Within Three Inches Chapter 1110


Almost at the moment when Wang Baole’s words came out…

At the moment when tens of thousands of special stars return, fuse the starlight into Daoxing!

The moment Wang Baole got up and stretched out his arms, behind him, a huge star map suddenly turned into an image!

This star map is in the shape of a cow. At first it is still very small, but it swells in an instant and directly grows bigger. It shocks all those who witnessed it. In the rumbled, the star map covers most of the range. A starry sky, except for the special stars that tens of thousands of merged into, the rest of the stars had to retreat, vacating areas for it, making everyone look up, and there was even a sense of a star map instead of the starry sky.

Only Wang Baole’s Dao star, at the core of the star map, is like a huge stove burning blazingly!

And this picture includes tens of thousands of special stars at the same time, pulling these tens of thousands of special stars in this brief moment, in the star chart, it is like a return, arranged according to a certain rule, in the blink of an eye, This cow, rays of light ten thousand zhang, seems to be Mortal becomes Saint, and becomes Divine Ox, but it is not clear, but slightly fuzzy!

I can see this Divine Ox with his eyes closed and not opened, as if he was asleep, but even so, his body still exudes an aura that makes the entire land of stars fall into a sensation!

It’s mighty, it’s brave, it’s even more earth-shattering once you open your eyes!

“This is…” The Starfall generation of the Great Emperor, both eyes shrank suddenly, and the contemporary Starfall Emperor beside him also saw the Divine Ox star map, and his expression changed.

“Such a domineering imposing manner…This is the Star Domain projection?!” The two looked at each other, and both saw each other’s eyes in surprise.

But their surprise was not over yet, and new changes appeared again. As Wang Baole showed strong expectations in his eyes, his Star Sealing Technique within the body suddenly moved from the First Layer to the third level, and then the fourth level. , After slightly stopped, there was a breakthrough and it reached the fifth level!

For each breakthrough layer, this Divine Ox rays of light is 30% stronger!

In this process, the huge Divine Ox star map also rapidly changed from blur to clear. When Wang Baole’s Star Sealing Technique reached its extreme, the tens of thousands of special stars directly replaced the original Divine Ox star. The meteorite in the map replaces all the stars in it, covering all the fairy stars in it, making this Divine Ox star map, in this brief moment, emit dazzling rays of light.

This rays of light makes the starry sky pale, makes everything dim, and makes all gazes become eternal, and even covers the light of the Dao star like a furnace!

Let the entire Starfall Land be shrouded in its rays of light!

Wang Baole’s body vibrates, and with the power of one person, he pushes Divine Ox, the star sealing technique formed by tens of thousands of special stars. For him, it is not easy, especially at this moment, he has taken the opportunity to successfully break through. fifth level.

But after feeling it, Wang Baole still feels that this alone is not enough to hold up his heavier Dao star. He wants to be promoted… and needs to go further!

“In my deduction, the Star Sealing Art has a sixth level!!” Wang Baole eyes showed strange glow. After taking a deep breath in the starry sky, he immediately turned the Dao star in the core of the star map to make Dao. At this moment, the stars are rumbled and rotate, there is Law Force spread inside, and all around satellites burst out and converge rules.

All these operations finally made the rays of light bright again, and the brightness directly surpassed the Divine Ox star map. It was as if the star map was injected with new light sources, making the rays of the star map Light was also promoted and blessed.

Indirectly promoted the operation of the Star Sealing Technique again!

In the original dazzling state, I climbed again, with the help of tens of thousands of special stars and the power of my own Dao stars, all gathered like an impact, making the Divine Ox star map rays of light reach the ultimate brilliance, and finally crashed. break out!

breakthrough has reached the extreme, reaching an unprecedented…sixth level!

The boom sound resembles Heavenly Thunder, bursting continuously, as if it can burst the Star River, between Heaven and Earth, in the hearts of all beings in the land of stars, constantly echoing, becoming the only one.

Almost at the moment when the Star Seal Technique was promoted to the sixth level, Divine Ox shook suddenly, and both eyes suddenly opened in the impact, revealing two ultimate rays of light converged by countless stars.

The rays of light reflected in the eyes of sentient beings in the land of the stars, making all Paperman’s bodies tremble, and while they were trembling, this to open eyes Divine Ox also made a roar that shook the world!



At the same time, outside the land of the stars, in the Sacred Domain on the left, in the flame galaxy, the deity of Divine Ox sleeping in the starry sky outside the main star, at the moment Divine Ox roars in the land of the stars, his body is also With a sudden shock, to open eyes looked towards the distance of the starry sky. In this brief moment, there was a strange glow in his eyes. At his side, the body of Old Patriarch in flames also instantly turned out, the same looked towards the distance.

“Didn’t expect, my discipline started being promoted so quickly!” The voice of vicissitudes, I don’t know if it came from the mouth of Old Patriarch or Divine Ox, echoing all directions at the same time, the main star of Flame was on Wang Baole’s Those Senior Brothers also raised their heads one after another, staring at the starry sky, as if their eyes could penetrate nothingness, seeing the majestic vortex gathered at this moment outside the land of stars.

That vortex was attracted by Wang Baole’s promotion. From the condense of nothingness to the silent surrounding of the starry sky, Xie Haiyang and the others trembled. Although I don’t know why this is the case, I can guess this scene, perhaps with Wang Baole is related.

“It’s just a promotion to Permanent Star, it doesn’t need to be so grand…” Xie Haiyang took a breath and muttered.

“Shut up, Dad’s martial arts, how could you and other mortals know, huh, mortal, you simply don’t know the origin of Dad, tell you to scare you, my Dad…that is the father of all living beings!” Although Chen Han was also shocked, when he heard Xie Haiyang’s words, he immediately stopped doing it and spoke proudly. The Dao Protectors behind him bowed their heads, as if Young Master seemed to have changed after returning from the Destiny Star. Words always make people feel ashamed…

“Your father is not here, what’s the use of you taking boot-licking so hard!” Xie Haiyang stared at Chen Han dissatisfied.

“A mortal!” Chen Han hugged his chest, snorted, seemingly disdain to explain.

The Chongyuezi who was waiting here, unknown to everyone, was also shocked from a distance at this moment. He quickly turned his head to look at the vortex all around slowly pervading, and then looked at the disappearance of Wang Baole before. At the entrance of the Land of Starfall, the expression was surprised and faintly unpleasant.

“This is the breath of Jie…what’s the situation?!”

At the same time as the outside world vibrates, in this starfall land, the same is true, Heaven and Earth change, the wind and clouds roll back, all directions rumbled, the generation of Starfall emperor breathes suffocated.

“The breakthrough planets can actually attract tribulation…Quickly, make formations!”

As his words spread, the cultivation base of the Starfall Emperor and all his courtiers immediately spread, and the formation of the empire suddenly turned around, causing the entire Starfall Land to rise a layer. The white light barrier covers the outside of the sky.

As for Wang Baole, his entire imposing manner has reached its limit at this moment, and all the preparations are sufficient. After a few breaths of silence, Wang Baole suddenly raised his head, and a low voice came from his mouth.

“Trust me Dao star… smashing void, promote the star of Heng Dao!!”

As soon as the words came out, Wang Baole waved his hands violently. Suddenly his Dao star and nine satellites immediately rose from Divine Ox within the body, and finally floated above Divine Ox’s head!

And Divine Ox is also looking up, with bright glow in his eyes, and once again there is an imposing manner, a roar of rumbled all directions from the sky. In this roar, its domineering intent is extremely violent, after a shake of his body , Against the Dao Xing, holding Wang Baole, towards the starry sky, towards the invisible boundary, like fish leaping over the dragon gate… rushed forward!

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