What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 97


Chapter 97 The dish is the original sin

Each door is a world, how many unimaginable human beings exist in that world , I am afraid that no one knows about it except Brother Zhang.

And the reason why these places are called Three Realms is naturally because the things inside are beyond the reach of human beings.

Like the thing last night, when they had breakfast on the second day, they still chatted, Wugenshui said that if you look at the length of your feet, the height of the thing was even three thousand in the beginning. Dom’s.

More than three thousand meters.

Listening to this number, it may not sound that great. After all, any middle school student can run 3,000 meters away, but you must know that the largest known weapon built by mankind is the Ford-class aircraft carrier. And its length is 337 meters.

And the appearance of that thing doesn’t quite conform to some of the characteristics of this world, because it doesn’t conform to the theory of evolution at all, but it may also be because it is too strong to be supported by the theory of evolution at all.

The ability of that thing is definitely at the level of a nuclear bomb. Without Brother Zhang, humans may not have any effective countermeasures against this thing, and it is obviously not just one but a group.

Pony didn’t have a specific understanding of Brother Zhang’s work before, but I only heard a little bit about it, but now after reading his work process, I still think it’s very scary.

Because if you want to limit those forces that exceed what this world can bear, you must use the same force that this world can bear.

The pony suddenly understood the reason why Xiao Zhang always seemed to be separated from this world, precisely because his power was unbearable in this world, and could not bear it.

He is cause and effect.

No wonder, no wonder he always insisted that he was a dragon.

Xiao Ma felt that he was an idiot after all. Of course, Brother Zhang wouldn’t explain it, because it didn’t make sense. He, after all, is a different flower that blooms in this world, and it doesn’t matter about the Human World.

“Are all the worlds full of monsters like that?”

“Not necessarily, but if you accidentally stepped on a nest of ants, would you say sorry to the ants? ?”

The four of them were sitting at a tea stall on the street having supper, and Xiaoma curiously asked some stories about other worlds that he didn’t know about.

“It’s definitely not.”

“Well, they won’t either.” Brother Zhang chuckled lightly: “So there’s no need to worry about whether it’s not rigorous or not. As long as none of them are allowed to pass.”

“So they are gods?”


Afterwards, Brother Zhang briefly told them We talked about what a god is. In fact, there was an era in which humans and gods coexisted in the whole world, and in that era, humans were just their playthings, and it was hardly worth mentioning.

And from the power they show, up to now, the ridiculous technology of human beings still has no way to cause any substantial harm to them.

In the Age of Enlightenment, when the knowledge system was not yet developed, these extraordinary creatures would be called gods, and those who mutilated humans as ants became Evil God, and those who manipulated humans as ants became Evil God. Heavenly God.

The gods unscrupulously seek pleasure from lower lifeforms, enjoying the reverence, fear and longing brought by weak creatures.

Until one day, in this group of weak creatures, a will that belongs to the world itself is born. This will has countless Avatars, and it will be born anywhere in this world, as long as there is life. Everywhere will be born such an Avatar.

Avatars have the power equivalent to the universe, they guard the children of this universe from being played with by foreign things.

Brother Zhang happens to be this Guardian, nothing special, just a coincidence. He is two main lines as a person and as a Guardian, but because the Guardian line makes him too powerful, it affects his main line as a person.

Here, materialism and idealism are opposites and separated from each other. Therefore, while he earnestly fulfills his duties, he also loses the happiness that should be given as another main line.

And all his efforts now are actually a kind of struggle, using as much as possible to maintain a human posture to resist the indisputable force imposed on him.

Some people say that he is so fucking awesome, and he still cares about what other people do, but his original job is to care about these people, a belief rooted in the depths of his mind. His occupation is a tea restaurant Boss and Guardian, not a fucking stinky tyrant.

This is the nature of the job, and the inseparable job content is this. If you follow what those stinky hi guys said, can Brother A Bing be able to biabiabia, biabiabia unscrupulously if he has a gun in his hand?

Brother Zhang is not a born Guardian, he is a normal grown up child who would chase dogs everywhere when he was a child, and then suddenly one day his sky fell and there was a voice Repeatedly asking him what to do or not to do, the human line was completely obscured by this voice.

Who can’t be crazy about this? In the end, in order for him not to go crazy and to be able to control that powerful force, Brother Zhang’s father used his own power to cut off the source of Brother Zhang’s idealism, but he was backlashed to death by that powerful force.

When it comes to pain, who can be more painful than him, not having the power to achieve a perfect life. And he is still sunny, kind, gentle, isn’t that enough? Just screw it up, his life is like this.

“Why do other world monsters like to come to us?”

The pony asked curiously: “We are so unbearable?”

“The dishes are Original sin.” Brother Zhang lightly said with a smile: “Who doesn’t like to pick soft persimmons.”

These four words can make Xiaoma disgusted, and this world is a soft persimmon for a long time Well…he thought he was pretty good here.

“Have you ever met a foreigner who treats this world completely and equally over the years?”

“Yes.” Brother Zhang thought for a while and said, “Christmas This is the old man who goes to our place for dinner every year, so I invite him to dinner every year.”

“So it’s like this…”

They chatted until it was almost dawn before returning to rest. At this time, Brother Zhang’s milk tea shop was also closing. Xu Wei was cleaning there, and when she was sorting out the sundries, she found a book under Brother Zhang’s radio.

She took out the book out of curiosity, opened it and looked at it. The words on it were written by Brother Zhang. They were all excerpts of some famous sentences. People release stress to a great extent.

Xu Wei was no exception. She held the broom and sat on Brother Zhang’s seat and turned it over. When she saw Tagore’s words in it, “Bei Lei is looking forward to the cool night and the morning dew, but the blooming flowers are not. When calling for the sunshine of freedom”, she couldn’t help but read it out.

And just after reading it, she suddenly saw the words on the book lit up, turning into a little fluorescent light, and then she raised her head sharply, her eyes widened.

From the window, there are dense flowers growing from Chang’an Alley to the distance, on the road, on the roof, on the wall, on the street lamp, everywhere.

Those living flowers began to spread out unscrupulously, soon covering half of the city, and then continued to grow.

Some early risers and late sleepers have seen this puzzling scene. Looking around, this world is covered with green leaves and flowers, the wind blows, and the rich mixed fragrance fills tip of the nose.

That night, the call to the police was blown up, and finally the pressure was placed on Haozi.

Haozi was picked up from the comfort of the pot, opened the door and saw that everyone else was stupid…

“I lost…”

Haozi stood at the door with his hips akimbo looking at the sea of flowers in the city, and then pulled Thunder Dragon up with a phone call.

Thunder Dragon rushed out with a sense of getting up, but when he opened the door, the others were also dumbfounded.

“I lost…”

And when he turned around, he saw Xu Wei with a dull face, and pushed her back to the milk tea shop: “You can’t come out, I’ll go out. Take a look.”

After he finished speaking, he went up to the tallest building around him in a few clicks, and he thought it was “My World” if he didn’t know it, and the whole city was a sea of flowers. , overgrown all corners.

He quickly flew towards the edge of the city, but when he arrived, he found that the sea of flowers was still growing at a distance of one second and three meters, covering a large area of land.

Does it look good? It’s really beautiful, but it’s really bad, and it’s a disaster if you have too much…

Flowers are no exception.

“What’s the situation? Over there.”

Haozi on the phone asked anxiously.

Thunder Dragon roughly calculated: “Three meters in one second, one hundred and eighty meters in one minute, ten kilometers in one hour, more than 200 kilometers in a day, about a month, and nothing more. Environmental pollution is a problem.”

“How do you say it?”

“No way, this damn… Who else can do this kind of thing except my brother Zhang?”

Haozi took a deep breath: “We have to speak the word together, are you ready?”

“I’ll do it, you will die.” Thunder Dragon bit clenching one’s teeth and said: “Anyway, I can be resurrected if I die, but if you die, you’re really dead.”

“You won’t be able to live if you are killed by Yan Ling.”

“Yes No…call the boss?”

“Well…no.” Haozi was silent for a while: “Not only will he not care, he may even take away our words.”

“That’s right…” Thunder Dragon said after holding the phone, “Come together, I’ll clean up, and you’ll make people forget about it.”


Now the most nervous is not Thunder Dragon and Haozi, but Xu Wei.

She was obviously terrified, clutching the notebook tightly in her hand, she didn’t know why, she just read a poem.

And after a little bit of relief, she rushed over and called Brother Zhang, crying.

Hearing her cry and what she said intermittently, Brother Zhang patted his head: “It’s my fault.”

After finishing speaking, both of his hands As soon as they joined, they came to Thunder Dragon and Haozi, covered their mouths, and dragged them back to the milk tea shop.

“Don’t use the spirit of words to eliminate my ability, it will backlash.” Brother Zhang glanced at the notebook in Xu Wei’s hand: “It was my negligence.”

Xu Wei He cried and handed the book back to him, but Brother Zhang shook the head: “It’s useless, it’s yours, your voice gives it life. You have to control it carefully, not everyone will help you every time. You solve the problem. Next time this happens again, if you can’t solve it yourself, you will be punished.”

After saying that, Brother Zhang went out to extend the hand and touched the blooming flowers outside: “Also It’s beautiful.”

(End of this chapter)

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