The raws were pulled (real-time) from:
    Rose used to watch the video, a little TV Rare Project with a hard style.



    Its backward area is haunted by radio copper pipes, and it is a screen, which was transmitted simultaneously by mechanical fax machines to broadcast the weird images that were photographed by the advance investigation team.


    At this juncture, there is a strong flow of “zi” voices.


    Rose, look at that transparently female team disappear, instead of a double-hole eye, a crack in Lars’ mouth, and black mud drops down.


    A pair of black sharp claw suddenly came out of the screen and went straight to Rose Madeleine, who was stuck in a sluggish position.


    In the air of the room, the weird overlapping sounds.


    “Hunting needs patience, more bait.”


    “Regrettably, you have not been able to break the ‘Knowledge curse’ and hope that this bait trip will help you, distinguished observer disciple.”




    sound of black muds is cold, but the words seem to be respectful.


    But it is clear that that kind of respect stems from Rose Teacher, a permanent neutral old observer.


    Rose has yet to break the knowledge curse and become Big Bo Scholar, which prevents her from exempting from pollution from black muds.


    Lois’s body and soul have been frozen by the wandering evil intentions.


    Next second, strange images are born at the polar point:


    Rose’s body was captured by a pair of black claws, and she was dragged into that hard nuclear Rare Project in the light of the light.




There are


    some distant offshore Sea Territories from the Federal mainland, the “Friday island” in the region at the end of the lost islands.


    An island covered by rays of light’s “radio-meningitis” has been fired from a layer, and a giant wheel is stopping near the sea, with a slight wave of waves.


    Explorer number!


    It came only one or two days ago, but at this point it would find it difficult to understand that this giant wheel carrying out numerous investigative missions has changed. It’s parked on the surface, and it’s very lonely, and you can’t hear nothing but the wave sound, like there’s no one on that boat?


    But at this point, Void came out of ripple on the front deck of the giant wheel.




    light shines, the two figures appear simultaneously.


    Rose Madeleine, who is still from Moroccan stalled status, and behind her, wore and twisted out black mud.


    It’s in the dark eyes, showing a picture of a giant wheel.


    From the sailors to the captain, or from the “sixth group of contact associations”, they have experienced varying degrees of heterogeneity, showing the characteristics of various marine organisms, such as octopus, crabs, shrimp, seamounts, and the degree of heterogeneity continues to deepen over time.




    When black mudless people puke this irony out, the “heterogeneous agents” on the giant wheel seem to receive the same directive, and their eyes shine out of the dark blue rays of light, that is, they’re like violent zombie, hands and feet, and they come with crazy movtowards deck.


    The first to arrive was a sailor wearing blue white uniforms, whose handsome body was destroyed, half of the body was filled with a fibre pot or something, and his head turned into a dirty seal head, with a pocket sucker oh la dumped.


    He came all the way, and he swept the clothing apart, while hitting his men out of anger:


    “How dare you, you stinking black mud, rob our prey?”


    If Rose was awake at this time, he’d be surprised by the portrait in front of him.


    She was abducted by black muds, but the symbols on Friday clearly belonged to another mysterious and powerful force she had been pursuing.




    anger erupted when the two first met showed that the black mud were hostile to the “great racial Vikton”, which caused a huge turbulence?


    Look at the fighting that is going to erupt, and stop with the “malicious storm” that black mudless people spit out.


    The invisible wind that has been thrown out of that fragmented black mouth seems to have some kind of freezing effect on any life, not only for the body, but also for the soul.


    “ka ka… bang!”




    When the bad luck fishermen were frozen, they broke down and turned into a beach of sewage.




    deck is surrounded by silhouette.


    Agents from the sixth type of contact association appeared in front of Rose in another gesture.


    Of them, it is clear that one of the highest leaders, Miage Persons, has been transformed into a high-ranking “shark” agent, who left.


    That’s the sound of spitting in the mouth of the limbs, just this time more restraint.


    If there is a senseless Transcender here, he can also hear from his voice a slight fear that is not uncomfortable.


    “The slaves of the Origin, what do you want to rob us of our prey?”


    When sharks speak, his eyebrows, a clear symbol is created in chichi’s voice.


    That’s a triangle, with a precious eye ball.


    It’s been a long time since Rose tracked, and one of the members of the great ethnic Vikton was “engineer”.


    “We need a deal.”


    Black mud, the voices of the unbiased, continue to overlap cold.


    But unlike what happened in the shadow of “dark vitality”, it was clearly not the first time to deal with the black mud and the great ethnic Vikton, and it added an interesting complement after answering the dissatisfied sharks.


    The black mouth is split, the cold mud is flowing, and the overlapping sound seems to be a bit more tuned.


    “How did your troubled rats stare at the disciple of the ‘old observers’ in order to replace her identity, clandestine infiltration into the origin star?”


    “Let’s guess, it’s not your engineer, your innate talent is not enough to support you cheating on the observers, so who’s gonna send a birth… the one who likes to drill into the depth of a ‘s soul, sneak a secret and record it?”


    “Shut up, your mouth stinks worse.”


    Black mud no-one detonators were interrupted by engineers attached to sharks in the body.


    It does not seem to be concerned, or even rare, with more obvious fluctuations, even though the sound remains cold and overlapping, it shows a slight pity and provocation in the phrase: “Unfortunately, this time, this is your boring engineer, and we prefer your other member’s ‘messenger’.”


    “More trustworthy than you guys who focus on looting intriguing creatures, and she’s cute.”


    In the face of darkness, the mysterious creatures, the weak, and the blackless men of aloof and remote, have shown an equal stance towards “engineers”.


    The conversation between the two contains extremely rich information.




    least the slaves of the origin know each other and fight more than once with the great race of Vikton, or the presence behind the Vikton.


    After being mocked several times, engineers finally lost patience, and it seems that not at all considered forcing Rose Madeleine, the eyes of the engineer of the shark’s head, firing out the blue light with a strong mute of pollution, and next moment ringing on deck.


    “Say the content of the transaction?”


    “At a given moment in the future, you must cooperate with our instructions to cast sufficient experiments to the source stars.”


    Just say that the black mud look at the giant wheels, and the whole “Friday island”, and continue to ice coldly said: “To sign the experiments ahead of them, they can’t be these super trash that is about to collapse.”


    “At the end of the surrender, she’s yours.”


    Black mud no-one said that the engineer did not answer immediately.


    “What do you want to do?”


    the face of a technician who recovered wisdom, the black dirtless mouth slowed down, and the cold malicion swept out of the crack, which continued to shake the voice of the soul on deck.

    “We are only hunting a hunt, and there is no difference between the billions of hunting that have been carried out during the long years that passed.”

    “Not involving any battalion, nor leading any major event.”

    “While we are slaves like you and the Vikton, we are, in essence, different, your master, you are so stupid that you can only plunder, collect, destroy, and do not distinguish from those barbaric lives, and we are truly eternal guardians.”

    Despite the timely recovery of the insult on the back of the great ethnic Vikton, the follow-on mockery continues to make engineers almost violent.

    Behind him, a “experimental space”, which is clear but hidden from dozens of horror shadows, appears to have struggled to get rid of this sea Territory, and there seems to be an arbitrary shadow in that space with a hierarchy that made Tang Qi feel as well as a delicate predator.

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