The raws were pulled (real-time) from:
    After the engineer showed his own “experimental storage space”, it was difficult for black mudless people to make a detailed observation with that empty eye, as if it deliberately provoked the engineer in order to look first at the reserve of the great ethnic Vitzon.



    Although it’s all shadows, it is clear that it is not possible to stop that empty hole.


    “Enough, enough to cast at least three heads, and this old observer disciple will be yours.”


    it’s speaking, with a vicious cold wind blowing the whole explorer’s giant wheel.


    The blacks of meat springs, the silent appearance of the giant wheels, seem to have been suffering from cancer that cannot be cured.


    It’s showing power, it doesn’t look pound, but super hierarchy is too high to crush the terrifying atmosphere of most gods.


    Engineer, forced to calm down.


    It was accompanied by a few deep breaths of “heterogeneous sharks”, and the cyclone used a silent voice:




    The sound fell, the black mud molested immediately and became familiar “black jails”, and would be frozen * * Rose in the soul.


    next moment, the giant wheel of explorers who have achieved the goal from another angle was suddenly shattered by a large number of isolated seamounts and, in the hong long sound, directly departed from the sea into the “Friday island”, where there was no glorious radioactivity.


    What the great ethnic Vitzon wanted from the beginning was Rose Madeleine, and Friday the island and the sixth type of contact association were just two baits that would not give rise to suspicion.


    Just engineers didn’t think that the great Vikton would be involved suddenly, even in fear of “slaves of origin”.


    Although it was reluctant to cooperate, the engineer was well aware that he had no second choice.






    Eagle Heart Palace in the Special District, a few minutes ago, just a few seconds ago, when Rose was captured by black muds, the second Tang Qi in the living room is not far away.


    It seems to have been noticed that the look towards Rose’s room, what it is, the swelling of the furnace Meditation Method.


    At the same time, dreaming country, experimenting with the tower.


    Beck Fa Site, on Tang Qi’s feet, is today the “sad frog”, which was tearing in Waaaaaa, but soon clearly understood the emotional fluctuations in Tang Qi’s mind over the past second.


    It is hard not to be restricted to “Frank” not at all to value this opportunity and to spit the brutal facts:


    Master, your friend is in trouble. ”


    Tang Qi, who is using a fictitious book, is enduring the impulse of a true curse on the sad frog.


    He is now using divine object to slow down to control the status of the fantastic state, completely crossing the Half-God Level level, close to the “Dream Lord”.


    And for that reason, he has some wonderful feelings.


    Here, including sensitive predictions of “destiny”.


    Although weak, at that moment Tang Qi did feel some ambiguous pieces.


    “This victim, Rose.”


    Tang Qi, at the bottom of the heart, this idea flies.


    At the same time, he put it out of a breath and replied to Fake: “Sally, Night Beast, Demon, Steiner, Rose… they’re just bait, and I’m the real target of those guys.”


    “Or, it is my special capacity in the depth of one’s soul.”




    second sentence, Tang Qi, did not say, was simply at the bottom of the heart.


    Since everything has changed, Tang Qi feels more and more to see, though vague, everything is not real.


    But at this time, with the strength of the fantastic state, his eyes are flowing as though it was clear enough to understand everything.


    Tang Qi was unable to trace Rose’s whereabouts without an accident, and he was still continuing his own actions, with silence as he repressed the gloomy sea and slowed down the path:


    “The bait must remain alive before it is possible to capture the prey.”


    “Before the internet, they’ll all be safe.”


    “This is a hunting match, only to see whether the hunter wins, or whether I’m supposed to be in a clear place, and all the bad things caught break the hunting net and give the best blessings to those black painted ghosts.”




    Just after Tang Qi said that there were some neural qualities, the edge of the invisible forest suddenly came a little loud.


    His praises from Stan Duplessi, Amanda, Tyren and the others, especially the former, are certainly the most promising number of companions who are about to share their responsibilities.


    “Coming, second lucky family, he was called.”


    Listen to that genius, Tang Qi turned to the real world.


    Obviously, the first dreaming seed to make a choice has emerged.


    Tang Qi was also curious, and after Stan Duplessi, what would be the second elected “dreaming family”?


    Answer, come out soon:


    With the first “fantastic seed” flying towards a prosperous city, its lifestyle is very special, outside for a planet that spreads white light, with no obvious five judges, in the central office alone, there is a blurred sword, as if it were broken, and it was like a tattoo symbol of white lightning.


    It didn’t look at other seeds, such as witch rats, arrogant fox, flower Fairy.


    But at this point, it is felt that Stan and Amanda and the others, who belong to the fantastic countries, are spreading a message of tenacious, Judge.


    Other fantastic seeds are still swimming on their choices, and it is almost immediately deciding.


    However, when people see through their perspective what it chooses and what is happening in the region, Zizzi shows astonished colors.


    Federal West Coast, Black Fire Market.


    This is a superurban city that is very similar to the original Zitherplum city, a city that is very similar to the Hawk nest, Carter City, and which has a long period of shadow, which is not surprising with the breath of the old age, and which is mixed with two scents, like Zitherplum City, which is 10 times larger.


    This city, which has been flooded by wet rains and heavy fire, has also been a corrupt and chaotic breeding bed.


    At this juncture, a terrifying kidnapping case is in the strongest place in the Black Fire City, but at this moment it was “Hell Great Dao of Fire”.


    The rains are going crazy, surrounded by the metropolitan city under the night curtain.


    In the past, there was only body at this moment in the vast streets of the people who had been exposed.


    A lot of stinks, distorted Transcender, and the bodies of all kinds of super creatures.


    These broken bodies, which spread a strong chaotic evil breath, were clearly hit by terrifying before they were born, strong or weak, as if they were smashed by a fist of nerve.


    The rainfall fell strong, but it was impossible to wash the blood on the ground.


    The police officers in the adjacent neighbourhood who are blocking the battlefield are wearing gas masks, even from federal official issuances, with masks that must deter super-health, and it is difficult to completely isolate those stinking bloody scent and boring dry vomits from the corners of the streets.


    Even so, the police still ignore everything and keep shooting at Great Dao of Fire in the middle of hell and a thin shield in the rain.


    Only formidable power with a police gun can’t break that purple black shield even if it’s 10,000 and 100,000.


    “The report reports that Hell’s fire needs urgent support and sends the strongest Transcender, and Walter can’t hold it.”


    “zi zi”


    In a police car, the sheriff, all wet, was trying to get help, but responding only to his message.


    “Shit, it’s all shit.”


    “bang bang bang bang”


    The sheriff was angry with a police car, but that didn’t work.


    Soon he heard that incredibly disgusting joke, looking towards the middle of the Avenue.


    In a half-circle shield, a man in a gorgeous purple suit, wearing red ghost masks, smiling at a very large number of policemen who always looked at the streets full of bodies, standing in a siletthoue where there was no bullet.


    It was a young man with a perfect body, a righteous English man, who was locked in his eyebrows, dead and bitten his teeth, a flame of anger in his eyes as if it were to burn everything, and his clothes had already been shattered, but it was also clear that bodies like the “war God” of the ancient age, Judge and strong breath had flown.


    But at this point, his situation is very tragic.


    And his body, with strength, is being drowned by all kinds of “evil heads”. From those broken bodies, one with one head, smiling, crawling, hanging on his body, tearing his skin with a sharp teeth, swallowing his blood in a big mouth, as if he were crazy.


    This appalling picture occurred when the murderer in purple suit, the devil’s mask, laughed even more crazy.


    “Do not move, or you will lose the last man you love, the great, straight God of the earth, the Savior of the Black Fire City, His son.”


    “Ah, forget to say you’re in the name of the Star… Walter Cranston.”


    “Tsk tsk, a brutal racial child from the isolated regions who destroyed a large number of planet and ethnic groups, became the son of Judge of the Star, which was ironic, and was the best theatre, and your story should be moved to the big screen, and I would be there by then.”




    When you smile, this purple suit man dumps a rare beast gun like the blood, the red rhino, and a brown woman with her foot on the ground, and she seems to have fallen into a coma, bleeding out of her head and bleeding red out of her head and bleeding the ground red.


    This is not only a shock to Stan Duplessi and the others, but the police around them are almost crazy, but they can’t do anything but unleash fire.


    There are dozens of evil, huge super creatures silhouette outside the street, and there are no moves, but these horror creatures will kill as long as there are police cars that ignore everything.


    The police are well aware that they are forced to play a “audience” role.


    And all this is to torture Great Dao of Fire, who saved the son of Judge for a long time in the city of Blackfire.


    Walter Cranston!


    A special Transcender, born in the black fire market soon recovered from the spirits, soon became supernova in the West Coast and was reputable as the superpowerhouse of the “God on the ground”.


    His life is not a secret. He is an outsider, an exotic visitor.


    For more than a decade before the mysterious side was reopened, he had been living as a “originator” and had no difference with almost all the inhabitants of the Black Fire, except for himself, who knew that attribute in all its aspects was different from ordinary people.


    Thereafter, the source star was reintegrated into mysterious, a guest from different regions who had not been at all left here and who still recognized the identity of his own origin, the inhabitants of the Black Fire.


    He joined the order camp in his capacity as Transcender and began helping the black fire market in his own way.


    By the influence of his parents, Transcender, who was at a time of surge in power after the spiral recovery, actively became a “super-vigilante” to combat any case of chaotic evil Transcender in the black market or super creature.


    Soon he was famous, directly on top of the supernova in the Federation.


    His name, which sounds much stronger than when Tang Qi was a “mysterious witch” and “genius Scholar”.


    His supernova career is not long, and soon, as Tang Qi did, he took out the name of supernova, and guarded the entire black fire market in the name of “God on the ground”.


    With the recent official federal action, after the absence of the “information blockade”, the federations began to realize the existence of Transcendent World, which naturally included millions of residents of the black fires market.


    The official delegation of information was intended to allow the population to adapt first, and the ensuing confusion was acceptable.


    But in the case of “Walter Cranston”, he was unable to sit in a situation where his city was caught up in a state of chaos that was not so serious that he was fighting evil, gradually expanding from a mystery to a reality, and some of the crazy criminal activities that had been hit by the Transcendent World.


    It was nothing, the consequences of a real world, no more than Walter’s name, adding, in addition to “God on the ground”, names such as “God of the Guardian”, “son of the Judge”.


    For the inhabitants of the Black Fire City, it’s like a superhero in comic movies, and it’s real.


    Between that time, Walter Cranston’s name was insane.


    If you have the power of Tang Qi, that’s a lot of methods, even if this level is “exposures”, it’s a little bit of trouble that’s all.


    When Tang Qi was a witch Principal in the city of Michigan, he also took over the headlines many times, and no one could find Tang Qi in that way, and the evil monsters were afraid of relocation.


    But Walter Cranston is different, his personality and prescription methods are simple, and only Judge’s thoughts are in his head.


    But such a “superhero” is exposed to a great deal, and it must be tragic to see him next.


    The spirits are recovering, the forces of the evil camps are rising, and humankind is more than a complex race.


    Sometimes humans are more toxic than some monster.


    Walter Cranston started the day under the real sun, and he came to a painful life.


    His parents, who were repeatedly attacked by evil Transcender and super creatures, were dissolved by him until one day the gangs in the black fire market, the police, together with the evil Transcender in the dark, deceived Walter and tortured his parents in the shortest possible time.


    It is clear that God on the ground is not at all the power to resurrect the dead.


    Walter was caught in extreme pain, and that night he erupted all his power, covering the whole city of black fire, enough to destroy it.

    But the conspirators have no fear, because Walter Cranston has a sad principle:

    He never kills anyone!

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