Within Three Inches Chapter 844


“How is it possible!” It wasn’t just He Yunzi who was stunned. The two imperial civilization Prince Imperial Clan, wearing the same purple robes beside him, were the same.

And all around all the Imperial Clan children, at this moment each and everyone has eyes wide open, revealing an incredible or almost shocking expression, all kinds of emotions in this brief moment seem to be uncontrollable, all appear on the face .

It’s … Wang Baole’s red burst above his head is already soaring, it seems to be connected to the sky, so that the sky is rumbled, and the ripples of the scarlet are stirred up, spreading all around continuously, even far away Looking at this scene, it seems as if the sky is opening his eyes, revealing his blood-stained eyes, looking down at all beings in the earth.

Strong momentum, Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering, shaking all directions, even on this earth, there are red ripple spreads, setting off a storm, forming a vortex centered on Wang Baole, towards all around topple the mountains and overturn the seas generally rumbling apart.

As a result of all around, everyone had to go backwards. Each and everyone seemed to see a ghost, and the sound of exclaiming involuntarily lifted.

“Heavens … how high is it … ten thousand zhang, 100,000 zhang?”

“Illusion … I must have eaten too much Spirit Grass yesterday …”

“Who the hell is the emperor?”

When the unspeakable outburst can’t be controlled, those distant cultivators from the Purple Gold civilization, wearing colorful long robes, and purple masks, are also each and everyone’s body shaking, although not as good as the imperial civilization Imperial Clan It was astonishing, but this sudden scene also made them startled. Only the head Spirit Immortal had a strange flash in his eyes.

Obviously … The red awn above Wang Baole’s head is exaggerated to an excessive degree, compared with other people … It’s like a giant and a group of chicks.

Not only is everyone rumbled in this place, but even Wang Baole himself is shocked. Before the Purple Immortal Spirit Immortal cultivator took out the bronze lamp, Wang Baole felt a little uneasy. After all, he just had Teleportation here. At the Emperor’s Tomb, he felt that instead of rejecting him here, he was kind and excessive, but he comforted himself.

Because he saw that the emperor was really using blood to open the door, he felt that the original Body Law was bloodless, so he could not talk about Bloodline, and it should not be detected. At the same time, In his deep in one’s heart, there is also a single thought head, that is … verify a guess in his heart.

Then the development of the next thing, while making him smile bitterly, there was a hint of cold glow deep in his eyes, and the speculation that appeared in his heart was basically confirmed!

“The reason why I am in this emperor’s mausoleum is not exclusive, and I even feel intimate here. Although it has something to do with my eyesight cultivating, but this is not the point, the real point … is that hiding in The will within the eyes! “

“This will … has a great relationship with the Godhead civilization, and its identity is now ready to come out … most likely, it is the Old Patriarch in the Godhead civilization that created the Godhead formula, that is … The first generation of emperor here! “Wang Baole’s mind suddenly appeared.

All these thoughts and connections were speculatively judged by him immediately, and in the moment when his inner guess was confirmed, the old Sovereign Emperor who was just crying here at this moment ’s Godhead civilization, at this moment His eyes widened, and after watching Wang Baole for a few breaths in an uproar all around, he suddenly stood up suddenly, and then went to Wang Baole, pū tōng bowed down and worshiped the big gift.

“Old Patriarch is Old Patriarch, Old Patriarch really appeared, and finally returned!” The Old Sovereign Emperor was obviously very excited. After kneeling, he used his loudest voice to express his own excitement, and even kneeling seemed not enough to express his Excited, so he bowed his head continuously while kneeling.

His enthusiastic voice also caused Bloodline’s resonance, making all around some of the Imperial Clan children who had to support He Yunzi only by the general trend, kneeling down in trembling and shouting with Emperor Old Sovereign.

“greetings Old Patriarch !!!”

“Old Patriarch?” Compared to these kneeling worshippers, there are still many Imperial Clan children still standing there, especially He Yunzi in a purple robe and two other princes. Killing intent is revealed in the eyes at this moment. With greed.

Almost at the moment when their three people killing intent was exposed, Wang Baole’s eyes narrowed immediately when facing Old Sovereign and those kneeling worshippers. Then Old Sovereign’s reaction seemed normal, but Wang Baole always felt a bit far-fetched. Especially when he felt that this time was coming, it was a little too smooth.

The key point of this smoothness is timing. At this timing, his appearance allows you to hear all the secrets of Imperial Clan with no difficulty, and to know about the Purple Gold civilization, especially the Old Sovereign Emperor ’s sentence that really appeared and finally returned. This word made Wang Baole have some other guesses instantly.

“If you say that there is no Xie Haiyang playing tricks, I will absolutely not believe it, then … when I appear at this time, what can Xie Haiyang get?”

“Unless … the Old Sovereign Emperor of the Divine Eye Civilization is also associated with Xie Haiyang. Is his sentence really manifested and finally returned, can it be understood that … he asked Xie Haiyang to buy a wish and let him Return of Old Patriarch?!

“Eat at both ends? Then, depending on who is heavier to him, either …” Wang Baole smiled suddenly. This was not the first time Xie Haiyang did this kind of thing. When he was on a bronze ancient sword, the other party After doing similar things, he sold his whereabouts to those who wanted to kill himself, and helped himself to fight back against them.

Thinking of this, Wang Baole’s heart plan was changed immediately. Originally, his plan was to enter the gate of the imperial tomb as quickly as possible, but now that there is no repulsion, and it is obvious that there is something wrong with the will in the eyes, Wang Baole Don’t worry.

He did not give up the acquisition of good fortune, but before he gains his fortune, he wants to take control of the place in case of an emergency. The idea came to mind at the moment when his cultivation base burst out and the emperor armor It suddenly appeared all over the body, forming coercion and direct repression towards all around.

In an instant, like a slap in the waves, Wang Baole all around all the Imperial Clan children who did not bow down, all trembled, while spits out blood, Wang Baole’s body suddenly fluttered, and went straight to the three princes. go with!

Fast speed, surpass, thunder and lightning, the three of Yunyunzi had no time to face change, simply did not have time to dodge, Wang Baole was approaching, the right hand was raised, and the power of Spirit Immortal burst out and shot directly towards the three. .

But at the moment of Wang Baole’s shot, the bronze lamp in He Yunzi’s hand suddenly burst into flames, and a snorted coldly came out, but an illusive finger protruded directly from the fire toward Wang Baole. fiercely.

A wave of breath in the planetary environment erupted directly from within that finger, and under Wang Baole’s eyes shrinking sharply, the two sides immediately touched together.

While in rumbled, Wang Baole’s body trembled, and he suddenly reversed, with the body Permanent Star fire spreading and offsetting, which dissipated the power of the imaginary planet with one finger, but even so, he was within the body. The source still tumbles. At the moment, Wang Baole’s face becomes ugly, and he stares at the finger sticking out of the bronze lamp.

This scene also shocked the three people of He Yunzi. They had sweat on their foreheads, and the moment Wang Baole arrived, they had felt the coming of death. If it were not for this bronze lamp, I am afraid that the three have already been body and soul. entirely exterminated.

“Who the hell are you!” He Yunzi breathed quickly, looking towards Wang Baole.

In the eyes of Wang Baole’s, He Yunzi is trivial. He is staring at the bronze lamp at the moment, raising his eyes, and secretly thought that the planet Divine Will is implied. It seems that the Purple Gold civilization scheme is not small, this is also Make him even more interested in the possession of this emperor’s tomb!

“I can pick up the old man with one finger immortal, and there is such a red Bloodline, but no matter who you are, Old Patriarch deduced it right! This time really is the opportunity to open the emperor’s tomb of Godhead civilization. Open your seal and take this person to worship! “Wang Baole said, from the bronze lamp, the sound of gloomy and cold came out. The killing intent was strong, resolute and decisive.

Almost as soon as his words came out, in the distance the Spirit Immortal Early Stage cultivator named Zi Luo worshiped at the bronze cup one fist in the other hand.