Wang Baole’s acting is good, but after all, it is still tender, so even if the heart of the cracker has been shaken, when you look at Wang Baole, you still find some clues.

In fact, he doesn’t need any clues. This is just a daily slap in the face that he brought with Feng Qiuran. Otherwise, the Dao Palace is big, but it is the cultivation base of the rupture. Dead, or you want to find a Pill Cultivator, it is not difficult, at most it will cost a little.

So after hearing the words of Wang Baole, the cleavage directly chose to ignore it and faintly open.

“lead the way!”

This matter involved the disciples of the annihilation. After Feng Qiuran was indulged, he also looked at Wang Baole. Her predecessor to Wang Baole, although she was suspicious, knew that after the arrival of the federation, the situation was not very good. This is the current moderate. There was also a voice of doubt inside, so Feng Qiuran sighed in his heart and slowly spoke to Wang Baole.

“Wang Baole, take us to the place where you dispute with Liang Long. If it is really framed by Liang Long, this seat will give you an explanation!”

Wang Baole quickly said that he was shaking his head in the dark. He could see it. The moderates of Dao Palace in the sky are now passive and have a direct connection with the character of Feng Qiuran.

Accurately speaking, when Wang Baole came to the Dao Palace in the time, the senses and judgments, although the Feng Qiuran cultivation base is high, but the character is too soft, it seems that there is not much under the law, but the cleavage Strong, so as time passed, gradually gradually lost control of the monks within his faction.

“If this is Xiao Duanmu… I don’t need Xiao Duanmu, any two squad in the Federation, as long as I have the cultivation base of Connecting Soul, it won’t take long to use that series of wrists to bring everyone All of them are plain and clear.” Wang Baole secretly sighed, but on the surface, he was aggrieved. After worshipping Feng Qiuran, he walked out of the hall and flew to the island where he once fought with Liang Long.

Wang Baole is not slow, but compared with Connecting Soul, it is like the difference between Heaven and Earth. So when I flew out, Feng Qiuyan raised a wave in his right hand, and suddenly a soft light shrouded Wang Baole, and his ear came. Feng Qiuran’s calm voice.

“You can guide the way and say the general direction!”

Wang Baole blinked and looked at his thoughts. He quickly pointed out the direction. Almost at the moment of his opening, the cracker went forward and disappeared, and Feng Qiuran also had a sleeve and took Wang Baole. Go forward.

At Wang Baole, a Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering boom sound is directly in the ear, and it looks like a shuttle in front of the water. When the world ahead of him is clear, Wang Baole suddenly discovers that I have completely moved away from the main island of the Dao Palace, and appeared in the position he had said before.

Although there are some scopes from the island where Liang Long is located, he believes that at such a speed, I am afraid that it will be reached with the guidance of my own opening.

“This is the Connecting Soul…” Wang Baole was short of breath, and the cracker was somewhat intolerant of coldly snorted.


Wang Baole took a deep breath, letting himself look pale and looking for a look and memories, and even voluntarily cultivating base fluctuations to determine the orientation.

In the dark but anxious mind, I tried to call the rope. Fortunately, I faintly contacted my own rope. After the speedy order, Wang Baole was delayed, but I could not delay it for too long, so I quickly pointed out a position.

The next moment, in Feng Qiuran’s wave a hand, the three-person moment disappeared. When it appeared, it had reached the place where Wang Baole said, and Wang Baole quickly spoke out.

“Predecessors don’t worry, this matter has been going on for a long time, please give the younger a little time?”

“No need!” The cracker looked at Wang Baole and suddenly looked slightly moving. When he fainted his mouth, he stepped forward and disappeared. At the same time, Feng Qiuran also noticed Wang Bangle.

“The breath of Liang Long has been found.” She said, not waiting for Wang Baole to respond, she grabbed Wang Baole and rushed forward, disappeared here, and appeared on a desert island.

Here, it is the place where Wang Baole and Liang Long fight, and the rupture of the one step ahead, at this moment, ugly standing in the air, looking at the desert island, lying there figure!

This thin and thin skin has become a skinny, it is a weak breath, and fainted the past Liang Long!

At the moment of appearance, I saw the moment of Liang Long and noticed that there was no rope on the other side. Wang Baole’s heart was relieved, and the secret thought was still aroused. He ran ahead of time, otherwise he was really difficult to explain and realized It was because of the departure of the rope that Liang Long’s breath was released and was induced by the cracker.

“The smell of this rope is isolated from the cultivation base. Is it soformable?” Wang Baole thought of this, the inner movement, wondering and perhaps not related to the cracking of the cracker?

As for the specifics, Wang Baole is not clear, but through this matter, he has a deeper understanding of his singularity of the rope. At the same time, when he thinks about it at Wang Baole, the sullen right hand lifts up. Liang Long, who was stunned to the ground, pointed.

Under this finger, Liang Long’s body slammed and slowly opened his eyes. The first thing that was revealed was that it lasted for a total of seven or eight breaths, under the snorted coldly Liang Long’s body was awkward, and he woke up in an instant. He saw the annihilation of the sky. His body trembled and he climbed up and bowed, tears and whimpers, and the uncontrollable venting.

“Master, your old man finally came to save me!!” Liang Long cried, the crying was great, and the meaning of avoided a catastrophe made the sound so bleak, even if Wang Baole listened, it was very sympathetic. .

Looking at the crying Liang Long, Feng Qiuyan brows slightly, and the cracking of the cracks seems to be unpleasant, faint.

“Talk about what is going on.”

“Master, this is Wang Baole who killed thousands of knives. It is him!! The disciple went out to perform the mission. When he passed by this place, he was seriously attacked by his sneak attack. This person abused his disciples in such a way, and then trapped his disciples here, and even more Use a rope with a knife to isolate the breath and cultivation base, so that I can’t live like death!! Please also ask the master to be the disciple, and clean up the portal for my Dao Palace!” Liang Long gritted his teeth, his eyes were red, he naturally saw Wang Baole around Feng Qiuran, although his mind is not as clear as he used to be, but with his understanding of the Master, he knows that the Master needs only one reason.

So at this moment, he had no time to think too much, and he did not hesitate to turn black and white.

Originally, Wang Baole was still pondering how to put himself in the hall before he sat down, but the difficulty was not small. Although he thought of several plans, it was not the best, but now, Liang Long is so upset, suddenly Wang Baole I was so excited that I felt that the opportunity had come. So, with a bitter look, he bowed to Feng Qiuran.

“Feng elder, the younger generation had said before, borrowed a Supreme Treasure, and fled from here. As for the brothers Liang Long said, it is upside down, the younger generation is really dominant, and there is still room to humiliate him, and there is still a way to isolate his breath. Then why not kill him a hundred, why not take his storage pouch? I believe that as the brother of Liang Long, the value of the goods in the storage pouch is not small!” Wang Baole words, Liang Long face suddenly changed, my mind slightly Clearer, remembering that from the beginning to the end, Wang Baole did not move his storage pouch.

And he was just awake before he was a little disappointed, ignoring this point, so he was anxious in his shortness of breath, and quickly opened his mouth again.

“Wang Baole, you are upside down. You didn’t kill me, nor did you move my storage pouch. That’s because you didn’t dare. Because I shouted, Master can trace back the time and see whether I kill me directly or indirectly. people!”

Wang Baole listened to this, and his heart was relieved. I couldn’t help but praise this Lianglong. I finally made the complicated problem simple with the cooperation of Lianglong. I will do everything here. I blamed a problem.

That is, who is attacking who!

As long as this is solved, it is equal to occupying the truth!

Thinking of this, Wang Baole gritted his teeth, and with a sorrowful anger, shouted loudly toward the cracker.

“In this case, the predecessors of the cleavage, please also carry out the method of backtracking the time, see… who is the sneak attack!!”

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