Within Three Inches Chapter 824


This scene, after being watched by all around cultivators and cultivators who came later, each and everyone kept rumbled their minds. Obviously, in the short time before, the fighting between the two was extremely dangerous. It seems simple, but in this rapidly changing battle, one mistake is die!

At the same time, each and everyone Weiyang tribe also hesitated about the order of Long Legion, even if the Weiyang tribe of strict order is facing such a near-death war, they still cannot waver.

But the will that the inferiors from in the bones have to execute, still let some Weiyang tribe all around rush out of the roar after red eyes, but the moment they rush out, behind Wang Baole His eyes turned sharply, and the moment he opened it, the black Underworld Fire of all around spread directly, covering all directions. Wherever he passed, those Weiyang rushed in and sent out screams. Burned into ashes.

With the death, a large amount of black Qi spread out and was absorbed by the squinting eyes behind Wang Baole. This scene immediately made other Weiyang races coming in to inhale, each and everyone hesitated.

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“Damn, why is time so slow !!!” The old man’s breath was disordered, and after rushing Wang Baole back, he yelled.

“The Weiyang tribe listened to the order, quickly came to help, and the offenders cut it!” As soon as the words came out, all around the Weiyang tribe each and everyone complexion changed, hesitant to be forcibly suppressed, Wang Baole eyebrows slightly frowned, although The group attack of the Weiyang tribe can make his formidable power increase under the killing, but it is very likely that an oversight was made to let the Weiyang old man run away. In that case, the situation is waiting for him to reverse, so he must not Let this scene appear, so the savage flashed in his eyes, raising his left hand and waving.

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And when they went backwards, as Wang Baole thought, the densely packed battleship on the sky suddenly spread the self-exploding waves of each and everyone, towards the Weiyang old man, and rushed away, although each and everyone’s formidable power to Spirit Immortal is like a breeze, but this kind of collapse at the cost of self-exploding can only be slightly shaken, but if there are more, the breeze can become a hurricane.

“Suppression!” Wang Baole yelled, all the battleships suddenly fell, and they looked far away, because they covered the sky, so they looked like the sky tilted. As rumbled kept echoing, the sky trembled, and the earth collapsed. The bigger and bigger, the stronger the fluctuation, gradually sweeping everything!

old man complexion pale, constantly resisting, but this self-exploding is too much. He is now seriously injured, the curse is still there, and he is gradually unable to help, especially Wang Baole is crazy, every time he rushes, though He was directly repelled, but rushed again like a spring.

The glare like a tiger watching his prey, the crazy behavior, and the strong malevolent aura all make this Weiyang old man tremble inside.

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All of this made his eyes completely red. He knew that he couldn’t always think about escaping, and couldn’t pin his hope on stall for time. At this moment, he had to work hard. Only by working hard could he have the chance to save his life.

Otherwise, I’m afraid I won’t wait for myself to run away, or until the cultivation base recovers, I will be beheaded here by the damn and various means of pigheads.

So in his roar, his five hands hand seal and the costlessness of his cultivation base all exploded out of the body at this instant, forming a storm sweeping the Quartet, while the roar in his mouth echoed the Quartet.

“Spirit Immortal Body Law !!!”

As his words came out, those cultivation base breaths that were released from his body immediately formed vortex, which transformed into a huge statue in the blink of an eye. This statue is exactly the same as the old man. In an instant, the force of repression formed, covering the Quartet, while offsetting the tens of thousands of battleship’s self-exploding forces.

At the same time, his eyes are in this madness. At the moment when Wang Baole took the opportunity and rushed again, the Weiyang old man issued a roar.

“Just look, are you desperate or old man desperately!” Between words, one of the five hands of the old man suddenly collapsed and burst, forming a force of self-exploding, turned into An imaginary black sea of ​​fog, submerged directly towards the coming Wang Baole, before the end of the sea of ​​fog, the old man gritted his teeth again, and rumbled collapsed one arm again, forming a second wave of sea of ​​fog, strikes again .

“Either roll or fight for life!” In the Weiyang old man roaring, a sea of ​​fog was formed at the cost of self-exploding with two arms. Each wave has amazing power. Come to Wang Baole, there are only two options before him, either … retreat, or … really take life to fight!

Wang Baole laughed, he didn’t hesitate at all in the cold, his body not only did not slow down, but faster, he rushed directly into the sea of ​​mist. At the moment of touching, Wang Baole looked coldly. Reveals very ruthless.

The Emperor’s Armor … collapsed directly. Except for the right arm, the other parts burst into a burst, forming an invisible giant wave spread towards all around hong long long. While resisting the first wave of misty sea, Wang Baole also spit out. Source energy, while the whole person was weakened, his body flickered, and seven or eight clones were differentiated from within the body.

“Fighting with me? Exploding!”

Each Clone is a part of the original method. At the moment, after the emergence, they rushed out at the same time, successively self-exploding, and at the same time against the sea of ​​fog, Wang Baole’s momentum also rose again, directly from these two waves of fog sea Out, holding Divine Weapon, his body leaped, and he went towards the old man of the Weiyang tribe, chopped away.

The madness in his eyes is like the raging flames, and it seems to be able to burn the hearts of the Weiyang old man and all the cultivators all around.

It’s the killing intent that looks really terrible. It seems that even if you die yourself, you need to destroy the enemy. This kind of terrifying eyes makes all the viewers tremble.

This look shocked the Weiyang old man even more. The three remaining hands in his complexion changed were about to hand seal, but at this moment, Wang Baole within the body Devouring Seed suddenly broke out, and the goal was exactly that. The Weiyang tribe old man, with the outbreak, Wang Baole’s rush speed also suddenly increased.

The speed of this scene changed so abruptly that the Weiyang tribe old man was startled in shock and the reaction was slow. At the same time, the black eyes behind Wang Baole opened with the growl.

In the moment of opening, a force of restraint fell suddenly!

I can also detect this time Wang Baole’s madness and killing intent. The explosion of this eye-catching formula is more than ever, as if it has the same overdraft potential, as if it were the will in it. They are also greedy for this Spirit Immortal. Life, so in this fury, formidable power is stronger, so that the Spirit Immortal old man, his body is directly frozen.

Coupled with the outbreak of Wang Baole’s Devouring Seed, the speed doubled. The moment of this freeze was the best time for him to kill. As the moment approached, the madness in Wang Baole’s eyes was completely ignited, holding Divine Weapon towards the That Weiyang tribe old man, directly cut off.

This cut, as if the sky is eclipsed, and the situation is rolling, it gathers all around all eyes and minds, like splitting heaven and earth apart, in the struggle and roar of the Weiyang old man, it falls on its Overhead.

With a bang sound, this Weiyang tribe old man is also good. In this moment of crisis, he did n’t hesitate to self-exploding one arm and one skull. After breaking the restraint, the remaining hands were also raised to support the fallen Divine. Weapon, his body trembling, the cultivation base all broke out, but still under the constant pressure of his own injury and the opponent’s cultivation base, slowly seeing that this Divine Weapon fell to his head a little in the roar of Wang Baole’s, this Weiyang tribe Old man was unwilling and hopeless.

“I … eh?” Old man suddenly grinned, his eyes widened suddenly, the despair in his eyes instantly turned into hope, he felt his weakened cultivation base, and it seemed to be recovering at this moment, while his face Scarlet flowers, when looking at Wang Baole, appeared blurred and seemed to dissipate!

“Not good !!!” While Wang Baole’s complexion changed suddenly, the meaning of very ruthless in his eyes broke out again. Without hesitation, his legs burst into self-exploding at this moment, which is the original Body Law His self-exploding had a great impact on him, but at this moment, Wang Baole couldn’t care too much. With the explosive power of the instant increase brought by his legs self-exploding, he yelled.

“Choose !!!”

“No!” This Weiyang old man sent a savage roar, but Divine Weapon above his head, under this new force, fell in an instant, directly across his neck and belly from his skull, but actually His body is split in two!

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body and soul entirely exterminated!