In the small heart of Wang Baole, he suddenly thought of the Dao Palace collecting tokens. There must be other uses. He also planned to wait for Little Elder Sister to wake up and ask questions. Now when he thinks, he quickly asks in his mind. Ask for some.

“Tokens represent permissions. In many places, you must have disciples with certain privileges before you can enter. When you have the opportunity, I will help you find them here to see if you can find the real disco of Dao Palace. With the name, you know how to use the permission, and even rely on the token borrowing permission of others. It is not impossible. It is estimated that the three Inner Sect disciples are the intentions, but the premise is that you have your name on the disc.”Little Elder Sister faintly opened, and this little thing has to bother me.

Wang Baole is so excited, Little Elder Sister, although he didn’t elaborate, but he has heard it. At this moment, he is reluctant to look back at the bloody body. The blue smoke has finally left the range, and the speed is restored. It is only Wang Baole’s who can take away. His heart has been deeply left on the body of the 200,000 wars, and he can’t get it back.

Even after a few days passed, when the smoke became lighter and faded, and finally the edge of the blade and the hilt was dissipated, and the figure finally landed on a mountain peak without restrictions, Wang Baole still Frequently looking back, with a look of sadness and entanglement.

“We…returned…” Zhuo Yifan took a sigh of relief and felt that this trip was ridiculous and ridiculous. If the heart is not good, it is estimated that he was scared to death.

Zhao Yameng also took a breath, but her eyes were uplifting. Obviously, her harvest was not small, especially like the last Feixiantai. Under the days of insights, she didn’t know much about it, but she also had some Some inspiration.

Wang Baole alone, looking at the back, is slowly showing decisiveness.

“I decided, waiting for my cultivation base to be higher, I am going to get the elder token and I will remember the road!” Wang Baole gnawed his teeth, and when the words came out, Zhuo Yifan showed admiration and took it. Take Wang Baole’s shoulders.

“Baole, you can’t come back on this road to death.”

Even Zhao Yameng looked at Wang Baole and shook his head. Looking at the two, Wang Baole also sighed and knew that he wanted to get the elder token. Some of them were not realistic, but they still seemed to be caught by the cat. How can I not press it down, and I look awkward all the way.

Fortunately, it is already on the edge. The three people can see the huge protective layer in the distance, and the danger level here is not big, so soon, the three people in this galloping, they penetrate the protective layer. , left the sword body, stepped into the hilt area!

With the relatively cool breeze blowing, Wang Baole can only play the spirit, barely suppress his desire for the storage space of the elder’s body, and after Zhao Fivemeng and Zhuo Yifan in the five times Teleportation, return to the Dao Palace. In the range.

Through the local zone jade slip of the Federation, the three know that from the time of departure until the return, it has been a full half-year period. This time is not too long for the monk, especially when entering the sword to complete the mission, it is more common than They have been there for a long time, but for the three people, there have been too many experiences in the past six months.

Even if it is estimated that they will go out, no one will believe it, and they are not stupid enough to say it. So after returning to the Dao Palace, Zhao Yameng and Zhuo Yifan left. They have a great harvest this time and need to retreat to digest. Something.

And here, Wang Baole finally completely suppressed the desire for the elders to fight, went straight to the Dao Palace, and the first thing he did after entering the mountain was to exchange the token for the battle.

Because the harvest is too big, it will inevitably be a bit eye-catching, but the core token is in hand, and it is difficult to keep a low profile in any case. Wang Baole simply does not care so much, and goes directly to the mission stele.

It seems that whenever there is a crowd gathering, it is very lively and come, Wang Baole’s is coming, and it is not too noticeable. At the moment, he is about to exchange, but at this moment, the bustling of the original people around him. I don’t know why it’s halfway down. It’s just a lot of silence.

Wang Baole, when I turned around, I immediately saw a lot of people here. At this moment, I was breathing and looking at the figure from a distance!

It was a young man with a tall, burly body and a long black hair. He was wearing a red robe in the Dao Palace, representing the pro-disciples. The whole person was bursting with cold ice, especially his eyes. It seems that there is no emotion, making his original handsome face look like an ice cave!

No arrogance, no contempt, no slight fluctuations, he walked step by step from the sky, and the people in front of him stepped back and gave way, and when he was greetings, he also bowed his head and did not dare to look at his eyes.

“It’s a brother of Du Gu Lin!!”

“The eruption elders sit down, the first kiss…”

“I heard that he is in the hinterland of the sword all year round, and he is alone…”

Around the scenes, Wang Baole also raised his eyes. Others may see that this person’s ice is cold and cool, but in Wang Baole’s feelings, this annihilator sat down with the first pro-independence, and his body actually There is a fascinating grievance. These grievances are not what he produces, but outside his body. It seems to be formed with the condense of killing!

“A strong malevolent aura!” Wang Baole looks calm. He has been in the Dao Palace for almost a year. He heard the rumors of passing through the Dao Palace Five great Heaven’s Chosen from the clouds and the LAN of the Federation.

This Five Great Heaven’s Chosen is a pro-disciple of three elders, including Feng Qiuran. Among them, this lonely Lin is the pro-passing of the split, the remaining four, two are Feng Qiulan’s biography, and two are the pro-disciples of the leisurely Daoist. .

The five cultivation bases are all of the great circle, and the natural talent is unparalleled. Although it rarely appears in the Dao Palace, every time it appears, it will attract people’s attention.

At this moment, in this awe of people, Duolun Lin walked into the stele without expression, wave a hand, took out a large number of identity tokens, and directly started the mission handover. In a flash, the huge stele flashed the rays of light. Obviously this young man took out too many tokens, which led to the calculation of stele.

With the removal of the identity token, the surrounding arguments echoed again. Wang Baole also paid attention to it. He was shocked. Although he did not come up with the core token, the inner Sect token was more than thirteen. There are also hundreds of outer Sect tokens, an amazing number.

Even if it is not as good as Wang Baole, Wang Baole is very aware of the danger of the hinterland of the sword. He can get these in the inside. Obviously, he also enters the corresponding restrictions to have such gains. This makes him feel vigilant and dismissed immediately. Thoughts, after all, this kind of comparison without each other’s enmity has no meaning.

At the same time, he also noticed that after more than a certain amount, stele will shine. Although it is inevitable to be noticed, Wang Baole intends to redeem the exchange.

So, after Du Gulin left, Wang Baole wandered around the Dao Palace for a long time, and then he returned to the stele and exchanged it in batches until the final core token was exchanged. As the stele’s rays of light flashed, The exclamation of everyone around it suddenly came out.

“There is a lot of people who have exchanged a lot of combat power. This…the stele brightness is afraid to be exchanged for at least 10,000!!”

“Who is such a great talent!!”

Under Wang Baole’s cautiousness, no one noticed that he was redeemed for a while, so in this four-week discussion, Wang Baole waited for a while, and also showed a surprised expression. After a long while, he shook his head and left.

But in my heart, he is already very excited at the moment. He looks at his own exploits after the exchange, and the whole body’s sweaty pores are stretched out, and it is very comfortable.

His exploits have now reached more than 40,000!

This number, even for the Nascent Soul monks, is also quite a lot. After all, the Dao Palace’s battle is extremely precious. In addition to the identity token exchange, other missions have little gain, and the combat power is constantly consumed in the cultivation.

At the moment, with the martial arts, Wang Baole went to the Cangwu Court in the heart of his heart. After he was indulged, he exchanged fifteen sets of cultivation methods for a thousand battles. At the same time, he also had some regrets in his heart. In fact, he was in the eyes of the eyes of the law. Although a lot of inheritance has been obtained, it is all imprint in his mind, and his cultivation base cannot strip the imprint on the jade slip, so it is difficult to pass it out.

As for the cultivation method collected in the cave house, because Zhao Yameng and Zhuo Yifan are practicing, out of selfishness, Wang Baole naturally does not easily teleport out, so I thought about it and decided to exchange.

“After all, I am also a rich man now. Isn’t it more than 10,000 wars? Little meaning, and my Ling Zhou can also change a lot of combat power. Cloud floater said it was half a year ago. Go back and contact him. There should be a lot of gains.” Wang Baole thought that he was so rich, he didn’t wrinkle his brows, got fifteen sets of cultivation methods, and went straight to the Teleportation.

“Small Duanmu, your courier is coming!” Wang Baole is very excited and only feels that he is within reach of the Federation President.

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