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“Anyone! We are brothers, I am the kind of shameless person!” Wang Baole has some guilty conscience, but the more he is guilty, the more he looks straightforward. When I looked at Zhuo Yifan, my eyes were clear.


This gaze made Zhuo Yifan somewhat shaken, and Zhao Yameng, who was on the side, had a look at Wang Baole, and his heart was also weak. He simply ignored the matter, so that Zhuo Yifan sighed after thinking. , no longer speak.


Wang Baole blinked and coughed, secretly thought. I can’t say it myself. I didn’t mean to look at the two of them. It is really too much secret in Wang Baole’s inner world.


“I blame these little inheritances. It seems that when I wait for the next black screen, I have to give them a good lesson and let them know that they are offended by Dad!” Wang Baole snorted and sat down again until the black screen came. When Zhao Yameng and Zhuo Yifan went to insights again, Wang Baole jumped up and screamed.


“Small inheritors, you dare to complain, this time Dad is angry!” Wang Baole rushed out directly in the roar, although the surrounding meditation figure disappeared in an instant, but Wang Baole had already grasped the experience, the speed is fast Gradually leaping, rushing to search, and finally spent the Strength of Nine Bulls and Two Tigers, after the black screen time is over, he was caught.


This is an old-fashioned figure. After coming to Wang Baole’s inner world, he was directly desperate. He quickly sent his own inheritance, was shocked, and was finally released.


And this incident also caused the black screen to disperse, Wang Baole three people around, … no more meditation.


So after Zhao Yameng and Zhuo Yifan’s look more and more strange, with the inheritance of the two of them has been completely solid, this trip of insights is over.


What makes Zhao Yameng and Zhuo Yifan speechless is that when they want to leave, they seem to worry that they will get lost, which will lead to longer time here, so those who have not appeared will appear one after another, guiding them. Only the figure that appears every time is shivering, a little bit of something is not right, it will be a moment to escape.


“We are so terrible! Too much!” Wang Baole is indignant, Zhuo Yifan has no desire to talk, Zhao Yameng also feels tired, secretly thought Do not bring us, the figure here is clearly afraid of you good…


In this way, under the guidance of the figure of the inheritance, the three people soon became closer to the edge until they saw the dividing line with the white earth!


Outside the dividing line, the sea of ​​fire is filled, the mountain is everywhere peak, and a lot of attic pieces are floating. This familiar picture makes them feel at heart and know that they will soon be out of this place.


The outside world, but also after the comparison, whether it is Zhao Yameng or Zhuo Yifan, I feel that this piece of heritage, at least for now, is considered to be a safer place in this blade area.


I have to say that Wang Baole played a big role here, so after Zhao Yameng thought about it, he looked at Wang Baole.


“Baole, you tell the truth, are we safer than outside?”


Seeing Zhao Yameng’s look serious, Wang Baole also paused, thought about it, and looked around again, then nodded.


“It is indeed compared to the outside, here… it will be safer, and the shadow of this heritage will scream, I will suppress him!” Wang Baole said here, looming proud.


“If this is the case, then we should not go out first. I can feel that with the inheritance of the ancient formation of my ancestors, my cultivation base has reached a critical point, and can be broken through at any time!” Zhao Yameng took a deep breath, Suddenly speaking, Zhuo Yifan heard what was said and nodded.


“I am also like this. I am sure that after a period of retreat, break the Late Foundation Establishment and reach the extent of the great circle!”


“And once I and Zhuo Yifan breakthrough, I want to come back on the road, I can get more control, Baole, is your cultivation base the same?” Zhao Yameng said here, look at Wang Baole again.


In fact, this time, Wang Baole got the most, and he had already felt that the cultivation base had been continually fluctuating. Just push one hand and you can step into the Middle Stage from the Early Stage breakthrough.


Obviously, Zhao Yameng said that it is very reasonable. Since the outside is doomed to be dangerous, it is the best choice to break through cultivation base in this relatively safe place. Therefore, Wang Baole agreed to the matter after he was indulged.


“I don’t know how long this retreat will last. Let’s sort out the previous harvest in that cave. I have got a lot of medicine pill here, maybe it is useful for our cultivation base breakthrough.” Zhuo Yifan thought about it, At the time of opening, the items he had taken in the Dongfu Loft had been taken out one by one.


In fact, the three people also trust each other to the extreme, so along the way, they did not consider finishing the harvest until they can go out at any time, and get the inheritance, the cultivation base is loose, and this comes to the previous harvest.


Zhao Yameng also nodded and put all the items he had taken into the middle of the three. Wang Baole naturally did. His greatest harvest, except for a core disciple token, was the body of the core disciple.


“There is a storage pouch on this body…” When Wang Baole opened his mouth, he took the storage pouch on the body and checked it again. On the neck of the body, he found a somewhat faint necklace.


In the end, the three people concentrated all the items together, including the storage pouch, which was opened and began to be sorted out. With the process of finishing, the three breaths gradually changed, and no doubt each of them had their own harvest. Small, so after the three people concentrated, this is a big harvest, even if Zhao Yameng’s calm, it is difficult to suppress the excitement of the heart.


Until the finishing, the three looked at each other and noticed the enthusiasm and surprise of each other.


“Developed!!” Wang Baole took a breath and looked at the items sorted by the trio. There are more than fifty disciples in the token, one core token, three Inner Sect disciple tokens, and others. Although they are all outer Sect tokens, but these are just a matter of value, Thirty thousand is a battle.


In addition, Zhao Yameng’s harvest, there are three magical treasures, a broken black spear, a compass and a big bang!


After Wang Baole’s judgment, there are two of these three magical treasures… comparable to the eighth grade Magic Armament! ! It is the compass and the big bang, and the most valuable thing is that these two Magic Armaments are quite complete, just Wang Baole can be used directly!


As for the black spear, it is even more shocking to the three people, because it is a… Ninth Grade Magic Armament! !


It’s just because of the incompleteness, so it takes a lot of materials and time to repair. In addition, medicine pill has more than 30 bottles, and there are a lot of refining pill and artifact refinement materials. The three are difficult to identify.


And these are only a part of it. In Zhuo Yifan’s harvest, there are three jade slips, which record three sets of cultivation methods. Although this cultivation method is not as good as the three, the Wang Baole has been to the Cangwu Court. I remember that there are also three sets of cultivation methods, and the value is about 5,000.


In addition, there is a set of formation diagram, its famous star-inspired illusion!


The value of these items has been hard to estimate, but soon the three people found out that the heart is mad, there are still the same items, the value of which is great enough to surpass all other accumulated together!


This is the necklace that Wang Baole took from the neck of the core disciple. It is not a Supreme Treasure. It is just a special storage artifact. There is only one beast skin inside!


Once the beast skin was taken out, it gave off some of the ancient meaning of Great Desolate, which seemed to have a sense of time, spread out on the beast skin, and the recorded… was actually a refinery of Divine Weapon. the way! !


“Divine Weapon formula!!” With Zhao Yameng’s calm, this moment is exclaimed, Zhuo Yifan is even more screaming, Wang Baole is eye-catching, looking at the beast skin, excited.


Divine Weapon… There is only one whole Federation. Even if Wang Baole owns the Underworld Tool, it is also Divine Weapon, but after all, it is very incomplete and it is not difficult to repair it.


It is also because he has the Underworld Tool, so he knows better than anyone, how powerful Divine Weapon is!


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