What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 95


Chapter 95 Beasts

After passing through a corridor with many twists and turns, Xiao Zhang found that there had already been accumulated here. Lots of dust, it looks like nobody has come for a while.

And Shen Yun, who was walking at the front, was beating along with a stick in his hand, as if he was deliberately disturbing something.

He walked very slowly, and even stopped at a step, the pony was foul-mouthed at the back to urge him to hurry up, because Shen Yun’s body was huge, one person blocked in front, the other No one is allowed to overtake.

“The initial cause of the incident here was that a pregnant woman died in her room, and it was after nine days when she was found. At that time, according to the brother at the scene, the cause of death was vomit suffocation after drunkenness, not homicide. At that time, this woman was already eight months pregnant.” Shen Yun pursed his lips: “It’s actually very difficult for us to understand this matter, why are we still going to drink after eight months.”

” Didn’t anyone else find out?”

“Who knows, according to the confession, that woman often appears in front of people after her death, and the people who live here are also numb, so no one cares. Come on. Later, because of the hot weather, the woman’s house stinks badly. The neighbors couldn’t stand it and knocked on the door to ask her to throw out the garbage, but when she opened the door, she found that she was already smelling on the bed.”

“So she was active until the neighbor knocked on the door?”

The pony asked curiously: “But she’s actually dead, isn’t she?”

” The problem is not here, this kind of thing is still very easy to solve, but the most common thing is that after death, you don’t know that you are dead and still linger in a certain area before your death.” Shen Yun said as he walked over: β€œ What really makes us unable to solve is what happened later.”

Speaking, he pushed open a door: “Well, you can see for yourself.”

Brother Zhang He walked to the door and looked in. Although there was no light, his vision didn’t need any light to see what was inside.

This small room, which is only about four square meters, is full of messy things, and the surface of these things is covered with a layer of mucous membrane-like things, and the top is covered with eyes, and those eyes are constantly changing. They bounced back and forth, and when they found someone looking at them, the fleshy membranes growing in the entire room began to shake.

When Xiaoma saw this scene, he yueed at that time, covered his nose and took a few steps back: “What’s the smell…”

Shen Yun spread out his hands: “It’s good to get used to it.”

Xiao Mala raised her neckline to cover her mouth and nose, took out her mobile phone, turned on the flashlight, and took a quick photo inside.

Not only the furniture, but also the floor and walls are covered with such mucous membrane-like things, and there are densely packed eyes on them, those eyes are looking at him, as if dissatisfied. He turned on the bright light like.

“This thing keeps growing, and we’ve tried everything we can think of to fix it.”

“Is it harmful?”

” Does eating people count?” Shen Yun patted his pocket, then returned to the entrance of the stairs, found an unfinished barbecued pork from the trash can, pinched it, walked back to the door of the room, and threw it in directly.

The instant the barbecued pork fell to the ground, it was wrapped in that layer of mucous membrane, and then gradually disappeared.

And the mucous membranes that had eaten the food seemed to be awakened and slowly flowed in the direction of Shen Yun.

However, when it came into contact with Brother Zhang’s upper, it suddenly seemed to have hit a red-hot soldering iron, the lightning retreated, and no abnormal behavior occurred again.

“It grows a little bit every day.” Shen Yunku said with a smile: “If you give it stimulation, it will grow faster, and it has grown to half of this layer in more than half a year. The room.”

Speaking of which, Shen Yun opened several doors next to it, and the eyes of such densely packed people were all inside.

“We’ve calculated that in five years, it will be able to wrap the entire building in five years.”

“I’m afraid it won’t take five years.” Wugen Shui squatted at the door and gently touched the mucous layer with his hands. After feeling that they were trying to attack him, Wugenshui said again: “There may only be less than three months left.”

Shen Yun was immediately startled after hearing this: “Three months??”

“Yes.” Wugenshui nodded and said: “This is not a human thing, what is the specific name I don’t know. I know, but it should be because the common grievance of the woman and the unborn child opened a door here, and the thing below came out.”

“How to solve it?” Shen Yun’s eyes widened curiously asked: “Should it be solved?”

Wugenshui called the head: “It’s very difficult, it has become one with that woman’s resentment, and it can be regarded as a Demon God. It may not be easy to solve it, unless you can defuse this woman’s resentment.”

“With love?”

When the pony heard this, he immediately He burst out with laughter: “Go and try it, use love to influence it, if it doesn’t eat you up, you’ll be left to the bone, then you’re so good.”

As he spoke, he pulled out a long needle , insert it into the sticky wall next to it, and when it is pulled out again, the long needle has already carried a piece of meat that is still wriggling. Don’t look at the small piece of meat, but the life force is extremely tenacious and is clinging to the long needle. He struggled violently, and then Xiaoma put this thing in his mouth…

At that time, Shen Yun really vomited, he lay beside him and vomited for a long time, while Xiaoma looked like nothing was wrong spit the thing out.

“Is it delicious?” Brother Zhang curiously asked.

“Is that delicious…” The pony spat two mouthfuls and said, “I just tried it to see if it’s poisonous, but fortunately it’s not poisonous.”

“Use your mouth Perceiving the world is really a bit heavy.” Brother Zhang said with a smile, and then he raised his foot and entered the room.

Before he landed, the fleshy membrane on the ground made way for him as if he could feel it. Brother Zhang stepped on the original floor, without the slightest feeling of greasy and disgusting.

Walking into it, Brother Zhang’s forehead began to shine, he looked around all around, then said with a smile: “You shouldn’t be here, why are you here?”


The things around seemed to be shaking, but Brother Zhang seemed to understand what it said, nodded said: “You mean you don’t want to come, but what brought it here? Then I’ll send you back?”

The flesh membrane trembled again, and Brother Zhang snorted: “So that’s the case, then have you talked to it, saying that if it interferes with the world at will? Order, what a tragic punishment.”

The flesh membrane continued to tremble, but Brother Zhang suddenly laughed: “Okay, let it come. I’ll wait for it outside.”

After saying that, Brother Zhang left the room, and the people around him immediately gathered around, and the pony asked curiously, “What’s the situation?”

“This place itself has gathered the resentment of countless people. Accidental death is like a key, in our words, a gap between hell and earth. Now we see only a part of a big thing, and it was arranged here as an outpost, and now the gap is almost enough The owner who supported it came over. I let it go back, and it said it didn’t dare, so I let its owner come to face me.”

When Brother Zhang spoke, the light on his forehead became brighter and brighter. , and after a sudden flash, he suddenly raised his hand and blocked something.

Then, with a smile on the corner of Brother Zhang’s mouth, he snapped his fingers outside, and a hazy light suddenly enveloped the surroundings.

“Grass the grass, illusion!” The pony shouted in surprise: “Let’s withdraw, quickly withdraw!”

He didn’t talk any more, pulling Wugen and Shen Yun He rushed downstairs, and at this time Shen Yun found that although the surrounding environment was still in that building, all the scenery was different, and all the living things around disappeared, even after they came to the street The same is true, nothing exists on the empty streets, cars are still cars, stalls are still stalls, but they seem to have entered a non-existent space, isolated from the bustling and lively world.

And when the pony took them to a relatively open place, they saw a huge silhouette slowly walking from a distance. It was not really clear how big it was, because there were dozens of people in front of it. The high-rise building is not as high as its legs.

“What the hell is the Demon King!”

Shen Yun hid in the corner and looked up, but the pony kept staring at the top without making a sound.

The huge monster approached the building they had just now, and the pony could even feel its turbid breathing.

Then there was a thunderous roar: “I’m here! I’m here!!!”

The hurricane caused by the sound wave blew so that Shen Yun could barely hold it. Fortunately, the pony took out a long spear from nowhere and stuck it on the ground to withstand Shen Yun so that he would not be blown away.

“This mouth is so stinky.” The pony covered his nose and whispered: “Ten thousand years of dental calculus.”

“This is not the time to care if its mouth stinks… Can this thing be done without a nuclear bomb?”

But the second Shen Yun questioned, this huge guy who was still invincible just now was picked up like a chicken.

“Brother Zhang is awesome!!!!”

The pony shouted directly, because he saw the little brother Zhang who was hovering in the air just facing the unknown several Hundred meters high huge monster hooked his fingers.

Brother Zhang turned his head to look at him and made an OK gesture, and the pony immediately gestured back to him happily.

And the guy who was picked up naturally wouldn’t admit defeat easily. He twisted his body and shattered a piece of his own flesh, and then fell from the sky with pain and anger.

“I don’t know what kind you should be, but you have to go back immediately.” Xiao Zhang looked at the big guy in the distance: “This shouldn’t be where you came from.”

This is the opening warning, which is generally useless, like “stop” when catching a bad guy and “don’t” when she is with a new girlfriend, it is purely unnecessary.

As expected, the thing that even Brother Zhang didn’t know what it was, raised a huge fist and smashed it towards Brother Zhang.

How to describe this perspective? This fist is about the size of a basketball court. The feeling of falling from the sky is like a comet breaking through the clouds and rushing to the ground.

If it is smashed, if it is not within the illusion, I am afraid that half of Hong Kong will be gone.

But when the dinosaurs saw it, they had to shout out the fist of the mine-throwing mother, but they stopped 20 meters away from the ground, and there was not even a wave of wind and waves.

“I warn you for the last time.” Brother Zhang pressed a finger on the fist, and the bright spot between the eyebrows turned into a breathing light: “Where to go from where.”

After he finished speaking, his breathing light instantly changed color, turning into a red-red light bulb, and a bright rune flashed on Brother Zhang’s face, flowing over and over again: “Go back. “

“Fuck me, my boss’s fighting form!” The pony shouted excitedly: “Look at it quickly, maybe this time in this life!”

(End of this chapter)

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