Witch Lord Chapter 816

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The prop that Rose uses to watch the video is a small TV strange object with hard core style.

Its back area is entangled with a copper wire tube, and on the front is a screen, which is synchronously passed by a mechanical fax machine to play the weird image data captured by the preliminary investigation team.

At this moment, a strong current “zī zī” sounded inside.

Rose held it and watched the transparent female player disappear, replaced by a pair of hollow eyes, a split brushed mouth, and black mud dripping down.

A pair of Black Mud sharp claw suddenly rushed out of the screen, straight to the Rose Madeleine in a dull state.

In the room air, weird overlapping sounds.

“Hunting requires patience and even more bait.”

“I’m sorry you haven’t broken ‘Knowledge Curse’. Hope’s bait journey is helpful to you, respectful Observer’s discipline.”

Black Mud’s voice is cold and unrelenting, but the statement seems to have a trace of respect.

But it is clear that the tribute comes from Rose’s Teacher, the Ancient and Old Observer who is permanently Neutral.

Rose has not broken Knowledge Curse and became Great Learned, making her unable to exempt pollution from Black Mud people.

The violent malice freezes Rose’s body and Soul.

The next second, the strangest extreme picture was born:

Rose’s body was grasped by a pair of Black Mud claws, and in the glimmer of the light, she was dragged into that hard-core strange object.


Sea Territory, which is far away from the federation, is the “Friday Island” at the end of the lost islands.

The island has been shrouded by a layer of “radiation film” that burst out of the rays of light. A giant ship is docking near the sea, and the waves shake slightly.

The Prober!

It has only just arrived for 1-2 days, but at this time, if you look at it, you will find that the giant ship that has carried out multiple investigations of Quest has an incomprehensible transformation. It stopped at the sea and seemed extremely lonely. Apart from the sound of the waves, no sound could be heard, as if the ship … was empty?

But at this time, on the forefront deck of the great ship, ripples rippled in the void.

During the glimmer of the light, two figures appeared at the same time.

Rose Madeleine, still out of inexplicable stagnation, and the Black Mud asexual who walked and distorted behind her.

Its hollow and dark eyes reflected the picture above a huge ship.

From sailors to captains, or agents from “Type VI Contact Union”, they all have different degrees of alienation, showing the characteristics of various marine creatures such as octopus, crabs, shrimp, kelp, etc., and the degree of alienation varies with The passage of Time continues to deepen.


When the black Mud asexuals spit out this mocking voice, the “alienated agents” on the giant wheel seem to receive the same command, and their blue eyes of light simultaneously light up in their eyes, immediately they are like a zombie in a riot, with hands and feet and crazy moved towards the deck.

The first to arrive was a sailor in a blue and white uniform. His handsome and tall body was destroyed, half of the body was covered with things like barnacles, and the head became a sticky octopus head. , The tentacle huā lā with a spotted sucker flicked.

As he ran, he swelled and shattered his clothes, and at the same time struck Wrath under his tentacles:

“Don’t you stinky Black Mud dare to snatch our prey?”

If Rose is sober at this time, you will be surprised by the picture in front of you.

She was kidnapped by the Black Mud, but the symbols on Friday Island clearly belong to the one she has been pursuing, another powerful force in Occult in Boundless Occult.

2 The anger that broke out at the first meeting showed that the Black Mud had a hostile relationship with the “great race Witztonian” that caused the great alienation?

Seeing the upcoming combat, it stopped with the “malice storm” spit out by the asexual Black Mud.

The invisible wind spitting out from the cracked, black thread’s mouth seems to have a certain freezing effect for any life, not only for the body but also for Soul.

“Kā kā …… bang!”

“Creak creak.”

When the unlucky octopus sailor stiffened and fell to the ground, it turned into a pool of sewage.

Around the deck, it was already full of silhouettes.

Agents from Type VI Contact Union appeared to Rose in another gesture.

Among them, the middle age person who is obviously the highest person in charge has been alienated as an advanced agent of “shark man”, and he came out.

That toothy mouth spit out the same voice as the previous octopus sailor, but this time it was more restrained.

If there is a perceptive Supernaturalist here, you can still hear a little dread in his voice.

“Origin God Race’s … slave … you rob our prey … what do you want?”

When the shark man speaks, an obvious symbol is generated in the sound of chī chī in his eyebrows.

It was a three-pointed symbol with a gemstone-like eyeball inside.

Being tracked by Rose for a long time without movement, one of the members of the great race Witztonian “Engineer”.

“We want a deal.”

Black Mud’s asexual voices still overlap.

But unlike the scene that happened in “Darkness Dimension”, the Black Mud and the great race Witztonian are obviously not the first time to interact. After answering the alienated shark, it has an interesting addition.

Black Mud’s mouth cracked again, and thick, cold sludge was flowing, and there seemed to be a hint of ridicule in the overlapping voice.

“Your messy mice are actually staring at the” Ancient and Old Observer “discipline, wanting to replace her identity and secretly sneak into Origin Star?”

“Let ’s guess, it ’s not you, the Engineer, who is responsible for parasitism, your talents are not enough to support you to deceive Observer, then who will be the parasite … It is the one who likes to drill into the depths of the Wisdom Life Soul, peeping secrets Recorded lurker? “

“Shut up, your bad breath is worse.”

Black Mud broke the news of the asexual man and was interrupted by the Engineer attached to the shark man within the body.

It did n’t seem to care, and even rarer with more obvious fluctuations. Although the voices still overlapped coldly, there was a trace of regret and provocation in the sentence: “Unfortunately this time it ’s your boring Engineer. Actually, we like you more Another member ‘Messenger’. “

“Messenger is more trustworthy than you boring creatures who are focused on plundering, and she is also very cute.”

Facing the Darkness Dimension, those Divinity Creature and weak god are also aloof and remote black Mud asexuals, but they rarely show equal attitude to “Engineer”.

2 The conversation of the two people contains a very rich amount of information.

At least the origin slave and the great race Witztonian, or the existence behind the Witztonian, knew each other and had more than one encounter.

After being ridiculed several times, the Engineer finally lost patience. It seemed not at all to consider snatching “Rose Madeleine”, the Eye of the Engineer of the shark’s head, burst out of the blue light, which contained a strong mutation. A hoarse voice, the next moment sounded on the deck.

“Say … transaction content?”

The Black Mud asexual person who has been waiting for it, without silent delay, the overlapping sound immediately said: “At a specific time in the future, you must cooperate with our instructions and place a sufficiently strong experimental body on Origin Star.”

Just said, the Black Mud people looked around the giant wheel, and even the entire “Friday Island”, continuing the ice-cold saying: “The numbered experimental subjects must not be the supernatural garbage that is about to collapse.”

“At the end of the launch, she is yours.”

Black Mud finished speaking asexually, but the Engineer did not immediately agree.

The blue and faint Eye of the Engineer, staring at the wriggling Black Mud without emotions, but the alienation breath became stronger, he whispered: “What do you want to do?”

Facing the Engineer who restored Wisdom, the mouth of Black Mud’s asexual man slowly cracked open, and cold malice poured out from the gap, and the overlapping sound that made Soul tremble continued to ring on the deck.

“We are only hunting, and there is no difference from the 100000000 10000 hunting in the past long years.”

“No faction is involved, nor will it dominate any major event.”

“Although we are all servants like you Witztonian … but in essence we are different, your lord … you are too stupid to only plunder, collect, ruin, no difference from those savage life, we are not the same , We are the real Eternity Guardian. “

Although the Black Mud asexuals promptly withdrew the insult to the “Dominion” behind the great race Witztonian, the subsequent ridicule still made the Engineer almost raging.

Behind him, an “Experimental Space” with an Order clearly but concealing dozens of terrifying shadows seems to break free of the bindings of the Sea Territory. The random shadow in the Space seems to have made Tang Qi feel very difficult at first. The level of Devour Beast.

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