Within three Inches Chapter 796

It’s a strange picture, and it looks like half the gold pool Legion battleship in the sky, and it’s a purple rays of light, no matter how much internal cultivator controls it, it’s not good at this moment, as if it’s a cage for internationalization, and the external conversation… belongs to Wang Baoles Licence!

These battleship was astonishing in number, let alone the half-French locust under Wang Baole’s feet, which is now significantly altered by the fabric of the original razor, with a small fraction of spirit fluctuation, but more than twice as many muscles and savage noises from the body that can deter the soul of those who hear it.

All of this, it turns the whole battlefield back at a moment, and the advantages of Legion, the original golden pool, became a disadvantage at a moment!

All the cultivator of the Golden Legion, all of which had to be shocked, breathed tightly, and a number of direct shocks, even if the Legion of Gold Legion was long, had shown remarkable distress in complexion pale, which, on the one hand, could not be credited to the scene and, on the other hand, at the bottom of the heart, had caused them to fly fast to look a Will.

A Will has a dark face, a golden Legion cultivator’s vision to silence the whole person, and he can’t do it, but he needs a reason, but unfortunately, that reason has not been found so far.


Dragon Nan on the other side has never used his own fairy mask, even once he was here, and the other side is still fighting with battleship, which can be said to be in full conformity with the rules of challenge!

So in such a situation, once it comes out here, it’s not easy to bully the advantage of the situation to bully people, and this undermines the rules of challenge and puts it all on someone else, and it’s kind of inappropriate to put it here in the Dragon South, where Old Patriarch looks.

After the brain builds, A Will has become more difficult to see, and there is more in the heart to hold on, and it is clear that he can solve the other side with his own cultivation base Spirit Immortal, which allows A Will both eyes to gradually reveal the killing plan, with a deep look at Wang Baole, and a Will will be low.

“Lung Nan, hand over the halfway ship, this challenge… you win!”

“Sorry A Will Senior, this is my spoils of war.” Wang Baole heard what was said slightly smiled, who knows the other side’s malicious feelings and has no sense of good for this person, and now has such a great advantage and a rule on why spoils of war should be released.

Most importantly, the half-French ship has given Wang Baole the utmost motivation to say that, even if this challenge fails, it will be compensated for too much resources, but he still earns.

In response to Wang Baoles, he did not have an accident and, indeed, he understood that it would not be possible to let Lung Nan hand over a half-French ship, but the words that he had to say were naturally, and that after a deep look at Wang Baole, a Will turned around and left the battlefield directly.

He was aware that, since he was not in a position to do so, it would be meaningless to stay here, and that the failure of the gold pool, although it had some influence on the tip, was neither Legion nor his son A Will, was unique, but that he would not have let it go before he left.

“It is a shame that artifact refinement Master, who was born in this hand, has not been known before, that if it was put in a major war, it would be as effective as a reversal, and that the gold pool would lose its grievances!” After that, A Will would not look at the Golden Legion and move directly towards the stars.

Wang Baoles’ eyes were shattered in comparison with the suffering of all around the Golden Legion cultivator, and Wang Baoles’ words in front of A Will were disgusting, deliberately highlighting the surgery of birth on the battlefield and bringing it to the attention of the Commission, thus being forcibly taken by sect, as in the case of the original fairy mask, and indirectly breaking Wang Baole’s trump card.

After all, when this artifact refinement technique is bought by section, Qing Legion wants to get it easy, and once this magical technique has been acquired, then the time is affected by the golden pool, to a certain extent it will be enough to compensate for it, even if it works well, and it’s not possible to make a profit.

All this, while Wang Baole’s mind has flourished, his vigilance with respect to A Will has also increased too much, and the tolerance of the other side has led to caution, but Wang Baole has taken this into account in choosing to do so earlier, so that, while vigilance A Will, it will not have a significant impact on him.

Indeed, as Golden Legion chose Addefeat without hesitation, when Wang Baole challenged victory, he sent some non-core information on postal techniques to Fairy in Ice Legion for the first time.

In the

name of donation, the Managing Director was given to Old Patriarch in the name of Oxford Fairy.

Any request is silent. It’s a donation!


benefits of such donations are the appreciation of Old Patriarch hearty laugh and the acquiescence of the deceased Legion’s disposition of spoils of war, which has left no room for a return to Golden Legion’s loss and has had to grant substantial resources to compensate for ranking here… and 1,000 zhang, the name of the nineteenth Army, which has been tortured!


concerns raised by this war are as small as the Wang Baoles name and their fibred Legion, and with the two challenges of this time, the more being known, especially after the subsequent war, it can be said that the entire spectrum of the spectacular civilization is concerned with him and that most disciple within Immortal Sect is respected.


the dark, there are still a lot of legion and sect cultivator speculating that the next challenge of the break-up Legion is that Wang Baole stopped the challenge when he was rehabilitating the harvest, centred on a semi-first ship and refining other battleship.

He already understands the gap between himself and the previous Legion, and if the method of birth is not handed over, that’s all, although part of the surrender is only skin hair, it will eventually be progressively exposed and carefully calculated.

Rather than accumulating strength, have accumulated knowledge and deliver it slowly, in the next challenge it is hard to obtain within the eyes of Wang Baole in order to achieve that, but only if it is to do so, the resources needed are enormous.

“It appears that only outside, in the form of a spectacular civilization, will it be determined that Wang Baole will be able to meet the civilization that has been seen before…” Wang Baole will finally not act immediately, but will spend a few days checking his battleship Legion, while carefully measuring his thoughts in his mind.

“Only with sufficient resources will my Legion be stronger, and there will be a reason to show it here.” Wang Baole chose to leave, Little Donkey, and five, and he also came back. This time the two guys were familiar with each other, having a degree of interconnection, as if Wang Baole were still deeper than Wang Baole, sitting in the French fleet, two donkeys, with fractured Legion, directly depart from the Silver Star!

In the public area, the atmosphere created by the Half Batleship and the Half Favour fleet, which left the power of the Immortal Sect, where all the roads had been shaken and diverted, even if Legion had appeared for other purposes, had been exposed to scepticism.

“It’s Dragon Crazy!”

“I hear this man is in Legion, he’s an cultivator, but the battle strength is strong in nineteen days, and that’s what he didn’t do, and once he does, it’s not possible!”

“This lunatic, who fucks bad luck, let’s not mess with him!”

So, in a lot of scepticism, Wang Baole went well, and Purple Gold’s new Dao Gate’s reward seemed to be lost, and Meron Legion, as a bitter lord, chose to give up, so Wang Baole succeeded in reaching the Permanent Star of the Catholic Civilizations, that is to say!

Here, Wang Baole is directly converted to qualification with the power of fractured Legion, and as his hands rise, the entire fleet rushed to Permanent Star, and the next moment, the broken Legion, disappeared in the eyes of the world!

At the time of appearance, the stars are empty!

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