Within three Inches Chapter 771

Look at the opening of her subordinates and trusted aides, and Fairy apparently prefers the latter, and she does not see how outstanding the dragon south is on artifact refinement, and this is a small thing for her.

After all, the biggest thing before her today is to increase Legion’s ranking, if only to the seventh place, by replacing her today’s cultivation base with a French ship that is sufficient to suppress the seventh Legion and successfully challenge it.

Even if the opposing party had not raised any resistance, she was Spirit Immortal!

It is clear that Fairy’s goal is not so simple that she wants not to be seventh, but sixth, not to look at just one, and that the resources available are very different.

So this requires a good plan, and as far as Wang Baole is concerned, Fairy is really ignored, and she didn’t like each other’s style of conduct, but Old Patriarch’s arrangement, she couldn’t refuse, nor did she do anything about giving the fairy mask, and in her view, she wanted to refine the treasure for two years, so she didn’t care too much, and she ended this conversation.

Wang Baole, unknown to all this, walked in the Ice Phoenix Legion, hoping that most of the ten people were female cultivator, but it was only a shame that it was not an orange swallow, but a good gesture and a wind.

And it seems that he has always thought of trump card, which is his color, as if he lost his role here, and that there are few people who have been sweeping up on him, and even Wang Baole has made a few offers, so Wang Baole has coughed a few times to comfort himself until he finds his place of residence, and he has seen some problems.

“It seems that men are not sufficiently positioned here…” Wang Baole saw his own residence and recalled the other buildings seen on the road, apparently within this frozen Legion, with the women of cultivation base, surpass male cultivator, both in status and in the living environment.

“That’s all, who made Legion a cold sister.” Wang Baole shakes his head, starts his residence with Cave Mansion’s plate, and goes into it, even though it’s not satisfied with the simple placement here, it’s not too high to ask, and when he’s sitting on his knee, he’s got his own thinking.

“Now I’m the disciple of Immortal Sect, and to some extent as long as I’m not doing it myself, I don’t have to be too concerned about the threat of Melon Legion.”

“So my next goal is to be to be able to stand firm in this frozen Phoenix Legion, thereby taking advantage of this position, to find a way to have your own Legion, and thus get a lot more cultivation method over the eyes of Permanent Star!”

“Of course, if you have the opportunity to contact Imperial Clan, there may be a greater harvest!” Wang Baole, whispering, because there is Spirit Immortal here, and the Planet Old Patriarch, Wang Baole decides to change his ability to become someone else, unless it has to be.

“If you want to stand here, what a fairy mask must be refined, and this opportunity can also be taken to learn about the law of artifact refinement at the senior artifact level of the spectrum of the civilization!” Wang Baole is groaning out of jade slip, who has decided to take out the cactus mask.

He was just sweeping up before, and it was conceivable that this magical treasure was somewhat anomalous, and his eyes were slowly open, the more touching, and eventually breathing.

“Is that the life of Immortal Sect so rich and imposing? This is a… Spirit Immortal magical treasure!” Wang Baole was surprised that the gentle yellow dress girl said that this was the treasure used to test artifact refinement disciple.

“Can’t imagine the extent to which this artifact refinement level of Immortal Sect is in charge of the penalty… Is it surprising to test disciple’s use of Spirit Immortal magical treasure?” Wang Baole is afraid of being mistaken and studying it carefully to finalize himself as not only right, but even more surprising than he had seen before?

“It does not seem possible that the fairy mask, according to the Federation’s artifact refinement, is the presence of surpass Ninth Grade Magic Armament, which is not limited to Divine Weapon… especially if its growth is more irreversible, reaching Divine Weapon or even higher levels… Heavens, whose daily sentence is Immortal Sect, so strong!” Wang Baole whispered his next breath, and his face is really scary.

In fact, the funeral fairy mask, whose effectiveness is mainly on the defense and counter-affected, divided into eight degrees, with an increase of one layer, can generate an impact of 5 per cent injury, 40 per cent of the shock after eight degrees, and apparently a higher level of follow-up, even though there is no sign on jade slip, his instinct tells himself, with Wang Baoles experience, that there must be another!

This has shocked Wang Baole, and has taken a little heart, even the hidden pressure has multiplied, like the mountains, to breathe.

“I’m going to try!” Wang Baole took a deep breath, staring at jade slip in hand, switching the brain, analysing and studying continuously. It’s been seven days since that day, when Wang Baole came to Ice Legion.

He’s been almost asleep for seven days, studying the fairy mask, gathering his own Federation and copper ancient sword, and the artifact refinement experience of the spectacular civilization, which in all cases eats the first Layer of his partner.

At the same time, his identity was recorded in the Ice Legion file, but only at a very low level, with the lowest first Layer competencies, but that authority had a very small role to play in allowing him to purchase resources within the Ice Legion.

As a result of the purchase of these resources, Wang Baole began to formalize the criminal fairy mask, but before preparing to close it, Wang Baole conscientiously discovered that Little Donkey had been released.

“Son, I’m good at you this time, but you tell me the truth, don’t mess with me or lock you up for a hundred years!” Wang Baole stares, secretly thought against his son, or his old man said it would work, “That’s why you have to overcome it!

Wang Baole felt that he was right when he was a kid, but Little Donkey’s reaction was just going to keep him down.

This Little Donkey has been confronted with Wang Baoles, most of which are either succumbed or encouraged, or preferred, with all kinds of positive and positive emotions, but today it is not the same… it is clearly disturbed, even at Wang Baole roar.

“hee-haw, hee-haw, hee-haw!”

His expression was anxious and seemed to be asking Wang Baole what item was, Wang Baole looked at it, and threw out some material directly from storage pouch, but Little Donkey just looked at it, didn’t eat it, but kept screaming.

That makes Wang Baole somewhat dissatisfied.

“Eat, you know you’re old!”

“Kid hee-haw!”

“Still screaming?”

“Son Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Wang Baole, with a heart ache, thought that he was his son after all, had taken some good material, but Little Donkey looked at it and was still unsatisfactory, which made Wang Baole curious, and Sophie Divine Sense interacted with Little Donkey.

This communication, Wang Baole Setton is weird.

“Wang Baole is somewhat naughty, and he knows from Little Donkey’s description that Little Donkey is looking for the same item, one of the items after the eruption of Meron Legion battleship and cultivator’s death, and who his original owner is, in any event, a single puppet, which seems to be unusual, but if you look closely at it, you know how well your Lord is.

Its role can, to a certain extent, allow Little Donkey to spill out his unlimited energy so that it can forget to go back, to eat, to smell, to be tired.

Although disgusting, in view of the fact that Little Donkey is, after all, a ferocious beast, Wang Baole sighed, found it in storage pouch, found it for half a day, saw Little Donkey’s frustration, Wang Baole had to give up, put Little Donkey away, sit on his knee, took a deep breath, prepare for the torture fairy scandal.

But just one moment that Wang Baole will refine this treasure material, he’s going to have a memory in his head that flies, and in his memory, he was supposed to send it to the storage pouch of the woman on that face in exchange for information, which makes his eyes open and half of his face even more strange.

“Send the wrong man. I knew so. I should have sent Fairy.”