.” Pony’s words to the police were not polite: “You ask them why their grenades can’t explode a bowl. ”

The police officer in charge of the questioning was also right, so he sat there feeling worried. There are many things here that are a bit strange, but he didn’t make it clear how strange it was.

But fortunately, Hong Kong has kept the official supernatural solution team from several decades ago, and soon the police from this team arrived in front of Xiao Zhang and the others.

Well, these people are dragging each other, with their nostrils turned upside down, and their attitudes are relatively arrogant.

After coming over, after seeing Brother Zhang and the three of them in front of him, one of them took out his ID card and glanced in front of Brother Zhang and the others: “In the case of Ninth Layer, I heard that someone used it. Super power, who? Take the initiative, I have to rush back to make soup.”

This attitude that doesn’t even give a straight eye is not a pony, even the always good-tempered Wugenshui They were all a little angry, and the two of them crossed their arms and crossed Erlang’s legs.

“Hey, don’t be too arrogant, let’s see what this place is, it’s not your side, continent boy.”

tone barely fell, his whole body suddenly fell. Just like figure skating, it came to the ground and turned around for three and a half weeks, and then fell heavily on the ground.

A few colleagues around him immediately took out their guns when they saw it, and then started calling for reinforcements while pointing guns at Brother Zhang and the three of them yelling.

But soon they were kicked out by one by one, and the door couldn’t be opened after reinforcements arrived.

All of this has not been the turn for Brother Zhang to take action, not even the pony.

Brother Zhang was eating the boxed lunch the whole time. He thought that Zeng Zhiwei’s meal in Infernal Affairs was so delicious maybe because the boxed lunch here was delicious, but now it tastes like that.

At this time, some members of the Ninth Layer case on the ground fired, and then the gunfire continued, but didn’t expect that all the bullets were hanging in front of Brother Zhang and the others. , no one can get close.

“Hey, you guys are too childish, playing with the ancestors of hidden weapons.” Pony fiddled with his hand, the bullet ding ding dong dong fell to the ground, and then he just clicked his finger, The bullets all levitated, and the crackle smashed the wall behind the Ninth Layer member into a hornet’s nest.

At this time, the people outside finally realized that the major event was not good, and quickly contacted their superiors. Their superiors contacted the superiors in the Ninth Layer case. After the other party heard about this, they said nothing. rushed over.

This guy is pretty cool, he wears a pair of sunglasses everywhere, but from the single lens he sees a lot of subordinates in the room who are pressed to the ground unable to move even a little bit, and When the three people sitting in the chairs, especially the one in the middle who was eating a lunch box, his mouth gradually changed from unruly to holding grass.

He took off his glasses and walked back and forth in the room outside the single lens, looking very anxious, but at this time he found that the lunch boxer in the room had raised his head and looked at him, he was helpless. laughed , stood still and greeted him.

Brother Zhang also nodded, raised his hand and waved.

“Who?” the pony asked curiously.

Before Xiao Zhang could answer, the cool guy with sunglasses had already passed through the wall, and he spread his hand: “Isn’t this flooding the dragon king’s temple, why are you here? Don’t say hello?”

“Fuck, you.” The pony scolded, “I can tell you, these guys pointed guns at Brother Zhang, it’s up to you.”

He immediately said with a smile: “Occupational disease Occupational disease… I asked them to go back and write a review.”

After he finished speaking, he opened the door, pointed to the subordinate on the ground and shouted: ” Hurry up and leave!”

The group of Ninth Layer cases were also clever, one after another rushed out of the room, after seeing no one inside, he wiped the glass wall with his hand, and then put the inside Once the microphone is turned off, they are completely isolated from the outside world inside.

“It’s really long time no see.” The cool guy in sunglasses moved a chair and straddled it: “didn’t expect to meet you here, it’s really fate.”

“Fate is a hammer, we went to eat and then we were caught. We have to explain, what can we explain?”

“Misunderstanding, it’s all misunderstanding. I’ll talk to you right now. Commander to explain.”

After he finished speaking, he hurried out the door and came to the police chief’s office, without so much nonsense, he went up and slapped the table directly, and facing the head of the Ninth Layer case, even if the The position is half a level higher than him, but the officers here don’t say much. After all, since the establishment of the Ninth Layer case in the past few years, they have helped a lot to improve the detection rate, which is the sweet pastry of the entire police force.

After completing the formalities for release, he returned to the hut again with three cups of tea in his hand.

“I said, Shen Yun. I haven’t seen you for a few years, you are doing well.” Pony said with a smile: “The little fanboy of Thunder Dragon back then is now mixed up, but it’s a pity Thunder Dragon is still dead.”

“Hahaha, I called Brother Long a few years ago, and he asked me to help me find out which Masters are in Hong Kong. Didn’t expect to meet you now. It’s over.” Shen Yun smiled happily: “Brother Zhang, we haven’t seen each other for seven years, right? Aiya really, you should find me when you come, I’m half a native after all.”

Shen Yun still looks very happy, of course, it is also his understanding of Xiao Zhang. When he left Chang’an Lane, he was sixteen or seventeen years old. He was a full-time follower of Thunder Dragon, and Thunder Dragon He also taught him some techniques one after another in the previous days.

The comprehension of this kid is quite high. After he has thoroughly mastered those techniques, he can still bring forth the new through the old, and has evolved a lot of tricks.

With this half-hearted spell, he was able to become the head of the famous Ninth Layer case in this place in Hong Kong, which makes people absolutely didn’t expect.

“Okay, okay, this is not a place to talk. I disturb Brother Zhang for dinner at night. I’ll have a late night snack! I know there is an old shop, which is very good. We all pack bird’s nest and abalone.”

With Shen Yun as security, it was easy for them to get out, and Shen Yun drove them to the entrance of the small shop.

Passing through the small shop, you have to pass through a section of alley, dark and empty, surrounded by grandma burning paper here, and there is still a ghost of Ghost Qi here.

“Wow, is there a mistake?” Xiaoma pointed to both sides and said, “Wow with so many solitary souls, unbound ghosts? How do you guys work?”

Shen Yun Putting his hands together, he apologized to the solitary soul next to him, the unbound ghost: “My big brothers and sisters, this is my friend. He is new to the precious place, so please bear with me if he can’t speak.”

And Xiao Zhang Brother also pushed the pony: “solitary soul, unbound ghost has to go somewhere after all, and it will be somewhere else if it is not here, why do you mock people.”

“I see… “

Although rootless water is not very good for people’s battle strength, as one of the few people who can directly control ghosts, he feels that this place is simply paradise for him, and he silently puts the address. Write it down, next time you come to this place to collect ghosts, it is an excellent place.

And the small restaurant in the alley where they came to is surprisingly clean, even if there are solitary souls, unbound ghosts everywhere, but in this piece of land it is clean .

Old fogey, who cooks roast meat outside, is not simple at first glance, and the young man who cleans the table inside is probably also an industry insider.

“Oh, I haven’t seen an orthodox Taoist priest for a long time.” The pony looked left and right for a while, said with a smile: “Maoshan is orthodox.” Man looked back at the pony in amazement, and the pony neatly made a handprint towards him. A smile gradually appeared on his serious face, and he returned the pony’s salute with a handprint.

After Shen Yun ordered the dishes, a few people sat in it and drank tea and chatted. After a while, Boss personally came up and delivered a steamed rice with three jujubes on it. Right, well-behaved.

“What does this mean?” Shen Yun curiously asked: “Ai, old man, why didn’t I come here so many times?”

The old man’s mouth was full of mouth when he opened his mouth. Shandong dialect: “You are not the same sect.”

The pony laughed, pointed to the rice and said: “We have rules in our door, we have to meet our colleagues when we go out, and we will give you a bowl of rice noodles, even if It’s a continuation of the incense love, and sometimes a bowl of rice can save a life. There are different rules in different places, most of them are rice in the north, noodles in the Central Plains, and glutinous rice in the south. In some places, red rice and millet are also used. Later, it didn’t matter, as long as it was five grains. So in many places, you see that there is a tradition that all kinds of grains can exorcise evil spirits. In fact, it is not so simple, because at that time, the Taoist priests in the wandering area would eat a bowl before going to work. , that makes people feel that those things ward off evil spirits.”

Said Xiaoma picked up the bowl and ate it, and then said: “It’s not that you don’t eat it, the rules are like this. This bowl of rice I also have to finish the meal, which is a thank you to the master.”

“There are so many rules.” Shen Yun laughed: “By the way, it just so happens that you are all here, let’s go there later. Isn’t the place? It’s both tense and exciting…”

“If you have something, just say it directly, don’t use words to deceive people.” Xiaoma spat at Shen Yun: “Is there a case that can’t be solved, just say it directly. That’s it.”

(End of this chapter)

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