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“My heritage…called Emperor!” After hearing Zhao Yameng and Zhuo Yifan’s, Wang Baole also said his inheritance, but he did not say the story between himself and the domineering figure in the inner world… …


In fact, even himself, he was frightened by the existence in his inner world, and he felt more and more that he was a collection of gas transporters. Otherwise, why is it so different?


In the heart of this triumph and the feeling of not being able to tell others, Wang Baole and Zhao Yameng and Zhuo Yifan, the three looked around, squatting here, the figure did not appear, and quickly galloped.


Although Zhuo Yifan is injured, it is obvious that the adventure is not small in the inheritance. At this moment, the injury has recovered more than half. No need for Wang Baole to carry it again. During the speed expansion, there is a faint metal flash in his feet, making him faster than usual. It’s a lot faster, and Zhao Yameng is like this. In this forward, there is a deduction in the bottle eyes, and sometimes a hand seal makes the three people faster in speed.


The change of the two people, Wang Baole is also very shocked, so I also pondered the inheritance of the emperor in my mind, but this inheritance is somewhat strange. Wang Baole realized after a simple judgment that this is not something that he can cultivate in one day. It seems that there is something missing in it.


“Is it too violent in my inner world, so the little emperor deliberately did not know the way I practiced?” Wang Baole suddenly became suspicious, and after thinking about it, he felt more and more likely to speculate. Then he snorted, and secretly thought, with his own natural talent, went back and closed for a while, and he was sure to be able to cultivate this emperor.


Thinking of this, Wang Baole relaxed in the heart, with Zhao Yameng and Zhuo Yifan, whistling on the dark ground, time passed slowly, the speed of the three did not slow down, so I don’t know how long it took until the strange knees The figure, when it appeared again, the ground of the three of them was no longer black, but became white!


The white earth contrasts sharply with the black surface before, but those meditations do not change at all. It is still after the emergence of two holes without eyes, straight to the three people, they Flying all the way, the figure on the ground stared all the way.


However, after experiencing the previous inheritance, the three people have adapted themselves, but they are not as nervous as they used to be, especially Wang Baole. They feel that there is no danger here, but the scope of this land is too big until they are After flying on the white ground for a few days, the black screen of the sky appeared again, covering everything, making the three red cracks, once again covered.


With the darkness of Heaven and Earth, the whispered voice once again echoed in Zhao Yameng and Zhuo Yifan’s ears. The two of them were shocked and fell into a coma again. Wang Baole alone stood alone. He found that he didn’t appear whispering here, and he couldn’t enter the inner world. Even the figure around the knees was not close to himself, which made him a little depressed.


“What, ignore me? This is a different treatment!!” Wang Baole is very dissatisfied, thinking of the invincibility of his inner world, he ponders the inheritance here, since he does not choose himself, then he takes the initiative to do something, and blinks After that, his speed broke out instantly, and he rushed directly to the figure of meditation on the knees.


Perhaps the black screen of this piece of inheritance will make a strange change here, so when the black screen does not cover the sky, Wang Baole will only catch the air, but now he catches it, and his mind instantly With a bang sound, I returned to the inner world again.


Soon, there was a mighty figure with dissatisfaction, falling in his inner world, and the voice was unhappy.


“People who are not actively selected by this seat cannot receive this site without uploading!”


But as soon as this discourse was finished, with Wang Baole coughing, with his wave a hand, five Greater Worlds all came… not much… screaming and screaming, more miserable, echoing in Wang Baole’s world .


Until a long time passed, when the black screen of the inheritance land dissipated, when the three Wang Baole woke up, Zhao Yameng obviously gained more in the formation, and Zhuo Yifan also had a clear comprehension on his Divine Weapon.


Wang Baole asked under the curiosity, only to know that both of them entered the previous inheritance and consolidated the previous insights. So I feel the difference between the treatments here. It’s called the emperor’s domineering figure. It’s really careful, I don’t Did you scare him a bit, but he did not dare to appear in front of himself.


“It doesn’t matter, he doesn’t come, there are other inheritances.” Wang Baole thought of this, but also quite proud of his own alertness, and even had expectations in his heart, and Zhuo Yifan and Zhao Yameng also felt the benefits of this place, so the two After deliberating with Wang Baole, I decided not to leave so soon. It is better to be here to completely consolidate the inheritance of each of them. After all, this experience is unprecedented for Zhao Yameng and Zhuo Yifan.


For this decision, Wang Baole strongly agreed that he patted Zhuo Yifan’s shoulder and expressed his appreciation.


“Anyone, your proposal is good, we will not leave, here is good insights, haha, here is for us, it is treasure.” Wang Baole looked forward to expectations, and Zhuo Yifan did not think much, but Zhao Yameng saw Wang Baole’s something is not right, but she never imagined how the experience of Wang Baole’s was incredible…


In this way, the three people in this knee, as the surrounding slowly slowly changed from the air, as usual, until the sky black screen appeared again, Zhao Yameng and Zhuo Yifan suddenly stunned, and almost in their coma, Wang Baole is like a wolf, and the eyes are leaping.


“Small heritage, Dad is coming!” Wang Baole exclaimed with excitement, the speed broke out, went straight to those who were squatting, and seized one in an instant. After rubbing his lips, he simply grabbed the figure and flew again. Until I grabbed seven or eight in one breath, this is the satisfaction of the satisfaction.


In an instant, with his mind rumbled, in his inner world, there are seven or eight mighty figures…


Time passed like this, Zhao Yameng and Zhuo Yifan’s insights, in the following days, it has been carried out six times, and Zhao Yameng is gradually becoming suspicious, it is obvious that Wang Baole’s expectations are too strong, and this is also Well, even Zhuo Yifan feels that something is not right, because… they are waiting for the black screen to come down, and the meditation figure around them is less than once!


“Wang Baole, do you have anything to do with us?” After two insights, I saw the meditation around me, which has been greatly reduced from the previous one, and Zhuo Yifan looked strangely to Wang Baole.


“How is it possible, don’t think too much, everything is normal here, you are hurrying into insights, this is a good place.” Wang Baole shook his head quickly, but when he said it, Zhao Yameng on the side had already squinted.


“Here is normal? You look at those meditation figures, they are no longer laughing, but one does not dare to look at you, and some even show grievances, and others are actually shaking, obviously if it is not some kind The power made them have to appear, it is estimated that they have already ran, Wang Baole, honestly, what is going on!”


“Don’t dare to look at me? Am I so terrible?” Wang Baole looked unbelievable and got up to go to a distant squat, but before he got close, just stand up and make that distance from him. There is a hundred feet of meditation figure, disappeared in an instant, not only disappeared, the only remaining figure around this moment, disappeared almost 90%, and the rest are also far away, only to see Blur shadow…


“Not so sensitive, the black screen hasn’t come yet…” Wang Baole blinked and looked at Zhao Yameng and Zhuo Yifan.


In fact, these several experiences made him want to catch each time after the black screen came. These figures disappeared in an instant, so that he had to spend a lot of effort every time to catch one.


“Baole… When I was in Insights last time, Master and I said… They have a shameless person who likes to let the projection be called Dad. That… is that you?” Zhuo Yifan hesitated, slow Swallow the opening.


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