Witch Lord Chapter 815

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The abrupt source of sound is Rose’s usual strange object tool, a mechanical strange fax machine from Yaxia Star.

At this moment, with the steam blowing thin and quiet, a page of strange object paper was spit out, picked up by a mechanical assistant, and neatly arranged on the desktop.

When Rose Madeleine subconsciously looked down and soon touched a familiar rune in a certain paragraph, her lazy and charming breath disappeared instantly, and the solemn and serious gesture returned.

The fax came from one of her partner organizations, “Type VI Contact Union”, a supernatural organization focused on the “foreign lands visitors” domain. Its fame is far less than Tree of the World or Ancient God Secret Storehouse, and it can’t even compare with organizations like Giant Beast Containment Fund.

But in fact, this is a permanent and permanent Neutral organization.

The members of this organization are absolute peace lovers, but to a certain extent, they also played the role of Origin Star Guardian, but not known to civilians or even most Supernaturalists.

They borrowed special methods to closely monitor the Origin Star’s barrier.

Any intruder will attract their attention, and they will take corresponding measures according to the threat level of the intruder.

Most of the time, they will choose to notify the local government official.

However, some threat levels are too high, they will also resort to stronger organizations.

In fact, such as “Lord of Thorns major event” and “Knova Mad King event” were all noticed by union at the first time, but the incident was resolved without waiting for them to take measures.

But they don’t care about fame, they think they are one of Origin Star’s many Guardian.

The reason they came by fax message at this time was because Rose Madeleine confessed a long time ago.

Since the “True and False Husband Incident”, Rose’s research focus has been largely tilted towards the secret mastermind.

To this end, she also took advantage of her position to notify some supernatural organizations of the major research results.

At this moment, she got feedback for the first time.

On the first page of paper in front of me, a familiar symbol appears, which is an unnatural 3 horn symbol with gemstone-like eyeballs inside.

Others could not know what the symbol represented, but Rose was very clear.

“The great race Witztonian … Engineer!”

Rose Madeleine expression spit out this sentence in a complicated way, anger killing intent flashed in his eyes.

As Neutral’s Learned, Rose would have no enemies.

With exceptions, the so-called great race Witztonian, especially one of the members “Engineer”, has formed an absolute hostile relationship with Rose.

Watching this Occult symbol, which she named “Eye of the Engineer”, Rose immediately remembered the extremely dangerous and disgusting incident. In addition to her oneself, Tang Qi was also involved in being the person being called for help, and he finally helped oneself Solved that terrifying husband … and Devour Beast.

Rose first time went to Tang Qi next door, but she just got up, and the embarrassing scene appeared not long ago in her mind. She not only cared about the “seed” of Tang University scholars, but also said some strange things.

Seeing that the cheeks were going to fly red again, Rose covered it, and decided to take it easy and read the information before talking.

His eyes fell on the fax again, and more information emerged:

“Divine Eagle New Calendar On January 5, Skynet was triggered 35 times, 30 of which were verified as small aerolite, and some non-threatening stray creatures. The threat level was not high 4 times, but the Level 7 warning was triggered once. Union dispatched a preliminary investigation team to check. “

“The target is an unknown object, the landing point has been detected, and it is located at the end of the” Friday Island “at the end of the lost sea territory islands outside the federation.”

“In the evening of the same day, The Prober arrived at the island and sent back the preliminary observation report in real time.”

“The report points out that Friday Island has encountered unknown pollution. The island’s terrain has undergone huge transformations. Plants and animals have undergone various degrees of mutation, and the degree of alienation is still deepening. The film formed by the unknown radiation covers the entire island.”

“The preliminary investigation team violated the union rules for unknown reasons and entered the island without permission.”

“On the morning of January 6, the investigation team sent back a real-time observation report. This report contains photos, videos, and related sample testing data.”

“Union received the report and asked the investigation team to explain the reasons for the violation, while leaving the island immediately. The investigation team refused the request and lost contact within half an hour.”


As he read the information, Rose frowned.

Friday Island, the name comes from Sir Adventurer Ian who first discovered the “lost islands”. Sir named the dozen islands in the archipelago after the name of a group of indigenous guides around oneself. Friday is the bravest one among them. The name is translated into federation, which is a somewhat funny name.

That “unknown foreign body” from foreign lands, descends in the island known for red coconuts, and alienated and polluted it.

Judging from the report, the preliminary investigation team undoubtedly encountered an unknown attack.

Although Type VI Contact Union is not good at combat, but they have a deep background, equipment props and related experience will not lose to Tree of the World too much.

As far as Rose knows, union generally sends the most experienced investigation team to the target that triggers Level 7 early warning.

Past record shows that even in the face of “Half-God Grade” existence, the investigation team should not lose its resistance so easily.

Thoughts flashed, Rose continued to look towards the photos and videos attached to the report. The mechanical fax machine from Yaxia Star also faxed the corresponding playback device.

2 The combination of the two is enough to show the whole face of the island today:

The “Friday Island”, which was supposed to be a pleasant scenery, completely lost the realistic colors in these photos and videos in the report. It is more like only existence in Fantasy, but not Fairy Tale Fantasy, but another kind, more future and more real. .

The trees on the island appeared anthropomorphic and beast-like, alienated into various forms, and even appeared the characteristics of living creatures.

A short video lasting 5 minutes showed that a monster alienated from the “red coconut tree” suddenly used a pair of red giant pliers to attack the members of the investigation team.

Although it was quickly eliminated and a dozen red crystal coconuts dropped after Death, it still caused the investigation team to fall into Chaos.

At the end of the video, every member of the investigation team exclaimed:

“An accident occurred and was attacked by a foreign body.”

“Request immediate retreat and return to The Prober.”

Their request was issued, but there was no immediate response in the communicator. Until a few seconds later, the sound of the call stream zī zī zī was heard, and at the same time there was a very indifferent voice, as if the voice was being responded by the machine.

“Refuse to return, continue to explore.”

When this indifferent voice sounded, the final freeze of the video was a very strange picture.

All members of the investigation team, including a Supernatural Realm Demon Huntsman close to “Legend Grade”, a “Gaia Scholar” that should be exempted from pollution, the expression on their faces became rigid and rigid at the same time, and issued the same murmur, overlapping Together, passing over the video.

“Continue to explore!”

“Continue to explore!”

This indifferent murmur dispelled the obscure atmosphere in the room.

In an instant, the strange terrifying breath filled.

Rose Madeleine’s brow furrowed tighter, her fingers moved, and then looked towards other photos and videos.

After being attacked, the grotesque investigation team began to carry out the investigation Quest with a fixed procedure.

This gives Rose a stronger unnatural feeling: it seems that the investigation team is also just a “tool”, their role is … to present everything on the island?

With this feeling, Rose saw a weird and magical island that made people want to immerse themselves in it.

In addition to the alienated plants, the living creatures on the island appeared more obvious and amazing transformation.

A lizard transformed into an “ancient and old dinosaur”, a butterfly transformed into moved towards elf, a swelled and glazed seabird, a huge octopus crawling out of a rock crevice … The life on the island is leaping, no, It is a leap forward evolution.

A team member’s handheld camera captured the evolution of a bird-class “cloud-sharp hummingbird” widely distributed in the Lost Islands:

The cloud-sharp hummingbird, which was collecting honey in the flowers, was concentrated by a rainbow of light during the flight.

In an instant, it exploded.

But it was not the flesh and feathers that fired all around, but the blazing azure light.

The hummingbird, which was originally a baby with a big fist, instantly turned into a big bird that was almost the same as the adult body. It was surrounded by electricity around it, and a supernatural breath of palpitation poured out. It issued a shocking hiss and flew immediately. The sky is like other bird-classes that have evolved.

This weird evolution is happening all the time on the island, and it is not limited to Life at all.

Even if it is an unable to move dead object, the same accident appears.

Another female player, her camera captured a seemingly magnificent, but in fact terrifying extreme scene: a plane handsome male player, he squatted in front of the spring in the jungle, not at all follow the rules not to touch the unknown environment The source of water, he stretched out his hands and picked up the spring water to try to drink.

But in the next moment, the clear spring water in his palm burst out into a soft 7-color rays of light, turning into a small one, not wearing any clothes, with a fatal charm “Mermaid” all over his body. Small Mermaid swells into a normal body shape.

She stretched out her white arms and embraced the male player like an obsessed lover, sending a warm embrace, sending a gentle kiss, and dragging the imperceptible male player into the water.


With the sound of 2 bubbles breaking, Mermaid disappeared with the male players.

The female team member who captured all this, she aimed the camera at oneself, and the more weird picture came into Rose’s eyes. The female team member became transparent, her skin, blood vessels, internal organs, The bones … appeared one after another, then vitrified, and reflected a lot of light color.

Her mouth closed one by one, spit out a faint and strange voice.

From the video, what sounded in the room was the familiar 4 words “Continue to explore”.

But in this second, what sounded deep in Rose’s mind was completely different content.

Rose seemed to see a pair of empty eyes, cold and pure, full of overlapping voices of irresistible malice, occupying her Mind and Soul.

“Come … find me … ah.”


In an instant, Rose Madeleine lost consciousness.

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