Within three Inches Chapter 798

“There should be some change here…” Wang Baole did not go to act blindly without thinking, first carefully looking at all the world, then using the hypocrisy of the semi-Fronaut ship to sweep the quartet and ascertain that there was no danger in the area in which he was present before he left his eyes on the remains of all the world.

Wang Baole was unable to judge the years without knowing the culture of this civilization, and within this civilized galaxy that existed could cover up his Divine Sense’s odd powers, as if she were freeze years old, keeping these bodies in a state of death, even clothing and decoration, without any sign of a corrupt end.

To do that, the powerful magic force needed exceeded Wang Baoles’ imagination, and it was difficult to analyze whether cultivator did it or whether the galaxy was odd.

“As a rule, this galaxy, although remote, is unlikely to have been here for many years, and after it has come… the bodies and remains here are still present, some of which cannot be said.” Wang Baole’s eyes, vigilance and greed, failure to immediately examine floating bodies and remains, may have hidden unknown dangers that some plates cannot detect.

Instead of wave a hand, he dispersed tens of thousands of puppets, manipulated the puppets to all around spread, used their eyes to look deeper at all around the world, and he split seven or eight Divine Will out of his own instinct Body Law, sitting in the puppet as a more accurate eye.

That is how the tens of thousands of puppets, centred on the French ship, spread out, looted from a body, and Wang Baole received a growing sight as they dispersed, until after one time it took to burn burn stick of incense, Wang Baole’s eyes collapsed suddenly after the puppet spread to some scope.

In these unknown bodies and remains, he saw a number of bodies with obvious clothing styles different from those of other bodies, and such differences were not a single area, but scattered in many places, with only Wang Baole now able to detect more than seven or eight places.

“These seven eight bodies, unlike the remains that existed here in the years…” This discovery made Wang Baole more vigilant, with some images and judgements coming out of his mind, in which cultivator of other civilizations passed through here many times and accidentally died after entering.

“Is it true that those bodies that were originally present here present an unknown danger?” Wang Baole looked up, thought about it, just so he left, and he was a little unsatisfactory, so he spread more puppets, plundered sea of stars made of all the world’s bodies, headed for four planets.

He intends to use puppets to see what’s strange on these stars so that he can judge whether to search here or not.

With this idea, when Wang Baole’s number of puppets reached Thirty thousand, some of them finally approached a planet that was black as a whole, in the light of the stars, a meteor from incomparable gigantic, even if the puppet entered the stars.

There are no plants, no rivers, some of them just a mountain peak, a mountain range, the whole stars are quiet, no sound, even if Wang Baoles puppets are here, breaking the quiet here, and no life fluctuation has been activated.

The idea of suspending the puppet’s continued exploration until the rest of the puppet landed on the other three planets, Wang Baole was able to observe simultaneously, but as the stars were inspected, Wang Baole quickly opened his eyes and immediately controlled a puppet who had a body on one of the stars and left his sight on one of them with black bamboo on one of the hills!

The bamboo appears to be vegetation, but it is actually stone, and even leaves are so weird, and there is a slight spill of juice from the trunk of the tree, spreading downwards.

There’s no scent, no little fluctuations, but it’s in Wang Baoles’ eyes, like thunderbolt rumbled, and let heartbeat accelerate in the instant.

“Stone bamboo!”

Wang Baole is somewhat unbelievable, and in fact he saw it in the Wisdom Book of Information, whose name is unusual and valuable, and which has been extinct for many years in the eyes of civilization, which requires transactions with other civilizations, and prices are even more absurd.

Because this is one of the core materials for the production of French ships and for raising the level of the French fleet, and because of its rare, more demanding, it is often a section on the size of fingers that can cause competition and murder, so that this whole piece in front of Wang Baole… If it is not out there, it can at least give rise to some legion madness.

At the

same time, for Wang Baole, it was his desire and demand, after all, that he now possessed was a semi-France ship, and once he joined enough bamboo, there was a considerable possibility of turning it into a real ship!

“One stone bamboo…” Wang Baole’s heart jumps fast, either from the danger of meditation or from some hesitation, and at a moment of his hesitation, as other puppets look at the size of these four stars, another stone bamboo, it’s like a big white dish, especially on the third star, the number of bamboo is hundreds!

There are dozens of other stars, and this is a strong incentive to let Wang Baole have some red eyes, breath rush, little Donkey and little five, because they can’t see it, so some don’t know why Wang Baole is doing this, but he’s coming back soon, and he knows it’s found out.

As far as Little Donkey is concerned, even if he doesn’t know what Wang Baole thinks, it can be more tempted here than the bamboo attracts Wang Baoles, after all… the unknown remains and magical treasure fragments outside, these are food for Little Donkey!

And there seems to be something that might be delicious…

So, while Wang Baole’s breath became urgent, Little Donkey’s breath was slowly rushing, and eventually the five-hearted staring at Wang Baole and Little Donkey, at the same time, forcing himself to breathe at the same pace.

“So many marshmallows, you can bet!” After half a mile, Wang Baole bit his teeth and looked out the compass again, and he did not hesitate to see any other color fluctuations on these four stars, immediately ordering all puppets to exploit the bamboo, while extracting thousands of battleship and bringing them close to the four stars as a transportation for excavation!

While the operation was gambling, Wang Baoles was always vigilant, cultivation base operated, half the French ship was fully committed, and once it was not good, Wang Baole had some certainty as to the margins of the galaxy civilization, and if there was a crisis, it would be largely futile.

As a result of his tension and vigilance, time was slowly passing, and a large number of puppets were not easy to dig in stone bamboos, and the four stars were too hard, often with multiple puppets at the same time, to make the rock loose, so even though there were so many puppets and time had passed, only one stone bamboo had been excavated, sent to battleship and sent to Wang Baole’s location.

Wang Baole, despite his heart’s anxiety, knew that once it was rushed, there was an inevitable change in negligence, so he comforted himself while looking for the stars of the galaxy.

But just in the instant of Wang Baole’s glance, suddenly, one of the stars, the earth, was shaken by a slight shock, and this was immediately detected by Wang Baole, but he had not been able to see it carefully, and the shock was suddenly intense, even the other three stars, as Earth Dragon was rolling and trembling.

As the earthquake shakes, between the earth shook and the mountain quivered, a rock on four stars, a mountain peak, a mountain range, directly erupts Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering, as the breath changes, Heaven and Earth, turbulent times, when the stars of the entire galaxy are rolling, all these stones, mountain peak and mountain range, stand up!

They’re not stones, mountain peak, mountain range, but a different size… pound Stoneman!

Seems to have slept before, and when Wang Baole’s puppet wakes up, his temper looks terrible, each and everyone shows scarlet’s pupils, all at the location of the nearby puppet, shaking the whole galaxy crazy roar!

Wang Baole complexion greatly changed, trying to withdraw the puppet, but these Stoneman yells too loudly, sweeping like a hurricane, and the sound of the bombardment keeps spreading, and this Thirty thousand puppet is half directly, rolled by a storm and crushed into ash!

And these aren’t exactly what, really, Wang Baole and Little Donkey, and little Donkey, and in these four stars, when we wake up a lot of Stoneman, each has seven or eight Spirit Immortal breaths, in the middle of these four stars.

“Are you kidding me?” Wang Baole wails will flee without hesitation to control the semi-financed vessel immediately.

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