Within three Inches Chapter 746

This process is too fast, and as the eyes of Permanent Star are spreading out of shock, Wang Baole, as the battleship rumbled is approaching the shock, has crushed the original plan and restrained the idea of leaving.

In fact, he clearly remembers that the trick of slaughter, which he refined, was the cultivation method divine ability that was originally incorporated in Underworld Dream Underworld Sect.

This law is scarce, only at Nascent Soul level, and divine ability at that level would not have been given the attention of the original Underworld Sect, but after all, there are so many plantations in Underworld Sect, but the law is still altered by Underworld Sect with its own repugnant nature, so that it can also see the amazing and anomalous thing!

Even Wang Baole clearly remembers that within what he sees, Underworld Sect powerhouse’s pockets, and deplores that this law has only Nascent Soul level!

“Will Wang Baole eyes show strange glow, while the distance between battleship and Permanent Star is widening, high temperature, a gray qi explodes from the eyes of Permanent Star, bragging battleship, even more through battleship, and all cultivator bodies in it.

Wang Baole’s heart, rumbled, can’t wait to see gray qi around the body, and the next moment, the entire battleship is trembling, even more rapidly, reaching an intangible level, directly out of Permanent Star, and brakes disappear!

Both battleship and internal cultivator, all lost track!

As if it had been a long time ago, as if Wang Baoles’s consciousness had regained, he immediately felt the twisted pain of his face in the body, and his eyes had no control over the curtain of blood, and the breath was even more disorder.

Not only him, but all the people in battleship, together with Grand Elder, are shaking, many people fall inappropriately in the ground, even dozens of people, seem to have had an accident in the process, or they can’t afford it, they’re blowing up directly, blood is bleeding!

At the same time, the voice of Grand Elder’s mute in Santo Domingo has been passed out in this moment and fell into the ears of the people!

“Everyone, don’t blame this house, but it’s actually the extent to which I’ve had to spell out all the Sect, so I’ve replaced this opportunity to open one of the two big secret technique of the gods Imperial Clan!”

Listen to Grand Elder, the crowd expression in battleship is surprised that those low rank cultivator each and everyone complexion pale show alarm, while Nascent Soul Elder is much more embarrassed to look at the outer space, and more so when he looks at each other, one of them is the oldest Elder, with a low voice.

“Grand Elder, so major event, I should be told in advance to wait…

Wang Baole also looked up, and he looked for the outer space through battleship window, and he didn’t care about Grand Elder’s mortgage of Sect. He focused on three words in the other words: Imperial Clan, two big secret technique, and…

“Imperial Clan” Wang Baole, when thinking about it, has bright glow flashes outside look for the outside world, because those who appear in the curtains are no longer the Permanent Star Sun, but the Permanent Star Sun, a civilized civilization, but rather the Permanent Star, whose head is much smaller and as if it were half-extinct.

This is not a spectacular civilization!

Wang Baole suddenly understood what Grand Elder said, which was obviously a super Teleportation!

In the moaning, he recovered his eyes and looked at the grey fog outside his body, which did not disappear with Teleportation, but it was all around everyone’s body that was difficult to see if it was not carefully looked at.

Wang Baole is here to note that more is coming from him under the body’s know-how, and that the dispersed position aspires to swallow the impulse that will be absorbed.

The impulse seems to be that even if the desire is expressed by Wang Baole because of the fact that it is far away from the civilization today, Wang Baole can still be suppressed, and that Wang Baole did not go to act blindly without thinking, but rather Grand Elder, who has been challenged by the Heaven look over.

Grand Elder took a deep breath, in the face of his challenge, Sect Elder, who showed up in his eyes.

“Are you late now?”

The oldest Elder heard what was said silent, and the rest of Elder was silent, and Wang Baole looked like that and said nothing.


Grand Elder expression of Santo Domingo is serious, and after one after another was swept on the Elder, including Wang Baole, the meaningful and heartfelt words are loud.

“Sect, no need for old man to say in detail that each of you is unambiguous and that it’s so easy to get resources out of the galaxy, that all the safe galaxies that I can explore outside my spectrum have been shaved, that there is no oil, that normally is nothing, but that I have nothing to do with the survival of the San Dog Gang Gate and that there must be a huge harvest to reverse the loss of life as much as I do!”

“So this time I deposited Sect, changed my eligibility to open up the destiny, and got the right to come back to Teleportation with a channel to this unidentified planet far from the spectacular civilization!”

“This time, old man said,” If I don’t succeed, old man doesn’t want to go back, battleship, I want you, unless you pay me enough resources, you want to remember it for the purposes of the glory, it’s impossible! “

“That’s it, everyone. Take care.”

Grand Elder, after saying, looked deeply at Wang Baole and others, turning around into a refining closet, and he was aware that his actions would inevitably cause panic, but he did not care, but in order to avoid unnecessary loss, he understood that he would give people some time to digest acceptance at this time.

With Grand Elder’s departure, all around the crowd suddenly, several Elder capitals were red in the debate, but there was no way to open the way to return, apparently in the hands of buyers, unless they really had enough resources here or killed Grand Elder’s looting power, it would be too difficult to go back.

At the same time, Grand Elder’s words are hard to hear, and the truth is true, and if the San Osaka Gate is no longer replenished, then Sects can’t survive, so it’s better to spell it out!

Wang Baole heard here, and thought that Grand Elder of the Holy Oslo Gate was a fierce person, and thought of the grey fog that he was witnessing outside of every body, faintly discernable, had been largely determined at the bottom of his heart, and perhaps the effect of the fog was to return to the print for what each other said.

“So, the purpose of that beauty is to allow people to go beyond Teleportation, and to return directly to the spectrum by printing?” Wang Baole has some understanding that this is completely different from what he has refined, but Wang Baole is not anxious, but has a depressed face, while communicating with several Elder’s business meetings around him, exploring Imperial Clan and the aims of Wang Baole.

People’s hearts are all complex, and Wang Baole’s search is not a mystery, although he has no idea that Wang Baole has just been promoted, so these Elder are not very interested, and Wang Baole will soon be given the answers he needs.

The whole spectacular civilization, the relationship between Imperial Clan and the three masters, seems peaceful, but in fact contradictory!

The former were not willing to be sheltered and rights could not be recovered, but could not be resisted, but could hardly defend themselves, while the latter, despite the desire to destroy Imperial Clan, was obstructed by unknown reasons and could not be achieved.


defense of those before us and the failure of the latter to destroy them are the two major secret technique owned by Imperial Clan!

The first of the two big secret technique, not the St. Dominica, Elder knows, is that they only hear that the secret technique legend can deter even planets, and that it belongs only to Imperial Clan, and that all the external forces are difficult to plunder.

As for the second secret technique, ownership of the term is Imperial Clan, which cannot be transferred for a number of special reasons, as if linked to Imperial Clan bloodline, but on the right to use, the situation of the spectacular civilization has made Imperial Clan no longer available, but has been fully occupied by three major players!

“Interesting.” After knowing what is needed, serene glow in Wang Baole’s project slight, and mindful of the extent to which the elevation of the seed base has been described as perverted, his heart has risen.

“Nor does this spectacular civilization rush away, and the Imperial Clan of this civilization is in the hands of… most likely, with a higher profile!”

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