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This beast skin, which is based on the Divine Weapon formula, is probably because of its special material, and it can be preserved for a long time even in an extremely harsh environment. So after the inspection, the three people each printed a Divine Weapon refining method.

As for the original beast skin, Zhuo Yifan and Zhao Yameng were thrown to Wang Baole. After all, only Wang Baole is a Magic Armament division. If this Divine Weapon formula has certain reference value, the two will not go to the print. After all, even if it is rubbed, it is difficult to refine.

In addition, on the medicine pill, Zhao Yameng and Zhuo Yifan are doing their part. The two are now at the critical moment of the cultivation base breakthrough. It is very demanding for this kind of external force. After all, it is only a short time, especially Zhao Yameng. In this way, the distribution of medicine pill, the two took more than half, and Wang Baole just took away the medicine pill that he needed to retreat.

The next step was to assign the disciple token. Zhuo Yifan smiled and looked at Wang Baole and chose to give up. On the one hand, he knew that his own output was not enough. On the other hand, he also understood Wang Baole’s dream, the beauty of natural adults.

Zhao Yameng is also like this. I don’t look at the tokens. I waved directly to Wang Baole. This made Wang Baole excited. He was still wondering how to open. Although everyone is a good brother, these orders are After all, the card is a battle.

“Yameng, one, you can rest assured, as long as I become the Federation President, you two are my right and left hands, when we are three brothers, together to achieve the way of the Emperor!” Wang Baole emotionally open, not noticed Zhao Yameng’s face is slightly cold, apparently contradicting the brothers.

Zhuo Yifan smiled and handed the three Magic Armament compasses to Zhao Yameng. He took another eighth grade Magic Armament and placed the broken Ninth Grade spear in front of Wang Baole.

In the relationship of three people, there is no need to say anything more. After all the resources are allocated, they sweep around and re-determine that there is no obstacle, and this has begun their respective retreats.

For Zhuo Yifan, the determination to make himself strong is extremely firm. He does not want to happen again when he was taken away by the family. The experience of being held in the family, he did not mention it to anyone, but in him In my heart, it is a tear that is difficult to heal.

Therefore, he is extremely eager to become a strong man, even if it needs to pay a price, it can be accepted. For example, the inheritance of this insights, in fact, after he deduced his judgment, he knows that this inheritance is to the end, fearing that people are not human, soldiers are not Soldier, but he can bear the consequences, as long as it can be strong!

Therefore, at the moment, he has to break through to the Foundation Establishment of the great circle. On the other hand, he wants to use the divine Weapon’s nine-divided divine ability to merge his own soldiers. Even if he tried this process a little before, The pain is like a bone, but the firmness and decisiveness in his eyes reveals the incomparable decision in the mind!

As for Zhao Yameng, although there is no desire for Zhuo Yifan to become a strongheart, she is born in her own natural talent. In the era of the beginning of this Federation civilization, it is well-deserved, and the most important thing is Although she was not too eager to become a strong man, she had a strong attachment to cultivation and to the great Dao that her father had mentioned.

“Dream, Great Dao three thousand, although the articles can pass the legendary origin, but the width is different, according to the judgment of the father, the Dao of Spell Formations that best fits you, although not a shortcut, but its achievements Big enough to be listed in the top ten!”

When Zhao Yameng chose Misty Dao Academy, his father and her mentioned in a conversation, even now, Zhao Yameng still remembers that at the moment, with the eyes eyes closed, her heart slowly emerges. In the formation, the countless arrangement and the Formation Pattern are slowly immersed in the insights Formation Pattern. At the same time, the medicine pill in the swallowing entrance is also rapidly becoming a driving force to support her clear comprehension. Bombardment of Foundation Establishment!

Seeing that both of them began to retreat, even if Zhao Yameng had arranged the formation before the retreat, even the figure of the knees here would not dare to appear, but he still felt a little uneasy. After all, although it is relatively safe, it is only a relatively distant fire. .

Therefore, when Wang Baole took a storage pouch, he took out Little Donkey directly. After coming to the Dao Palace in the sky, Wang Baole began to be busy and almost forgot Little Donkey. At this moment, he took out the storage pouch. This Little Donkey is a little embarrassed, and there, looking at Wang Baole.

“hee-haw !”

“hee-haw fart! Get up and work, stare at me all around, risk you yell!” Wang Baole has some guilty, secretly thought. It seems that he really is not suitable for being a father, always taking his sons. Forgot to give.

“Hey, I seem to have a son who forgot…” Wang Baole scratched his head, and when he was about to recall, Zhao Yameng, who meditated on his knees, suddenly burst into a breath of sin.

“This is shocking!!” Wang Baole immediately looked at it and stopped thinking about what son had forgotten until he determined that the impact of Zhao Yameng would last for a while, but it seems that because of its accumulation, it is thick and thin. There will be no problems under it, and this kicks a little Donkey’s grievance.

“Hurry up!” Wang Baole blinked.

Little Donkey suddenly snorted, but she was helpless and lazy. She looked like she couldn’t be in love. Looking around, this look made Wang Baole feel guilty, so her heart was soft and tangled. A bag of already opened snacks.

There are still less than ten pieces left. Whenever Wang Baole misses the Federation, he will take a piece and put it in his mouth. It can be said that he is a beloved, but at the moment, obviously love for his son, surpass Everything, so Wang Baole took a piece and threw it to Little Donkey.

Little Donkey’s eyes lit up, and she just came over to eat, but it seemed to feel a bit strange, so I smelled it and looked dub.

“Get out of the way, what do you mean, I will give you a chance to re-emerge your expression!” Wang Baole’s face was ugly, glaring at Little Donkey, his hands raised and pinched his fingers and issued cracking sounds.

Little Donkey, a sly look, his face turned into excitement and eagerness. He took the snacks without hesitation and showed an intoxicating look, which made Wang Baole patted his head with satisfaction.

“Okay, since I ate my Supreme Treasure, I went to the Protector!” Wang Baole finished, no longer paying attention to sitting cross-legged, taking out the medicine pill and swallowing, and began to meditate.

His cultivation base had already reached the peak of the Early Stage of the Dandan. It was only a trace away from the Middle Stage of the Dandan. After many inheritances here, although not all the insights, the harvest is also great, and the knot is Middle. The distance of the stage difference has already passed, and now with the cultivation base, as the force of medicine pill melts, it suddenly starts to impact!

Seeing Wang Baole retreating, Little Donkey, who is posing a patrolling guardian posture, immediately retched and used his appetite for anything to eat. It was the first time that he appeared, and he could vomit for a long time. Little Donkey sighed, and sighed with relief. He looked down at the ground and looked down at the ground. He didn’t even think about it, but he didn’t have anything on the ground. It jumped directly.

And as time went by, three days later, Little Donkey was boring here. Seeing that Wang Baole was nothing, it turned to look at the sea of ​​fire not far from the edge, thinking about it and rushing past, facing the fire. The sea took a sip…

Apparently, the sea of ​​fire is not good. Little Donkey has a squat and his tongue sticks out. Under helplessness, he can only come back again. He will continue to lie there, squatting on the ground, turning his eyes, wondering if he wants to change his father. This fatty is too ill. I am not a good father.

Until seven days later, Zhuo Yifan’s first breakthrough, along with rumbled in his body, suddenly a Foundation Establishment of the great circle, and even infinitely close to the breath of the knot, directly broke out from him.

Even in this outbreak, his body has finally turned into an illusory shadow that can only appear when there is a knot, which is a red flying sword!

This flying sword is unusual, without a hilt, only a blade, and it is evenly jagged, it looks like a malevolent aura amazing!

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