Within Three Inches Chapter 1109


“Ai, if the girl is the same as these stars, I will be all excited when I say a word.” Wang Baole stood in the starry sky, looking at the excitement and shining of millions of stars in the distance. With such a strange thought.

However, in order to maintain the expert posture he obtained after his insights previous life, he can only put these feelings in his heart. On the surface, it is calm as water, calm, and the meaning of his insights previous life. , The performance is vividly and thoroughly.

But he forgot…Little Elder Sister has a hobby of spying on his thoughts, so he heard a sneer almost as soon as Wang Baole’s sigh appeared.

“Is this why you dream of becoming a Federation President.”

Wang Baole shook his body, almost failing to maintain his expert posture, so he turned his mind, sighed, and spoke affectionately in his mind.

“The madness of a million girls is good, but it is all to set off my Dao star, Little Elder Sister, you… you are the eternal Dao star in my heart, so that in my heart, it is you!”

“Bah!” In response to Wang Baole’s, it was Little Elder Sister’s groan, but from this voice, Wang Baole still felt the emotional change of the other party, so he coughed and his expression became solemn, sit cross-legged Afterwards, he was immersed in the operation of his own cultivation base with a strange light in his eyes.

Little Elder Sister also knew that this moment was the crucial moment for Wang Baole’s, so after a sigh, he stopped talking, but watched silently. Under her attention, Wang Baole’s cultivation base was running faster and faster.

It takes four breaths from at first. The cultivation base runs through the whole body for a heavenly circulation until it accelerates to a breath and a heavenly circulation. As the speed increases, Wang Baole’s body is like a huge furnace, which begins to emit high temperature. The absorption of the Dao star outside its body makes the Dao star’s rays of light more radiant, and even the nine ancient stars with it all around have absorbed part of it, and the rays of light shine more and more.

“Not enough…” Wang Baole showed a sharp light in his eyes, and he looked forward to it more deeply. He did not go to the Flame Galaxy. Although he had a good understanding of the Permanent Star realm, it was not comprehensive. Old Patriarch sat down in the cultivation, and as he consulted a large number of classics, his understanding of the Permanent Star environment has also greatly improved.

He knows very well that Permanent Star is divided into Heaven, Earth, Profound and Yellow. Among these five levels, it is rare to reach the Profound Level, and they are usually those with a certain chance, such as his Dao Protector. Among them, there is a Profound Level, and this person has an unusual position in the Permanent Star of the Flame Galaxy.

In the previous shot of Chongyuezi, this person seems to have failed, but in fact the injury is the smallest. This is the formidable of the Profound Level Permanent Star, and Earth Grade… can only be described by the word rare, Such as Chong Barley, Earth Grade!

But his identity is after all the 2nd son of Sacred Domain First Sect, which shows the scarcity of Earth Grade. Looking at the entire flame galaxy, perhaps there used to be Earth Grade Permanent Star, but now…

“No more.” Wang Baole murmured, taking back his thoughts on the Flame Galaxy, and his cognition of the Heavenly Permanent Star emerged in his mind.

Tian-level Permanent Star, as rare as phoenix feathers and unicorn horns in the entire Endless Dao Domain, seems to involve some secrets, so since ancient times, only the Imperial Clan of the Weiyang clan has appeared Heavenly Permanent Star!

Regardless of the Celestial Level or the Ordinary Level, the way to advance to the Permanent Star is similar. It is to find a permanent Star of sufficient level, integrate within the body, and become one with oneself, making oneself breakthrough and within the body itself into a galaxy.

So the Permanent Star Realm has another name, called the Galaxy Realm!

As for the original planet, it will also become the first planet in the galaxy after the breakthrough.

But at this time, there is actually a gap between Heaven and Ordinary Level, but it is not as big as the gap between Heaven and Earth. The degree of formidable between them is mainly reflected in the subsequent cultivation and accommodation. Just like a container, if Ordinary Level is just a cup, then Earth Grade is a huge water tank, while Heaven Grade is a water pool!

Higher the grade, the more permanent stars can be accommodated in subsequent cultivation. To some extent, the cultivation of Permanent Star cultivator, in addition to its own cultivation method, is to swallow and fuse one after another Permanent Star to complete its own Metamorphosis.

After reaching its extreme, its own galaxy is transformed into a Star Domain in the infinite majesty. At that time, it is the moment when the Permanent Star cultivator, breakthrough its own cultivation base.

“But what I want…not these five levels, but above these five levels…Rare than as rare as phoenix feathers and unicorn horns, legendary…Dao-level Permanent Star!” Wang In Baole’s eyes, the rays of light are strong and Dao-level. This is a Realm that can be barely achieved only if you have Dao stars and also have a great opportunity!

That is to let Dao Xing be promoted to Heng Dao!

This matter was only done by the First Generation Patriarch of the Weiyang clan at the time. After him, no one can do it. After all, there are too few Dao stars, and there are fewer opportunities to become Heng Dao, so simply did not get promoted. When the law is spread out, we must rely on ourselves to explore together.

Wang Baole has also figured out some methods on his way here. For example, at this moment, the reason why he continues to accelerate the operation of the cultivation base is precisely the method he has analyzed from many methods, and he believes that it is most likely to be achieved after screening. Way.

The rapid rotation of the cultivation base makes oneself continuously emit high temperatures like a Fireball, so that the fluctuations of one’s own planets reach the extreme, so as to feel the opportunity of…breakthrough.

While his thoughts turned, Wang Baole did not hesitate at all, and within the body cultivation base speeded up again frantically, gradually changing from one breath and one heavenly circulation to one breath and three heavenly circulation, five heavenly circulation, until ten heavenly circulation, he Feel the limit.

And his Dao Xing, at this moment, under the frantic operation of its cultivation base, has become extremely hot, making the firmament of the land of the stars seem to be burned, showing a fiery red meaning, looking at the paper sea Paperman has expression changes.

While their expression changes, Wang Baole is a little anxious here, because he has reached the limit of one breath and ten heavenly circulation. In this state, he has also been unable to support for too long, but… he still did not feel the slightest promotion. Fluctuations.

“My instinct tells me that as long as I burn my Dao Xing and consume the power of Dao Xing, I can leap forward, but I don’t want to burn and consume!” Wang Baole’s bright glow flashes suddenly appeared outside his body. In the shadow of the zombie, the illusion of the grieving soldier appeared, and several other lifetimes were transformed at the same time, and the little White Deer was also among them. At the same time, they scattered and merged into his Dao star, making the Dao star in this brief moment, trembling, such as It was added power, light and heat, erupting.

The entire sky of the land of the stars suddenly brightened, and the night turned into a vast expanse of whiteness, and in this monstrous eruption, Wang Baole, who fuse together with Daoxing and regardless of each other, finally felt a layer The looming barrier wall!

This barrier wall is like a certain restriction that prevents Dao Xing from being promoted. It seems that there is a boundary in this universe. Only like fish leaping over the dragon gate, Dao Xing jumps and crosses the boundary of collapse. , Can be promoted smoothly!

He had instinctively felt that as long as the Dao Xing was burned and consumed, the same was true. Because of the combustion, more jumping power could be exchanged. Because of the consumption, the Dao Xing itself could be reduced, making it easier to jump up!

But he didn’t want it!

At this moment, Wang Baole suddenly raised his head, and his voice was solemn and solemn, spreading across the sky in all directions.

“In the sky, stars…Who would like to accompany me, walk all the way to Star River, to see the real starry sky!”

As soon as his words came out, the millions of stars that had originally excited the rays of light, all went crazy at this moment, and the rays of light exploded violently at an unprecedented level, making the starlight in the sky countless and amazing.

There are tens of thousands of stars in it, rays of light are the strongest, and those are…special stars. At this moment, in the violent shining, Wang Baole raised his right hand, his eyes were fixed, and he spoke softly.


The words were almost reverberating. Millions of stars were rumbled and rushed toward Wang Baole, but the tens of thousands of special stars inside were the fastest. In the blink of an eye, they surpassed other stars and went straight to Wang Baole’s all. Around, suddenly surrounding each other, they seem to have formed a stand, and while excluding other non-special stars, they all assemble their full strength to spread out the starlight and merge into Wang Baole’s Dao Star!

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