Wang Baole is so proud that he even thinks that the three words of Xiao Duanmu are more and more fluent, and I don’t know how Wang Baole judged. In short, it means that he has become a Federation President and he will never appear. Any accident, so under this air transport, it led to his own name as President Duanmu, without any feeling of discomfort.

Thinking of this, Wang Baole was uplifted and directly waved. Under the guardian disciples of the Teleportation, he spent 15,000 battles directly, and Teleportation took 15 sets of cultivation methods to go back!

For the disciples who are guarding here, it is a huge fortune. Everyone is short of breath and their eyes are red. In fact, they are struggling and hard, and they can work in a month. It’s not a cost to earn a few hundred. Once it’s converted, it’s basically running out.

In front of this Wang Baole, it is so rich, which makes the disciples here, while they are puzzled, there is also a sense of sourness in the big family.

“There is a lot of money!!”

“Yes, isn’t it a bit of a stinking money? Counting a bird, I heard that they have earned a lot of money from the Federation. There is a Li Yi, and even more shameless, they have hooked up the island owner on the island!”

“Your news is falling behind. Li Yi, I have heard that it is more than a hook. As far as I know, she has got seven or eight!”

These disciples guarded here, one by one, also have their own sound transmission venting, watching the explosion of the Teleportation burst, forming an amazing dazzling rays of light, the fifteen jade slip, instant Teleportation.

At the same time, outside the Dao Palace, in the solar system where the bronze ancient sword is located, next to the Mercury formation, guarding here, Li Xingwen squatting on his knees suddenly opens eyes, almost at the moment his eyes open, Duanmu Que The figure is also illusory.

With the previous experience, and in the past six months, there have also been the Federation’s Teleportation cultivation method, so they have adapted. At this moment, as soon as the formation is fluctuating, it immediately cheers up.

“How many teleports can I come back this time?”

“Speaking, Li Yi’s girl is really good. She has Teleportation five sets of cultivation methods, which is the leader of this batch of hundred!” Duanmu Que laughed, very gratified, but also swept away Li Xingwen .

Li Xingwen snorted and didn’t speak. It is clear that in the past six months, the Wang Baole Teleportation cultivation method has never been seen, and Li Yi will send a set every month. Even if he wants to support Wang Baole, I also feel a little powerless.

“What does this stinky boy do on it?” Li Xingwen frowned, although Li Yi was also the Four Great Dao Academy, and during this time, the Four Great Dao Academy also had a greater say in the Federation than in the past, but Li Yi was after all White Deer was born, not awkward. This made the public mind turn into Li Xingwen, who was selfish to Misty Dao Academy, and he was very uncomfortable.

Uncomfortable and uncomfortable, he still appreciates Li Yi’s behavior. After all, the cultivation method returned by Li Yi Teleportation in the past six months has played a certain role in the cultivation civilization of Federation.

“The calculation time is estimated to be Li Yi’s girl.” Duanmu Que smiled a little. He especially liked to see Li Xingwen’s black face. Although he is president, he can be a White Deer, so the disciple of White Deer. He is naturally very optimistic about this achievement.

When it comes to this, the Teleportation ray of light shines, a jade slip is faintly inside, so Duanmu Que looks gratified and is about to continue, but at this moment, the second jade slip is also illusory. .

“Well? This time Li Yi can, of course, Teleportation has two…” Duanmu Que immediately surprised, but his words have not been finished, the third, fourth, fifth jade slip, appear one after another! !

This made Duanmu Que, who had always been calm, feel shocked and then laughed.

“It seems that there are more than one hundred teleportation cultivation methods. These hundred sons are still too young. I don’t know how many people are teleporting together.” Duanmu Que shook his head, Li Xingwen but eyes displayed strange glow, his Judging from the difference between Duanmu Que, especially the volatility of the Teleportation array, not only did not reduce, but more intense, he suddenly opened.

“And jade slip didn’t show up!”

Almost at the moment when his words came out, the sixth, the seventh, the eighth… until the fifteenth jade slip, at this moment, when the rays of light of the Teleportation broke out to the extreme, they turned into illusions. come out! !

A total of fifteen jade slips, all floating on the formation at the moment, each with different fluctuations, this scene, suddenly let Duanmu Que heart violently shake, even Li Xingwen also took a breath.

In fact… For more than half a year, the cultivation method returned by the Federation’s Teleportation, counting everyone’s, is a total of fifteen sets, but now, even with one-time teleportation, their minds can’t keep calm, not only they Shocked, all the monks who guarded here all around, and now they are all shocked.

Soon, Duanmu Que and Li Xingwen both shot at the same time, and quickly grabbed the fifteen jawe slips. After each view, the breathing was slightly rushed, and the look was full of incredible and incredible, and each other’s eyes were on the lookout. .

“I am here Wang Baole…” Duanmu Que hesitated, his eyes sweeping toward the jade slip in Li Xingwen’s hands.

“I am here… also Wang Baole…” Li Xingwen coughed and fainted.

Duanmu Que heard what was said, even if there was speculation and preparation before the heart, but my heart trembled again, it was he who learned about the situation of Dao Palace from Mogozi, and it was clear that 15 sets were heard in one breath. The significance of the cultivation method, but after the shock, a ecstasy, filled the mind.

“With these fifteen sets of cultivation methods, my Federation’s cultivation civilization can definitely raise another level!!” Duanmu Que took the jade slip cultivation method, and the laughter was loud, and Li Xingwen on the side was also gratified. At this moment, my heart is shocked, but there is a sense of pride and comfort. I can’t control the whole body. I only feel that I have no pain in Wang Baole. This child is really fighting for it. I thought of it here. Li Xingwen glanced at Duanmu. Que, suddenly laughed.

“Duanmu, it is estimated that when Wang Baole comes back, you may have to give up.”

When the words came out, Duanmu Que, who was laughing, suddenly burst into laughter. He was not in the position of the president. He just thought that Wang Baole’s little fatty would become a president, and he could not help but feel a sense of violation. So he was in the bottom of his heart. After calculating it, the secretly thought of this little fatty is at least 30 sets of Teleportation, and even if it is 30 sets, I have a rhetoric. After all, this Wang Baole is too young.

Thinking of this, Duanmu Que just let go of his heart and smiled proudly.

“Want to be president, Wang Baole has to work hard, but I really hope to see that scene!” Duanmu Que immediately ordered, declare the whole Federation, so soon, for the entire Federation On the list of the hundred people who contributed to the situation, Li Yi, who was originally ranked first, was once again surpassed by Wang Baole, who was ranked second.

If it is only surpass, the number after Wang Baole’s name will change from the previous three to eighteen. This will bring shock to all the Federation people. It is unparalleled. For a time, the whole Federation has a strong sigh. With cheers.

These cultivation methods, which are returned by the Federation’s Teleportation, will also be immediately and gradually promoted to the whole nation’s cultivation, in this way, to improve and accelerate the process of the entire Federation cultivation civilization.

The voice of this cheer, although Wang Baole could not hear it, did not affect his expectation of his inheritance of the unification, but he pondered the character of Xiao Duanmu, fearing that it would not be so easy to step down…

“Thirty sets are not safe. I have to set a small goal for myself. First, I will get a set of fifty sets. I will see that Xiao Duanmu’s resignation will not be retired. If it is not right, let’s not let Yin.” Wang Baole thought of this, the spirit is shaking. It is about to leave the Teleportation Array, but at this moment, the sudden change, the seven or eight roads wearing black robes, the obvious chilling intentions, the extraordinary monks, from the top of the main hall quickly, then Surrounded by Wang Baole, one by one is the internal cultivation base operation, which spreads out and fluctuates.

The first person, a middle-aged, looked cold and looked at Wang Baole with a faint sigh.

“Wang Baole, you are in trouble, take a trip with us!”

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