Within three Inches Chapter 747

At the bottom of Wang Baole’s mind, on the one hand, and in an exchange of views with a number of other Elder on the situation today, seven Elder at the Sao Tomo Gate soon reached agreement.

Today, the situation cannot be changed, and that is the case… Sophistication takes advantage of this opportunity to exploit once a harsh looting, or if sufficient harvest is available, it may be true that the Santo Domingo will reverse it and resolve the financial crisis.

At the same time, it is no longer important to have access to resources that can be exchanged with Grand Elder in exchange for competencies, and to those who have settled Pill Cultivator’s mind.

So quickly, after the same views of the seven of them, greetings left Grand Elder, expression compliments and expressions of attitude, Santo Domingo Grand Elder laughed, as if he had not taken care of the denunciation, but had Wang Baole and the others fully supported, together, to manipulate the Olympic battleship, stimulate all speed and go towards the stars.

The sky, visually dark in comparison with the mythological civilization, is the same for Wang Baole and others.

Even the Grand Elder of the Santo Domingo, for which he had not come, he had previously pledged Sect to open his eligibility for an extraordinary teleportation in the general direction because of the lack of accurate targeting.

So he only knows that this Star Domain is a place where no spectacular civilization has come before, and that he is not sure if he can find the civilization and resources that can be plundered.

In this uncertainty, if the astronomical metaphor is metaphored into a black ocean, the battleship of the Sacred Oscil Gate, like an isolated ark, is moving forward without silence in the Black Sea, and time is slowly passing through this process, and it is almost three months away.

In three months, Lorank cultivator of the Santo Domingo Gate has accepted fate and silence, but the horrors that were revealed from their eyes are just as starving wolves, and they can imagine that there is no way back, and that once they encounter swallowed prey, there will be an unprecedented vagsae.

Wang Baole and the others, although it seems calm, also Wang Baole realized that other Nascent Soul Elder’s body is becoming more and more intense, even Grand Elder himself, even to conceal ideas, and not to escape Wang Baoles observations, and to see the anxiety and intensity of each other’s hearts.

Only Wang Baole was not upset, and, on the one hand, he wanted to leave, readily, on the other hand, to return to the competence of the deities with the printing of the aims of the world, although he did not, he wanted to get it very easy.

So, for him, not only is there a little anxiety, but even during this period, there was a deeper understanding of Imperial Clan, of the history of the mythological civilization, in numerous conversations with several other Elder.

“For a while, if this is still the case, then I can only do it.” Wang Baole swept through the crowd and looked at Grand Elder, who looked at the shadow of color, and then looked loosely through the battleship window, looking away from the outside dark stars, and staring at Wang Baole suddenly both of them.

Almost in the instant of his eyes shrinking, the battleship, which was fully repaired by this temple, began to discover the anomalies of the distant stars and sent a warning.

At this alarm moment, all cultivator in battleship, the shock, breathing, especially Grand Elder, and other Nascent Soul cultivator, each and everyone’s eyes were open, especially bright glow flashes, wave A hand took out a crystal plate!

The crystal plate is small, floating in Grand Elder’s hand, spreading a long, soft rays of light, and, as his left hand seal pointed out, when the rays of light brakes rose and mutated, there was a noise back, as if there was a single invisible hand with a transparent pencil, and in the middle of the sky, a single star map was gradually drawn up!

As soon as it comes out, it attracts the eyes of all the people in battleship!

First of all, it’s a permanent Star, close to death, and then it’s all around six big and small planets.

The Permanent Star, which is dying, has no colour, and the six planets next to it, two black, three twisted between green and yellow, but more favoured green.

There’s one of the biggest, not green, spreading yellow rays of light!

The image of the planet and the colour of its inner star, the low rank cultivator in battleship, has been breathing more urgently, and several Elder around Wang Baole, with deep emotional grim opening up immediately.

“The right yellow, which does not represent Spirit Immortal, as well as the orange of the planets, does not represent the scarlet of Permanent Star’s Supreme Being!”

“Six planets, two black representatives, no Spiritual Qi fluctuations, no attention, and the remaining three are between green and light yellow, which represents the most powerful fighter on these three planets, Kanby Nascent Soul and Connecting Soul.”

“On the last star, dispersed light yellow rays of light, based on past experience, this is Kanbi Connecting Soul Late Stage!”

“There is a certain threat to this civilization, but it’s strange that their Permanent Star is about to be extinguished. Why not go here?”

Wang Baole listened to the opening of a few Elder’s eyes, and suddenly it opened.

“Since a civilization can be born in Connecting Soul powerhouse, it is unlikely that there are planets not used or occupied, but there are two such planets here.” Wang Baole said that he looked forward to Grand Elder.

The Grand Elder of Santo Domingo looked at the stars of those two black stars, and then focused on the light yellow stars, looking at the sunlight, revealing moanings and meeting their civilization less than their own civilization, and they came directly, forcibly extinguished and searched everything.

And there is a dangerous civilization whose choice is to sneak in, disperse their searches and record the coordinates of the civilization, then gather together according to the agreed time, notify them of the choice of a far-reaching invasion, as appropriate.

“If we encounter it, go inside and see how valuable it is, and if we do not, we will leave the coordinates immediately, and we will be rewarded there!” The Holy Domingo Grand Elder will show cold glow and speak decisively.

As the master of the Santo Domingo, he said that the rest of cultivator was no longer open, and that the battleship in which they were located quickly accelerated, even more quickly, by opening the magical artifact against Divine Sense’s search, making the entire battleship slow in this rush as hidden in darkness, like a black ghost, approaching that strange civilizational galaxy.

A few days later, in a state of proximity, the battleship of the Santo Domingo was finally close to that civilization, and, as the pace did not plunge into its galaxy, Grand Elder in battleship immediately hand seal, when it became more clear than they had seen before, it was fantasized directly within battleship.

The starchart is very clear, and more because of the stereotypical image, so that the six planets are almost full, and even their stars are invisible.

And at a moment when people see those planets, the breath goes out of those low rank cultivator slots, Wang Baole is also seeing a shrinking, and others Elder and Grand Elder have changed in color.

Of these six planets, two were previously detected to disperse black, and today in this whole picture, it is clear that they are completely dead, just like two dry oranges, losing all the engines and breaths!

There are four other planets, even though life and breath are still in place, but there is also a clear decline, and there is an unknown deep hole on the surface, concealed, and there seems to be some kind of object moving around, all of which is not a sense of injustice!

Wang Baole also saw such a strange civilization for the first time, not looking at a few eyes, and with his Underworld Law, he felt in this civilized galaxy that he had a depressed death Qi!

At the

same time, Grand Elder’s furans were heard.

“Home strange species civilization?” Grand Elder’s eyeballs slight wrinkles, and then it’s decided.

“All of you have separated their searches, kept contact and returned to battleship for a period of half a month!” He said, “He was shaking his body and designated two Elder to accompany him, with a portion of low rank cultivator, to travel straight through the shuttle and distribute light yellow rays of light in the map.


rest of Elder, including Wang Baole, also flew fast to each other, separated from each other, heading to the remaining three stars, Wang Baole, not alone, and with him was the fifth Elder of the San Osaka Gate, the cultivation base Nascent Soul Middle Stage, two with a partial low rank cultivator, travelling on a cruise, slipping out of time and heading straight to target stars.

As soon as there’s a deep hole on the starboard, the clearer it is in Wang Baole and Fifth Elder’s purpose, and as it sees everything, even Wang Baole, the eyes are open and surprised!