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This feeling made him very uncomfortable. Secretly thought this kid is a bit sinister, but it is estimated that it is, and he can barely live with shock, so he slammed his voice and was about to speak.


But without waiting for this domineering figure to come out, Wang Baole’s bright glow flashes, open in advance.


“Predecessors, don’t bother you to tear them apart. If you want to see them, then I will help you, and open all my inner world to you!”


Wang Baole squinted, he had some speculation before, at this moment faint clear comprehension, himself and Zhao Yameng, the person who was moved to the place where there are countless figures, should be a place of inheritance of the Dao Palace.


He should have triggered a heritage, so fleshly body coma, and the consciousness appeared here, and through the observation and judgment of the observation, he has understood that the place of consciousness is his inner world.


This self-proclaimed emperor should be a projection-like way, descending into his inner world, teaching the cultivation method, but this person is too arrogant, and some look down on people.


“Since it is my own inner world, then I should be able to control it a little bit…” Seeing that this is still arrogant, the bully and arrogant figure has been shocked twice by his inner world, Wang Baole’s smiling opening. In the moment when Nabo’s body was shocked, his arms lifted up.


“All the world, open!!”


The rumbled voice suddenly echoed around, like a thunder-like spread all directions, a sudden crack appeared, and even under these cracks, the Underworld Sect world and the Weiyang statue world that were previously opened by domineering, directly Come here.


As the horror of the stars in Underworld Sect broke out, the statues of the Weiyang people also spread the momentum of the Weiyang people. When they incited Heaven and Earth, they also made the breathing of the tyrants unstable. I have not waited for his heart to adapt to these two worlds smoothly, and the third world… comes.


It is the world where there is a huge axis of painting. When the scroll is unfolded, the girl inside does not attract the attention of this domineering figure, but the girl’s father, the white-haired man’s appearance, falls into this domineering figure. In an instant, the person’s body was trembled like never before, and he was exclaimed for the first time.


“Iridium!!! This is impossible, this…this…”


The domineering figure is obviously awkward, and it is clear that the inner heart is already in the middle of the river.


Wang Baole was a little surprised. After blinking, he coughed and consciously turned his fleshly body into his face, carrying his hands and fainting his mouth.


“You mean my father-in-law, my father-in-law doesn’t like people calling him a comet, you have to pay attention.”


“You… father-in-law?!!” The domineering figure turned to look at Wang Baole, and he saw a ghost-like look. He obviously did not believe in Wang Baole’s discourse, but there was too much for the inner world of Wang Baole. What he can’t understand is, in the final analysis, he still doesn’t believe it, or he doesn’t want to believe it, so he whispers.


“Underworld Sect is the best, is your master? Another Dao Domain stepped out of the fifth step and even more supreme existence, is your father-in-law, you…” Domineering figure just said here, before you finish, suddenly The body was stiff and looked at Wang Baole with a dull look.


Just looking at Wang Baole at the moment, while the domineering figure is opening, the right hand lifts a wave, and a group of Underworld Fire instantly condense in his hands, even in this inner world, there is ice Cold .


“This is Underworld Fire. The predecessor knows about Underworld Sect. Should you also know this fire? As for your questioning the relationship between me and my lover, then…” Wang Baole said here, meditation on Dao Scripture.


As he meditated in his heart, he suddenly felt like a breath coming from the depths of the universe, directly penetrating the solar system, penetrating the bronze ancient sword, and descending into the inner world of Wang Baole’s, shocking all directions, the domineering figure was obviously dumbfounded.


Seeing that this domineering figure is stupid, Wang Baole is proud of his heart, but pretends to be a light head, wave a hand, and the last layer of the world is illusory. He thinks that since it has appeared, simply let the heart out and see this. The guy doesn’t know.


The move of Wang Baole’s also made Nabo’s temperament understand. The strongest shock, it has not yet appeared. Soon, when Wang Baole’s fifth world came, the huge heart inside was revealed in this domineering figure. At this time, the person actually gave a very screaming scream, it is hard to imagine that this domineering person can make such a high pitch.


“This…this…this is a taboo!!” The domineering figure inhaled again and again, even the armor of the body could not help but dissipate immediately, revealing a pale, bloodless face and the fear and unbelievable eyes. The body seemed to escape when it seemed to be instinctive, but his body just moved, and the huge heart jerked. Suddenly, this domineering figure was crying out, standing there shivering, not moving.


Seeing that the other party was scared like this, Wang Baole also stunned. After blinking, he coughed and bowed to the domineering figure.


“Predecessors, the inner world of the younger generation has shown, I wonder if the evaluation is still Ding?”


“A… A…” The domineering figure was bitter, looked at the heart, looked at the drawing axis, and then swept away the direction of the Underworld Sect world and the Weiyang, only to say so.


“Thank you for the evaluation of the seniors, and the emperor cultivation method that you said. The first part is a little less…”


“Give you, all to you!!” Domineering to cry and tears, directly lifted the hand seal on the right hand, suddenly a red mans fly out, went straight to Wang Baole, and instantly integrated into his consciousness.


With the integration of the inheritance, Wang Baole’s consciousness suddenly trembled, and a large amount of information was spread in his entire consciousness, so that his inner world could not be maintained and began to dissipate. With the dissipating, this domineering figure finally broke free. Crying and sulking, he looked back at Wang Baole, with helplessness and panic, and quickly left.


Just thinking about his inheritance is all given, and his heart is very wrong. After all, this is how many years he has given the complete inheritance for the first time, and he can only sigh when he thinks about Wang Baole’s background. My heart is regretting that I want to choose this kid.


“I am just a projection, too bully!!”


Since the grief and self-satisfaction, this domineering figure gradually dissipated, and Wang Baole’s inner world, with the integration of his inheritance, continued to disperse until after an empty space, only Wang Baole was there, constantly blending Inheritance, time has passed slowly, I don’t know how long it has passed, until the place where the fleshly body is located, the black screen of the sky dissipates, the three red cracks reappear, and the weak rays of light scatter the black earth. When Shino was on the coma of Wang Baole, Wang Baole shook his body and slowly opened his eyes.


First, it was awkward. Soon, Wang Baole slammed up and looked around. He found that although he was still in the former area, but there was no meditation around him, he looked at Zhao Yameng and Zhuo Yifan and noticed that there was no Obstacles, just after the coma, this was relieved, and involuntarily recalled everything that the consciousness experienced after the coma, and gradually looked strange.


“Emperor…” Wang Baole murmured, in his mind, at this moment, a clear imprint of a complete set of inheritance about this divine ability, and when he recalled here, Zhao Yameng also shocked and opened his eyes. When I sat up, I was stunned, and then Zhuo Yifan woke up and was confused.


For a long time, after the three looked at each other, Wang Baole couldn’t hold back and whispered.


“Are you… have you gained the inheritance?”


“I seem to have had a dream. There is a soldier in my dream… There, I worshipped the teacher. Master taught me a set of cultivation method…” After Zhuo Yifan indulged, he whispered openly, and there was still confusion in his eyes. .


“I remember, the cultivation method taught to me by the teacher, called…Divine Weapon, nine changes! Unfortunately, it was only passed to me top three!” When it comes to this, Zhuo Yifan is slowly clear and his breathing is slightly short. Look at Wang Baole and Zhao Yameng.


Zhao Yameng licked his eyebrows and seemed to be remembering. After a long while, he nodded and whispered softly.


“I am also the same. In the sea of ​​fire in a starry sky, I saw a huge old tree. It claimed to be a sorrow, and accepted me as a disciple, and taught…ancient formation!”


“It’s also part, not all…” Zhao Yameng’s eyes gradually revealed the strange singularity, and the faint whole spirits seemed to change with the inheritance, and even their cultivation base also had breakthroughs. It’s close to the knot.


“Here…not a dangerous place, but a place of inheritance!” Finally, Zhao Yameng took a deep breath and slowly opened his mouth.


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