From the black clothed man’s chilling atmosphere, the Teleportation guardian disciples were immediately shocked, because they immediately recognized that the people belonged to the penalty hall of the Dao Palace, belonging to the Three Great Elder. Once it is dispatched on weekdays, it is often an event to clean up the portal.

Wang Baole was also shocked. Her mind turned and thought about what she had done to violate the sect law. But I couldn’t find anything to think about, but the situation at the moment was obviously a crisis, so Wang Baole narrowed his eyes. The thoughts in the mind are tumbling to find a solution, even if the right hand is lifted up, the sound transmission jade slip has been taken out, and the sound transmission of Feng Qiuran elders is to be inquired.

Seeing that Wang Baole took out the jade slip, in the black clothed man, one of the brows immediately wrinkled, and when the impatient was about to swear, the first middle-aged man raised his hand and stopped his hand, watching Wang coldly. Baole, speak again.

“Hurry, let us go, or let us take you away.”

Wang Baole heard what was said Brow a pick, just want to talk, suddenly heard the sound transmission in the ear.

“Wang Fellow Daoist, don’t resist, it’s not a big deal. It’s just a matter of inquiring, so you should contact Feng Qiuran as soon as possible… Yes, Yunfuzi is my brother.”

The sound transmission is the middle-aged man who is headed. Although he looks cold and cold, he can tell in secret, and when Wang Baole sees it, he reveals a kind of goodwill in his eyes, but in the next moment, it is re-formed as cold. .

Wang Baole did not hesitate, immediately gave Yun Yunzi and Feng Qiuran sound transmission, and then put on a ugly look, followed by these black clothed man.

This place is not far from the main hall of the mountain. If it is speeding up, it will take a long time to arrive, but the middle-aged man who is headed has slowed down. Although it will not last long, it also won a little half time for Wang Baole. The time of incense.

This has already explained the goodwill of his previous sound transmission, and the black clothed man under his arm is also aware, but after seeing each other, they did not speak, but obviously the ice in Wang Baole is less, for He sounded and received messages on the road, as he did not see.

The echo of Yunfuzi was also passed over on this road. After confirming the identity of the middle-aged black, Feng Qiuran also had words, only one sentence.

“Go, this is the moment!”

At this point, Wang Baole is still a little uneasy, but after all, he has already done what he can do now, so at the same time he is thinking about what he has done, and with these black clothed man, he came to the top of the mountain hall. After this place, these black clothed Man did not go in, and the first middle-aged man gave Wang Baole a look and stopped.

Wang Baole took a deep breath, picked up the eyes, did not go in immediately, but outside the temple door, holding a fist deep worship.

“Wang Baole, younger generation, ask for the elders!”

Almost at the moment when Wang Baole’s words came out, the temple door was open, and a huge suction was like an invisible big hand, directly along the open temple door, ignoring Wang Baole cultivation base and protection, and grabbing Wang Baole. Suddenly, I suddenly broke into the hall.

Wang Baole only thinks that the brain is rumbled, the whole body is very painful, like bones and flesh and blood, and it has to be pinched. The body is shaking like a moment of being caught in the storm. At the same time, he hears Feng Qiuran’s snorted coldly. It came from there, and then there was another strong direct approach, which seemed to confront the invisible big hand that was holding on to himself.

During the rumbled, Wang Baole’s body trembled. Although he was smashed into the hall, the invisible big hand dissipated. His body fell directly to the ground, and the body’s blood Qi rushed up, directly squirting a large blood, pale. He suddenly looked up and saw the first place on the main hall, sitting there, with an expressionless splitting!

At the same time, outside the hall behind him, Feng Qiuran walked in like an ugly face.

“Break the split, what do you mean!”

Seeing the cracker did not look at Wang Baole, but looked up and fell on Feng Qiuran’s body, the voice hoarse, slowly opening.

“Feng Qiuran, what do I mean, you have to ask your alliance messenger, this person is very courageous.”

Feng Qiulan frowned and looked at Wang Baole. In the eyes of the inquiries, Wang Baole gasped at the moment. For a long while, he pressed the Qi and Blood in his body, and the pressure from the cracker and Feng Qiuran made him The cultivation base was suppressed at this moment, but he was really wronged. At this moment, he smiled and punched Feng Qiuran.

“Feng elders, younger generations… I don’t know.”

“I don’t know?” The cracker suddenly smiled, but this smile was cold.

“Wang Baole, I ask you, the old man’s disciple Liang Long, where to go!”

“Liang Long?” Wang Baole sighed. He thought about it this way, and thought a lot, but he did not expect Liang Long there. It was he who completely forgot the other party.

At this moment, the annihilation of the cracker reminded Wang Baole that he suddenly realized that he was the first time he went to the hinterland of the sword and encountered the ambush of Liang Long. Then he tied it and threw it on a desert island. And the rope can isolate everything, and the area of ​​the hilt is too big to find, such as a needle in a haystack.

This is not the point. The key point is… After entering the hinterland of the sword, I experienced twists and turns. Even the scared and scared have more kinds of harvests. As a result, I forgot the matter, and I forgot it for half a year.

I don’t admit it, but now everyone’s teacher has spoken. After all, this is not a small matter. It’s a monk in the Middle Stage of the Dan, and it’s one of the disciples of the cracker. So Wang Baole looks like a memory, no For a long time, he suddenly showed a blank look.

“Liang Long… I remembered it. When we first went to the island, he just shot me. I don’t want to break the sect law, I can’t beat him, so I can only avoid it, but he can do it. After another provocation, until one of the younger generation went out to execute the mission, he ambushed the sneak attack, and the younger generation had no choice but to fight it. As a result, he was seriously injured, almost killed, and finally spent a life-threatening Supreme Treasure to trap it again. This barely escaped First Tribulation…” Wang Baole looked awkward and seemed angry at the incident, but was extremely helpless.

“So you killed my disciple?” The cracker looks as usual, and gently opens.

“How dare the younger generation!! At that time, the younger generation was the Dragon Stage, and the Lianglong cultivation base was the Middle Stage. The younger generation came from the Federation. And that Liang Long’s master is the connected Soul elder!”

“This is not equal status and identity and cultivation base, the younger generation dare to kill? Can you kill? Now that Liang Long does not know why he is not dead, the younger generation is not willing to guess why he is, but the younger generation knows that, It’s just that the younger generation is almost body and soul entirely exterminated.” Wang Baole seems to be more and more unscrupulous, his body is shaking, and finally he bows to Feng Qiuran.

“I also ask Master Feng to cancel the identity of the younger island owner. The island master…the younger generation dare not do it. The younger generation can hide and hide. They can avoid it, don’t provoke anyone here, and even the stern is optimistic about my business. I also said that I will pay it immediately, even if the acquisition is obviously unreasonable!”

“You can still ask the younger generation how to do it. How can I do it? Please ask Feng Elder to give me a chance to return to the Federation. Here…maybe really not suit me.” Wang Baole said that at the end, he laughed and bowed his head. Language, but in the dark, through the induction in the dark, want to remotely control the rope, but the distance is too far, some of the sensor is not clear, so the mind is rapidly turning, he only said something, is expressing himself is Liang Longyin I am also thinking about how to sit on this matter at the moment.

The bottom of the heart turned, but on the surface, Wang Baole was a look of disappointment, and a pair of thoughts were grayed out. This made Feng Qiuran aside, and she had some doubts at first, but listening to it, my heart sighed.

Even the smashing of the scorpion, at the moment, the brows are slightly wrinkled. In fact, he does not believe that his disciple, Liang Long, clearly has all the advantages and will eventually fall, and he is very clear that his disciple is not dead, but lost. The trace was found and could not be found.

“Is it because Liang Long deliberately did this?” The cracker squinted and the heart was secretly thought.

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