What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 99


Chapter 99 Stranger

“What’s wrong?”

“Thunder Dragon is sick.”

One question and one answer, short answer.

Then no more questions were asked, and no one answered. At this time, there is probably no need for any language. After all, Thunder Dragon is ill, and everyone knows what he looks like when he is ill. It is meaningless to ask.

Originally, traveling is a very interesting thing. After all, it is to live a life that is boring for others, and then experience the difference between the life that is boring and boring to myself.

But this kind of show that looks boring but everyone has more or less expectation in their hearts, it seems a little indifferent in the gang of Xiao Zhang.

Xiao Zhang, Xiao Ma and Wugenshui wandered aimlessly on the streets of the bustling metropolis, looking at the people coming and going, but their three people were all holding hamburgers. Like a solitary soul, an unbound ghost, who can’t find a destination or a place to go.

“Have you heard? Yesterday, there was a live broadcast in which a cell phone was hacked, and 60,000 people didn’t cut down a cell phone.” Xiaoma suddenly said, “It’s fucking outrageous.”

“Sixty thousand people.” Wugenshui sighed: “Sixty thousand people is enough to lay down Yan Country.”

“Yeah.” The pony took a bite of the hamburger and saw the front There was a bench, and he pointed: “Sit down?”

Then the three of them sat on the bench like this, staring blankly at the excited girl in the Golden Bauhinia Square in front of them. They, judging from their standard Northeastern dialect, these girls are definitely not locals.

From time to time on the road, stylishly-dressed teenagers slid past them on skateboards, and some would call out a Yankee contemptuously after seeing the three of them dressed in an old-fashioned way.

But it doesn’t matter, who cares about these little bastards, the society will give them merciless blows in the future, and even the always excited and aggressive ponies are too lazy to take care of them.

β€œWhy do people live.” The pony lit a cigarette and leaned on the place: β€œLook at these scumbags, what do they live for? What is the freedom that people yearn for? What? Where is the line between freedom and unfreedom?”

This paragraph was spoken in his tone, somewhat like a Wang Family guard, but no one present could answer. come out.

As night fell, the place began to look different from the daytime, with significantly more people, and some street performers mixed in with the crowd to make some money with their craftsmanship.

It’s not ashamed to be a performer. The pony is also like going to play, but all he takes out are killing weapons, and he is going to be arrested, and Wugenshui used to be a high-level follower of the Emperor Royal General. No interest, so it was originally just Brother Zhang who was in a daze all day long, but now it has become a group of three people in a daze.

But the good thing is that these three people are all people with sufficient temperament cultivation base, and they won’t go looking for work because of their leisure, but strange problems have been emerging one after another.

“You said, is there a real thing mixed in here?”

Wugenshui looked at the people who performed street magic, some of them were still operating It’s really staggering, even rootless water has a hard time seeing their weak spot, reading magic, writing magic.

“That must be true.”

Brother Zhang pointed to a street magician who was burning a flame with his fingers not far away, and saw the man playing with a few bunches of flames. It has to fly up and down, very smart and beautiful, and there are many people watching, but no one can find the weak spot.

There is a wooden box in front of this fire magician, and there is already a lot of money in it, and he is also more diligent in showing the wonderful flame changes to the audience.

Because it’s not far from Brother Zhang and the others, his performance can be seen very clearly. Packed up and went to seek life elsewhere.

But as soon as he turned his head, he saw that the three people sitting around ten meters were applauding him, and he also kindly laughed at the three of them, and after finishing his things, he carried them. His little box came to where the three of them were.

After he came over, he simply sat there using the box as a stool, then took out a hot dog from his pocket, put it on his hand for a while and then began to eat slowly.


He turned his head to chat with Brother Zhang and the three of them, regardless of whether they answered or not, the man said to himself, “Why bother? I want to be a stranger.”

After he finished speaking, he took a bite of the hot dog, took out a stainless steel cup with a worn label, twisted it open, and took a sip.

“There’s no better place in the world than home.”

He spoke in a low volume, as if speaking to the group leader and as if speaking to himself , a sigh seems to reveal inexplicable despair and loneliness.

“Where are you from?”

Brother Zhang asked after stuffing the last bit of hamburger into his mouth.

The magician laughed, looking straight into the distance: “Probably a very far place.”

“How far is it?”

“A lifetime.”

Brother Zhang laughed after hearing this, he relaxed and leaned on the chair, looking up at the sparse stars in the sky: “Yes, a person suddenly Coming to an unfamiliar world is not a lifetime.”

These words made the two pony and the magician look towards Brother Zhang in astonishment.

The pony said in surprise: “Is he a transmigrator?”

And the magician said in surprise: “How do you know?”

“Different worlds. The people in this world have different marks, and you can tell at a glance whether they are people of this world.”

The words of Brother Zhang made the magician suddenly become very excited, and he rushed forward with a very excited expression. He excitedly said to Brother Zhang, “Can you know where my home is? Can you take me home? I beg you…”

His repeated pleas soon turned into tears With a full face, he knelt on the ground and cried, but Brother Zhang just gently handed over a tissue.

“Sorry, I can’t do anything.” Brother Zhang also helplessly shook the head and explained: “The world is not a point to a point, it’s a point to an infinite number of points, come and go. If you want to go back later, unless there is a door or retrieval information, the denominator is positive infinity.”

The denominator is positive infinity, so it depends on fate, right, who can afford this game, maybe the first One time maybe absolutely times, and no one knows what will happen.

So this kind of answer is actually to put the word “impossible” as euphemistically as possible.

The man’s mood collapsed, and the temperament of a wanderer who seemed to be disillusioned before was suddenly disillusioned, but even the pony who likes to talk coldly the most kept quiet enough, except that he couldn’t help but let it go. Except for a fart, there was no sound again.

The infinity in space and the infinity in time are always so similar, impossible is impossible, and there is no turning back.

The man who cried a lot looked much better, he started eating his hot dog again before the tears were dry, took two bites to wipe the tears, but stubbornly ate all the thing.

Brother Zhang patted his shoulder and handed him a cup of unopened milk tea, and when Xiaoma saw this operation, he was stunned for a moment, and whispered to Wugenshui: “Where did he get the milk tea? ?”

“I don’t know…”

And seeing the logo on the milk tea, isn’t this the milk tea cup of Xiao Zhang himself?

The pony didn’t see any movement from him. Where did this milk tea come from?

But this is Brother Zhang, as long as what happens to him, everything is not so outrageous, but somewhat natural.

“I’ve been here for eleven years…”

After the man completely calmed down, he told his story, he actually came from another world, that world The development of science and technology in this world is not as good as here, which is probably at the level of the Middle Ages, but there are many things that may have existed in this world but are very rare now, such as magic, such as dragons, and devil beasts.

He doesn’t remember how he came here, but he knows that since he suddenly walked into a strange space that day, he can no longer find his way back, and his parents, wife and children have disappeared since then. in his life.

In the past eleven years, he has been wandering around, starting from Singapore, all the way to Hong Kong, where he will stop for two years, relying on superb magic innate talent to learn languages, and then use his magic ability to earn money. One bite to eat, but eleven years later, he still has nothing.

“What are you going to do next?”

“No more.” The man laughed, showing his white teeth: “I know there is no hope, so I won’t look for it.”

“You said you were a magician?”

The pony looked at this man curiously, so he could see that he did have some subtle differences from normal people, such as although he His hair color and face shape are very Asian, but his pupils are light blue, and his ear structure is also different from the ordinary person.

“The elf magician.” He wiped his ears with his hand, and the strange ears suddenly popped up, just like Elf Race in fantasy novels, pointy ears, light blue pupils… …

“Wow…” The pony was completely shocked: “The wonderful story of the world.”

The elf magician laughed when he saw his reaction: “I’m coming. Do I have a place to sit? Let a stranger make a cup of tea for three other strangers.”

Who can refuse a male elf’s request to come to his house for tea? Please, a real elf, super cool, okay?

So Xiao Zhang and his party followed the stranger to his current residence.

The place where he lives is not big, but it is not the coffin room in Sham Shui Po that Brother Zhang has seen before. Although it is also on the top floor, it has its own rooftop, and the environment is quite good by comparison. .

And maybe because the owner is an elf, this rooftop is like a botanical garden, with all kinds of lovely plants growing on it, sitting at the small square table in the middle, the mood is naturally happy .

“My original name is too long, so you can call me Pan Xing.”

The pony raised his head and curiously asked: “Isn’t that a tank?”

“The star of the stars. This is the meaning of my real name.” The elf mage stood up: “Wait, I’ll prepare tea for you.”

(End of this chapter)

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