Within three Inches Chapter 811

Wang Baoles spoke with great importance, and a group of people searched closely around here and, although there was little harvest, seriously about Wang Baole here, let that little Captain Nodded.

And so the search was carried out throughout the barracks, and there were Connecting Soul of the Great circle, and there was more search, and even Divine Sense of Spirit Immortal Late Stage, who was always there, sweeping through the barracks once and again, trying to locate the intruder’s spider horses!

But Wang Baoles is not only quick, but it’s almost impossible to find him in a short period of time, even if it is inevitable to leave something behind.

Wang Baole was not worried about that, and he had thought about it before coming to the barracks, and he trusted that even the barracks would not be closed for too long, because… there would be other things that would draw the attention of the uncentral community, thus diverting efforts and even shifting targets.

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is not without precedent that there are those who break into the outside world and come to this star with an amazing force, and all the people who have come to it, as described in the feedback, are carrying masks, immediately reminding many of the infants of powerhouse… Old Patriarch!

“With a mask, a batch came…”

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“Shit, this flame Old Patriarch this time has chosen to be here!”

With the passage of the news, there was a lot of shock, not fear, but a flame, Old Patriarch, reminding many of the rumours of the past.

Wang Baole raised his ears, put out his interrogation gesture, got the answer, and he showed his breathing face and yelled with the people around him.

The Spirit Immortal Supreme Being, in the Ninth Battalion, was finally present, old and skinny, but the rays of light were cold, and the whole man was a little faint, giving a great deal of death Qi, but it was concealed in his presence in the body, which seemed to be hidden with horror and sufficient to suppress and kill all directions as soon as it broke out.

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“Some of the people who have come here have left them well, all teams are moving, all stars searching, killing an intruder, old man remembers for him personally and rewards Captain Legion!”

Speaking of which, the old man of Spirit Immortal Late Stage, suddenly wandering away, appeared to be searching for himself, while the military commanders of the various balls also sent orders to divide the entire stars and arrange for all teams to start searching outside.

Wang Baole is also in it, and as the team leaves the barracks, it starts at one another in the middle of the air and walks fast towards the designated positions.

And when the teams were separated, the barracks were calm, and no one noticed the fluctuations in the air, the Spirit Immortal, who appeared to have left, and his silhouette had regenerated, and he had carefully searched the empty barracks in the shadow of his face, and ultimately found confusion and confusion in the end.

“It can be ascertained that the assassination that took place in the barracks was one of the people who came and that the number was very low… it is highly likely that only one person would be there!”

“But is this man long gone or is there a special way to hide his breath?” The Spirit Immortal uncentral secretly sighed, all three heads frowned, looked at the earth and wanted to stop, and he shook the head.

“This, to disturb the Legion Director at a critical juncture… fearing that it would cause strong dissatisfaction, and generally the arrival of the Old Patriarch Arrangement of the Flame was mostly 12 hours…” Spirit Immortal old man was silent, and others thought that they had the Legion of the Planet Streetbase had left, but it was clear to this old man that the Legion had not gone, but was carrying out a matter of great importance to him.

So, after thinking, old man took back his eyes and decided not to disturb Legion long, after 12 hours… and it would be over soon, thinking that old man’s body was shaking, really leaving, joining the search.

Even if the incident ended in his view for a maximum of twelve hours, it was naturally not good for those who dared to provoke the arrival of that old man, who would have been so lazy to ignore each other’s assassination and could have killed each other in their own barracks, so that they could be found to break their minds and be a credit.

So old man is faster, and at the same time he doesn’t know who’s stabbed the hornet nest, and at this point in their fragmentation, different degrees start looking for targets, but soon somebody finds something wrong.

“It’s kind of weird that this planet has been slaughtered, and that’s not supposed to be so big a move.”

“Is there a local formidable resistance here?”

Some hidden people who were preparing to hunt for the arrival of a fragmented, uncentral group, whose head feeling numb was shocked at a time when each and everyone were staring at the sky and screaming.

Wang Baole, when these landers are each and everyone nervous, is chatting in a small group of the Third Army, with the clan around it.

His voice is a pure mediocrity, and there is no doubt at all in other non-central communities, but there is no strict hierarchy in this conversation, and there is also a reflection that for Wang Baole, the lowest cultivation base in the workforce, others seem to have spoken in depths of indifference.

It’s like it’s an instinct, and you don’t have a status, and it’s more obvious to that little Captain Connecting Soul Early Stage, who doesn’t care about these people, and Wang Baole is here, and naturally doesn’t care about this for a while, and when he feels like he flies around, he looks around and sees, Wang Baole has no sign of a sudden explosion!

As a fog, at an alarming rate, at a brake where all the people around the uninhabited did not react, the whole process was just a few breathing hours… When the fog regrouense, no other uninhabited corpses were seen, and only Wang Baole came together and changed the image of another uncentral cultivator.

After feeling the more vibrant and even screaming tricks of the body, Wang Baole eyes rise, the body changes, a skull is missing, an arm is broken, the whole man looks like a wolf, runs far away, and comes back from time to time, with anger and panic, as if someone was chasing.

This show, after a long time of play, Wang Baole was used to it himself, as if it were true, without even silhouette, and sometimes spits out blood, but he finally felt a little fake, so he split a source and fantasized a silhouette behind his back.

This silhouette is wearing the mask of the cow, and it’s the big guy who used to be a bull, and that’s it. Wang Baole fled the road, one time it takes to burn the incense, and he finally saw another team.

“Be careful, we’ve been ambushed by a bunch of landers, Captain, who died, and the others who fled, and the man behind that cowhead mask has been chasing me for a long time!” Wang Baole opened his mourning, bleeding again and approaching this team at once.

At the same time, Wang Baole’s fantastic cowhead, expression change, no longer chases, is going to run away at a time when the group’s uninhabited.

If he doesn’t run, it’ll be that ’all, and the crystal cultivator will be confused to see the cowhead escape, and these uncentral cultivator, flashing in their eyes and not looking at Wang Baole, will be chased right away.

And just as they approached Wang Baole, at the moment of convergence, Wang Baoles’ body exploded again, spreading like a fog, drowning people like swallows.

The next moment, Wang Baole, who changed his face, licked his lips, screamed, spits out blood, kept running.

Somebody help me…

Behind him, the cowhead was under Wang Baoles’ control, laughing and chasing…