What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 98


Chapter 98 Where there is a teacher, there must be an apprentice

Brother Zhang came to the door and watched for a while, then slowly He squatted down and put his hands on the ground, only to see the rays of light flashing in the palm of his hand, and the flowers that filled the screen suddenly spun into the sky.

Immediately following a four-hour petal shower, the whole city experienced a fantastic plot, the petals falling like big snowflakes, but as long as they touch the ground, they will fall. It disappeared in an instant, leaving only a touch of residual fragrance lingering on the nose.

This spectacle made countless people excited and excited, because it was too beautiful, so countless people woke up immediately picked up their mobile phones and started taking pictures, but no matter how they were taken, no matter what device they were using, But only naked eye can see these petals.

The memories of all people have not been erased. They all clearly saw this unprecedented flower rain, but they did not have any memory.

The wind picked up in the morning, the spring wind was gentle, and now it is mixed with the sweetness of flowers. Everyone in the city experienced a sweet dream indiscriminately.

Sunshine, breeze, flowers and sweet fragrance, this is a scene that can only appear in a dream, but today it has become a beautiful dream of a city.

No one has been erased, and this time the incident has become an unsolved mystery.

Of course some people will go to seek the truth, but no one can figure out why, and the impact is not without. Today, many people go to the hospital to register because of rhinitis, and the ENT department is full, but at the same time, the marriage registry is also Ushering in a rare peak period in recent years, more than 1,000 people lined up in the morning.

Although it was an accident caused by a mistake, this is probably a gift from Brother Zhang to the city, a very gentle and interesting gift, at least at that moment, the entire world All became gentle.

“I’ll take a look at the notebook.”

Thunder Dragon took Brother Zhang’s notebook from Xu Wei’s hand, and read it many times according to the above words, but there was nothing. Changes, and Xu Wei will produce corresponding changes even if he reads a word. This is probably what Xiao Zhang said, the book itself has formed a life and has a soul, and other people’s language can no longer be used.

However, the formidable power of this thing is also very huge, because its power is of the same origin as Xiao Zhang. The dead skin underneath can become Magical Artifact.

Xu Wei is using this thing carefully, trying to control it, but she doesn’t dare to continue reading aloud, because once it is activated, I am afraid it will only be Brother Zhang who comes here to wipe his ass.

If this happens a second time, Brother Zhang will really punish her. Usually, the punishment will not be too terrifying, but it is very painful. Thunder Dragon has experienced it.

As far as it can be seen, if it is activated word by word, it is not a big problem. As long as it is not activated by a word of complete meaning, its duration and duration are very short, and some even only for a moment. For example, the word “broken” is a bit like an air cannon. After finishing speaking, anything 20 meters in front will be washed away, and it seems to be real damage. There is no evasion, no miss, no parry or resistance, as long as you are in front All creatures within twenty meters will be pushed away, and Thunder Dragon is no exception.

It’s just that every word in the head seems to have a cooling time, for example, the cooling time of broken words is about fifteen seconds, and the cooling time of ice words is thirty-five seconds.

But for yesterday’s entire sentence, its cooldown time should be very long. It’s not that you can release one and you can immediately release it again. Otherwise, as long as you speak fast enough, you can catch a suitable sentence. Hundreds of layers of buffs can be stacked on a person in a few minutes, and a single punch can knock a hole in the sky.

“This thing can already be counted as a Holy Magical Artifact.” Thunder Dragon flipped through the book there and said, “No, which Magical Artifact is not so outrageous, you must add nine and twelve Divine Items. .”

Xu Wei sat there dancing and said: “I was really scared and cried yesterday, I don’t know what happened.”

“Who knows then. Ah, this is the first time I’ve seen this thing, I guess the boss left in a hurry and forgot to clean it up.” Thunder Dragon returned the notebook to Xu Wei: “I envy me.”

” Then…then I’ll give it to you.”

“I think so, but the boss has already said that this thing is already bound to you and can’t be given to anyone. In fact, he does too. It can be destroyed, but I think it’s good to give you this thing as a gift.” Thunder Dragon looked at the notebook with envy on his face: “You know like this thing, the boss never wants to stay, as long as Everything that has been poured into his mind will basically be destroyed, and I am afraid that it will fall into someone’s hands and cause a catastrophe.”

“Does that little brother go to the toilet? Will…”

“You woman…” Thunder Dragon looked at Xu Wei with a strange expression: “Why are you so perverted?”

“I just thought of it suddenly, what if A notebook is like this, then if Brother Zhang’s cake is eaten by a dog, will the dog become very difficult to deal with.”

Thunder Dragon was also confused by this question, and then two Everyone turned their heads and looked towards Sister Gou who was listening to music next to her.

“What?” Sister Gou felt sensitive, she immediately turned her head to look at the two of them: “What am I doing?”

Thunder Dragon and Xu Wei hurriedly waved their hands and said it was okay, Then the two looked at each other tacitly, and then acted as if nothing happened.

“I think I can make my debut now.”

Xu Wei patted the book and said: “Do you think I look like the kind of High School kid with a magic book in the movie? Priest, open a page and point forward to say ‘there must be light’.”

“You can save it, you must know that the reason why corpses are not suitable now is because of your formation eye. You’re still alive, if you go out and let them find out, you’ll be half-hearted, and by the time we get there, your bones will be gone.”

Though Thunder Dragon is somewhat ill, in fact She is still very stable in the combat profession. From his point of view, even if Xu Wei has Xiao Zhang’s notebook, if she encounters a real powerful enemy, she may not have time to find the right words or may not have time at all. If she speaks, she will be knocked out in seconds, and then she will pull out her heart and merge it into a complete Formation. When the time comes, all the corpses, the high-level dead souls, or the reincarnation of the filthy earth, that is really true. It is the rhythm of chaos in the world.

After Thunder Dragon regained his memory, he clearly knew how terrifying Qing Lingzi was when he was full of blood, even though he didn’t even know that he was driven into that corner.

But once he’s back to full state, plus this Spiritual Qi blasting the Grand Era, hey…that’s really fun.

“If you have nothing to do, go to the illusory realm to secretly practice combos. You need to be hard on yourself when you strike the iron. Don’t talk about going out subdue monsters and defeat demons like you are now, you will have to be the boss even if you go home to visit relatives.

I’ll accompany you in person.”

“Yes…I have to go back and see my grandma too.” Xu Wei sighed, “I wonder if Brother Zhang can accompany me back.”

“He will definitely agree when you speak. You’ve been here for seven or eight months, don’t you know who he is?”

“Well, I’ve never seen more He’s a good guy.”

“Hey, you try this book, and when he punishes you, you still think he’s good.”

Xu Weijiang I stuffed the notebook into my pocket: “I’m not stupid, and I’m past the age of curiosity, so of course I won’t use it.” After that, I saw at a glance that the group of people who had been out of contact for a long time and plotted against the little White Dragon sent her a message again.

“Master, Master!”

Xu Wei shouted Thunder Dragon excitedly: “The fish is hooked.”

Thunder Dragon leaned over and took a look , found that the other party actually asked to come to the door, and the other party’s request was not too much, just wanted to see the current posture of the little White Dragon.

Seeing this, Thunder Dragon probably knew that the group of people on the opposite side must have resumed work after the new year, and felt anxious.

“If you return to them like this, just say that the little White Dragon is too big to be taken out, so let them come to us.” Thunder Dragon thought for a while and said: “No, You have to pull it a bit more, it’s better to charge them a sum of money.”

“I understand, they don’t worry if they don’t charge money.”

Xu Wei said After the conversation, her cell phone suddenly rang, “XX treasure has arrived, 100,000 yuan”.

Thunder Dragon and Xu Wei immediately gave each other a high five when they heard it, and Sister Gou took off her earphones and turned her head over, saying, “You guys are almost done, too branch will be retributed by Heavenly Retribution.”


“The elder sister’s words are too unreasonable…”

Thunder Dragon was shot in the head by Sister Gou as soon as he sang a sentence, he groaned and slowly got up from the ground Said: “I know, I know, we will control it a little bit.”

After receiving the money, Xu Wei set the meeting time at 11:30 next Monday night, and the place is here In a milk tea shop. The exact address, however, won’t be available until they arrive.

Then Thunder Dragon Horse told Haozi about it, and when Haozi heard that the fish had been hooked, his excitement almost jumped out of the phone.

“Don’t talk nonsense for now, wait until I go back.” After Haozi finished speaking, he immediately said to Bureau Chen: “Judgment Chen, we will have a live tongue soon.”

After he finished speaking, there was a beeping hang-up on the other end of the phone.

“This person is really, the tiger skin on the ship has become mysterious in a few days.” Thunder Dragon foul-mouthed put down the phone, and then said to Xu Wei: “In the past few days, did Zhang Yao come? Ah, let her not come during this time, we have to renovate the milk tea shop.”

“Renovation? Did Brother Zhang agree?”

“Oh… Yes, I’ll call the boss.”

Thunder Dragon called Brother Zhang, who was sitting on the Victoria Star Ferry watching the scenery.

At this moment, when the lanterns are on, it is bustling and bustling. The Victoria Harbour, which looks like Heaven on Earth, is in stark contrast to yesterday’s Sham Shui Po. It looks like a hell on earth.

“Renovation? Why?”

“Boss, we have just settled 100,000 yuan. If it is not spent, my conscience is uneasy.”

“What’s wrong with your conscience? That’s because Grandfather Pi and Xu Wei have been busy for more than a month. What does it have to do with you?” Brother Zhang curiously asked: “Don’t bully others, you don’t need to do the decoration. It doesn’t matter, and the store doesn’t need decoration.”

“Oh… well. When will you be back? I miss you… boss~~~”

small Brother Zhang hung up the phone, looked up at the distant scenery, and let out a long sigh.

(End of this chapter)

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