Within three Inches Chapter 749

“This feeling…” Half an empty Wang Baole, a black hair dancer, whose eyes are invisible, all around the poorer creature, gathered in the body, formed a wave of waves of waves of waves of waves of waves of waves, constantly pushing his cultivation base towards a higher level.

“Not enough!” Wang Baole took a deep breath, showing strong rays of light, a deep hole on the ground, a deep look at the bottom of the ground, and a long rainbow thread on the body, going straight to the deep hole of the other strange species.

Fast speed, Wang Baole has already erupted all cultivation bases, as if the lightning erupted, directly in the upper airspace of the second deep hole, which was similar to the previous size of the gravel, the bleeding fracture of the pit and the depression of the breath of death, and the crisis was also detected in the face of that appearance, like centipede, of the strange species, and simultaneously with simultaneously yelling at the instinct.

But this bare moment, almost just passed, to meet them is the extermination of Wang Baole Divine Weapon, between Heaven and Earth rumbled, where the earth was tremendously shaking, the whole deep hole was masked by the scandal rays of light that came from Wang Baole Divine Weapon and magical technique, and the next moment, when Wang Baole looked at it and called it again, as rays of light went away, deep hole was no longer there!

All strange species, all dead, became one of the densely packed objects behind Wang Baole, accompanied by him, as if hiding the sky and covering the earth in general, going down to the next deep hole!

So, in the short two hours, as boom sound keeps turning back, Wang Baole has been completely killed, but wherever it goes, all deep hole collapses, all strange species are extinct, no matter what kind of seed base, it’s okay to close Dan, Nascent Soul Shelfine, under Wang Baoles’s hands!

Wang Baole, who cares about the financial resources of the Santo Domingo, is not the resources he wants, but the growth of the base!

So, the galaxy, in his view, could be said to be the best place to live and kill without burdens, so his heart’s desire to become Connecting Soul, as well as with the insanity of life, has become stronger as cultivation base continues to climb.

“I’m going here to promote Connecting Soul!”

Wang Baole breathed in anticipation and was continuing, but suddenly he looked towards storage pouch, and took out a sound transmission jade slip from it, and then there was a loud sound from the Grand Elder of the Santo Domingo Ga.

“Longnan, stop slaughter now!”

Hearing that, cold glow flashes in Wang Baole’s red eye was killed, and when it was about to open, Grand Elder, opposite of the Santo Domingo Gate, seemed to think that the previous language was somewhat wrong, so he took a deep breath and passed it again.

“Longnan Elder, strange species are coming to civilization, very well suited to the development of our follow-up to the Santo Domingo Gate, and old man knows about this, and you’re fine, and they’re all feeling a little uncomfortable, but this time, since we found out here, the follow-up old man will start to come back to power, and we’ll go back together!”

“Besides, old man, though selfish, all this is for the Sects’ future!”

Wang Baole opened his eyes and, despite his desire to promote Connecting Soul, the words of Grand Elder of the Santo Domingo Gate had restored his sense of being affected by slaughter and realized that he had been overly relieved of his mind before, even if he had given it a chance.

“Fear of something, sacrifice this damn guy, and sacrifice the entire galaxy, you must have promoted Connecting Soul!” Almost in the instant of Wang Baole’s eyes, he has a voice in his head, whispering back, which seems to continue to affect Wang Baoles’ thoughts.

Wang Baole is at the bottom of his heart coldly snotes, which, despite his influence, does Wang Baole actually care, even if it is left to the other side to slaughter, it is not enough to control it in a certain range.

Wang Baole had thought and decided to gradually reduce slaughter in the next time, while demonstrating that cultivation base was also close to Nascent Soul Middle Stage.

As a result, the Grand Elder of Santo Domingo is also relaxed, but the heart is unhappy about Wang Baoles and has begun to accumulate, so that the time agreed upon by the people of Santo Domingo will soon come, and everyone will fly out of the planet with a great deal of resources to the stars.

However, compared to other stars, with Wang Baole in the fifth Elder of a planet, after he saw Wang Baole, he clearly displayed scepticism, undoubtedly saw and detected from Wang Baoles slaughter’s intentions, and at this moment Wang Baole was clearly strong enough to make him realize that it seemed to be a peaceful dragon, feared to be hidden in his bones.

“Don’t mess with people like this!”

As people gather, other Elder, with their own exciting harvests, has also detected changes in Wang Baole of expressionless’s cultivation base, in particular in Wang Baole’s body, which appears to be uncontrolled by malevolent aura, each and everyone.

The Grand Elder of Santo Domingo, also slight in his eyes, will slow down his mouth by not complying with Wang Baoles for a while.

“This harvest is enough for us to go back to Sect and get rich, but that’s not enough, so old man suggested that we continue sailing!”

Before the change, the pressure of Grand Elder was forced to agree, but now each and everyone’s harvest is not small, so it is proposed that all of it be pro-active, so that the battleship of the San Franciscano Gate will sail again, leaving this strange species at Star Domain and at the depth of the stars.

Shortly after leaving, however, Wang Baole left a false body in his own closet, followed by a brake vanished and left the Templeship of the Holy Oslo Gate with the strength of its origins and ignorance.

Even the Grand Elder of Santo Domingo, it’s hard to detect it. Wang Baole has already incarnation a black mist in the sky, screaming back in the sky and returning back to the strange species that came to civilization!

As soon as Wang Baole’s black mist was transformed into its silhouette, he showed a strange flash in his eyes, right hand rises up and right hand shows up, and every look is closed and open, but densely packed is extremely alarming, and at this moment, Divine Weapon is spreading out of his righthand, and cultivation base explodes completely!

Together with the operation of the Star Nascent Soul, the weather on him erupted and distorted all around the sky.

“And then, to Connecting Soul!” Wang Baole, smile, rush out of the way to the nearest star!

Its silhouette looks far away, as if the devil came, and the flame burned!

Soon, the rumbled sound went back with Wang Baole stepping into the first star, and another strange species deep hole on that planet collapsed, crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood, all crushing!


incredible pound generator, the insane influx into Wang Baole in the body, has led to a greater number of episodes behind his back, culminating in almost a huge vortex in the stars, covering the rest of the stars, and shocking all the strange species in this galaxy!

From the third star, as the earthquake shakes, a seven-ccentipede with a size of 100 zhang comes out directly from the ground, Connecting Soul Early Stage’s breath is full of four sides, and it’s filled with grey fog in its entirety, showing savage in its eyes, and looking to Wang Baole’s star, whispering straight up, turning it into a long rainbow thread, but go!

Not only it, but also Three-Headed strange species, but also within their respective stars, one Connecting Soul Early Stage, one Connecting Soul Middle Stage, and one Connecting Soul Late Stage, and the other being Connecting Soul Stage, while simultaneously flies the sky and runs straight to Wang Baole’s place!

Almost at the same time as they came out, Wang Baole stood in the middle of the planet, under his feet, all of the strange species of the planet, all of them extinct, behind his back, countless stars, almost covering the entire dome!

“There are a few big ones here,” Wang Baole, and at the end of his eyes, when the four strange species silhouette appeared on the edge of the dome, laugh, body doesn’t turn back, it explodes directly, has no purpose behind him, with his own curse, slaughter.