Black Soul MSI, in the green sky, the irregular sun-like existence, the rays of light scattered over the black desert, coupled with the unique heat waves of this place, make this star look from the outside, incomparably poor .

There are no plants, no animals, even the civilized race of this star is basically a body that is occupied by ghosts and becomes their clothes.

Even if there are villages one after another, but to be precise, it is only a ghost village that is parasitic on the body, a special ghost village.

It seems that death has become the main theme of this star, like a pool of stagnant water, can not afford to waver, until … Wang Baole is coming.

It was like a big rock, thrown into this stagnant water, picked up the splash, fluctuated and broke the dead silence here…

“Developed!!” Wang Baole laughed and thrilled. This is the seventh day he came to this star. Under the guidance of Old Ghost, Wang Baole swept the five with Underworld Fire. More than ten villages.

Without exception, these villages have the statues they need, and all of these statues are made by Star Source, which is a fortune for Wang Baole.

In addition, in some villages, he also discovered other precious materials, such as some ore, such as some broken magical artifacts, most of which are not included in the Federation, and even the records are lacking. Wang Baole I didn’t know anything until I went to Dao Palace.

This made Wang Baole have to feel, and he finally understood the three alien civilizations, Nascent Soul, who had been introduced into the Underworld Tool and they were in the mood of searching.

“Ma no night grass is not fat…” Wang Baole was so excited that he had forgotten the black wind Old Patriarch. At this moment, he went to search for the statue, and the Old Ghost also led the way to his experience. Under the guidance, Wang Baole began the journey of continuing to search.

In this way, day after day, until half a month later, when Wang Baole searched the star for more than half of it, it was just a statue. When he got more than a hundred, he was not far from a month, and his own The exploration was only half done, which made Wang Baole a little anxious, so after he urged and threatened, Old Ghost was helpless, with Wang Baole going to the star, one of the largest statues. !

It is a deep hole, all directions are empty, no ghosts exist, only a huge statue with a hundred feet high, standing there, emitting red rays of light, especially its roots seem to bury the earth, as if from the Heaven and Earth draw some strength, along the statue, and spread deep into the way.

Wang Baole After seeing the statue far away, his eyes were straight and his heart was mad. It is obvious that although the statue is not all made up of Star Source, but most of them are, and the other parts are also very good.

This made Wang Baole excited and rushed away. When he approached the statue, he laughed at the emperor’s illusion, and the body suddenly became more than ten feet. He hugged the statue and squatted in the low-pitched Hey!

Under this squat, the ground trembles, as the statue is pulled up a bit by Wang Baole, the ripples that rise and follow the joints and spread directly to the ground.

At the moment, under the statue, there is an altar in a cave. The black wind on the altar is composed of a vortex, which seems to be rotating all the time. In this vortex, there are more than two hundred spots of light shining. There are three light spots that are the largest, like a light group, so that other light spots are centered on them, and each of these light spots flashes each time, which will accelerate the rotation of the black wind.

But now… these two hundred light spots have been extinguished more than half, which makes the rotating black wind slowly slow down until three huge light clusters, one is rapidly dimming, and it is completely in the blink of an eye. After extinguishing, within the vortex, suddenly opened two eyes!

These two eyes are first confused, seemingly wondering why they wake up in advance, but very quickly, when they noticed that they maintained their cultivation, they were exhausted by their own refinement of the statue, actually more than a hundred, especially three The sacred light group, even when it was extinguished for a while, the anger of anger, suddenly came out of this vortex.

“court death!!!”

With the roaring resounding, Wang Baole, who was pulling up the huge statue on the ground, immediately blinked. The statue in front of him, at this moment, the red mans rose instantly, as if to live, even without God. Eyes, there are fluctuations at the moment.

“Live?” Wang Baole glanced, and raised his right hand without hesitation. The big group Underworld Fire broke out and slammed into the head of the statue.

“That can only be robbed!” In the words, Wang Baole fell with the palm of his hand, with a bang sound, the statue trembled a few times, the red mans dissipated, and everything recovered as usual, was completely pulled out of the ground by Wang Baole, there Excited, Wang Baole wants to put the statue into the storage bracelet, but the statue is too big, his bracelet is almost full, unless it is broken, it can’t be put in.

Wang Baole suddenly regretted that she should prepare some storage pouch when she should come. At this moment, she can only help the statue and hurry away. At the same time, she raises her hand, bombards the statue, and lays it down. Load into the storage pouch.

Almost at the moment when Wang Baole fled, in the depths of the earth, on the altar, there was a strong snoring, and the vortex was disengaged from the altar, and it shrank in the air, eventually turning into a bird’s head. Unreal figure.

The skull looks like a woman, but it is not the old lady, but the appearance of a middle-aged woman, but there is no beauty at all, but it is very incomparable, there are some black marks on the face, and the mouth is long. The sharp teeth, the savage in the eyes, directly changed into a black wind, and along the cave, from the basin where the statue was located directly from the sky! !

For a time, the black wind spread all directions, the arrogance of the sky, it immediately saw Wang Baole in the distance holding the statue rushing.

“Steal my statue, die for me!!” In the middle of the battle, the bird’s first person’s disparity went straight to Wang Baole.

“Black Wind Old Patriarch?” is bombarding the statue, and Wang Baole, who has been loaded into the storage pouch, hears the voice and looks back, naturally recognizing the identity of the other party. After all, the black wind is very strong. It is obvious to recognize.

“It’s Nascent Soul…” Wang Baole’s eyes flashed, his speed accelerated, and when he rushed forward, the speed of bombarding the statue was getting faster and faster.

Seeing that Wang Baole wants to escape, the Black Wind Old Patriarch can agree that it is a black wind condense, which has an advantage in speed, especially when it is perceived that Wang Baole is just a knot, and it does not have much to consider why a knot can appear. Here, but to catch up quickly, there is a great deal of enthusiasm for Wang Baole.

In fact, this black wind Old Patriarch is Nascent Soul, but it is only Nascent Soul Early Stage, and because it is not flesh and blood, it is not very intelligent. On this black soul, the reason why it can be used as a blessing is also Because of the catastrophe of the Dao Palace in the past, no one was managed here, and all the strong people were evacuated. This made it impossible for him to find the opportunity to occupy it as his own cultivation place and use the Star here. Source, which took many years to complete the layout of the statue, was intended to be cultivated.

But now I see my own efforts, ruined by Wang Baole, especially Wang Baole continues to bomb the statue, which makes it angry.

“Little thief, stealing my statue, I want to swallow your flesh and blood, take out your soul, refine you into a soul lamp, whipping for a thousand years!!” The black wind Old Patriarch is getting closer and closer, not far from Wang Baole At the time of the hundred feet, the black wind Old Patriarch slammed, the hand seal pointed, and his body disappeared, turning into a black storm, sweeping toward Wang Baole.

Wang Baole sees that the current speed is better than the other side. At this moment, the mood is very unhappy. If he wants to accelerate, he can notice the black storm after the opponent’s illusion, and his eyes are picked up.

“Sure enough, it is related to the soul!” Wang Baole suddenly smiled, simply throwing the remaining half of the statue to the side and turning to the head of the malevolent aura.

“It’s not finished, your eyes are gone. I am stealing. Here is my Dao Palace site. I am going to be a Dao Palace. I am coming back to get something. It’s not good to find you. I dare to threaten me. ?!” Wang Baole is straightforward, turning his head to the right hand to make a fist and blasting directly!

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