Within three Inches Chapter 728

Azure Wood, the gorgeous priest, the joy of it, like a teenager!

This is the reason for the name of Azure Wood Lake in Misty Dao Academy, which witnessed the rise of Misty Dao Academy in Spirit Origin Era, as well as Wang Baole’s journey from the original teenager to today’s growth.

At this point, four quarters have evolved, beginning in autumn, from a teenager to a young man, looking at Silhouette of Senior Brother Chen Qing in the back of Azure Wood Lake.

It seems that childish has been blown out with the hair, the autumn, leaving a trace of the age, with little anxiety.

Even if the shadow is reflected in the lake, it seems to be only deep, but soon challenged by ripple, which was shattered by the lake autumn, it seems to represent Wang Baole’s heart at this moment, not as calm as it looks on the surface.

So, he picked up the pot, didn’t look at it, and he drank the next big mouth directly.

Alcohol is strong, it’s just one mouth, and Wang Baole drinks half the pots, finally delivers the pot, stares at Senior Brother in front of it, whispers.

“Senior Brother, I’ve been wondering, what happened to you in Underworld Dream?”


moonlight is cold, all around is quiet, and only the autumn continues to blow, with a slight cold, and also makes Wang Baole Chad’s liquor more intense, and the implication of that statement is difficult to understand.

Night and midnight alcoholic awakening, full of hydraulic swings, Wang Baoles inside, indeed, has a heart!

This heart began with the war of Daoist, until Wang Baole returned to Misty City, returned to his parents, enjoyed a peaceful life, and remained intolerable. He could do it only if he buried it at the bottom of his heart, did not touch it, and did not want to think about it, even if Chen Qing did not speak on his own initiative, Wang Baole might not raise it.

It’s too coincidence that the war with Daoist, the final ultraviolet option, is too sudden, the incentive to Wang Baoles, which has led to a general outbreak of Wang Baole’s potential and the total connection with the coffin of Nether King Star.

And if there’s an accident in here, the result will be the disappearance of the Federation civilization, the death of relatives and friends, and this may be a coincidence, and perhaps someone’s pushing behind the back!

In particular, Wang Baole did not have an answer, nor did he accidentally open the door to Senior Brother Chen Qing, even more so, as evidence that the promoter behind him was Chen Qing.

He just asked that phrase, and he believed that Chen Qing was understandable.

Chen Qing did understand that the woman who had been destined to be his dao companion had been transformed into the orbit of fate, driven by the interference of the next person, so that body and soul completely exterminated, and why he himself, and even so far, seemed to be spinning, but finally struggling with that ‘all.

And do not wish to do anything.

Chen Qing, he was silent in picking up the pot, draining a lot of alcohol in it, closing his eyes, and then opening up again at halfway. He looked forward to Wang Baole, whispering.

“Little Junior Brother, not me, but this is the end of the matter… because I want that purple month to be your nutrient, and give me some time, and I’ll figure out who picked you up in the dark for the same side’s friendship!”

Hoping Chen Qing, Wang Baole laughed, and his heart was still, but he believed that it was either a coincidence, or that there was another force, and the famous impetus to the event.

“Senior Brother, do you have any more wine?” Wang Baole’s heart relaxed and smiled.

Chen Qing looked at Wang Baole’s emotional recovery and smiled, and Sophisticated took out two pots, sat next to Wang Baole, sitting next to the lake, and slowed you up, and I drank it.

It was beautiful. After all, under the moon, lake waves, two men in ancient costumes, and under that handsome look, like fairies, Transcendent was declassified.

When Chen Qing said it had come, Wang Baole blinked his eyes, smacking the lips, picking up a few packages of snacks, ka-cha ka-cha’s eating, under the temple of Chen Qing, Wang Baole not only delivered a few packages of past packages, but also took a barrel of halfway eggs from storage pouch.

The consciousness picked up an ambiguous halogen, Chen Qing would have eaten one of the pots, and then was going to keep talking, but the next moment Wang Baole raised the pot and had a passionate touch with him.

“Come on, Senior Brother, let’s go one!”

Without the end, after halons, Wang Baole took out dozens of peppers’ legs, drinks, casting magic dispersed out of the flame roast, and then Wang Baole was stagnant at Chen Qing, and took out a lot of meat and all kinds of barbecue food until Wang Baole took out a pot, threw a big goose in it and spilled half a plate of pepper, and the whole paint switched from the fairy.

“Eat, Senior Brother. Don’t be kind to me.”

Chen Qing has some big head looking at Wang Baole who’s eating with a drink, sweeping his eyebrows and continuing his mouth.

“Baole, I’m taking you to a…”

Don’t wait for Chen Qing to finish, Wang Baole drank the alcoholic water in the liquor pot, hit Senior Brother’s silly head on the edge of his eyes, and then his head just fell down and slept.

So why can’t Chen Qing understand that Wang Baole is not going to go, so that laughing and crying would not be able to get his right hand up, and then he would be able to get out of the body and fall into Wang Baole in the body, and then wang Baole went to open eyes without waiting for Chen Qing to open his mouth, and he suddenly shot his head.

Not good, Senior Brother, I’m going to leave, and my mom has to come home by 1: 00 a.m. every morning, and we say tomorrow. ”Say, Wang Baole has to get up and leave, but the next moment, as Chen Qing Qright hand points, Wang Baoles’ legs have been frozen directly in his place, leaving him to fight, and he can only move in the upper half, but his legs seem like he’s with the elders.

“Senior Brother, I don’t want to go.” Wang Baole cried and looked back to Chen Qing.

Chen Qing’s head hurts a stare.

“Baole, Underworld Sect, despite die, these years have been marked by some clandestine burials, forming a hidden section, and you’re Underworld Child, and I’m your Senior Brother, and I’m taking you there on behalf of Master.”

“Senior Brother, my parents are older, and I can’t save them, and I’m worried about this walk, and when they’re back, they’re gone, and I…”

“Senior Brother will share this with you, your parents, and my elders, and I will give them a life extension, 200 years of life essence, no problem, and two hundred years later, you will come back, and I will search for you for an extension of life.”

“Ah, many thanks Senior Brother, but Senior Brother… my girlfriend is in Federation, what do I do? I’m afraid when I get back, they’re all the wives of others.” Wang Baole, open the door and try to erase Senior Brother’s idea.

“All right, as you are in the Federation, who dares to rob your woman?” Chen Qing opened his mouth, right hand lifted up, directly rolled Wang Baole, escaped from the ground and seemed to leave Earth.

Look at this, Wang Baole is in a hurry.

“I don’t want to go. I haven’t been a fed president, Senior Brother. We’ll talk about it. I’ll walk with you right away.”

“Baole!” Half an air, Chen Qing Footsteps stopped, Lower looking towards Wang Baole, expression grim, who was involved in it.

“Not Senior Brother, because Heavenly Dao of the Central Party is coming, and every time it comes, it will sweep the entire sky, and once Underworld Sect’s breath is detected, you’ll be directly repressed, and you won’t have any resistance, and if it’s detected, body dies and Dao disappears!”

“So I told you a few times before that you were prepared, and I would take you away, and only if I took you to my underworld Sect, where I received my blessing from Underworld Sect, where Heavenly Dao was left behind, would you have the power to avoid Heavenly Dao.”

“Maybe you’ve noticed yourself, what you call Heavenly Dao, actually can be seen as a super Supreme Treasure, capable of fighting Heavenly Dao, only Heavenly Dao, and my Underworld Sect Heavenly Dao, though most collapsed, is not completely extinct, one rest is left to shelter you!”

“And in Nether King Star, in your solar system alliance, the coffin, who was originally sent by Master with a large magic force, can only be transported into the air in order to avoid the discovery of Heavenly Dao, without the Central Party, thus reversing the law so that it can travel before the age of the month, where Master’s purpose is to let you sleep, thereby avoiding the holocaust!”

“You either sleep in coffin every 10 years, or you come with me, once and for all, and solve the hidden!”

“You, how do you choose?”

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