Within three Inches Chapter 748

Wang Baole and Fifth Elder went to the planet, and if they were ranked in the third place, their size was comparable to Earth, it could be seen that this place was supposed to be a planet of life, and even hidden, to see a little vegetation green on the surface.

But it’s just a little bit of that’s all, and on this planet’s surface there are hundreds of hundred thousand and even more deep hole, and these deep hole each and everyone’s small are ten thousand zhang, bigger than one city.

As if the meteor fell out of Chad, it was close, and when everything was reflected in Wang Baole and Fifth Elder’s eyes, they had a serious discovery… that there were countless vague meat in each and everyone deep hole!

These blood meat seem to be corpses, and it looks like blood mud, but the limbs floating from it reveal that there are artificial organisms, some of which are ferocious beast, and others like other civilized races, mixed together, and occasionally in all deep hole, they can see floating skulls, with no emotions, apparently experienced great terror before they were born.

If that were just the case, with Wang Baole and Fifth Elder experienced and knowledgeledgeable, it would not have been shocked, but in fact… in this deep hole of meat, there was still a rough purple blood pipe!

These blood tubes seem to absorb nutrients from deep hole mud, spill out, connect all deep hole on the planet, like a giant purple network, and, in this purple blood pipe, at least millions and even millions of nodes, have huge tumors!

Some of these tumors are moving, some like sleeping, and some when Wang Baole and Fifth Elder look, they’re breaking up, crawling out of it a size, like a lot of organism!

These organism paints are dark, similar to centipede, and after climbing out, they send SISI’s voice, and then drill into the nearest deep hole, and open up the open mouth for constant swallowing, and as they swallow, their breath has apparently begun to increase.

This screen, looking after Wang Baole, those holy google disciple, all over the skin feeling numb, fifth Elder pupil shrink, whispering around Wang Baole.

“Not native strange species civilization… it’s obvious that strange species come to civilization!”

“strange species come?” Wang Baole looked forward to the tumor in the purple network on the planet’s surface, sweeping up his eyes and asking.

“The presence of strange species in civilization, some of which is a holocaust, often once they appear, raises the vigilance of nearby galaxies, which, if resolved, will be completely extinguished and, if not, will be suppressed immediately in association with nearby galaxies.

As for the manner in which they invaded, they differed at a level, and if they were at a high level of strange species, they would go to other galaxies by taking out their own predators and, as far as those levels were low, they tended to hide their children in meteorological stones or were sent to the organism in the body.

Generally speaking, they are a group of actions, and when meteorological stones come to a civilization, they will be sent in, absorbed by adoption, massacred all the lives of the civilization and become their own breeding meal. “

Wang Baole heard here, with bright glow flashes in his eyes, and the fifth Elder, with attention on the next planet, did not see rays of light in Wang Baole’s eyes, especially when he noticed that those born, like centipede’s strange species, each and everyone, had increased fast, but his nerve could not stand up after the initial breath.

“The civilization of this galaxy should be exposed to meteorological stones that contain strange species, eventually leading to the funeral of the whole civilization… But this is a great thing for us!”

“The initial breath is only the level of Qi Condensation, and according to classical records, this level of strange species, whose lives are below planets, with very low mentality, and Lung Nan, and this time we’re lucky.” The fifth Elder says, “Smile, look towards Wang Baole when right hand picks up the next planet.

“Without being too smart and feeding blood, this feature of strange species, they only have the desire for blood, for spirstone and for the resources of the refined materials, they have no interest in half, so this galaxy is a treasure for us!”

“We go down and separate ourselves from the search and do not interfere with their diets, so as long as we are cautious, there should be no conflict, and I suggest that we take some young people each, and that we then use this to be super Divine Weapon’s presence in other vulnerable civilizations.” The fifth Elder says here that suddenly low heads take a sound transmission jade slip of rays of light out of storage pouch and smile.

“Grand Elder sound transmission. It’s Grand Elder. It’s tough! Lung Nan, I’m going down, and I’ll see you in a half months!” Say, “Fifth Elder goes with a laugh and follows some of his Santo Gate disciple, when he comes out and goes straight down the planet!

Wang Baole sent the fifth Elder away from silhouette, and looked carefully at those deep hole on the planet, and his eyes slowly picked up strange colors, and then took out sound transmission jade slip, Divine Sense, who belonged to the south of Long South, and immediately passed the sound of the Holy Tung Grand Elder inside his mind.

“All Elder’s orders, while collecting resources, capture some of the young people of strange species, but not too many, and no one can fight more than 100, and we don’t fight strange species, and I’ll keep the mark in place for the future, and this group of strange species will certainly leave the next civilization, and this will be our way of harvesting since then!”

“Don’t fight strange species?” Wang Baole sneered, with a growing spectacle in his eyes, which was originally refined in the Federation’s war with the palce of Dao Palace, under which a large number of slaughters have been rehabilitated to the last, it can be said that… as long as the last breakthrough is made, he immediately holds base breakthrough, from Nascent Soul into Connecting Soul!

It was only because of the war that he chose for strength that he wanted breakthrough to need a lot of slaughter in the sea, and the Union’s truce with the palce Dao Palace made him nowhere to kill, and then he left with Senior Brother so far that, while he was fully able to fight Connecting Soul Late Stage, cultivation base remained in Nascent Soul of the great circle.

“slaughter…” Wang Baole is gradually spreading out of the cold cold spread, making it uncertain that the followers of the Santo Domingo Gate disciple, each and everyone are complexion changed, backwards, looking towards Wang Baole.

Wang Baole did not attend to the people behind the Council, and he had no less ice Cold Qi on his body, but the stronger his mind, the stronger it was, the more direct outbreak after several breaths, and the strong killing plan!

As soon as the killing plan comes out of the stars, and when a distortion occurs, it becomes even more appalling, like in the horror of the wave, each and everyone is shaking, bluffing Wang Baoles silhouette in their eyes, seems to be in this brake, turning into a sword!

Don’t wait for them to react, Wang Baole shakes, the speed goes out, and it goes straight out!

Faster, like a meteor, into the rare atmosphere of the planet, and suddenly through it, straight to the deep hole of the earth’s blood, and more importantly when it comes out, Wang Baole not only explodes in the air, its right hand is under arrest, the Emperor of Dayton shows in part that Divine Weapon is formed, and goes to the surface of the nearest place, with blood deep hole in half of the city.

Heaven and Earth rumbled, cloud change, blade glow from Wang Baole and his Divine Weapon, tremendous pressure to shake the blood in the deep hole down the bottom, even more than drilling out of the large and small strange species centipede, and they densely packed the speed of flight, in deep hole, in deep hole, on the edge of deep hole, on the edge of deep hole, on the edge of the deep hole, with a tremendous noise on the sky!

In the instant of this vibration, Wang Baoles Divine Weapon came suddenly, fell directly into the earth, far from looking like a knife, the earth rolled out, the forces of Wang Baole himself and Divine Weapon, and the planets and Divine Wepon, and the congestion of Wang Baoles blaglow, like the sun, burning everything, crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood, destroying all!

The sound of the bombardment, the brakes spread across the planet, and the wave waved into all around the crazy spread, deep hole exterminated, with Wang Baoles silhouette standing in the middle of the sky, hair dancing, like the magic rise, took a deep breath.

Behind him, the eyes of the meditation are illusioned, revealing unprecedented excitement and making a bloodthirsty laugh in Wang Baole’s heart.

It’s just under Wang Baoles’ prima facie, illusion technique, that’s all the aliens can’t see!

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