Within three Inches Chapter 768

In the midst of these many parades, time passes slowly, because of the fact that Immortal Sect does not have a place in charge, most of the people who arrive early are waiting at their seats, and as for how many parades, they go elsewhere to talk to familiar people, even when they don’t come back.

Wang Baole was boring, and he didn’t want to go to Cave Mansion from the female cultivator, where the fairy fruit was provided indefinitely, so he sat here for two days, after Wang Baole had eaten thousands of spirit fruit, his reputation had been somewhat famous in the quarry of Immortal Sect.

It’s true that the Immortal Sect has never had so much food in history!

And he eats a lot, and he can be withheld from the dark, which makes it possible for those disciple who have always been treated as a diet, to drop blood in their hearts.

So when the participants are all in place and the routine begins, the disciple in the stove is relaxed, and according to their judgement, it goes on, even if it doesn’t work.

And he had to come back, sit next to Wang Baole, continue to sigh, Wang Baole watches all this, and never goes to a difficult parade, but the only black robed old man sitting at the second Layer in the middle of the altar.

Throughout the altar, he was sitting alone, and a Spirit Immortal cultivation base, even if it had been harvested, remained silent as a boiling volcano pressure.

“Spirit Immortal of the Great circle!” Wang Baole’s heart is also shaking, with his own strength, to suppress all cultivator in this area, except for Spirit Immortal of the Great circle.

And the identity of this man will come out of it!

“Dooko, I came here once, and you introduced me.” Wang Baole targeted the many parades that were sitting in danger, sound transmission.

A lot of lobby noodles, silence, little sound transmission.

“Immortal Sect ranks first, Legion, Legion Long Mexican Daoist!”

Wang Baole looked closely at this man and remembered him as a man, and the Legion Long Mexican Daoist eyes were opened in the eyes of a storm that seemed to be in direct shape, with silent rumbling coming back from the heart of the people.

“Ordinance begins!” As its words come out, the entire session has begun to be heard in some order, following a brief silence, and because there are too many speakers, the time has passed six days after the full end of the previous 1,000 speakers.

Over the six days, a thousand of those who spoke, some of them in pain, others in the case of complaints, and all kinds of statements, were dealt with by that Mexican Daoist or point, or under pressure, or by one after another, adopted.

Wang Baole was also able to hear with keen interest pleasure at the beginning, and the latter was becoming more intolerable, and the disciple heart, which was responsible for the provision of ecstasy, reeated fruit.

So after six days of eating, more than 2,000 fairies were consumed, the second Legion, replacing the Mexican Daoist, continued to preside over the regular session and the entire process was no different from the previous, and Wang Baole continued to eat fruit without much interest.

Until the third Legion, the fourth Legion, and the fifth Legion on the third grade altar, until the end of the ninth Legion, the time has passed for more than 20 days, and Wang Baole has consumed the 30y thousand fairies in general, while also seeing the power of this day’s Immortal Sect, the first six Legion Directors, Spirit Immortal!

Beginning with the seventh Legion, it’s fake Realm, until the tenth Legion of Immortal Sect, in charge of the death penalty, appears under the blood of Disciple in the Immortal Sect Fire Store.

This is the first ten Legion, the only female cultivator Legion, under a black armor, that’s a hot gesture and a beautiful face, and the cold air that makes this woman look like a vortex that attracts all the different minds.

So she showed up, although less authoritative than the previous Spirit Immortal, but apparently repressed the fake fairy, even more by its outside watch, so that everyone’s eyes were brighter, and that there were many evil ideas in her heart, but no one dared to hide.

“Yoko, introduction!” Wang Baole eyes immediately started, the woman who he had seen out there before, but her appearance confused Wang Baole’s heart. After all, it was unlikely that Legion would be in the tenth place, and Wang Baole would move to a multi-swim sound transmission.

The many parades around him were silent again, and it was very clear to exclude the title Wang Baole had given him 10 days ago, but had nothing to do with the sound transmission of obedience.

“Immortal Sect Legion, the tenth place in power, the Legion of the Ice Phoenix Legion… the fairy… because she just breakthrough Spirit Immortal, did not wait for Legion’s exam, so in fact its Legion should be at least seventh and noble!”

“Well, did she have dao companion?” Wang Baole blinked and felt so handsome that it might be possible to open the situation on this humble fairy, while Wang Baole was shocked by the formidable power of Immortal Sect, which was the seventh Legion of the Purple New Avenue and was just a fake fairy fairy, so it seemed to be more powerful to hold the fairy, but since the latter was able to join the upper section with the former, there were apparently some promisg Baole unknown background!

As soon as he listens to this, it’s not up to look towards Wang Baole, it’s sweeping up, it’s a little less comfortable at the bottom, that’s sound transmission.

“No, Fellow Daoist, Long Nan, come on!”

Wang Baole began to hit the fairy fairies that were presiding over the regular session, the more it felt that his plan was extremely viable and determined.

“I Wang Baole is a bottom-up, principled man, and if the fairy turns back on my Divine Soul, greeting my beauty.” Wang Baole thinks here, Sighed, feels like he’s not risking himself, and then Wang Baole picked up spirit fruit again in another drop of blood behind those firehouses.

So, five days have passed, when a path of silhouette appears to have appeared at the second Layer and third levels of the altar, a sense of seriousness that prevailed over the entire conference room, and Wang Baole was standing up, without exception.

The first 10 Legion long, and more all of them, first to fourth Legion is in Second Layer, the remaining third level, seven Spirit Immortal, and three fake fairies, and at this moment, the expression is no less compliment, until a moment later, the first Legion, long ancient Mexican Daoist, suddenly opens up, like thunderbolt, all over the conference venue.

“Congratulations to Old Patriarch!”


soon as the word says, there’s cultivator, there’s a shock, simultaneously bending, towards the middle of the altar, and in a moment, thousands more people are assembled, and the ears are deaf!

“Congratulations to Old Patriarch!”

Not only are they, together with ten Legion Longs, including the Mexican Daoist and the Ghost Fairy, but just in the wake of greetings, this mantle Immortal Sect entire sect vibrated, and the horror of hong long long long long was spread around the Quartet, even outside of the masters, and a formidable threat erupted directly on this altar.

As a result of the outbreak, it seems that there are hurricanes sweeping across the venue, and that everyone, together with Wang Baole, has become an isolated ark, and in this hurricane sweeping across the sea, the pressure seems to be dumped at all times.

Wang Baole’s heart shocked, even if he met the planets that year, and was oppressed by this breath, and only barely lifted up his head to see a huge spatial crack with the rest of the light, spreading out the light of the clouds and showing up in the air above the top of the altar!

A middle-aged man with five colors long robe, with a smile on his face and a step out of this crack, as if a living god walked into the dust, and the brakes that men showed up there, and the minds of people in that place were rumbled.

Wang Baole breathed a little rush, just looking at that man’s face, and he’d see the pain, as if the rays of light that had been dispersed on that person could be translated into a substantive edge.

Despite the pain, Wang Baole was a bad man, so, despite the retrieval of the vision, it was in the eye of the other side that it was seen in the crack behind Old Patriarch that was a star that could invisibly see an emptiness in it, and only one planet dispersed its sight!

In the instant of seeing that planet, Wang Baole’s brain flowed out the way he knew in Underworld Sect about the promotion of the planet, that is, a merge of a planet, and since then the planet is itself and itself a planet!

And this planet will also disappear in the sky, and it will only exist in the sense of cultivator!

So, the more the planets merge to some extent, the more the battle power of cultivator is formidable, but it’s too rare, even if it is, it’s often taken away by some Supreme Being’s children as descendant promotions!

Just in Wang Baole’s mind shifted, the pressure brakes from all around disappeared, and the middle-aged man from the crack had sat on the top of the altar, and the crack had been sealed up at that moment, and it was like a hole in the snake’s eyes!

“greetings Old Patriarch!” The ancient Daoist opens again, all of them simultaneously, and all directions are echoed in a moment, while Wang Baole blinks and tears his heart up.

“greetings Old Patriarch! Congratulations, Old Patriarch, two Soaring Dragon flies, three circles down, four parties, five sentences! Once again, Old Patriarch Six Paths of Samsara will not be trapped, seven stars will not destroy their souls in the dome, eight demons will not shake their minds, nine people will live in peace with their gods, ten steps will go to the Permanent Star!”