Within three Inches Chapter 797

It’s a ridiculous sky, and it looks like there’s no more meteors, no more remains, no more lives, no more stars.

The whole planet’s naked eye went to see, and it was dark because of the scarcity of light sources.

“The spectacular civilization is a bunch of locusts close to their civilization… does not know how many times they have been searched.” Wang Baole looked at all around, but, despite predictions, can’t hold Sighed.

“Only far away…” Wang Baole grows up, and the rest sees the fabrication of the look for half of the French ship next to Little Donkey’s right vision flickered, even though some of the uncontrollable ones licking their lips, fall down a small beach…

As for small five, sitting next to Little Donkey, looking at the outer space of the French fleet, as if Goon a mental journey was too fictitious to think about something.

Wang Baole stared at Little Donkey, didn’t have to open his mouth, just a warning, and Little Donkey understood it, so he gave up his tongue and licked that little beach water back.

Look at Little Donkey knows the size, Wang Baole, which is the only way to recover the warnings, hand seal, when all the battleship around him came together, one after another disappeared, and after he earned the storage bracelet, only the half-French locust was retained and went towards the stars.

He chose the direction of Teleportation, unlike what was originally chosen by the Santo Domingo Gate, whose route Wang Baole, although familiar, had been searched, so the time Wang Baole was planning to go to the other try ones.

Wang Baole of the region, while available, has little effect, much more being to let Wang Baole know the limits of the spectacular exploration and at the speed of the half-French fleet, and when he flew out half a month later, when he reached the margin of the star marking, Wang Baole lost his role.

“The next region, which is not recorded by the spectacular civilization, is likely to be scratched, but the lower it is estimated that it will be shaved.” Wang Baole, once again, manipulates the semi-fauna fleet.

It seems just that this time is out of luck that Wang Baole is not in the air, so that, six months after the passage of time, the sky is still dark and there is no stars that can be seen.

This makes Wang Baole depressed and seems to feel the worst of Wang Baole’s emotions, so Little Donkey licking the French ship is down, but even so, when Wang Baole noticed that little Donkey’s breath was still stuck, his eyes were staring again.

“Little Five!”

“Father, I’m here!” To go on a mental journey, too little for a month, and in the instant of hearing Wang Baole, a body of shivered, stand up and speak loud.

“Give it to you, watch Little Donkey, make it quiet and eat nothing!”

Little Donkey’s taste is unique, and in his understanding there’s nothing that Little Donkey can’t eat, even in his judgment, that’s probably hungry, and Little Donkey can eat himself.

Even once, he thought that if Little Donkey was given enough conditions, this guy could eat his own dust empire…

So look at Little Donkey, and look at Wang Baole, and face hurts, whispers.

“Father, I can’t take care of it here. It’s my brother, so…”

“It eats, and I eat you!” Wang Baole savage watches a little five eyes, and this past, the whole five people screamed, and he thinks it’s gonna work out of each other, so he’s just saying it.

“Father, don’t worry, I must stop my grandpa from doing anything wrong!”

Wang Baole snort, this is the only way to take care of the bitter face of this moment and talk to Little Donkey, and ask it to control its own small five.

So, time passed again, dark stars, Wang Baole sat on a half-French locust, like a lonely ferocious beast, traveling across another galaxy, which, without exception, was completely dysfunctional and could not see signs of life, even if there were no traces.

This dry and fuzzy journey has ultimately called Wang Baole into question, and he thinks he’s not wasting his time, choosing to return and change the other routes.

At a time when Wang Baole is increasingly challenged, the sky ahead of him has evolved, not completely dark, but hidden some dark changes.

“Dark change!” This discovery, which gave Wang Baole a vibrant and bright presence, illustrates the existence of a Permanent Star in a given region, although it is not known what the Permanent Star is, as Wang Baoles understands, a permanent Star at the heart of civilization, where life is very probable.

This discovery has allowed Wang Baole to react in the direction of full control of the halfway in a bright direction, a process that lasted 10 days long enough to finally see a giant Permanent Star in front of Wang Baoles, as brighter and stronger as brighter.

This Permanent Star is much bigger than the Permanent Star of the Wizard Civilizations, but the rays of light are not even as dispersed as much as the heat of fire, and it seems that the Permanent Star is more like structural change, like fossilization.

Only because of the fact that there are still no sources of light within them, rays of light passes through stone wall, disperses and photographs a range of planets.

Far from realizing this scene, Wang Baole heartbeat accelerated, no doubt that the manipulation of the semi-first ship stopped, right hand picked up a wave and took out a plate.

The compact, which is the product of the spectacular civilization, can scan a certain range of planets, structure a map of stars, and the spectacular cultivator who invaded the Federation in the same year used an item to scan the solar system.

It was only Wang Baole’s plate, whose accuracy and scope exceeded those who had originally been the necessary item for Legion to be given by Immortal Sect.

“Orange yellow green blue purple, of which scarlet represents Permanent Star, Supreme Being, and orange represents the wave of planets, while the yellow is Spirit Immortal, and the light yellow is Connecting Soul’s territory…” Wang Baole furans opened his hand plate without turning his eyes on the plate, five stars flowing out!

One of the largest, the Permanent Star, which Wang Baole saw, is actually what Wang Baole felt before, and the whole looks like most of the other four stars in the galaxy, which fall within the scope of the planet, but without exception, have been fostered!

And the degree of rochematics surpass Permanent Star, basically full of stone, so instead of planets, it’s like the four giant meteors floating in the sky!

As for colour… apart from the inability of Permanent Star to be scanned, the four other planets are black, which means that there is no slight spiritual Qi fluctuations, and the Wang Baoles eyeballs are not wrinkled.

“Was it another strange species coming to civilization?” In the mood, Wang Baole manipulated the halfway fleet, slowed down towards the galaxy in which Permanent Star was located, while his cultivation base was also operational, even more fully open to semi-first ships, so that it could be reactionable or accelerated at any time.

So, under Wang Baoles concentrate attention completely, a half-French ship approached slowly and slowly, until it reached the inside of the galaxy, Wang Baole had suddenly changed, and half of the French fleet had flourished!

It was too far before, so it was impossible to see, and there seemed to be some kind of strange cover here, so even the plate was hard to scan, so it was a screen of Wang Baole’s curtains that came into the galaxy at this moment.


The unidentified bodies flown in the sky, accompanied by a large number of battleship fragments, and numerous broken magical treasure pieces, where they float to see the stars expected.

It’s full!

“This is the place!” Wang Baole complexion change, the heart of God at this moment is also very sad, hidden by a sense of crisis that swells from this strange galaxy and covers all around him!

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