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“Eyes?” Zhuo Yifan both eyes shrink and look at the inheritance. Wang Baole is thoughtful, thinking that from the description of Zhao Yameng, this area is indeed like an eye!


“That’s too big…” Wang Baole whispered, and when he was about to speak, suddenly there was a familiar, long-lost cold voice in his mind.


“The girl’s observation power is not bad. It is only a little worse than the palace. It should be the first spirit of Newcomer after the unprecedented civilization in your Federation civilization.”


Little Elder Sister faintly opened. For this tone of expression, Wang Baole ignored it and quickly surprised him.


“Little Elder Sister, you are awake, Zhao Yameng is just the first spirit of our Federation, and Little Elder Sister, you are the first girl in the entire sky, I haven’t heard the voice of Little Elder Sister for a long time, I I miss you.”


“The mouth is slippery!” Little Elder Sister snorted, but the tone was obviously not so cold. Obviously, it was still useful in the mind.


“It is indeed an eye, called the Eye of Wanfa. It was the visual place where my father stayed in the five senses of the Dao Palace!”


“In the past few years, imprinted too many imprints of Supreme Being’s generation. Although it is dangerous, it is also one of the two great heritages of the Dao Palace! You can get it here, and it is also the reason why the casting magic of this palace is changed. When it comes to the back, Little Elder Sister has a arrogance in his tone, and Wang Baole blinks. This is a bit unbelievable. I can think of it here. I am still a little clever, so I quickly took a boot-licking in my mind.


What Little Elder Sister is unparalleled, Little Elder Sister is amazing, Little Elder Sister is fascinating, and Little Elder Sister is unbeatable… In short, there is a lot of numbness, and Little Elder Sister is a few screams. But it didn’t interrupt…


When he held the sweet feet of Little Elder Sister here, Zhao Yameng and Zhuo Yifan looked at Wang Baole with doubts. It was Wang Baole who took the boot-licking too hard, so that when he looked outside, he is now standing. There was no movement there, and the look was a bit sluggish, so Zhuo Yifan was about to shoot Wang Baole’s shoulder, but was stopped by Zhao Yameng.


Without an opening, Zhao Yameng just looked at Wang Baole deeply and turned his eyes to Zhuo Yifan, indicating that he would not disturb Wang Baole at the moment.


Zhuo Yifan is not stupid. If he is thoughtful, he will stand there with Zhao Yameng and wait for Wang Baole to wake up on his own.


In this way, Wang Baole took a full-time boot-licking, and even the spirit was running through the brain, so that boot-licking was not repeated, and it was not too small, and I felt a little dizzy. Little Elder Sister was only satisfied with a cough in his mind.


“Okay, know that you admire me, and don’t express your admiration in the future, always say this big truth, you are not boasting, you are telling the truth, Baole you, there is Disadvantages, being a real person!”


Upon hearing this sentence, Wang Baole paused for a moment and then suppressed the shock of Little Elder Sister in his heart. He barely sighed and hurriedly opened his mouth.


“Little Elder Sister, you see how we should get out of here?” Wang Baole also thought about the sound transmission in his mind, not directly. Otherwise, his throat is estimated to be dumb.


“Want to get out of here, simple.” Little Elder Sister spoke openly, then began to point, and Wang Baole listened very seriously, and sometimes looked up and looked around, as if in the direction, as Zhao Yameng and Zhuo Yifan, long ago At the moment, there is no speech at Wang Baole, but waiting.


Not long after, with the guidance of Little Elder Sister, Wang Baole’s eyes became brighter and brighter. At the end he was aok a deep breath and looked at Zhao Yameng and Zhuo Yifan.


“Follow me, I have a way to go out!” Wang Baole exclaimed, did not explain the matter, Zhao Yameng and Zhuo Yifan also did not see, after all, anyone has a secret, even if everyone can deliver their lives, It is precisely because of this that it will respect the secret of the other party.


And Wang Baole was obviously some kind of mysterious communication, and did not evade the two people. This also showed their trust in them. So after Wang Baole opened, Zhao Yameng and Zhuo Yifan immediately followed, and soon the three became Long rainbow, in the middle of the fire in the air, headed by Wang Baole.


This flight, it flew for a full seven days, the three people in the seven days almost did not stop, fortunately everyone is cultivation base just breakthrough, and there is enough medicine pill, so can support the speed of this gallop, but even so The distance they fly is still not far away.


It is really a crisis here. At that time, there was no flamestorm of any signs, and the moving mountains that suddenly appeared in front of us, as well as the flames of the five times, made the three people either resist or detour, and the danger occurred frequently. But fortunately, they all passed smoothly.


Especially the most dangerous one, the three people in the fifth day of the gallop, suddenly a big hand directly from the fire sea, this big hand is like a stalwart, and then came, grabbed a few hundred people in front of hundreds of feet A floating mountain peak directly into the sea floor.


Even if it is a few hundred feet away, the pressure that spreads when the big hand sticks out is still so that the three people are depressed, and even the cultivation base is unstable. The complexion is even more shocked and pale.


Of course, it’s not just these, but on the sixth day, under this cautious flight, they saw the emptiness on the right side, and there was a pond in silence. There was a group of beautiful women in the pond. Bathing, when the sound of laughter came out, it seemed to be intentional or unintentional to the three.


Zhuo Yifan just glanced at it, and he was confused. Like the soul, he had to be sucked in. Fortunately, Wang Baole had a reminder from Little Elder Sister, and grabbed Zhuo Yifan and knocked it away. This avoided the crisis. .


Another time happened a few hours ago. It was like the sound of Jin Ge Iron Horse from the front of them. It seems that there are thousands of horses and horses, and the horns are rushing to kill. Even Wang Baole’s Yu Guang can see countless The ancient war chariot, standing on the war chariot with a golden armor giant, is facing them three people, crashing.


Zhao Yameng had a physical body and immediately arranged the formation. At the same time, Wang Baole also spoke quickly.


“Close your eyes!”


Zhao Yameng heard what was said No hesitation, choose to fully believe, immediately eyes closed, and Wang Baole also pulls Zhao Yameng, he also closes his eyes, only feels the wind whistling in front, as if someone slammed, but he resisted to The impulse of open eyes, until the feeling is violent or rushing, seems to be hitting yourself immediately, suddenly, whether it is the wind or the rushing sound, it disappears instantly.


Until the past ten days, Wang Baole and Zhao Yameng only opened eyes, they were in front of them, nothing…


The feeling of being able to make the two people feel trembled, and after a long while, Zhao Yameng whispered.


“If you didn’t close your eyes before…”


“Nothing.” Wang Baole shook his head, and with the perception of his Underworld Child, he did not see traces of resentment in those strange things. The combination of this is enough to show that either the ghost level is too high or the ghost is not caused. It is caused by some kind of power that Wang Baole does not understand.


For a long while, he took a deep breath and continued to move forward with the silent Zhao Yameng. When the seventh day was about to pass, Zhuo Yifan also woke up. Before he recalled, he was shocked and shocked.


In this way, after three more days, the three men, after undergoing repeated bizarre things, physically and emotionally exhausted, finally came to Little Elder Sister to give Wang Baole’s guidance.


It is a mountain, a towering towering, so even if it is a sea of ​​fire, it is impossible to flood the mountain. On this hilltop, there is a huge incense burner. Compared with this incense burner, the size of the three people is like a bean. In general, when they stood under the incense burner and looked up, the mind was once again strongly shocked!


This incense burner exudes the meaning of the ancient times, and there are no restrictions in the surrounding, as if in the former Dao Palace, this is the same as the public area.


“Here, it is one of the 72 flying fairy tales in the Dao Palace in the sky. Yameng, Yifan, you cooperate with me, send the cultivation base into this flying fairy station and open it!” Wang Baole took a deep breath, depressed The inner vibration, open the right hand while lifting, directly press on the flying fairy table in front!


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