Within Three Inches Chapter 1107


Almost at the moment when Wang Baole’s planet turned into a big hand, the imposing manner of the imposing manner of Clone, which was still useless after the change, died, and left Sacred Domain First Sect, inside the mountain gate of Nine Provinces, floating in the starry sky. Like the vast Permanent Star, the eyes suddenly opened!

As the eyes opened, the sky of Heavenly Fire appeared in their eyes for an instant. This fire spread out instantly, covering the emptiness in all directions, so that a large area was directly enveloped by flames.

The nothingness was burned, the starry sky was twisted, and the Chongyuezi sitting there instantly withered his left arm, and his face became paler. Although there was no spits out blood, the breath on his body was weak. less.

In his opened eyes, surprise was revealed, and a more gloomy meaning appeared in the expression, and his brows slowly frowned.

“Clone die?” Chongyizi ugly complexion, but he doesn’t know the specific process, because the seal can interfere with Karma and block the Star Domain Supreme Being, so he will be affected in it.

So the memory that Clone gave back is only to see the battleship where Wang Baole is flying out, and the silhouettes of the seven or eight Permanent Star Dao Protectors. As for the back, it is blank.

“Is there a powerhouse hidden in Wang Baole’s battleship? Or, among his Dao Protectors, there are people out of the ordinary… Or is it that the gods of heaven help?” Chong Yizi thought I understand, but I feel that the last one has the smallest probability, and the greatest possibility… is that there is a not weak person among Dao Protector.

As for Wang Baole’s idea of ​​killing his own Clone by himself, in Chongyizi’s mind, simply does not exist, and naturally what is impossible will happen will not appear in his thoughts.

“Old Patriarch has such a deep love for this discipline…” Chong Barley was coldly snorted, and after squinting, he looked down at his withered left arm, and the killing intent flashed suddenly.

“Dare to destroy my Clone, how can this end this matter, Old Patriarch is strong, but I am not without a Master!” Thinking of this, Chong Yazi squinted his eyes and stood up slowly, following his Standing up, all around the starry sky was rumbled, as if there was a huge coercion, spreading from him, making all directions starry sky unbearable, and there appeared one after another fragmentation.

I can even see a large number of regular silk threads, which are all invisible, twisted all around, as if to set off, making the imposing manner amazing here.

In fact, it is true. As the Chongyuezi of the Permanent Star Late Stage, because it is an Earth Grade Permanent Star, its battle strength is extremely formidable. The Permanent Star of the great circle of the Profound Realm is in front of him. He is not an opponent, let alone his retreat for many years and the impact of the great circle. Although he has not arrived yet, it is only a slight difference.

Once you get to of the great circle, what is placed in front of him will be a test like fish leaping over the dragon gate. If it succeeds… Then there will be one more Star Domain Supreme Being in Nine Provinces!

At the same time, this is more about the competition for Dao Lineage in Nine Provinces. It is a competition between him and the first Dao Child non-zero son. Whoever becomes Star Domain first can take over the Nine Provinces.

“At this critical moment, destroy my Clone…” The cold glow in Chongyizi’s eyes was shining, and he was very irritable. If he had not owed favors, he would not shoot at this time, but now Clone is destroyed, he If you don’t solve it, Dao Heart is not perfect, and it will also affect the promotion of the cultivation base.

“Also, come back with a Taoist star and see if it can help me extra.” Thinking of this, I got up and let the trembling starry sky of all directions Chong Yezi, his body shook, and he left Nine in an instant The Shanmen galaxy on Provinces Road was already in Boundless Starry Sky when it appeared. The right hand lifted up and counted. After raising his head, he took a big step, one by one galaxy, towards the place where Clone died, whizzing away!

At the same time, in the starry sky region far away from Chongyizi, the battleship where Wang Baole is located is also amazingly fast, moving forward with a clear goal, and it is the entrance to the land of the stars.

Although there is a large area from here to the entrance to the Land of Starfall, it is still much shorter than the distance to Chong Barley, so even if the latter is faster, the speed in battleship Next, the battleship and the entrance of Xingyun are getting closer and closer.

After half a month, in the gallop of the battleship, Wang Baole faintly saw the distance…that empty white galaxy.

Looking from a distance, this white galaxy looks the same as Wang Baole’s memory. It is…paper galaxy, or in other words, it is paper starry sky.

At this edge position, the battleship stopped. In the curiosity of Xie Haiyang and Chen Han, Wang Baole walked out of the battleship and looked at the paper galaxy in front of him. After pondering for a long time, he did not take the battleship, but let the battleship. And everyone in it stayed outside, stepped forward and stepped into the paper galaxy.

Almost the moment he stepped in, waves of waves dispersed from his feet, making this piece of paper starry sky seem to wave up and down like a sea of ​​paper.

Wang Baole expression continued as usual, and walked forward until a few days later, he came to the center of this paper galaxy, where the star ship stopped, standing here, looking at the nothingness all around, Wang Baole cup one fist in the other hand, bow to the front.

“The deceased is visiting, I don’t know if Xingyuhuang Senior is allowed to enter.”

Although I have been an expert posture along the way, and because of my insights previous life, I have a Divine Soul and mentality that can overlook the entire stele world, but Wang Baole is very clear about when this mentality is beneficial to him , When to show, it will be detrimental to oneself.

For example, at this moment, he needs to put his posture away, otherwise, it would be counterproductive.

After a bow, Wang Baole didn’t worry, but waited silently. After about ten breaths passed, a vicissitudes of life echoed the entire paper starry sky.


As the words spread, the entire paper star sky suddenly fluctuates more violently. With the spread of the fluctuation, the paper star sky instantly resembles a piece of paper, beginning to fold in half, in half, and then in half.

After the infinite fold in half, the range of the paper starry sky is getting smaller and smaller, but the height is getting higher and higher. This does not conform to certain logic, but the fact is that, and Xie Haiyang and Chen Han fall outside the paper starry sky And the others, while this scene shocked their hearts, they also felt that Wang Baole was more mysterious here.

Because they know that apart from regular invitations, the Land of the Fallen Stars ignores the outside world. Even if the Star Domain Supreme Being arrives and is not allowed to enter, the Star Domain Supreme Being will have no choice but to leave.

But Wang Baole… came here, but entered smoothly. This matter made Xie Haiyang firmer towards Wang Baole and made Chen Han even more proud of himself as a son of man.

In this determination and pride, the two eyes touched subconsciously.


“hmph hmph! ”

Moving away quickly…

The same scene where Wang Baole is in the paper starry sky, infinitely folded in half, and… At this moment, Chongyuezi’s body, which has emerged from the void in the distance of the starry sky, stands there, obviously very conspicuous, but Xie Haiyang and the others did not notice anything.

Gazed at the paper starry sky that was constantly folded in half until the height became more and more astonishing, until it turned into a white glow and disappeared into the starry sky, and the grim squinted the eyes of Barley.

Because he has seen the battleship of Xie Haiyang and the others, he didn’t see any cultivator that could threaten his Clone in it, which made a lot of speculations in his heart.

“The one who killed me Clone, is gone?”

He believes that Wang Baole who enters the Land of Starfall will eventually come out, and all the answers will be revealed after the opponent comes out and beheaded by himself.

“I hope it will not disappoint me.”

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