What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 96


Chapter 96 Seventy-eight

No one has ever said that it is 100% sure to see Brother Zhang enter a fighting stance because of his The ability level is there, and most of the things are simply not worthy of him entering a fighting stance.

But now he has activated the fighting stance hidden in the depths, with the skin of rune and red flowing all over his body, making him look even more Demon God than Demon God.

The huge silhouette in the sky can only let people see its feet. Brother Zhang is as small as an ant in front of it, but it is this tiny ant that makes the huge one. The mob is unable to move a single step.

The third warning came to no avail. Brother Zhang knew that the other side would not listen to any advice, and once this kind of creature really came to the world, it would definitely be a terrifying disaster, because its The power has obviously exceeded the limit that the world can carry.

For these things, Brother Zhang generally takes two action plans, one is to drive them back to the original world, and the other is to destroy them on the spot.

As a Guardian, all he needs to do is deal with these things without an emotional mechanism, because those foul creatures don’t always appear as terrifying, they even appear as babies, children, or even hugging. The girl with the box and so on appeared in different weak forms.

Like the great Brahma in Hindu mythology, it will appear as a sleeping baby, and if someone disturbs it, the world will experience a catastrophe.

Faced with Brother Zhang’s obstruction, there are Fireballs falling in the sky, each of those Fireballs is the size of a locomotive, hitting the ground with rays of light and daunting fear rays of light and enough to melt High temperature of steel.

One of them fell on the side of the pony and the others. They were almost put out by the thick phlegm. They quickly hid in the alley next to them and used the power of illusion to resist. this attack.

Brother Zhang saw that the other party not only had no avatar, but also dared to fight back, his body bowed, and then turned into a stream of light and rushed out.

As long as the speed is fast enough, a particle can destroy a universe. This is the definition of energy in physics. The same principle is also applicable in secret technique. is really fast.

The speed of the streamer hit the giant, and it was rushed out without reacting at all. The incomparable gigantic figure fell on the surrounding buildings, but there was no room collapse. The collapse of the house.

This is thanks to Brother Zhang’s illusion, he divided the real world into two, and now the space they are in is a place that is synchronized with the real world but different, even if all the things here are one Plants and trees will be protected by the space itself and become incomparably powerful. Even if it is hit by such a big thing that is several kilometers high, it can still stand up because of the tension of the space itself.

But even so, some of the energy brought by the powerful impact escaped into reality. In the real world, a gust of wind suddenly appeared in the sultry air. The people on the side brought a touch of joy and comfort.

It’s just in the illusion space, that huge guy has been spun around like a spinning top by Brother Zhang, and with each impact, its body will shrink once, until the 38th small After Brother Zhang’s flying kick, the monster, whose size was comparable to the giant snake Yemengarde, had shrunk to less than 30 meters high.

At this time, the pony and the others finally saw the true face of this thing.

This thing that can resist Xiao Zhang’s more than 30 attacks, its body is covered with cement-colored skin, but it has six arms on its side, and it looks like a spider , and its head is very much like the wrong view in the dog Yaksha, the two pointed ears grow back, and the six eyes on the blue-gray skin look very scary.

When it was reduced to about 30 meters, it was obviously panicked, because it was no longer as mad as before, but kept moving towards Brother Zhang, and tried to pull up a street light. attack.

But no matter how hard it tried, it couldn’t shake anything on the ground at all, but Brother Zhang, who was like a devil in his eyes, had already come to it.

I saw rune Zhang slowly raising one hand, and the blue-gray monster in front of him seemed to be strangled by an invisible giant hand, and his body began to gradually vacate. The limbs began to struggle violently.

Brother Zhang saw its struggle and heard it begging for mercy with his spiritual thoughts, but Brother Rune Zhang is an emotionless killing machine at the moment, and he doesn’t care about anyone’s begging for mercy at all. There is compassion and compassion.

rune Brother Zhang’s other hand slowly rushed towards that thing, and then he saw the arm of the monster who was still invincible just cracked, and the deep blue body fluid splashed everywhere, making it unbearable The pain made it struggle harder.

But the problem is that he obviously underestimated the cruelty of Brother Zhang in this state. In the next few minutes, he could clearly feel that his body was slowly being torn apart by little by little. to fragmentation.

It is undoubtedly powerful, but now this power makes it a little painful and regretful, because he does not have the protection mechanism that those fragile creatures have, and will not shock or even die because of pain. Only immersed in the pain of terrifying, and then felt my Fire of Life little by little go out.

But Rune Brother Zhang obviously didn’t intend to stop. After the six-handed monster was tortured, he tore off its head.

This scene directly stunned the three people watching the battle. With a body of 30 meters, how could the head be as high as two floors, and then the head fell in front of the three of them. And after it fell, it was obviously not dead, and its six eyes seemed to be constantly searching for something until it finally saw the three people in the corner. At that moment, only the desire for life and pain remained in its eyes. explanation of.

In such a situation, it seems quite pitiful.

But it wasn’t like this when it was warned before. It was very arrogant, and it was beating people and breathing fire, so it doesn’t seem like it is sympathetic at all.

Just when its head was about to lose its vitality, Brother Zhang suddenly raised his hands, and a huge tree was pulled up out of thin air. , no surprise at all.

After the big tree grows, its roots seem to have life, gushing out from all directions, wrapping around the broken limbs of this huge creature, wrapping it into a ball.

This scene is somewhat of a Cthulhu flavor. After the thick roots completely wrapped all the limbs of the giant, Brother Zhang nodded towards him, and the trees gradually retreated into the soil. The towering giant tree shrank to the point where only one seedling remained on the ground.

And here, Brother Zhang’s mission seems to have not been completed. He suddenly flew into the sky and came to a place nearly two kilometers away from the ground. He saw the scar-like cracks in the sky. , This crack is wide and long, traversing the sky from south to north, and the widest part is even dozens of kilometers wide, but its color is not obvious, with some transparency, so it is almost invisible on the ground at night.

Brother Zhang quietly stared at the crack and saw something struggling inside. He was nodded and punched according to the crack.

This fist directly re-made Heaven and Earth into chaos, and the cracks were also made into bun pleats. Although it was still trying to struggle to open as if it could breathe, Brother Zhang obviously didn’t plan to. Give it a second chance.

I saw rune Zhang slap his hands, and a huge stone gate fell from the sky, which happened to stick to the button of this crack.

Then stretched out a lot of silk threads from all around the door and began to sew himself and the crack behind him together. After the final completion, the boulder door slammed shut, and the thing that was just about to be drilled inside was slammed. Cut off.

But Brother Zhang didn’t care about being cut off at all at the moment, he just flicked his hand, and the half of the body that was cut off burned in midair.

Like a meteor, it fell to the ground and turned into fly ash.

In the end, Brother Rune Zhang paired his index fingers lightly, and the door separating the two worlds was locked with a bang. Then he raised his hand again, and the surrounding scene changed instantly. I saw him appear in a vast and deep space, surrounded by densely packed doors of various styles.

Brother Zhang tilted his head back, dissipated the energy from his body and turned into his original appearance, and then took a piece of paper and double-sided tape from a table next to him.

He taped the paper to the door and wrote “seventy-eight” with a marker.

After finishing all this, he just stepped back, and the illusion shrouded in this area was completely dissipated. When Brother Zhang landed, the surrounding was still as busy as when he came.

At this time, Xiaoma and the others also rushed over. They looked at Brother Zhang up and down and found that he was not unusual before Xiaoma asked, “Boss, it was a man just now. What?”

“I don’t know.” Brother Zhang shook his head and said, “It’s the first time I’ve seen it.”

That’s what I said, but the most exciting and exciting thing here is It may be Shen Yun. Although he is also a person who deals with supernatural events, when has he seen that scene?

Oh…I have seen it before, it feels like being in the mirror world of the ancient master, but obviously Brother Zhang in front of him is much more powerful than the supreme master.

“That door…what is that door for?” Pony continued to ask: “I saw a really big door on the ground just now.”

“Well, It’s the door to that world, and I’ve already sealed it.”

At this point, the pony did not continue to ask, because he knew clearly that there would be no result if he asked again, because this is the Brother Zhang’s work, he doesn’t like to talk about work.

“How many doors like that are there?” Pony finally asked after a long time, unable to hold back his curiosity.

“Seventy-eight doors.”

(End of this chapter)

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