Within three Inches Chapter 770

Immortal Sect. According to Wang Baole’s knowledge of Dragon before and the information he has investigated, he knows that this section has 30 formal Legion!

The so-called formal Legion, as if it were the thirty branches of the Immortal Sect of the Sky Penalty, belonged to the Immortal Sect and to a great degree of relative independence, that is, the thirty Legion, in addition to allocating a substantial amount of resources every year, did not need to pay all of its own plundering, both self-sufficient and upper sect, and the only thing they needed to do was to rise when the Section needed and fight for sect!

That is why there is a ranking factor, because, whether it is the resources or the proportion of the contributions made, it will be ranked according to ranking!

For example, the first Legion, instead of having to collect any harvest, or even the resources that sect allocates annually, belongs to the sea level, which is surprising, and the more subordinate, the greater the adjustment, but, in any case, as long as it gets into the top ten, it’s basically more than pay!

With regard to the 10 rankings of Legion in the middle, it would also be possible to pay a balance with the harvest, but the last ten Legion would otherwise not be comparable to the payment, but would be far more than those of Legion, which was attached to the upper section, and would not even be able to compare.

Such a system of rules has resulted in competition between the thirty formal Legion Legion, who is responsible for the death penalty Immortal Sect, and, after all, has been raised one more time and is clearly reflected in the interests.

That is why challenges arise and, while some costs are needed to initiate applications, they are not acceptable to them.

At the

same time, the lower sections attached to the Immortal Sect of Heaven, as well as the Legion, are not likely to be promoted, and as long as certain conditions have been reached, they may also have the qualifications to challenge upper sect Legion, which, once victory, can be replaced by ranking, ascending to the skies with a single leap!

It is only on the following battles that, although they can be triumph, they are expected to possess such qualifications at a very difficult level, and not only do they need to pay the amount of sea resources to cover the costs of applying to upper sect, but also at the expense of any Legion in the first five Legion, which needs resources that are alarming, as in the latter case.

At the same time, once the final challenge fails, all lower sect Legion will become the legal estate of the challenged person, and there will also be a high level of compensation, which will also be presented before the challenge, with upper sect!

Wang Baole understands that today’s Ice Phoenix Legion, even after thinking about the information about Immortal Sect Legion in his mind, is about to make a challenge application soon.

After all, Fairy cultivation base breakthrough Spirit Immortal, such a challenge is hardly difficult unless it is not the seventh Legion that Fairy wants, but the sixth Legion with Spirit Immortal!

In Wang Baole, where the minds flow, the humble Fairy speed flies fast, and walks directly into the satellite and comes to the air with that giant bird statue.

As can be seen here, this bird sculpture, which is amazing, has also constructed a palace in its body, where a number of cultivator enters and exits, noting that Wang Baole and Weird Fairy have arrived, both these people and cultivator in all around the military camp, all raise heads and move towards the sky, simultaneously greetings.

“Congratulations, sir!”

As between thunderbolt rumbled, Wang Baole immediately noted a serious imbalance in the share of cultivator men and women down there, and the number of female cultivator accounted for almost 70 per cent.

“Female?” Wang Baole blinked and suddenly felt her superiority, but some feared her personal safety, just as he had no shame at his heart, when Fairy expressionless’s little slightly slightly slightly slightly slightly slightly slightly orannodded, grabbed Wang Baole and walked directly into the palace of the bird’s back and then threw Wang Baole next to her.

Wang Baole, who was thrown at the side of the building base, exploded, backwards behind the landing, which was the only way to get rid of the other side of the streets, where the color changed and quickly calm down.

He was well aware that that threw, if it wasn’t his own cultivation base enough, could be seriously injured directly, and that was why the next Mavi of the other party was not over.

“Looking handsome, walking there is distressing.” Wang Baole’s heart snorted, but it’s not obvious, as if it wasn’t in any sense, and it was complimented.

His performance, which made the cold cold in the cold eye Fairy look a little slower, ignored, directly picked up a jade slip, sitting there and looking at it.

At the same time, from outside the temple behind Wang Baole, three female cultivator, three female cultivator, purple clothed, one yellow dress and one fight armor.

the purple clothed is tight to make her body curve amazing, and it seems to be attractive with indifference, so that the eyes of the woman can’t stand to shake as she moves forward.

Yellow skirts, with some noble aura, in a long shoulder, the goose’s face has no first smile, like spring winds, opposite the atmosphere of purple clothed female cultivator, such as the same sacred, a demon.

As for the last woman in battle armor, the temperature is different, as beautiful as it is, but more like another humbling Fairy, where the ice is cold, there is malevolent aura.

These three women cultivator are Connecting Soul of the Great circle, and the weather is not normal, and at this point after entering the main palace, three of them quickly swept Wang Baole’s eyes, with different expressions, of which purple clothed female cultivator appeared to be tempted, while yellow dress women were gentle, war armor women appeared to be stigmatized and then sat there with the humble Fairly greetings.

Wang Baole looked at the three Goddess in his eyes, standing by silent eyes, beating them up. From a purely male objective point of view, he appreciated the war armor woman and was willing to engage more with the yellow dress female cultivator, but his eyes were unable to live on that purple clothed female cultivator.

And just when Wang Baole scored, sitting on the top of Fairy, put down jade slip in his hand, sweeping his head on those three women, and then looking towards Wang Baole after Microslightly nodded.

“Although Old Patriarch arranged you, I don’t have anyone to collect, but look at what you’re doing at artifact refinement at the Sao Tung Gate, then look at how your artifact refinement level is going to make a decision, and now you can go out.” The Tough Fairy says here, right hand, throwing Jade slip in her original dress, giving her a copy of Wang Baoles information record Legion, and then a jade slip throws a jade to Wang Baoleole Baole after she has given a layer of competence.

When Wang Baole picked up, Divine Sense saw a Magical Treasures formula in this jade slip, which appeared to have been shocked by the name of formidable.

“The criminal fairy mask, the same magical treasure that I specialize in checking disciple artifact refinement levels in Immortal Sect, is difficult for Sects Artifact Refiner.” Answer Wang Baoles is naturally not a humble Fairy, but a gentle woman in a yellow dress, and give Wang Baole Baole a Cave Mansion Order, which records his place after he smiled at Wang Baole.

With this, Wang Baole blinked, vowed away from great hall, knowing that these guys were going to talk about something, and that Spirit Immortal was here, and Wang Baole was not good at spying, so he started searching for his home, in the position of Cave Mansion.

In fact, Wang Baole was right, and after leaving, the humble Fairy in great hall began to deal with things, and the gentle yellow dress woman hesitated and opened his mouth when he planned to challenge other Legion in the near future.

“Captain, if this dragon is arranged by Old Patriarch, let him go to the cactus mask, it will be inappropriate… After all, even if it’s a test of disciple, it’s Spirit Immortal treasure, not a low level of confidentiality.”

The gentleman said, before watching Wang Baole, there was some contempt of war armor woman, snorted.

“I have heard that the dragon South is a role that likes to steal, and that this category of people often has no real level, and that the so-called artifact refinement master outside, and at the most, is refining to the third level, will not be able to follow, at least four degrees, and at least Connecting Soul magical treasure, even Spirit Immortal magical treasure, and that we do not have the capacity to refine to more than five degrees, and that as far as the final eighth level, the ability to reach as rare as phoenix feathers and unicorn horns, does not need much consideration.”

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